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5 Famous Bars In Florida

The state of Florida finds its name among the top most visited states in the United States.

In short, Florida is also known as America’s Vacationland. The restaurants and bars in Florida are mostly associated with key lime pie, seafood, and Floribbean cuisine.

Starting with the mighty Kennedy Space Center right to the Dayton 500 to the beaches of Miami and historic joints and bars standing firm from the days of prohibition, the state has no short of attractive tourist destinations. 

The Dining and Drinking Culture of Florida

The cuisine, food, and drinking habit of people at bars in Florida is a rich blend of Latin America, Southern recipes, and old-school Floridian techniques.

A pinch of the seafood bounty from the Atlantic coast and the gulf areas and tropical fruits will give you the experience of one of the famous US dining states

Bars in Florida
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Meals and drinks at bars in Florida range from casual to fine dining. The famous restaurant and cocktail culture of Florida welcomes tourists and visitors to the state’s beachfront views and picturesque sunsets.

Florida has creative nightlife. Bars in Florida and restaurants serve various drinks, craft cocktails, and a unique setting.

There is no way to state all the iconic restaurants and bars in Florida, but in our article, we pointed out the 5 best bars in Florida

Bars in Florida

Florida has a coastline of over 1,300 miles which attract tourist from all over the state. The Sunshine State is full of lush palm trees and rich margarita-worthy real estate.

But apart from the very popular bars in Florida, there are also many regular bars in Florida that one may suddenly stumble upon while strolling on the streets aimlessly or sunburned after spending a cozy time on the beach.

Florida so has those legendary beach bars, which one may put on their bucket list to visit once in their lifetime.

Whatever the case might be Florida’s drinking and dining culture is sure to not disappoint anyone visiting the state. Given below are the 5 most iconic beach bars in Florida which is a must-visit when you are here.

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1. Flora-Bama Lounge & Oyster Bar

One can never miss out on Oyster Bar and Flora Bama when speaking about the beach bars in Florida. 

It is so close to Alabama, on the western part of Florida that one can put one step in Alabama and another in South Florida.

This beach bar in Florida unwinds itself through the multiple rooms before opening onto the sugar-white sand of the Gulf.

Bars in Florida
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This bar in Florida is renowned for its crazy tiki torches and wild vibe and nightlife, accompanied by Bushwhackers St Pete Beach cocktails, chili cook-offs, and the most famous April mullet toss.

Visitors also get to enjoy multiple live bands that perform at night across tiki bars with five stages.

This famous bar in Florida is a landmark in the Floridian community since 1964. This beach bar is also called America’s “last great roadhouse”.

The Flora Bama Lounge and Oyster Bar received its catchy name from the beachside roadhouse. These houses are an icon of this location falling on the Alabama-Florida borderline.

2. Jimmy B’s Beach Bar

This particular beach bar does not need an introduction for itself. Anyone looking for a classic Florida beach bar has to land at Jimmy’s Beach Bar.

This particular bar on the Florida beach has also bagged many prestigious awards and trophies as the best beach bar across Florida on

A broad walkway Florida beach bar will lead visitors from the drinking spots to the open beach.

There they can enjoy the picturesque sunsets, along with a glass of exotics rum or a complimentary shooter with a Shrimp cocktail.

Bars in Florida
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The evenings and nights are joyous and colorful with live bands and live music, setting the mood amidst the cheerful weather and winds coming from the beachside.

3. Clevelander, Miami Beach

When in Florida beach bars, it is nearly impossible to miss visiting Miami Beach. It is the most sought-after place in Florida, and when in Miami it is hard to miss this great place at the Clevelander.

It is hands-down the most popular destination for spending a lovely evening, super cool and lively night.

DJs play popular tracks on blasting speakers, bottles, and models in bikinis, alongside potent drinks. There is hardly anything this bar does not offer its visitors

Bars in Florida
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It does not matter whether someone is returning from the beach or is hunting for a perfect place to catch the game.

Clevelander has its world-famous Pool and Patio that offers three fine bars with a selection of assorted drinks and food.

Clevelander changes its dining and drinking menu based on the seasons and occasions to satisfy visitors shopping and exploring Miami.

Clevelander also has a separate rooftop bar cum dining which springs to life on weekends. Evenings and Nights are filled with delicious bites, craft cocktails, fun electronic beats, etc.

Popular drinking options include Jack Daniels whiskey, Smirnoff Vodka, Tanqueray Gin, Jose Cuervo Tequila, Funky Tropical Mango, Beer, and Wine.

4. The Palace Saloon

The Palace Saloon is the oldest bar in Florida and is also the last of American taverns to be closed during the period of prohibition.

This place which when constructed in the year 1878 was originally a haberdashery, but later it was rebuilt into a bar in the year 1903.

As per the historians and locals around the bar, the owners of this bar sold liquor until the final minute before the order of prohibition took effect.

On entering the red bar itself, visitors will be welcomed by the pristine woodwork. Swinging doors and tiles on the mosaic floor and red bar are sure to keep the visitors awestruck.

Bars in Florida
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To get along with the ambiance and history of this bar the bartenders, waiters, and staff members dress in vintage attire from the 1880s.

