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30 Beautiful Romantic Things To Do In NYC

NYC is an adventurous city with several romantic things to do in the city. There are loads of unique experiences to share once you visit NYC with your loved ones.

Plan a trip to central park, visit the Brooklyn Bridge, and take a stroll at the high line. Book day show tickets at Downtown Brooklyn, South Street Seaport, Times Square, and the Lincoln Center.

There are also many romantic dining options such as rooftop bars, romantic restaurants, romantic stops, and also many good options for hot summer days.

31 Best Romantic Things To Do In NYC

Romantic things to do in Nyc
Photo by Harry Pammer on Flickr, Copyright 2022

If you are looking forward to spending a memorable time with your loved one, upstate New York is the perfect place for a date night.

Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State building, and the World Trade Center are some of the best places to visit in Nyc. There are also several rooftop bars serving delicious cocktails.

We have come up with a list of romantic things to do in Nyc.

1. Central Park

Central Park has always been our favorite option and has always provided a large number of romantic choices to choose from.

Some of the top romantic options in Central park are The Pool, Wollman Rink, Conservatory Water, Cherry Hill, Shakespeare Garden, Conservatory Garden, The Boathouse Restaurant, Belvedere Castle, and Bethesda Fountain and Bow Bridge.

Fall in Central Park
Photo by Janne Räkköläinen on Flickr, Copyright 2022

Another amazing option is visiting The MET, a museum which is located on the Upper East Side of Central Park. Central Park is an amazing option to spend a romantic afternoon with your loved one.

Going for a day trip to Central Park is one of the most romantic things to do in Nyc. Another fun thing to do is attend free outdoor concerts held on the Great Lawn in the Central park

2. Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge isn’t only a romantic stop for couples, it has a story behind it that shows the love of a woman for her husband.

The story is about a woman named Emily who devoted herself to finishing the bridge project after her husband fell ill. Completed in 1993, Brooklyn Bridge became the longest suspension bridge with steel cable wires.

Brooklyn Bridge
Photo by Dan Dilworth on Flickr, Copyright 2022

A day trip to the Brooklyn Bridge is the best romantic thing to do in Nyc. Walking over the East River with breathtaking views of downtown Manhattan and glittering city lights.

Brooklyn Bridge is also visible from the Empire State Building. The Empire State Building gives spectacular views of Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, and the Statue of Liberty.

3. Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park is the perfect option for a romantic night. Offering gorgeous views of the Brooklyn Bridges and Manhattan Bridge, it also offers a beautiful skyline view.

It is the perfect place to go for a picnic with your date bringing cute-little snacks along to munch on with a bunch of memorable talks. Hence, visiting the Park is one of the most romantic things to do in NYC.

4. The High Line

Offering a splendid view of the Hudson River and the city light, High Line offers a walk into a reclaimed green space overflowing with myriad trees and grasses.

Several people come to look at the splendid view and if you are a lover of art you can find massive murals and sculptures within the park. It is a gem of New York City.

Taking a walk at the High line is one of the most romantic things to do in NYC.

5. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls
Photo by Radek Kucharski on Flickr, Copyright 2022

Take a day trip to Niagara Falls and experience one of the natural wonders of the world with your own eyes.

Visiting Niagara Falls is one of the most romantic things to do in NYC. The majestic sound of Niagara Falls and the turquoise waters plummeting over the edge of the falls is once in a lifetime experience.

6. Lincoln Center Ballet

Lincoln Center Ballet is the home of the New York City ballet and you can stop here for prosecco and fine arts experience.

The performances are enchanting and the choreography is beautiful to witness. Every holiday season there is a George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker performance by the New York City Ballet, it is a festive treat.

Lincoln Center
Photo by Chun-Hung Eric Cheng on Flickr, Copyright 2022

7. Sunset Cruise

Watching the sunset in New York is one of the most memorable things. As the darkness covers the city, the city twinkles at night, and everything seems beautiful and possible.

Getting a chance to watch the sunset and New York’s skyline from the water is even more magical. It can turn your date night into one of the most memorable date nights.

Sipping on champagne while watching the sunset on the cruise is one of the most romantic things to do in NYC.

8. The River Café

One of the most romantic spots in NYC is Brooklyn’s River Café. The Café is situated under the Brooklyn Bridge to give an even more romantic vibe to it.

Offering beautiful views, The River Café also has got the name Michelin Star. Book a table here for a romantic evening.

Dinner at the River Cafe in NYC| romantic dinner|

9. Movie Night Or Date Night

New York offers some of the best romantic movie theaters to spend love quality time with your lover.

The Village East Cinema is a great option for a movie night. It has incredible seating arrangements, a fascinating ornate ceiling, comfortable seats, and a chandelier.

