Best beach resorts in USA Best beach resorts in USA

6 Best Beach Resorts in USA

Have been day-dreaming about sipping mimosas away from it all on a sea island, having direct beach access from your private balconies whenever you want and not being left craving any luxury, but then being zoned-in again because of the constant car honks and city lights? Yes, it is time for a vacation at one of the best beach resorts in the USA.

Everyone has a unique perspective of what a getaway is. For a few, it evokes ideas of a quick trip during which they would explore prominent galleries, struggles to communicate in the local tongue, and sample the traditional local cuisine.

Many people would rather have a more rural vacation, such as a camping trip in the hills along the Atlantic ocean far from technology or perhaps relax in the best beach resorts in the USA.

Even if all of those sound like fantastic options, USA Mocha believes you can anticipate what you prefer to do for a holiday since you are here. And chances are excellent that you will choose the same course of action if you are browsing this article.

beach resort
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Although the USA is a haven for adventurers, even the staunchest ardent traveller can occasionally indulge in a bit of luxury. Visitors from all over the world frequently choose to spend the winters in the hotter areas like the Mediterranean, which is known for its year-round sunshine.

So if you want to mix up your vacation arrangements a little this year, think about visiting the offshore states of the USA, which will meet your needs for luxury and excitement.

Here are our top picks for the best and also most picturesque best beach resort in the USA.

Have a Look at the Best Beach Resorts in USA 2022

1. Capri Laguna – Montage Laguna Beach, South Laguna

Amongst the top best beach resorts in the USA and a paradise for luxury and swimming lovers and only a three-minute walk from the centre of Laguna Beach, the lovely boutique hotel “Capri Laguna” is positioned over a tranquil seaside in a stunning beachfront location.

Capri Laguna
Captured from Capri Laguna

Although it is a vintage building with external hallways and no lifts, the facilities and proximity to the beach are good for the price. A lovely heated outdoor swimming pool, a modest exercise facility, visitor laundry service, complimentary parking facilities, and Wi-Fi are just a few features.

Mini-fridges in rooms, heaters, coffee pots and modern en suite bathrooms with enormous walk-in bathtubs are included in the rooms, which are tidy and expansive. Several feature individual patios with expansive sea views and cooking facilities.

Nearly all of the angles of this charming seaside resort’s white-washed facade, which is evocative of a resort on the coastline, offer the stunning scenery of the Pacific Ocean.

A lovely foyer with tiled floors, designer-calibre furnishings in mellow muted colours, and several windows from floor to ceiling facing the swimming pool can be found in an ancient structure with outside hallways and no lifts.

This welcoming and laid-back establishment, which appeals to vacationers wanting a tranquil beach adventure, has a gas fireplace that gives it a comfortable atmosphere.

Montage Laguna Beach Review & Travel Guide | California Travel Tips

During the day, visitors, often couples, but occasionally families, are frequently spotted sipping wine or drinking coffee on their patios or the spacious terrace, taking in the magnificent views of waves in the sea.

The majority of the time, tourists may need a rental automobile to experience all that Laguna Beach will have to serve. However, walking is significantly simpler and more pleasurable for shorter journeys that are based in the downtown area.

Capri Laguna provides assistance with taxi services as well as dinner bookings. All rooms provide their visitors with complimentary wine, champagne, flower blossoms, sweets, and beautiful floral arrangements.

The Capri Laguna is indeed the ideal Southern Californian escape, whether you are looking for a leisurely intimate break with your significant other, an action-packed weekend getaway, a peaceful lonely escape, or a fast trip loaded with dining, shopping, and entertainment with pals.

This oceanfront beach resort is located immediately on the sands of the Pacific Ocean with its magnificent vistas and internationally renowned shoreline.

2. Kiawah Island Golf Resort – South Carolina Kiawah Island, South Carolina

Kiawah Island Golf Resort
Captured from Kiawah Island Golf Resort

In the vicinity of Charleston, South Carolina, the majestic “Kiawah Island Golf Resort” is the place to go for luxurious golf and beachfront getaways. Enjoy lodgings that are five stars, top-notch resort facilities, award-winning outdoor recreations, and a few of the best golf courses in the country.

You will delight in it all and more throughout noticeably serene natural settings, making for a trip you will hope wouldn’t end. The complete holiday adventure provided by no other rental company on the beach can provide is only available to those who make direct reservations with this resort.

Even though Kiawah Island is wonderful all year round, the holiday period, which runs from the days of Thanksgiving to New Year’s, is when it comes to life.

You will finally have the self-pampering you must be craving, great dining at a retreat, volleyball, canoeing, and renowned golf courses on the schedule. If that seems accurate, a day trip to Kiawah is worthwhile. While in North Carolina, seek out and discover the 6 best places to visit in North Carolina.

Kiawah island
Photo by lauren_dw on Flickr

It is critical to keep in mind that Kiawah is a restricted enclave with resort lodging, residential properties, and commercial rentals; as a result, you cannot “simply show up.” Plan and book beforehand, folks.

