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26 Best New Hampshire Breweries: You Must Visit

New Hampshire is a US state with many attributes that denotes a quality of life. The old towns, serenity in the wilderness, and beautiful mountains are all a sight to behold. This state is also suitable for residents as it supports culture and quality of life. New Hampshire shows a great balance of modern and primary lifestyles.

Let’s have a look at some of the best new Hampshire breweries to visit:

1. Earth Eagle Brewings

Our very first Earth Eagle Brewings, which is in Portsmouth NH, is among the best New Hampshire breweries and offers very distinct various beers that are mixed with other local ingredients.

The founders of earth eagle follow the ancient brewing ways by using locally grown ingredients.

Earth Eagle Brewings
Captured from Earth Eagle Brewings

They also offer other beers like Ancestral IPAs, New England Gangsta, and Kichigo.

2. Tuckerman Brewing Company

Now the next family-owned brewery business Tuckerman Brewing Company is among the best New Hampshire breweries.

This award-winning brewery started in 1998. They are renowned in town as the best small producers and have bagged awards for their special brews.

We can say Tuckerman is a Conway institution for beer connoisseurs and enthusiasts as they host diverse fundraising events, and festivals every year along with producing delicious beers yearly.

Tuckerman Brewing - BEGINNINGS

3. Smuttynose Brewing Company

It was started in 1994 in Portsmouth and was named after Smuttynose Island, one of the storied Island shallows of New Hampshire breweries.

Smuttynose Brewing Company, the state’s largest handcraft brewery, relocated to Towle Farm in Hampton in 2014. When you visit, ensure to take sips of the free new Hampshire beer tour.

The distinct beers are Old Brown Dog Ale, Shoals Pale Ale, and the acclaimed Robust Porter.

It also hosts regular entertaining events such as Game Nights and dog-friendly Snouts Out Sundays.

The History of Smuttynose Brewing Company

4. Throwback Brewery

Throwback Brewery is a top-notch brewery among the best new Hampshire breweries and this restaurant focuses to produce home-cooked meals made from local ingredients.

Throwback Brewery is named to revisit the golden memories with friends and celebrate the good times and remember the past just that by providing a relaxed space.

5. Able Ebenezer Brewing Company

Able Ebenezer Brewing Company is one of the best old breweries in New Hampshire.

It is inspired by the revolutionary history of local New Hampshire breweries and driven by their beer fanatics.

Able Ebenezer Brewing Company
Captured from Able Ebenezer Brewing Company

The Tasting Room is open from Wednesday to Sunday.

6. Border Brewery

We move on to border Brewery in the New Hampshire brewery tour.

Border Brewery has been in the brewing experience for more than 2 decades and they also experimented with 50 recipes in distinct styles to perfect their services and offerings.

The excellent thing is that it has an onsite brewery that helps to produce small-batch beers and expertise in selling various home brewing equipment and supplies.

7. From The Barrel Brewing Company

Now here comes From The Barrel Brewing Company in Londonderry, one of the great Hampshire breweries. They have expertise in selling bottles, and brewery tours, and are great at making fresh craft beer.

From The Barrel Brewing Company
Captured from From The Barrel Brewing Company

The tasting area is always open throughout the week.

8. Granite Roots Brewing

Being an expert in emanating traditional ales, another nano brewery in Hampshire is Granite Roots Brewing. Uncommon fruit beers from freshly farmed ingredients are served by them.

They sell the best of the best-recommended beer-related merchandise, growlers, and Clothing. Witty Blues, Goes Well, and Monadnock is included in Granite root’s traditional ales and many others are also there.

Inselberg region’s local and agricultural culture has reflected in Granite Root’s image.

9. Henniker Brewing Company

WKBK News Magazine Henniker Brewery Tour

Henniker Brewing Company is a nano brewery made with the velvety aroma of local ingredients and its distinct taproom offers different handcraft brews.

Enjoy the official flavors throughout the year! It has the Rustique, hoppy farmhouse ale, The Roast, Sour Flower, and Splitter.

10. White Birch Brewing

Another small brewery White Birch Brewing offers the best hand-crafted beers. White Birch Brewing was introduced in 2009 and produces 20 kinds of beers.

Go on to the brewery tour and you will get an on-site shop for growlers. One of its best to try here is an Eerst, a Belgian-style amber ale that follows his favorite homebrew recipes.

It is experimental and unusual mixing old-school styles and diverse creative American wild ales and beers.

The signature beers you will get here are a West Coast-hopped, Hooksett Ale, red Belgian ale, red ale, and more spicy beers.

White Birch Brewing
Captured from White Birch Brewing

11. Schilling Beer Company

Schilling Beer Company has its buzz offering continental European-inspired beers in a warm atmosphere.

Schilling Beer Company is proud on producing high-quality beers among the best new Hampshire breweries. It offers an impeccable drinking experience.

Here, you will get the freshest locally brewed with freshly sourced ingredients from the 18th century. You can also enjoy bites of fresh pizza!

12. Great Rhythm Brewing Company

It is in downtown Portsmouth and it offers a collection of different beers and changes it seasonally.

It also has a marvelous selection of beers, good music, and a lively atmosphere.

Great Rhythm Brewing Company
Captured from Great Rhythm Brewing Company

13. Blasty Bough Brewery

Blasty Bough Brewing Company in Epsom, in McClary Hill Farm, is one the famous farm brewery. It was named after the highest point in the town.

Local flavors, hand-crafted beer, and traditional blasting brewing style beer are served by them. They follow their old tradition to brew their beer and floral and citrus beer is balanced.

