Gunstock Mountain Resort : 6 Important Questions About It

Gunstock Mountain Resort
Image from Gunstock Mountain Resort

Gunstock Mountain Resort is a perfect place to spend your time if you are looking for an outing with your friends and family.

Gunstock Mountain, located close to Gilford, New Hampshire, serves as the foundation for the outdoor recreation complex known as Gunstock Mountain Resort.

Previously, it was referred to as the Belknap Mountain Recreation Area. The Works Progress Administration assisted in its construction, which was completed in 1937 and and it is now a part of Belknap County.

Gunstock Mountain Resort

Gunstock, New Hampshire, offers spectacular views for the eyes of Lake Winnipesaukee and the White Mountains and is approximately two hours from Boston. Gunstock Mountain Resort is located in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.

Location : 719 Cherry Valley Rd, Gilford, NH 03249, United States

Phone Number: +1 603-293-4341

i. History

Gunstock Mountain Resort was developed by The Works Progress Administration, with the help of a New Deal organisation that funded public works projects and created jobs throughout the United States at time of the Great Depression and was previously recognized as Belknap Mountain Recreation Area.

The establishment of the recreational area of Gunstock Mountain Resort, which significantly transformed by the local economy, was supervised by Hussey Manufacturing Company which is located in North Berwick, Maine, which hired numbers of hitherto unemployed people.

Throughout the eastern United States, the resort was home to the first chairlift. The inaugural meet took place in February 1937 after the 60 metre ski jump was finalised.

The Pistol Double was superseded by the Summit Triple Chairlift in the summer of 2003, which was installed to the Pistol Complex. In its stead, a brand-new, Panorama retractable quad chairlift constructed by Doppelmayr CTEC, was constructed.

It took just six minutes to reach the summit thanks to the first UNI-GS chairlift in mankind, which decreased the journey in half through out Gunstock Mountain Resort.

More than 1,200 people testified their disagreement to a bill submitted by certain Belknap County Republicans that would have afforded them authorization over all of Gunstock’s operations.

To enhance the mountain easier for beginners and more family-friendly, Gunstock undertook a $4 million extension in the summertime of 2009.

With the extension effort, a new beginner-friendly complex was built, and it is now approachable through this chairlift. Four new trails have been developed, while the existing ones have been strengthened and lengthened.

Additionally, the mountain increased its capacity to generate snow by 66% all throughout the entire mountain resort.



Two routes now have the ability to make snow on the mountainside near the Pistol Complex. The Side Arm course was broadened by more than 50 feet, and new permanent snow cannons were introduced to the Blundersmoke Terrain Park.

Kiedaisch has a long history in the leisure and hotel industry and has held the position of CEO of half a dozen businesses, including Vermont’s Stowe Mountain Resort.

Out of Sight and Side Arm are separated by a brand-new glades route called “Parallax Glades.” Gunstock’s list of amenities expanded during the summer of 2016. A mountain coaster was constructed. Both summer and winter are functioning seasons for the coaster.

On the evening of July 20, 2022, the entire management staff of the resort resigned due to misuse of power by the Gunstock Area Commission shortly after the commission’s members allegedly started showing disdain for the resort’s staff while attempting to oust a “larger stake of control” over the resort’s day-to-day operational processes.

ii. Common Questions About The Gunstock Mountain Resort

Q.1 Is Gunstock considered to be a helpful mountain for beginners?

The best recreation is accessible at Gunstock Mountain for your Christmas vacation to New Hampshire’s Lakes Region. While sledding or snowboarding, take in the breath taking views of Lake Winnipesaukee.

It offers more than 200 acres of snowboarding and ski area for beginners and specialists on 55 tracks across the country.

Q.2 Is Gunstock considered to be a hard mountain?

Ans. Gunstock is a ski area where the glamour frequently gets left behind while neither being the largest nor the toughest in New Hampshire.
The 55 trails and 1,400-foot vertical drop at Gunstock are fully implemented. The mountain’s 227 acres and historic base lodge, built in 1937, give off a cozy, comparatively tiny vibe as well.

You get the sensation that you are plunging down straight into Lake Winnipesaukee when skiing through the cold wind at Gunstock, especially on transitional terrain like Flintlock.

