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3 Best Amusement Parks New Orleans

Planning a trip to New Orleans? Read on to find the best amusement parks New Orleans has to offer.

The best thing one can experience with their family on a holiday trip is a visit to an amusement park. They are the best place to have fun for all age groups.

Children can enjoy the rides, grannies, and grandpas can enjoy a show while having their favorite ice creams, and the adults can sit back and spend some quality time without any worries. 

The entertainment ranges from rides in the daytime to peaceful music during the night. Water slides can give relaxation during hot summers and are a great way to cool off during summer holidays.

Some parks also include fireworks, concerts, and carnivals in their package. Many parks offer parades and interactive experiences too.

The stalls inside these parks sell souvenir gifts such as hats, clothes, keychains and etc. for tourists. They are also surrounded by restaurants where people can snack while taking a break from the park.

The quality of food in these restaurants are best. If researched properly, varieties of food items from different cuisines can be found.

101 Facts About New Orleans

The jazz city of New Orleans is widely famous for its rich history, music, food, and street performances. Located in southeastern Louisiana, the city is known for its vibrant nightlife, colonial-era architecture, and amusing parks. It has a wide variety of theme-based parks ranging from magical to vintage at reasonable rates.

During the summer season, one can easily thrill to their boring lives by visiting one of these with their family.

There is also a wide variety of rides for different age groups. Though some of them can be enjoyed by one and all. What adds to their exclusiveness is the friendly and helpful staff and clean environment. The restrooms are easily accessible with great customer and parking services. When in New Orleans, one can easily go to any of the parks using public transport.

Therefore, whenever planning for a family trip, one should never miss the opportunity to visit amusement parks.

Best Amusement Parks New Orleans

Here are some of the best amusement parks in New Orleans that one must check out.

1. Storyland

Ever heard of a place that has just come out of a fairytale? Well, if not then here it is.

Captured from Storyland

Located in the City Park, New Orleans, Louisiana, Storyland is a perfect place for kids. It was built in the 1950s and has been a much-loved destination for children since then.

It actually gives you a feeling that you are in a fairytale and the characters seem to have life in them. The main theme of this park and its equipment are based on children’s rhymes and stories. There are ponds, animals, and birds that provided a beautiful view.

The park is open year-wide but it’s better to visit it during the springtime when trees blossom as it is surrounded by trees and birds which contribute to the scenery.

They arrange birthday parties and dinners and also have package-wise offers going on during the festive season. 

1.1 Attractive Sculptures

Storyland’s vibrant sculptures are what invite a large number of tourists. Some of the best sculptures include “Three Little Pigs”, “Jack and the Beanstalk”, and “Little Red Riding Hood”.

They are attached to a memorial tablet which explains them in the form of stories which also helps the children to gain knowledge.

Rides of the park include a Polar Coaster, Bamboo Chutes, Turtle Whirl, Great Balloon Chase, and Roar-O-Saurs.

Old School Storybook Park - Storyland New Orleans

1.2 Rhyme Characters

Undying characters such as “Humpty – Dumpty”, “Old Woman” and “Three Little Pigs” seem to come to life around the children. Not only children but also adults can bring out their inner child here and interact with the characters.

One can always take a ride in “Captain Hook’s Ship” and take pride in “Cinderella’s Pumpkin Carriage“. Even the adults can ride in and get a chance to relive their childhood and live through their memories once again.

1.3 Natural Setting

This place can be perfect for children who love to hunt and explore because of its natural setting and the presence of trees. Oak trees are found in great numbers here.

Colorful flowers and trees make a green and safe environment. The ponds are also filled with ducks, fish, and birds. People can sit and find solace here while the children can play and enjoy.

There is also a playground with slides and swings for kids. They also have nighttime Oak celebrations. One of the world’s oldest Oak trees which is about 800 years old, comes from the Besthoff Sculpture Garden of Storyland Park.

They have a collection of the oldest Oak trees in their garden. The garden is also known for its roses.