14. Pipe Dream Brewing

Veterans of Londonderry put-together Pipe Dream Brewing originates West Coast-inspired brew in Hampshire Breweries. Brewery tours and modern tasting rooms are offered by the ales.

Everyone loves Little Miss Clementine, Pop that Sour Cherry, Pop that Sour Peach, and California Common Style Ale.

Ales are sampled in the taproom, which opens at different times all around the week.

Welcome to Pipe Dream Brewing

15. Stark Brewing Company

So this is Stark Brewing Company. They handcraft beer with their on-site 15-barrel Diversified Metal Engineering (DME) brewing system and they do not include any chemical preservatives.

They use only the best ingredients: malted barley and the nearby Northwest Lake Massabesic water, and yeasts. They will offer their handcrafted beers on tap, including year-round varieties of brews.

16. Kelsen Brewing Company

A beer enthusiast seeks the Kelsen Brewing Company to create a special handcrafted beer you can enjoy drinking.

If you don’t like flavored beers with strong aromas, you won’t like Kelsen brewings. But if you enjoy complex malts and diverse hop flavors and combinations, pick your taste!

Kelsen Brewing Company

17. Copper Pig Brewery

You will get excellent food and beer here. They produce the best and fine quality craft beer in a local and people-friendly environment and also offer styles and tastes across the beer arena, that meet their customers’ expectations while sticking to traditional brewing ways.

The homemade sauce at Copper Pig Brewery is also delicious to taste.

18. Stoneface Brewing Company

Stoneface Brewing Company was started by self-made homebrewer Pete Beauregard and established this brewery in Newington.

It possesses exceptional features 15-barrel brewing system equipped with barrels fermenters. The brewery’s taproom is for visitors in a pleasant atmosphere.

They brew 3,000 barrels of core beers including India Pale Ale, Red Rye IPA, Mozzacalypse, and Mandarina Wheat, and offer a popular range of well-crafted beers.

Stoneface Brewing Company
Captured from Stoneface Brewing Company

19. Woodstock Inn Brewery

Woodstock Inn Brewery bagged the Hidden Gem award for being a lively restaurant serving lunch and dinner.

There are 40 rooms in five historic buildings and half of which have Jacuzzis and fireplaces.

You can avail lounge, Beer Garden, and free access to a nearby indoor pool and spa.

20. Bench Beer Company

Bench Beer Company was named after nearby the Niagara Escarpment’s benchlands and their approach to handcraft brewing have the state’s distinctiveness different from the wine taste.

The old Maple grove house revitalizes within a three-acre field and has it all from a barrel-aging, a taproom, to beer, and a kitchen. Visitors will enjoy the marvelous region, and taste country beer.

Bench Brewing Chapter 1 - The Beginning of Bench

21. Hidden Moon Brewing

Now we come down to the prestigious brewery with over 2 decades of brewing and has won prestigious awards in the competition of World Cup of Beer. It has 100+ first-place medals in competitions across the country.

You know how this taste is incomparable it is because the owner learned brewings at Redhook Ale Brewery in St Portsmouth, NH.

22. Branch and Blade Brewing Company

It’s a long-lost story of two college roommates who had a love for extensive beers and it’s now collided on Branch and Blade, and these two homebrewing buddies started it in 2018.

Branch and Blades’ mission is moving forward in the handcrafted beer world to make its mark. Their vision is to provide various high-quality, innovative handcrafted brews to its visitors.

They also experiment with new styles and push the boundaries of their creativity. They want you to be as enthusiastic about their beer as they are. Just be a fanatic!

Thirst. Documentary on the Branch and Blade Brewery Keene NH

23. Moat Mountain Brewing Company

Moat Mountain will become your favorite in the New Hampshire breweries tour if you are counting the fantastic food in North Conway.

Moat Mountain has already made a strong mark in brewing for a long time now.

Apart from that, they’ve made one of North Conway’s well-known local restaurants, serving smoked meats with pints. Do stop here and taste their beer.

24. Cisco Brewers

Cisco Brewers offers you an interesting backstory. It all began with Nantucket Vineyard which was the first venture.

After a few years, the employees felt brewing is the best way to engage with visitors and founded Cisco Brewers hence, Cisco Portsmouth started in 2018.

Cisco Brewers
Captured from Cisco Brewers

25. The Flying Goose

The Flying Goose announced the first solar-powered brewery in 2011. It is a casual and family-friendly restaurant. Their goal is to make everyone who walks through their place feel welcome.

26. Big Water Brewery

Big Water Brewery began as a home project in Salisbury, New Hampshire a small three-barrel nano-brewery. It produces various innovative handcrafted brews in over 60 retail stores.

A full-time schoolteacher owns and operates the brewery out of his home in Salisbury. It has a three-barrel brew system that produces twenty 50-gallon barrels and 3,400 22-ounce bottles.

You can taste Citrus Sour, Two-Year Sour, Petit Sour, Blackberry Creme Ale, Sour Blueberry Ale, and a unique Belgian Triple Ale among the signature beers.


New Hampshire is a beautiful and exotic place to visit with your family or friends. As the New Hampshire breweries have increased to more than 100, this means that no matter where you go, you’ll never be far from fresh, handcrafted, and inventive local brews.

Many nano, micro, and multinational breweries create a diverse array of creative, exciting, and one-of-a-kind beers in various styles.

I hope this article will help you with a great staycation in New Hampshire!

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5 Best New Hampshire Breweries

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