You will be asked if you have prior reservations for the place you are headed to at the front entrance. For reservations at the salon, a golf game, a kayaking adventure, a sports lesson, or a lunch at one of the resort’s eateries, be sure to notify them in advance. If you inform the gate staff of your precise destination, they will issue you a clearance and allow you in.

When it comes to one quality Kiawah offers in abundance that Charleston does not, it is seaside restaurants. After dessert, enjoy a walk on the beach before returning to the resort. Plus, if you are a golf geek, then explore the resort and play the Nation’s most awe-inspiring resort golf courses.

Seasonal peak tee times for all 4 golf play areas are $262 for visitors who are not guests in the resort (excluding taxes and service charges) and $224 for people who are booked in the resort. Depending on when you book it, the minimum cost to reserve a room is $250 per night.

3. The Ritz-Carlton – South Beach, Miami 

Ritz-Carlton South Beach Full Tour | Miami Luxury Resort

The Ritz-Carlton is the definition of Miami glitz, attracting visitors to one of the nation’s most enticing destinations. It draws inspiration from its rich heritage and landmark edifice.

The opulent resort experience features a traditional cocktail club that honours the fascinating tales of the city’s culture, an upscale pool commanding the Atlantic, and a high-skilled salon and spa that acts as a sanctuary for renewal amidst the energy of Miami.

The Club Lounge, the only place of its type in South Beach, offers a personalized service with a sea view for those seeking a more exclusive resort interaction. The premium area has recently had a refurbishment and now has primitive finishes with mid-century contemporary design influences and an ocean-inspired colour scheme.

In addition to free breakfast, luncheon, dinner, and a variety of beers, wines, cocktails, and other drinks, guests also benefit from the care of a specialized butler.

Coastal blues, toasty golds, and deep mocha tones are used in the décor of the suites and rooms which is influenced by the landscape. Each guestroom has a marble ensuite with a separate freestanding bathtub. Certain suites and bedrooms provide personal patios or balconies with views of crystal-clear waters.

Ritz Carlton
Photo by Marada on Flickr

Out from the beachfront or a secluded gazebo by the outdoor swimming pool, take in the beautiful views. The spa also provides holistic therapies using natural products, then why not indulge in some self-care?

At the high-end spa of the resort, serenity is both sought after and provided. The luxurious spa serves holistic therapies and excursions focused on a thoughtful approach to well-being that is intended to encourage calm, quiet, and renewal in Miami Beach.

Time-constrained visitors will benefit from the country’s sole Timeless Capsules, an ellipse space created to streamline spa services.

Additionally, a full range of beauty salons, including hair styling, grooming, and even mani-pedis are offered. Learn about the supreme luxury of better health on their site before visiting.

4. The Ocean Lodge – Cannon Beach, Oregon

The Ocean Lodge, Cannon Beach’s top beachfront resort, provides distinctive and elegant accommodation on the outer banks, just minutes from famous Haystack Rocks. This resort is a place where time slows down and the simple joys of the seaside are cherished.

The Ocean Lodge
Captured from The Ocean Lodge

The resort is beachfront, first-rate without ever being stuffy, and oozes coastal atmosphere everywhere it goes. The resort has out-of-the-world vistas. The rooms are cozy and comfortable, and the foyer has always been cheerful with its enormous natural stone fireplace glowing. The Lodge’s employees are polished service experts.

The resort is in a suitable location and overlooks the famous Haystack Rock and the picturesque Oregon coastline. It also provides its visitors with fireplaces in every bedroom, free wifi, a leisurely buffet breakfast, and home-baked sweets. Some accommodations also allow pets. You will leave feeling calm, renewed, and rejuvenated.

This estate’s unique coastal setting, stunning architecture, and stylish, enjoyable beach furnishings all contribute to its allure. The resort is situated directly on the water. The inn’s atmosphere is what keeps visitors coming back and raving. Its outstanding respect for quality, friendliness, and warmth is driven by a spirit of compassion and care for every detail.

The guestroom’s colour scheme is purposefully beach-neutral with a range of whimsical accents that give colour and fun. Because of the intimate sense of the design and the comfort and lively flow of light provided by the fires, no bedrooms are the same.

The Ocean Lodge Cannon Beach

There is an undeniable appeal to all of the rooms and suites, whether they have vaulted ceilings, overlooking the ocean directly, have balconies or terraces, or any combination of these.

When you stop by to rest at Cannon Beach, we don’t think you should have to stay at just any hotel. The Ocean Lodge is happy to welcome your pets, unlike most of the resorts along the shore, and has reserved certain cabins with quick access to the ocean to suit you and your amicable dogs.

5. Wild Dunes Resort – Isle of Palms

Wild Dunes is a seaside resort like no other, offering a selection of lodging options and short-term accommodations with inspirational facilities, one-of-a-kind views, and quick access to the beautiful beach of Isle of Palms.

The Resort features something to entertain everybody, whether it is just yourself and your significant other or your entire family tree, enjoy golfing and many other sports, shimmering pools; delectable on-site cuisine for unforgettable recreational excursions.


