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What to Do in National Park Lake District? 6 Activities

Another name for the national park Lake District is Lakeland. It is a mountainous region and is situated on the northern edge of northwest England. Lake District is a well-known place that emerged in 1951.

Lake District is the former hometown of William Wordsworth. This is also associated with lake poets, Beatrix Potter, and John Ruskin. It is inside Cumbria and it has mountains; which are also called Cumbrian mountains.

In England, the lands that are above sea level are located within the national park. Wast Water and Windermere are the largest lakes in England. Between the Buttermere and Wasdale, lies the western fells with the sty head as the apex of the triangle.

1. National Park Lake District

In the united kingdom, Lake District national park is the second largest national park. They have a beautiful small village. Sheep farming is an important part of the national park Lake District and dry stone walls are the result of this activity.

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To the east of the national park, there is the Yorkshire Dales national park. The park is covered by the Lake District and it has lakes, forests, and mountains. This place has 16 lakes among the hills and a small mountainous landscape.

National park Lake District is prominent in cultural heritage. This place has 400 small villages and towns and also 1,760 buildings are located there. The district national park authority has several dales and valleys comprised of farmlands. Travelers drive through these areas and capture the unique things surrounded by the lakes and hills.

50% of the national park features and boundaries are for private landowners, 25% is for the national trust and only 3.9% is for the national park Lake District Authority. Travelers can enjoy the natural beauty created by the lake district’s lakes and valleys.

1.1 Lake Windermere

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Lake Windermere is England’s largest lake and projects as a long slender finger-like lake. It is 258 feet depth lake. The lake and surrounding are known for their stunning views. The rolling hills attract travelers, artists, and writers.

1.2 Scafell Pike

LAKE DISTRICT National Park | England | Travel Guide

Scafell pike is the highest mountain in England and they give a place for a war memorial which is secured under the National Trust. Scafell Pike is the highest point and one among the four mountains that exceed the height of 3,000 feet in the national park Lake District.

1.3 Lake Wastwater

Lake Wastwater is called a Wast Water Lake. It is 3 miles long, .31 miles wide and depth is 258 feet. The top part of the lake is above sea level and the bottom part is below sea level, which makes it more interesting.

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1.4 Activities

There are many activities for travelers to enjoy and experience in the national park Lake District.

1.4.1 Paddleboarding

This is a water activity. You can explore the beautiful lake of the national park Lake District through paddleboarding. To enjoy this experience, you should pay for the board from blockhole and they will guide you through the paddleboarding.

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1.4.2 Boating

This is a beautiful activity to enjoy on the water. In boating, you can explore the lake by rowing the boat or by enjoying it as a passenger. The only thing you should do is hire boats from Coniston water or Derwent water.

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1.4.3 Walking

They have hundreds of trails for travelers to walk, run or admire their beauty. They ensure you a memorable winter walking on their mountains.

1.4.4 Mountain Biking

National Park Lake District gives you a wonderful landscape for mountain biking. There are even some natural trails and the route can be seen on maps. This is a must-do activity in Lake District.

1.4.5 Cycle Touring

Cycling is the best activity that you can enjoy with family and friends. You can ride through the routes outside and inside the national park. Travelers get cycle maps to have a better idea of the area.

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1.4.6 Hiking

The Lake District national park has cultivated and uncultivated land. Hiking in cultivated land is limited to trails. Half of the national park Lake District is cultivated and the other half is not cultivated and is used for hiking.

If you want to go for a hiking adventure then you’ll get a chance to travel through the uncultivated land, which holds the beauty of its own.

1.5 Unique Features

1. The semi-natural woodlands give texture and color to the landscape and also give shelter for plants and animals. Though the national park receives high rainfall, woodlands have mosses in abundance.

2. The major settlements are located near the park and they have the highest mountain peaks anywhere in England.

3. They have cultural heritage and important archeological monuments like stone circles and roman roads. They have the oldest rocks which are millions of years old.

4. Little Langdale is a valley served by minor roads.

2. Conclusion

National park lake district is a famous destination where you can enjoy it limitlessly. There is a mountain called Lakeland fells, where you can go for a peaceful walk with your partner and sp[end some quality time. This park gives you an extensive network of paths and it is the birthplace of mountaineers.

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