Storyland City Park Full Walkthrough - New Orleans, Louisiana

All in all, Storyland is the best place for kids as they get enough opportunity to explore and the families can bag up memories from here happily.

The special emphasis on children’s rhymes and stories target the younger audience. It’s the same as spending some time in Disney World. The architecture is tailored according to their interests making the atmosphere welcoming as well as family-friendly.

The park is open to seasonal offers. Per person admission charge is 32.95$ for one day and kids of 2 years or younger get free entry. Friends of the City Park also get free entry.

Although you must have a look at their official website for discount offers or change in the pricing. The park is open on all days except for the VooDoo festival.

Adding to the rich history of the United States, Carousel Gardens Amusement Park dates back to earlier 20th century. It is believed that originally it was opened as a park and featured only a casino and a ballroom.

As the visitors came and its demand increased, a carousel was added and naturally, it gained tourist attractions. People started recreating and soon it became a popular destination for entertainment. Later in the 1930s, some rides were added which are still serving in the park.

Carousel Gardens Amusement Park
Captured from Carousel Gardens Amusement Park

The exclusive thing about Carousel Gardens is that it witnessed World War II and managed to survive after renovations and improvements. It is a must-visit for vintage lovers as there is a plethora of classical stories behind each and every building. Festivals, concerts, and special events add up to the mood making it a perfect destination for family outings.

Seasonal passes are available and entry for children under 36” is free. Per ride cost is 4$ and unlimited rides cost a total of 18$. No one is allowed without wristbands and pets or food are also not permitted.

The wristbands are also applicable for entry into Storyland Park which is just nearby. The passes are valid till celebrations and provide a discount of 20% on boating and cycling. Transports around the park are easily accessible allowing people to enjoy a tension-free trip.

2.1. The Rides

The park is filled with rides which include a Ferris wheel, a wooden roller coaster, and a carousel.

The wooden roller coaster, “Dragon’s Den“, dates back to 1906 and is considered to be the only one left in the whole of the United States which is the reason, the place is also a favorite of its locals alike. It is almost 70 years old and gives a thrilling, bumpy experience. It also has a drop tower called the Cooney Tower and a miniature train.

Other rides include Scrambler, Whacky Shack, Fun Slide, Monkey Jump, Music Express, Umbrella Cars, and many more. There is a certain height requirement for each ride and like every other park, they also have safety rules for the rides.

It is also important to note that some rides do not let the children ride alone. It is a requirement for parents to accompany their kids.

Carousel Gardens Amusement Park - New Orleans City Park - Adventures With Satori

The historic carousel, also considered to be the most attractive collection, features intricately horses and is the only operating carousel in the United States. It is also called “flying horses“.

It tells much about the park’s history thus, making it a National Historic Landmark in the city of New Orleans. And as one can easily get the idea, the park itself is named after this carousel. It is the only carousel left in Louisiana.

It is said that the United States has a total of 100 carousels and this historic carousel is one of them. It contains 53 animal figures and 2 figures of horse chariots. The tails of horses were made from real horse hairs.

The figures were hand-carved by two men, Chares Loof and Charles Carmel with utmost perfection. The details are minorly carved and give a glimpse of its time. Charles Loof was a great builder.

Other than this carousel, he built 50 other carousels, a roller coaster, and also a Ferris Wheel. Carmel learned from Loof and drew major parts of the horses. this carousel became so famous that television shows were made based on it.

This also attracted brands such as Nike and Adidas to shoot in this location just because they wanted to shoot with the carousel.

Being a kid again at New Orleans Carousel Gardens Amusement Park - LA to Argentina - [USA Ep.33]

2.3. Additional Fun

The adults can also enjoy the golf – course while the children can play outdoor games in the large-spaced playground. There is also an 18-hole course with loads of obstacles to keep the children interested and also improve their skills.

A train ride would also give a relaxed tour of the whole park. They also offer the arrangement of birthday parties or group picnics. Once booked, they make all the arrangements such as tables, chairs and etc.