This is as near to skiing at Lake Tahoe as it gets in the Northeast, with Mount Washington and the White Mountains serving lessons in the foreground.

Q.3 Does Gunstock own a pool?

Ans. When you stay in Gunstock, New Hampshire, you may access a private pool, a fenced-in dog park, and a rural alpine location with connectivity to hiking trails.

Q.4 When does it snow in Gunstock?

Ans. Gunstock is determined to produce quality snow until all snowmaking trails have enough depth to remain open, even when natural snowfall oversight exists. Snowmaking will start every time the temperature drops below 28 F after mid-November.

Q.5 What kind of relationship is shared by the Gunstock Area Commission and the Belknap County Delegation?

Ans. The Belknap County Delegation appoints every one of the five Commissioners to a position on a rotating basis for a tenure of five years. All RAN or Liabilities on politics must receive delegation approval.

Since 1959, state legislators of Belknap County have nominated the commission’s five members that oversee Gunstock.

Q.6 Is Gunstock mountain resort closed?

Ans. The staff of the New Hampshire attraction announced that Gunstock Adventure Park remains closed until further notice.

Governor Chris Sununu said the management team resigned collectively and cited local councils’ “inability and unwillingness to collaborate constructively with” them as the reason the Gilford park, which offers a zipline tour, ski lift rides, and more had shut down, while not justifying.

iii. Fishing in Gunstock Mountain Resort

Image from Pexels, Pixabay

Within 2.3 miles of Gilford, in Belknap County, New Hampshire, in the United States, near comparable to Laconia, NH, is the Gunstock River, a stream.

Your odds of getting a catch here are good, whether you’re spinning, casting bait, or fly fishing. Take your personal fly fishing gear and travel out to the Gunstock River.

NH Fish and Game periodically stocks the 3-acre fishing pond in Gunstock with fish all throughout summer. For in order to access the pond, anglers must register in Gunstock’s Main Parking lot to stay in Gunstock Mountain Resort.

For those 16 and older, a current New Hampshire state fish hunting license is mandatory. Information regarding when the pond was stocked and where to buy fishing licenses may be accessed on the NH Fish and Game website.

In the Gunstock Mountain Resort, fishing is only permitted in the NH Fish and Game-designated trout pond known as Gunstock Pond from either the fourth Saturday in April to October 15.

Bait is offered at the Camp Store from Memorial Day to Columbus Day weekend.

iv. What’s new in Gunstock

Since they have implemented RFID gates at Gunstock, skiers, and riders may get here and make a beeline to the slopes in the Gunstock Mountain Resort.

You ascend the mountain more quickly and complete more runs as a result! Check out Smith’s newest adventure slope.

With concrete barriers, banked turns, rollers, vaults, and a culvert at the finish, the slope is pleasant for youngsters and adults to visit in Gunstock Mountain Resort.

v. Conclusion: Why Gunstock is Best?

Gunstock is known to be a four-season mountain resort with 227 skiable acres and some 49 trails that offers traditional eastern mountain snowboarding and riding. Consider our campground your base camp for activities at our Adventure Park during the summer.

Gunstock’s top provides spectacular views of well-known Lake Winnipesaukee and is tucked away in New Hampshire’s Lakes Region, a region known for its breathtaking stunning features.

Find your year-round outdoor adventure in Gunstock with your near and dear ones. New, permanent snow guns were fitted to the Blundersmoke Terrain Park, and the so-called Side Arm trail was lengthened by more than 50 feet.

In February 1937, the inaugural meet was organized by the employees and commissioner when the construction of the 60-meter suspension bridge.

The Laconia Daily Sun states that it proposed a bold investment strategy last fall that may make it one of the state’s largest ski areas in the Gunstock Mountain Resort.

Governor Sununu vowed he would intervene last year in response to allegations that Vail had overvalued licenses to Mount Sunapee, a mountain that New Hampshire owns and franchises to the business.

Now that the mountain has been conquered, it is still being determined if this momentum will last and how it will influence the outcome of the forthcoming election. Those findings will determine how much the county spends on healthcare and public safety.

The outcome will also decide how the county will interact with Gunstock charging ahead and if the recently achieved peace will prevail.

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