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5 Best Bars in Richmond VA

Virginia’s capital and one of the oldest and most famous cities in America-Richmond has an interesting long history of drinking, small bites, and opportunities for socialization

With excellent quality watering hole classics, Richmond has a crazy cocktail culture and irresistible craft beers.

This article is the perfect short guide for a foodie and drink-lover who is looking out for some amazing bars in Richmond! So let’s dive in!!

Bars in Richmond, VA
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5 Flabbergasting Bars In Richmond, VA

1. The Jasper

The Jasper by Richmond American Homes

One of Richmond’s greatest super bars The Jasper offers a ton of craft cocktails and food in Virginia’s Carytown. The bar is almost 5 years old since its opening in 2018 and serves a rotating cocktail menu, cool wine list, and canned beers.

From spicy to creamy, traditional, and nostalgic, the food served at The Jasper is delicious enough to satisfy your tummy after you have enjoyed the drinks. The bar opens till 2 a.m. and you need to try the Quoit Club Punch with Jamaican rum, brandy, rainwater Madeira, lemon, and sugar- the best you’d find in Richmond!

The bar is known for its speakeasies and was collectively started by the well-known mixologists in Richmond- Mattias Hägglund, Thomas Leggett, Brandon Peck, and Kevin Liu.

Other must-tries on the menu are classic drinks such as the Hailstorm Julep, apple brandy, port, mint, and bespoke cocktails. The food menu at The Jasper uses the freshly baked bread at Carytown Cupcakes which is just next door!

Christmas themed bar
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Not only this, the bar turns into a festive-themed beverage menu, serving in fancy glasses and a Christmas ambiance. The polite staff, amazing services, and inexpensive food and drinks make this place a must-visit in Virginia.

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2. Bingo Beer Company

Bingo Beer Co in Richmond, VA

The Bingo Beer Company is one of the top breweries nirvana in Scott’s Addition Neighborhood, a terrific option for arcade fans and craft beer lovers. This brewery-restaurant-arcade also features knowledgeable beer snobs and on-site brewing along with arcade staples including ping pong, pinball, and skeeball.

Bingo Beer Company serves marvelous non-alcoholic house-made ginger beer, wines, cocktails, and a flavorful food menu in a bar-like ambiance and European culture vibes– especially their creative traditional Lager!

Barrel aged wines of America
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Speaking of tradition, the place also boasts IPAs, fruited sours with barrel-aged as well as farmhouse beers- everything that celebrates the original American craft brewing.

This fantastic bar clubs up DJs and loud music offering inside and outdoor seating facilities, games, back patios, and fire pits. If you want to have a perfect relaxing or fun time, this place is sure to satisfy your soul!

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3. Fuzzy Cactus

Bars in Richmond, Virginia
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Located at 221 Brookland Park Blvd, Richmond, Virginia, Fuzzy Cactus is one of the best bars that know how to give its visitors a happy hour. It is a self-described rock n roll bar as well as a dive bar that is just like your favorite Tex Mex Restaurant married to a punk rock venue.

The bar offers cocktails that are easy and inexpensive and a quirky spin on watering hole classics like a vegan White Russian, a flaming torch, and an Oaxacan Old Fashioned with mezcal.

Fuzzy Cactus serves irresistible dive classics like PBR along with natural wines, and some hard-to-find artisan beers. It offers a safe and comfortable place for all its customers and staff with a non-tolerant attitude towards any type of hateful behavior be it racism, transphobia, sexism, or homophobia.

The amazing barbecue, and chicken wings- crispy and tender- along with their strong beverages make this bar a must-go-to place in Richmond. No more second thoughts!

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4. The Lobby Bar

One of the best bars in Richmond, The Lobby Bar offers a lively, pretense, and bright experience with its airy and spacious structure.

The Bar celebrates Virginia’s inventive dining revolution, showcasing American craft cooking and the region’s micro seasons through tapas-style or share-plate service using local ingredients.

It offers a delectable food menu incorporating a Mediterranean flavor profile and gives a refined yet pretentious feeling! The bar serves cocktails, ice-cold beer, wine, snacks, and sandwiches and accepts reservations for over 7 guests.

It is one of the best cocktail bars and a great place in Richmond with its impeccable servings of taste and sips all decked in elegant pink color with roses of the same hues inside the Art District’s Instagrammable Quirk Hotel.

The ground floor bar, formerly known as Maple & Pine serves swanky cocktails like High Tea, made with lavender-Earl Grey infused Belle Isle Moonshine, lemon, and bitters. In addition to this, the menu includes the Modern Day Hemingway, comprised of Blanco tequila, lime, Luxardo Maraschino, and absinthe.

The rooftop bar gives a glamorous old-school vibe which makes it a great option for a place to bring in your first date or just friends to have a wonderful weekend together.

Mark my words, you won’t regret giving this place a Hello! while you are in Richmond!

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5. The Tobacco Company Club

The Tobacco Company Restaurant

Located at E. Cary Street in Richmond’s Historic Shockoe Slip, The Tobacco Company Club is over a 40-year-old venue for excellent dining and entertainment. It is a perfect place for you to drag your friends along and expect a fun evening together!

This bar in Richmond features an exceptional cocktail menu, an irresistible wine list, fresh seafood, amazingly slow-roasted prime ribs, and last but not the least, aged Angus steak that tastes just fantastic! The food menu also includes vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

The bar offers classic Richmond vibes owing to its old-style wooden and leather interior, giving a beautiful and elegant atmosphere to your dinner dates!

This four-story bar also offers table reservations, special events, a small dance floor where you can sway the night away along with the best bottle service in Richmond. The neon blue lights add to the retro mood that would make you dance in the lower-level nightclub.

On a brief note, The Tobacco Company is among the best bars and restaurants in Richmond that will give you an incredible break from walking around Richmond and have a fun-filled night!

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Whiskey, vodka, cocktails, biodynamic wines, and being crazy- this is what all the bars in Richmond are about! The hub of entertainment and unforgettable nights in Virginia, Richmond offers numerous standout bar scenes that will evaporate all your hustle and bustle sweat of city life.

Puck up any of the bars here to suit your taste cravings and love for drinks and enjoy a vivid flavor of vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals!

This amazing history of Richmond dates back to about more than two hundred years so there is no doubt that it is one of the best drinking and eating destinations in the world!

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