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3 Gadgets All Seniors Should Own

Technology continues to push the boundaries of what we thought was possible year after year. Right now, with a few cheap electronic devices and without spending a fortune on complex systems, we can control entire homes from anywhere in the world. This technology is very efficient and can save us time and effort, but the right gadgets can also be lifesaving for our senior citizens.

There’s a good reason not to turn your back and leave technology out of your life as a senior, no matter your living arrangements. With this in mind, here are a few gadgets all seniors should own.

1. A Smart Speaker

smart speaker
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The smart speaker is the hub of any home automation, but it can be used for much more.

For serious uses, smart speakers can use voice commands to initiate emergency calls on your smart speaker should you need urgent help and can’t reach a telephone. For less serious needs, devices like the Amazon Echo allow the ordering of anything you might need or adding items to a shopping list to be delivered simply by asking for it out loud.

If you’re less mobile or living in any number of senior suites around the country, this might be an invaluable way of doing your shopping for your essentials without the need for a computer or a trip to the grocery store.

Many safety devices and smart alarms are also able to work in conjunction with your smart speaker to offer audio alarms and help when they are triggered.

2. An e-Book Reader

e-Book Reader
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We all love the smell of a new book, but the e-book reader offers several district advantages over the paper tomes of old.

Practically, if space is limited where you live, they offer the ability to store hundreds upon hundreds of books without taking up any space at all and can last many weeks on a single charge. They’re also very light compared to a book, so if you have mobility issues or get tired of holding a heavy book, they can offer a much-needed alternative.


If you haven’t used one before, you might need some help or lessons in using an e-reader, but you won’t ever regret it.

3. A Smart Watch

Smart Watch
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A smartwatch isn’t just a fancy tech wearable when you’re a senior. It also serves as an important device to monitor your vital signs for any out-of-the-ordinary readings, and it allows you to call for help in an emergency.

The newer models of the Apple Watch also have built-in fall detection capability, so if you fall it can call your emergency contacts for you. Plus, setting up some handy reminders can help you remember to take your medication right on your wrist.

There are other smart devices that you might find useful too, like robot vacuum cleaners, smart water leak detection devices, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire alarms, but the three devices we’ve chosen to highlight represent real useful technology gadgets that can not only improve your quality of life but might also save it in an emergency.

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