10. Grand Central’s Romantic Highlights

The train station doesn’t sound romantic to anyone but the Grand Central Station is a bit different. The story behind the Grand Central Terminal is unique.

It was the time of World War II when the soldiers returning from the war were reunited with families and loved ones at the Grand Central Station.

The station will give you the feeling of a movie set and was also the set for movies such as The Avengers and Superman.

Grand Central Station
Photo by Alison Day on Flickr, Copyright 2022

Whispering Galleries and Campbell Apartment are the romantic highlights of the station.

10.1. Whispering Galleries:

Whispering Galleries is a quirky talking point. The couples can make their space at opposite corners of the concourse and make sweet talks in the hallway.

10.2. Campbell Apartment:

The setting of the famous gossip girl scene is the Apartment hidden in the corner. The station feels like a movie scene.

11. Air Ride Over Nyc

New York Top View
Photo by Giuseppe Milo on Flickr, Copyright 2022

New York is beautiful in every aspect but the view of New York from the air is even more breathtaking and unique. Experience the soaring views of the city’s iconic landmarks from the air and make the moment magical.

Taking a helicopter ride in NYC is a wonderful thing to do here.

12. Visit the Socrates Sculpture Park

A free and easy option is to visit the Socrates Sculpture Park. It is an outdoor museum and a public park based in Astoria, Queens. Here artists create and exhibit sculptures along with unique multi-media installations.

Socrates Sculpture Park
Photo by Peter Burka on Flickr, Copyright 2022

The park stays open for visitors 365 days a year. It is worth an experience along with a coffee in your hand. Fall is even a better option, it makes the mood even more lovely.

There are also many family-friendly activities for free. Such as the Saturday Sculpture Workshop, Summer Solstice Celebration, Halloween Lantern Workshop, and The Queens Green Day. There are also free fitness yoga classes in the summer.

13. Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Brooklyn Botanic Garden is the perfect place to visit during your anniversary. The garden fosters a sense of stewardship and environmental awareness while inspiring curiosity and delight in plants.

There is nothing more romantic than spending a leisurely afternoon under the blooming cherry trees. With the beautiful sight of blooming flowers around you, it is the perfect place for a hand-in-hand romantic walk.

Cherry Blossom
Photo by Salim Virji on Flickr, Copyright 2022

14. Hudson River Sunset Yacht Cruise

The Hudson Yacht Cruise is another romantic option. During this, you will pass by some of the city’s most popular destinations like the South Street Seaport, the Governor’s Island, and The Financial District.

Along with it you also get to see some of the most celebrated landmarks such as the astonishing Statue of Liberty. It is surely a magical moment watching the sunset on the Yacht.

You get to see the Manhattan skyline which will turn your romantic date into a beautiful moment and watching into your lover’s eyes as they admire the Manhattan skyline is one of the most romantic things to do in Nyc.

Want to ride a horse but are afraid of real horses, Central Park has a lovely second option for you.

The Central Park Carousel is a wonderful example of American Folk art here. It comes with colorful horses and beautiful music running 7 days a week during summer.

Central Park Carousel
Photo by Bartwatching on Flickr, Copyright 2022

If you like your experience at the Central Park carousel then you should also visit Jane’s Carousel DUMBO, Brooklyn. This carousel offers a fascinating view of skyscrapers in lower Manhattan.

16. Immersive Theater Compelling

Immersive theatre is another great date night option for couples. You will be amazed by the settings such as a Wonderland-inspired mental ward, or the bathtub.

If are bold, you may even get a chance to make an interaction with casts and help them solve a mystery case.

Some of the best immersive shows are The Imbible, Then She Fell, Drunk Shakespeare, Sleep No More, and Accomplice.

Sleep No More is the famous one in the city.

17. McKittrick Hotel

Sleep No More is set in the McKittrick Hotel in Chelsea and based on Willian Shakespeare’s Macbeth. And after that, you can visit the rooftop bar and restaurant, Gallow Green.

Order some delicious cocktails along with some food to end the romantic night. It is one of the most romantic places to be. Visiting McKittrick Hotel is one of the most romantic things to do in Nyc.

18. Diamond District

Diamond District
Photo by Lisa Larson-Walker on Flickr, Copyright 2022

Take her shopping in the diamond district and see the sparkles in her eyes. Nestled between Fifth Avenue and Sixth Avenue, the shops are illuminated with jewelry and jewelry lovers.

Find yourself surrounded by people who admire gems just as you do. Even if you are there for shopping, seeing the gems twinkle will inspire infatuation.

A late-night stroll through the street might be just what you need.

