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6 Best Atlanta Suburbs

Nowadays most residents living in big cities want to move away from the daily hustle-bustle and hectic city life to a new city in search of a quieter life. But after moving to the suburbs, one has to compromise on good facilities and a convenient lifestyle.

Whether it is airport access or entertainment and good restaurants, one might have to compromise on some of these things and hence most people turn down their urges of moving to the suburbs. But what if you get all these facilities even while living in the suburbs? Seems tempting right? Well, it is all possible here in Atlanta, GA where you will find the best Atlanta suburbs to settle in.

Suburbs around Atlanta provide all these facilities and are blessed with prosperous natural beauty. Also moving to the suburbs leads to a cheaper cost of living as you get cost-cutting in things like parking costs and affordable housing.

So now if your heart wants to settle in one of the best suburbs around Atlanta area, read the complete guide to the best Atlanta suburbs given below and get an extensive idea about suburbs around Atlanta.

6 Best Atlanta Suburbs

1. Johns Creek

Johns Creek Georgia Neighborhood Tour | Living In Johns Creek | Schools, Cost of Living & More!

Johns Creek is a picturesque suburb located on the northeastern side of Atlanta and is around 30 minutes away from Downtown Atlanta. It is among the most popular Atlanta suburbs and one of the best Atlanta suburbs to settle around Georgia.

Johns Creek is equipped with all the important facilities required to make living convenient and easier.

1.1. Livability and Facilities

Talking about livability, the most exceptional thing about Johns Creek is that the crime rate here is one of the lowest in the world. Also, the literacy rate here is very healthy which makes this suburb the safest Atlanta suburb among the best Atlanta suburbs.

Public schools and educational facilities here are best when compared with other Atlanta suburbs.

1.2. Activities To Do

For outdoor fun, Johns Creek has plenty of places for recreational, and outdoor activities and there are numerous coffee shops and restaurants for foodies. Also, if you are a shopping lover, you will not be disappointed as there is no shortage of shopping centers.

One can head to the golf courses or can enjoy fishing on the banks of the Chattahoochee River or can go hiking at Autrey Mill Nature Preserve and Heritage Center.

The safety in Johns Creek, the availability of every critical facility here, and the abundance of things to do make Johns Creek one of the best Atlanta suburbs.

2. Roswell

roswell g550e6e540 1920
Image by almaxwell from Pixabay

Roswell is a historic city situated in the north of Fulton County and is one of the largest suburbs in the state of Georgia. With 42 square miles of total area, this suburb is in 9th place on the list of largest cities in Georgia.

Roswell is surrounded by Johns Creek from the eastern side and Alpharetta from the northeast side. River Chattahoochee which also flows in Johns Creek flows here too along the southern boundary of Roswell.

2.1. Livability and Facilities

Roswell is a city which is prospered with every important facility that is found in every larger city out there. The position of Roswell on Georgia Highway has drawn corporate offices, light industries, and high-tech firms. Roswell is a very desired area for families because of its educational and cultural benefits, quality of life, and modest relaxed atmosphere.

2.2. Things To Do

Not only this, but Roswell also possesses a big downtown area known as “Canton Street” for shopping lovers. It is filled with local retail shops, restaurants, breweries, and other attractions.

Roswell also boasts beautiful parks and nature trails which are ideal for hiking and trekking and enjoying nature. Prosperous natural attractions and livability is the reason why it is among the best Atlanta suburbs to live in and recommended as one of the best places to settle by a famous Atlanta Magazine.

3. Sandy Springs

Sandy Springs
By SevenMaps from Shutterstock

Sandy Springs is a few miles away from historic Downtown Atlanta and is located in Fulton County, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. According to the release of the census report for the year 2020, the city has a population of more than 1 lac people, bringing it to 7th place in the list of largest cities in Georgia.

Sandy Springs is bounded to the southern side by Atlanta, to the western coast by Cobb County, to the northern by Roswell, and to the east by Dunwoody and Brookhaven. A short peninsula in the northeast stretches in between Chattahoochee River valley and Dunwoody to the south, culminating in a very narrow boundary with Peachtree Corners on Gwinnett County’s extreme western tip.

3.1. Livability and Facilities

Very few towns can have plenty of open space, excellent educational establishments, a thriving economy, a lively culture, and beautiful and affordable homes. And Sandy Springs which is located in Georgia can claim to have all these requirements.

Although, it is not quite as cheap as other suburbs of Georgia it justifies the cost of living you will have to pay. If you’re considering relocating to Georgia or a nearby area, Sandy Springs is worth a look, Although it is a little bit more expensive than other suburbs present here in Atlanta, still there are plenty of cheaper and more affordable home and rent options available.

Moving to Sandy Springs | Sandy Springs Georgia City Tour | Living in Atlanta Georgia 2021

3.2. Things To Do

Sandy Springs is a fantastic spot for kids and families to produce immersive moments. From kayaking to celebrations, there are several ways to get some physical activity and fresh air.

The Chattahoochee River flows all along the north and west boundaries of Sandy Springs. Consider activities like paddle boarding and canoeing when you are looking for an adventurous day trip. Very few other suburbs around Atlanta can offer as much as Sandy springs do.

4. Peachtree City

Peachtree City is a beautiful town located in western Fayette County, in the Atlanta metro area. Coweta County borders it on the west, while the Town of Tyrone borders it on the north.

The city had nearly 32,000 residents, around 11,000 households and 8874 families according to the 2000 census. There were over 11,000 residences.

4.1. Livability and Facilities

Talking of education facilities here in Peachtree city, there is a number of elementary public schools, high schools and private schools present here. Not only great schools but there are also some good universities and colleges as well for higher education.