A full buffet can also be made available with all sorts of snacking items. There are also many tourist attractions connected to the park that one must visit if they are coming here. They include Lath House, Reunion shelter, and City Putt.

Overall, Carousel Gardens Amusement Park is an attraction for visitors of all age groups. It offers a nostalgic experience with its old-age buildings. Each building has its own history to tell and people with a love for classics would take away many memories with them.

It brings out a sense of nostalgia among people. It’s a great destination for making memories with family and friends. To check its review, you must go to its official website.

3. Scout Island Scream Park

Loaded with fun, music, carnival, and horror, Scout Island Scream Park is a great place to experience some real chill. It is also located in New Orleans, Louisiana, and opens from September to October end which is basically around the Halloween Festival.

Scout Island Scream Park

The main theme of this park is based on Halloween and the carnivals here are day-to-day things. If someone is looking for a place that brings out the whole thrill mood, then this park can be a perfect destination.

Though, one must check out the restrictions on the official website of the park before planning their trip as it would give them an overview of what they can expect.

3.1. Adventures

The park offers a variety of spooky and adventurous experiences including mazes, hunts, and cartoon-based musical adventures. The haunts are quite interesting and scary at the same time.

Real costumes, sets, and effects are provided to make everything real and worthy. One can actually feel that they are inside a horror movie.

Some of the famous hunts are “The Swamp”, “The Harvest” and “The Asylum”.

a) The Asylum

It is the scariest of them all. It is basically a haunted house where the patients of the asylum have taken over the hospital and everything looks like a dream.

b) The Swamp

It takes its visitors to the heart of Louisiana swamps where they are met with terrifying creatures and the challenge is to encounter them.

c) The Harvest

It is a recently added attraction that takes you to the harvest season and several creatures are encountered on the way. These are special attractions for older kids and adults. Kids who want to have a thrilling experience of a lifetime must be welcomed. Plus point is that the parents can easily accompany their kids while enjoying themselves at the same time.

TV reporter`s hilarious walkthrough of Scout Island Scream Park

The musical adventures are not that horrifying and are an awesome experience. It is known as The Boogy Spectacular Event. It offers animated cartoon adventures that little kids would love to enjoy.

3.2. The Festive Mood

The nighttime of this park is just amazing. Many games and adventures open only during the night As the darkness seems to be a paid actor. There is a live concert, comedies, and a carnival featuring Halloween.

For those who look for some more horror, there are facilities of haunted houses and live scary encounters.

There is a live Zombie Outbreak Battlefield where the players have to fight real zombies. creatures lurk around here and there and are ever ready to scare people at any time or any place.


There are also Fright Zones meant to frighten the people. They are outdoor haunted parks with themed actors. Pumpkin and spiced drinks with caramel apples are served and there is a wide variety of food treats. Hence, there is a little fun for everyone and a little extra for horror lovers.

3.3. VIP Facility

The cost of a normal ticket is $49 whereas VIP passes cost around $79 per person, which facilitates with VIP lounge and VIP scare areas.

People with VIP passes can get early access to the rides and games without standing in lines. The VIP scare areas are open only to people with VIP passes. They are also available in package and by using them, one can avail all the exclusive features of the park.

The staff service and hygiene are equally well-maintained.

The only thing one should keep in mind before planning their trip to this park is their ability to bear the scare because this park is really scary. Other than that, it is a great destination for a group and family trip.

One must check the recent rates and regulations of the park from their official website before booking their tickets.

In the End

To sum it up, New Orleans is the best place to find theme parks. After knowing about all the above-mentioned parks, one must be very confused as to which one to choose.

Therefore, here is a little bit of a comparison between the three. Firstly, if you are not a thriller-loving person or if you or your kids are even a little bit scared of ghosts, you have to let go of the idea of Scout Island Scream Park because the park has got a really spooky vibe.

Secondly, if you are planning a big fat family trip, then Carousel Gardens is your place as it offers entertainment for all age groups which will keep everyone in the group involved. The historical stories would be preferred by the oldies too. Coming to Storyland is basically made for children and gives a fairytale atmosphere.

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