Browse no more if you are searching for a posh hotel on the Isle of Palms. At Wild Dunes Resort, accommodations include a flat-screen Television, a kitchen, and conditioning systems in addition to free internet.

Utilize a few of the services provided, such as housekeeping and a receptionist, while you are there. The on-site swimming and breakfasts are also open to Wild Dunes Resort visitors. There is complimentary parking available for visitors arriving by their vehicle.

Tom Fazio’s thirty-six-hole flagship golfing courses are open to visitors and residents alike. Available to the general public, the Harbor and the Links Course test golfers of all levels of skill. Choose a couple’s massages at the spa for the ideal island afternoon.

This spa is noted for its tranquil, zen-like atmosphere and thorough bodywork and is situated in the hotel. Take a chance on the unique mind-body experience, which comprises massages for your hands, feet, and head.

The Wellness salon at Sweetgrass is a meeting spot to escape and relax amidst the chaos, to revel and enjoy, to recharge and explore. The Spa was inspired by the grandeur and spirit of the refreshing South Carolina beachfront with its vivid blue sky, vast sandy beaches, and refreshing sea breezes.

Isle of Palms beach
Photo by Andrew Glavin on Flickr

6. The Kahala Hotel & Resort, Oahu, Hawaii

Hawaii’s premier tropical resort, the “Kahala Hotel & Resort“, is located 10 minutes from renowned attractions and the best-ever shopping places. Presidents, nobles from around the world, and superstars all love to stay at this storied private resort in Honolulu’s opulent Kahala neighbourhood. You will realize right away that you have arrived someplace exceptional.

The Kahala offers a lot more than you may expect from a tropical seaside resort. If you are travelling for leisure or business, excitement, or rest, there is something for everybody. Visit the Ka Iwi Shoreline by cruise ship, go on a stroll, explore the on-site dining options, or dive with indigenous fauna in the stunning turquoise water.

The Kahala’s suites, which have been hailed as “instantly welcoming,” offer opulent luxury, exquisite furnishings, opulent baths, and a selection of picturesque, dolphin ponds or spectacular beautiful beaches.

The Kahala Hotel & Resort
Captured from The Kahala Hotel & Resort

This lavish facility, which has four eateries and full-service spas, is located on a beachfront in Honolulu. Each Lodge Kahala accommodation has an iPod console and a forty-inch flat-screen Television. The bathrooms come equipped with bathrobes, deep bathtubs, and individual showers.

Different shades are used to embellish each attractive space. Heritage and wellness workshops are offered on-site. All visitors are given free use of the outdoor swimming pool, cutting-edge exercise centre, and spas.

The Kahala Spa offers massages, beauty treatments, and an outdoor relaxing area in addition to its ten individual treatment spaces. Live music can be heard on the Patio. This beachside lodge is Six kilometres from the Honolulu Zoo, and it takes about twenty minutes to travel there from the Airport Terminal.

Kahala Resort
Photo by Studio Sarah Lou on Flickr

Tips and Tricks to Get the Best Deals in Best Beach Resorts in the USA

Availing of rooms at a cheaper rate in the best beach resorts in the USA might seem difficult, but it is not impossible.

  • Travelling in the cooler months, also known as the time between prime and off-peak periods, can help you find affordable lodging because many resorts provide offers during this time.
  • Have a conversation with the booking counter of the beach resorts when making a reservation even at places that do not provide such reductions to see whether you can negotiate a price for the off-peak period.
  • Numerous establishments offer cheaper prices from Monday through Friday than they do on the weekends, whether it is high season or not.
  • To see if there are any special offers for season resort reservations, visit the site of your bank card issuer or of any bank which provides an offer. If you reserve rooms with their cards on a certain hotel aggregating site, most of them will give you benefits.
  • Look for special offers or coupon codes on travel websites or the websites of the best beach resorts in the USA. There is a possibility you might be able to negotiate a discount if you are renting a holiday home and the property is about to become unoccupied. Instead of letting the property sit empty, the owners are a little inclined to accept a cheaper rate.

What are your Thoughts About Best Beach Resorts in the USA?

Let’s imagine the finest beautiful beaches in the USA: roaring waves, copious amounts of rosé, and no loud vehicles at 7 a.m. Seems cool, isn’t it? Indeed, it does. So here’s what you need to do: get out of the city and enjoy the incredible nearby coastlines for a genuine getaway from it all.

These coastal and the best beach resorts in the USA serve as a vital reflection of the natural splendour that awaits you throughout the summertime and even beyond, even though the United States isn’t exactly recognized as a beachside destination by preference.

Resorts, the purveyors of delicious Caribbean fare, are a need for your getaway. You will feast like a royal, have an unforgettable time on your family beach vacation, and go home with the strength you need to take on the upcoming work year.

USA Mocha is confident that in the above article listing out the best beach resorts in USA, you found the ideal alternative for you, irrespective of whether you are seeking classic coastal family vacations or simply just want to relax and soak up the beautiful weather. Have fun exploring and let us know your experience at the best beach resorts in USA!

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