19. Wave Hill

A beautiful view of the Hudson River and Paradise Cliffs can be found from the Bronx Garden Wave Hill. Your sweetheart and you can stroll through greenhouses and enjoy meadows of blooms on the 28-acre property.

With many art exhibits, programs, and concerts here, your evenings will be exciting. If you are getting into the mood for a romantic walk, grab cold brew coffees and head to Wave Hill to enjoy beautiful views of the Hudson River.

Wave Hill
Photo by Fernando Sanchez-Magrane on Flickr, Copyright 2022

With flowers and lawns laid beneath you, you will see some amazing breeds that you have never seen before and you’ll want to spend a bit more time there.

Visiting Wave Hill is one of the most romantic things to do in NYC.

20. Wine tasting at Hudson Valley and Long Island City

Romance and red wine just go together. They are the perfect duo for a date night. Taking a sip of Champagne or Merlot in celebration of a romantic moment has been going on for centuries.

The best place to indulge yourselves in red, white, and pink wine in New York City is in Hudson Valley or Long Island. The Mattituck New York Farm and The Warwick Valley in Hudson are the best options for your wine tasting.

Options like biking in the vineyard or simply sitting and enjoying wine tasting will be your favorite unforgettable evening. It will surely be a romantic adventure and one of the greatest date ideas.

21. Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art

This museum is filled with a beautiful history that you will be mesmerized by. This place is not eating, it’s a place to explore. This museum offers so much more. It offers guided tours, sweet cafés, and festivals for its guests.

Metropolitan Museum of Art
Photo by Pom’ on Flickr, Copyright 2022

No need to be an art expert to visit and appreciate the museum. Once you visit here, you will automatically fall for their art.

Spend an evening exploring this classic city on a date night with your loved one. It is surely a gem of New York City.

22. Winter Ice Skating

Winter is here and you don’t know what to do other than Netflix and Chill. Go for Ice skating on smooth ice to light up the winter season mood.

Go to the Wollman Rink. This is undoubtedly one of the best romantic things to do in Nyc. It offers spectacular skyline views dusted in snow during winter.

23. Coffee Lovers

If you are a coffee lover and are in New York City, don’t worry, New York City has some of the best coffee-sipping options.

Visit Long Island City for a rainy coffee date. Long Island is one of the most romantic places in New York to check out for reasonable and good coffee options. You can also get some of the best hot chocolate there.

24. Taste Buds Kitchen

Taste Buds Kitchen: Our Story

BYOB Taste Buds Kitchen is the perfect option for a date night romantic dinner.

Book a table and order some splendid food and a few drinks and enjoy the date night with your lover. Taste Buds Kitchen is the perfect choice for dinner in New York City.

25. Enjoy a Broadway Show

If you admire art and wish to see some of the best actors and actresses in the world then you must surely visit the Broadway show.

It is a great place to get last-minute tickets for shows. The most popular show tickets get sold out months in advance but you can still get a chance to catch some of the best Broadway shows in New York.

26. Prospect Park

Foliage in Prospect Park
Photo by Steven Pisano on Flickr, Copyright 2022

It is an urban park situated in New York City. It is widely known for its intricate manmade watercourse (wetlands) and its trees.

A 585-acre oasis of scenic beauty for relaxation and recreation is what the park offers to its visitors.

Most of the attractions there are inexpensive or free.

27. Horse Ride in Central Park

One of the most romantic things to do in NYC any time of the year is taking a Horse Ride in Central Ride.

It is the perfect option during winter. Bring a blanket if you are visiting during winter to cuddle in.

Horse Rides in Central
Photo by Shinya Suzuki on Flickr, Copyright 2022

28. Fine Dining Experience

There are 68 Michelin Star restaurants in New York and most of them are for romantic meals.

The 3 Michelin Star Per Se is the perfect option for a dinner date night. It will be an incredible, albeit very expensive, experience.

It has views of Columbus Circle and Central Park offering incredible meals and a list of endless courses in a traditional dining room. This would make your experience worth remembering.

29. The Cloisters

If you are a fan of medieval history then you should visit The Cloisters. It is a museum specializing in medieval history.

It is the perfect place to enjoy nature along the Hudson while exploring history.

30. The Bronx Zoo

bronx zoo
Photo by Steven Tom on Flickr, Copyright 2022

Animal lovers, visit the Bronx Zoo. It is one of New York’s most romantic attractions. It will be an excellent experience.

The zoo is the largest in the United States and does excellent work in saving nature. They frequently rescue and rehabilitate endangered species found around the globe.

Wrapping up

New York, the city for lovers is a great option for the perfect romantic date ideas. You get to visit multiple gems of New York City.

There are many options for your perfect date night and we have created the perfect list for your date. Read it again and see what suits you best!

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