Clayton State University and Point University are the two best universities here. Considering the number of colleges, schools and universities here, it is clear that you will not have to compromise on your kid’s future due to the lack of quality education availability.

Peachtree City || City Tour - Living in Peachtree City (Best Places to Live in Georgia)

4.2. Things To Do

Other than essential facilities, Peachtree city has much more things to offer visitors. Tourists can engage in a variety of fun activities thanks to near miles of dedicated cart routes, which are conveniently reachable by Peachtree City’s trademark vehicles – the golf carts

In addition to these activities, visitors can also involve themselves in trout fishing and boating in Lake McIntosh and Lake Kedron and Lake Peachtree three of the most famous lakes here in Peachtree City. Not only this, but if you are a nature lover then you can trek along the lake shores through lush green wood and scenic trails.

The not-so-busy streets, gorgeous views and plenty of exciting activities to do urge visitors to unravel and rest in Peachtree city and hence this suburb is counted among the best Atlanta suburbs. So if you too want to settle in a suburb like this, Peachtree city will surely offer you the ideal and peaceful place to stay.

5. Alpharetta Atlanta Suburb

Situated north of Atlanta, Alpharetta is a flourishing city which has everything a perfect city should have. Alpharetta offers every amenity that a resident wants.

5.1. Livability and Facilities

Alpharetta A Great City To Live In

From quality educational institutions to ample job opportunities for young professionals, from shopping centers to top industries and companies Alpharetta has it all and that is why this suburb is on the list of best Atlanta suburbs.

Alpharetta city is well connected to all over the state through excellent rail and road network and this makes travelling to a nearby city or state easier. Also, the city itself boasts an outstanding road network to make roaming around the city hassle-free. Along with public transport, there are also private buses and taxis like Uber and Lyft here which operates throughout Alpharetta and Atlanta.

5.2. Things To Do

Talking about the city’s attractions and things to do, this city has everything from live music concerts to art galleries and shopping malls, from recreational parks to veteran memorials.

Especially for music lovers, Alpharetta is a go-to city. Frequent live music concerts and events are held here every year which attracts music lovers from all over Atlanta. Apart from music events beer lovers can visit breweries like Jekyll Brewing and Currahee Brewing where they will get to taste numerous beer varieties.

For shopping enthusiasts, Alpharetta is one of the best on the list of the best Atlanta suburbs. You can head towards the city center for a shopping paradise. Here you will get countless shops and centers to fulfill your shopping needs.

Not only Downtown Alpharetta but there are 5 shopping districts here in Alpharetta to be precise, namely Downtown Alpharetta, Haynes Bridge Road, North Point Mall, Avalon and Windward Parkway which guarantees that you will not have to compromise on your shopping urges.

6. Decatur 

Top Reasons to Move to Decatur, Georgia | Full Tour of Decatur, GA

Decatur is located towards the east of the Atlanta city center and a few miles away. In addition downtown square is awarded second place in the list of the best public square by a leading news magazine in the year 2021. If you are eyeing to visit and tour other parts of Atlanta and DeKalb county, Decatur can be ideal to start your tour.

Spend a day or two in Decatur to enjoy delicious cuisine and shopping around central Decatur.

6.1. Livability and Facilities

Life here in Decatur is very happening as this city never gets tired, not even at the night. Especially in the Downtown area of Decatur, there is always something happening somewhere. Special music and entertainment events are held here every year which no one will want to miss.

Decatur is a walkable city and it offers ample amenities to residents where they live. Whichever area you choose to live in Decatur, you won’t have to wander around the city searching for quality restaurants, shopping centers or vibrant night clubs, you will get to see these options all over the town and this is the main reason it is considered as one of the best Atlanta suburbs to live not only in Atlanta but in Georgia also.

6.2. Things To Do

i. Visit To Historic DeKalb Center

If you are interested in the history of Decatur, Atlanta and Georgia then you should definitely visit DeKalb center where you will get to unfold many hidden pages of histories of Georgia.

DeKalb Center was opened as a museum in its earlier days around the 1890s and now periodically various exhibitions are held here to unravel the cultural and historical stories of Georgia.

DeKalb Center
By Darryl Brooks from Shutterstock
ii. Plan Decatur Ghost Tours

If you are an adventurous person who loves to do adventurous activities, you should join the Ghost Tour of Decatur at night which will make you change your perspective of looking at Decatur.

There are several stops and two-story houses here, where it is believed that spirits still roam.

iii. Explore Fernbank Museum of Natural History of Best Atlanta Suburbs

Fernbank Museum is an award-winning museum featuring fossils of Dinosaurs and other historic species. In fact, fossils of the largest species of dinosaur, the Argentinosaurus are kept here for exhibition.

You can explore this museum and can also attend exhibitions of natural history held throughout the year.

Decatur is a city having all the amenities found in larger cities and hence it is arguably the best suburb to make living in the best Atlanta suburbs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why is Atlanta so famous?

Atlanta is well-known for its flourishing hip-hop community, and significant Civil Rights history.

2. Is Atlanta a cheap city to live in?

In comparison to other major cities, LA and NYC for example, Atlanta has a very affordable cost of living.

The Footnote

People living in big cities often want to settle in smaller cities in search of a peaceful life away from the city buzz and these suburbs have the capacity to deliver the needs of these people.

Whether it is Alpharetta, museums in Atlanta, Decatur or other suburbs, Atlanta features some of the best Atlanta suburbs having essential needs required for living. If you are looking for quiet and peaceful life then consider moving to one of these suburbs.

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