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3 Best Amusement Parks in Alabama

Alabama is one of the best places if you are looking for the best amusement park experience. You will be able to find plenty of different amusement parks here that fulfill the needs of everyone, from kids to even adults.

Here, we will find out about some of the best amusement parks in Alabama.

1. Amusement Parks in Alabama

Alabama also known as The Heart of Dixie is popular for its southern hospitality. It is home to beautiful gulf coast beaches, civil rights struggles, dinosaur adventure land, and amusement parks.  The amazing weather conditions add to the beauty of this place.

When we are talking about fun and excitement, Alabama is the name that comes to mind. The place is full of adventures and amusements.

Let us dig deep into the exciting things that the amusement parks in Alabama have to offer.

1.1 VRium Robotics and Virtual Reality Amusement Park

VRium Robotics and virtual reality is an outstanding amusement park which is full of entertaining and educational stuff. This place is not just for kids but for adults as well.

There are plenty of things in this place that can add up to the education of your children. The friendly staff and amazing hospitality at this place make it even more comfortable.

Virtual Reality Amusement Park in Spanish Fort,  Alabama

It is the only virtual reality and robotics amusement park in Alabama. The place is also available for hosting birthday parties, theme shows, AR and VR shooting games and various other activities.

Apart from that, you will also be able to experience amazing roller coaster rides and other fun rides. There is also a cafeteria that serves amazing food to everyone at a very reasonable rate.

The most exciting part about this place is that it has interactive 9 seats in 7D cinema to enjoy the most thrilling movie experience.

1.2 Adventure Island Orange Beach Amusement Park in Alabama 

Adventure Island is one of the best amusement parks to visit with the entire family. Adventure Golf, kiddie rides, a water park, and bumper boats are some of the exciting things you will find here.

You can have fun at Go karts and play laser tag, the arcade and the volcano that shot out the fire, the miniature golf course, and everything that makes you one among the little kids to enjoy and explore the place.

Orange Beach Adventure Island 2018

Since it is located near the beach, you will also get to experience amazing beach views. Seaside camping, bonfire and other fun beach activities are things that just add up to the list of excitement.

Apart from that, the dolphin eco-tour, the ghosts and graveyard tour and the paddleboard rides are other attractive features of the place.

1.3 Lazy River- Alabama Adventure

A lazy river generally means a water ride in a water park, a resort or a recreation center. It is similar to a small water body which is not very deep but has small currents that are enough to keep a person moving while rafting on water. In Alabama, apart from the man-made lazy river, there exist naturally formed lazy rivers.

lazy river at Alabama Splash Adventure (June 6th, 2020)

Alabama Adventure is the place where you can enjoy the benefits of a lazy river. Here you will be able to find plenty of water rides that are sure to bring the child back in you.

In addition to the rides, this place also has many restaurants that offer amazing food at reasonable prices. Bring your friends and family along and enjoy the benefits of a lazy river here.

2. Alabama Theme Parks

Apart from the amusement parks, Alabama also has some outstanding theme parks that are a must-visit. In addition to the amusement parks mentioned above, you can also take a look at the various water parks, gulf shores, roller coaster rides and other attractive features that Alabama has to offer.

Some of the best theme parks that you can visit in Alabama are mentioned here.

2.1 Adventureland Theme Park

Adventureland is one of the best theme parks in Alabama. Here you can enjoy amazing activities like go-karts, battling cages, wave pools, water slides and so much more.

The staff here is very friendly and is always ready to offer help.

Adventureland Theme Park, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Adventureland Theme Park

Here you will be able to find numerous games to play for all age groups. You can come here with your entire family and have an amazing day out.

Another thing that you are sure to love about this park is its cleanliness. The neat and clean environment and hygienic surroundings make this place everyone’s first priority.

2.2 Alabama Adventure Splash Water Park

If you are among the people who love to enjoy the wildness of water, then the Alabama Adventure Splash Water Park is for you. You can enjoy a ton of water activities here and never get bored. Almost everything like parking, soft drinks, life jackets, and swimming costumes is available free of cost here. The best part about this place is that it also provides free sunscreen to everyone.

Adventure and Splash, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Adventure and Splash

This park, like all the places mentioned above, has a lot of fun activities for the kids. You can bring your kids here for an amazing day out and they are going to enjoy it for sure. Not only that, but this place also has a separate chilling area for the parents and other members of the family who accompany these kids.

In short, it is also another great destination for a lovely day out.

2.3 Point Mallard Park 

Apart from being a water park, this place also has historical glory (wheeler national wildlife refuge). To date, this place remains busy with Olympic events and it also has a very famous golf course.

Point Mallard Park, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Point Mallard Park

In addition, Point Mallard Park also takes part in the celebrations of the civil war reenactment, the Alabama Jubilee hot air balloon classic and the Spirit of America festival in the first week of September and the 3rd and 4th dates of July.

The place is not only used for recreational purposes but is also a great place to get educated about the history of the country.

3. Conclusion

These are some of the best amusement parks in Alabama. Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are other beautiful amusement parks in Alabama that you can definitely check out.

Wherever you go, please always remember to carry a waste bag to collect all your waste and throw it in a dustbin later.

  1. Great article! I love to go to waterparks. I have to many waterparks in India. Now I was planning to visit USA and now i know many good places, including waterparks in the USA and Alabama.

  2. I love amusement parks, water parks, rollercoaster, ferris wheel. I love everything about them, it’s so fun and jolly. This article has made me want to visit all the amusement parks in Alabama.

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