things to do in grand haven mi things to do in grand haven mi

How to Have Fun in Grand Haven MI? 5 Highlights

Located on the eastern coast of Lake Michigan, Grand Haven is the ultimate and beautiful beach destination in Ottawa County.

Grand Haven is popular for its beautiful landscapes, sandy and sun-kissed beaches, and crystal-clear waters. The pretty beach destination is considered one of the most lovely places in Michigan. The things to do in Grand Haven are vast and uncountable.

Along the Grand Haven port, a walkway to the Grand Haven State Park beach lines runs by several shops, the best restaurants, and eateries. The city displays historic attractions starting, from cultural revolutions to natural wonders.

Grand Haven is a go-to holiday beach destination to soak under the sun and for a relaxing retreat. Because of the unlimited things to do in Grand Haven, the city welcomes hundreds and thousands of tourists every year.

Experience the amazing things to do in Grand Haven Mi, and you will fall in love with this beautiful and adventurous city.

Things To Do In Grand Haven MI

Although the Grand Haven area in Michigan has a population of only 11,000, it is one of the state’s most popular and loved places to visit. It is an ideal place for a weekend getaway with boutique shops and amazing fancy restaurants and also offers uncountable adventurous and entertaining things to do in Grand Haven MI.

grand haven
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Grand Haven is famous for its historic Grand haven Lighthouse, which looks breathtaking in all four seasons. The city is also popular for its US Coast Guard Festival and the Grand Haven Musical Fountain, featuring special and splendid water and light shows.

Another popular memorial park is Escanaba Park which remembers and honors the loss of 101 crew members from the Second World War. Additionally, Rosy Mound Natural Area has a popular trekking trail, and at the end of the hike, the place offers remarkable views of the lakes.

The vast and interesting things to do in Grand Haven MI are mentioned below. The list is long and interesting enough to make you love Grand Haven.

However, during the weekends, this place is crowded with many tourists. But we hope you will enjoy this place during your stay.

1. Reach The Top Of Grand Haven Lighthouse

The Grand Haven Lighthouse was recognized in the year 1839. The lighthouse aids the sailors in piloting and crossing the waters in the dark.

grand haven
Photo by Laura Baker on Unsplash

On Grand Haven’s south pier, the lighthouse has two lights linked by a lighted catwalk painted red. The walkway also connects them to the coast and Grand Haven Boardwalk. This is one of the best things to do in Grand Haven MI.

The walkway along the Grand Haven Michigan Pier and the Grand River channel is a popular and famous tourist spot and one of the best things to do in Grand Haven MI.

The lighthouse is the most popular photography destination in the whole of Michigan. You can also enjoy a calm sunset or fish at the Grand Haven Pier.

2. Visit The Midwest Miniatures Museum

One of the other popular things to do in Grand Haven Mi is visit the Midwest Miniatures Museum. The museum is home to beautifully crafted and designed miniatures that world-famous miniaturists create. The place portrays representations of several historical places during different eras.

Midwest Miniatures Museum

The museum has a collection of scale model buildings, miniature dolls that look lively, historical reproductions, and articulate dollhouses. Tourists can also look at the fine silver and water crystal collections at the Midwest Miniatures Museum.

3.  Visit The Musical Fountain Of Grand Haven

One of the kid-friendly things to do in Grand Haven MI is to visit the musical fountain of Grand Haven. The dancing fountain is displayed beautifully with the synchronization of music and lights. The performance lasts 20 minutes, and the fountain uses almost 90,000 gallons of water.

The show runs every summer night, and the song ranges from various genres. Every 4th of July, a patriotic-themed show is programmed along with beautiful fireworks. The fountain is located on the northern coastline of the Grand River.

The Musical Fountain in Grand Haven, Michigan

The show looks incredibly beautiful and serves as a special and unique treat to the children.

4. Explore Kitchel Lindquist Dunes Preserve

Visiting the Kitchel Lindquist Dunes Preserve is one of the most adventurous things to do in Grand Haven MI. It encompasses more than 100 acres of wetlands, trails, dunes, unique ecosystems, and protected forests.

The place serves as a great and fun recreational trip for its trails and educational and research purposes. There are two trails for hiking along the Grand River.

Kitchel-Lindquist-Hartiger Dunes Preserve

You get to see numerous species of plants like cottonwoods, willows, and red oaks. One of the longest hiking trails in Kitchel Lindquist Dunes Preserve is Meime Vandenberg Trail.

On the trail, you can also see water birds, songbirds, and raptors in the preserve. You can take breathtaking photographs of Lake Michigan, Grand River, Spring Lake, and Grand Haven from the taller dunes.

5. Check Out Fricano’s Pizza Tavern

Out of many other interesting things to do in Grand Haven Mi, this place is one of the best places to visit. Fricano’s Pizza tavern was the first built pizzeria in the whole of Michigan and was made in 1949.

It was popular for preparing the original form of thin-crust pizzas. Today the place is a popular landmark for tourists, and the taste and quality of the pizza have not changed to date.

Fricano's Pizza 30 second Commercial as seen on TV in the West Michigan area.

The tables are decorated with red and white tablecloths, and the best part of the pizzeria is that it serves homely-styled family-friendly pizzas. The pizza is served in only one size with pepperoni, green pepper, anchovy, mushroom, and Italian sausage.

In addition, you can also taste some fine-quality of wines and beers. So, if you are one of those hardcore pizza lovers, you must visit this restaurant.


The place of Grand Haven MI is a family as well as a kid-friendly destination that entertains people of all ages. The city is well celebrated and loved by the locals and the tourists.

The natural beauty of the place makes tourists stare in awe, and the annual events and the rich history and culture increase the beauty of Grand Haven, Michigan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Grand Haven a city or town?

Grand Haven, located in the U.S. state of Michigan is a city.

2. How big is Grand Haven MI?

Grand Haven covers a total area of 16.19 km².

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