This bar continues to sell Old Overholt, which is the most preferred and sought-after drink on holidays.

5. Lorelei Cabana Bar

For first-timers, this dive bar will greet them with a gigantic mermaid over its threshold.

Drivers on their way through the overseas highway get attracted by their iconic symbol and stop at this dive bar to get cheap drinks and spend some time.

The Islamorada mainstay situated on the Florida bayside offers some spectacular sunset views and has been acting as bait to lure motorists on land and in the sea for years.

Bars in Florida
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The specialty of this beach bar is that it is devoid of walls or any outer boundary. Thus it offers plenty of open space under the sky to catch the soothing beach winds and the stunning beach views.

Visitors can enjoy dining on the beach and drinking on the beach sand. Their signature drink is the Lorelei Sunset which is made with the in-house tangerine infused with Vodka.

Some Special Mentions

Apart from the already mentioned Pensacola names, some bar offers quite the fun and experience, so it would be unfair if they are not mentioned

1. The No Name Pub

This bright yellow bar is situated down a long road off the Overseas Highway. When you visit here, your eyes will first go towards its ceiling which is dripping with dollar bills.

This astonishing sight might surprise you a bit, but this is also a symbol that a lot of people had managed to find this place during their good old times.

The No Name Pub might feel unusual since it is far enough from the regular track.

Bars in Florida
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Though this bar is not that visited or crowded, it is one of the hot spots and the best lunch stop for bikers and motorists on a Florida Keys road trip.

Pizza is their star dish. They also offer good drinks to relax anyone after a tiring journey.

2. Square Grouper Tiki Bar

Floridians are very much familiar with this waterfront bar. Though it has ‘Tiki’ in its name locals and regular visitors know that this has no relation to any fish or its side products.

The name of this bar was kept keeping in mind the ready reference to coast guards who were responsible for floating bales of cannabis in the waterway during smuggling heydays of the state in the year 1970s.

Bars in Florida
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The bar was initially a hotel and saloon, but after so many years it had turned out into a spacious tiki bar and live music patio.

It is the best place to hang out in Jupiter and is also an effective social hub of northern Palm Beach County.

3. Last Chance Bar

This beach, bar is more of a misnomer. Anyone beach who had driven from the southern tip of mainland Beach Florida to the Keys knew that there are plenty of beach places where they can find booze.

Then, what is so special about this bar?- well it turns out that Last Chance Bar would be anyone’s last place to find liquor without a Keys price tag.

Bars in Florida
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So, this beach bar is the location where people can stock up for a weekend on a boat or at a beach house.

4. The Caribbean Club

This bar has a life-sized statue of the popular film legend Humphrey Bogart outside its entrance.

This is not just a jimmy buffet endorsement or a landmark, it is also a reminder that anyone visiting this place needs to adjust their standards accordingly.

Though originally this bar was built as the exclusive joint for the rich and famous, today, it is just a sunny bar on the bay and key west side of the Overseas Highway.

Bars in Florida
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The cool ambiance of this bar lets drinkers enjoy the day without getting tanned. This bar has served to be the prime filming venue for Bogey and Bacall’s 1947 classic Key Largo.

Besides the rolling and action sequences, this place was also a get-together and a hangout arena for the actors and staff of the filming crew.

Other Places of Interest in Florida

This Sunshine State has no shortage of places to enjoy and relax. It offers a range of cocktail bars, uber-cool clubs, and dizzying bars and nightclubs.

Places like Orlando within the state of Florida feature an assortment of bands, concerts, games, and much more.

There are also night-time complexes in the theme parks such as Universal City Walk and Perdido Key.

Bars in Florida
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Miami is especially reputed for its lavish and exciting nightlife. One such area is Lincoln Road, which is a pedestrianized area at South Beach.

Famous for its bars and dining this place is always lively and awake. The Gulf Coast has a more smooth and sassy nightlife.

It had a bunch of restaurants, bars, joints, etc to enjoy booze, rum, whiskey, Beer, and cocktails and to watch the sun going down followed by a relaxed meal.

Besides partying and clubbing Florida is the state of outdoor adventures. The epicenter of Florida has Legoland, golden lion cafe, Bok Tower Gardens, resorts, and Safari wilderness.

At these places, one can take time out to admire the natural scenes and savor the sunny skies, all while enjoying an action-packed vacation or holiday to satisfy oneself or the whole family. 

The Last Word

There is something special about the nightlife at bars in Florida. Long sandy beaches, endless coastline, Florida sunshine, and winds.

All these serve as the favored condition, to make Florida one of the best states of America to enjoy night-time.

The Sunshine State is also hands-down the perfect place for night owls and partygoers in North America. This state presents a smooth blend of beachside bacchanalia and metro nightlife.

But apart from the coastlines what makes Florida attractive is the range of partying and clubbing it has to offer.

The young blood and out-of-the-college folks are mostly inclined toward Coastal destinations like Destin and Fort Lauderdale in the hunt for a wild week of spring break.

But on the other hand, the flashier mob is inclined toward finely refined nightclubs and cocktail lounges.

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