22 Jaw-Dropping Facts About New York City That Will Shock You


New York City, where dreams shine brighter than the city lights and the sky is adorned with skyscrapers. A city is known for its culture, presence, and glamour. It’s where the sky is the limit and everyone wants to fly, in a place where every person is trying to be more unique than the last some pretty unique things are bound to happen.

Now, whether this glamour is all smoke and mirrors or if there is true substance behind the high life façade, you will have to determine for yourself.

Here are the 22 jaw-dropping facts about New York City.

1. Friends Wasn’t Entirely Filmed in NYC

Did you know that Friends, which to date is one of the single most popular TV sitcoms in all of history and continues to be watched worldwide was not majorly filmed in New York? It is based on six New Yorkers who are best friends and navigating the big world outside together. The popular sitcom was heavily filmed on the Warner brother’s ranch in California where the indoor set was based.

The real-life city scenes were shot in New York, London, and England. Despite this, the show bases itself on New York due to the appeal of the lifestyle and as an ode to appease viewers. Of course, wherever it is based we will continue to love and enjoy friends as much as the next person!

Lego Friends characters (1994)
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2. Is Honking Illegal in NYC?

Yes, you read that correctly. It is illegal to honk your horn in New York City. Since it is more populated than most states of America. It was observed that noise pollution had become a public nuisance. Hence, the law was passed. It is however not followed that rigidly and you can expect to hear horns honking.

Busy Road
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3. A Museum Dedicated to Marijuana

The House of Cannabis is a museum dedicated to the role of THC in pop culture and modern media. Everything from music, art, cinematography, and fashion, this museum is a literal shrine for the appreciation of substances.

A 30,000 sq. Ft, 5-floor immersive experience of 6,000 years of weed history and an utter cram of knowledge on the marijuana plant. Now, rolling and smoking up is not allowed. Yet, the establishment plans to reserve a lounge area in the future for all your consumption needs.

What makes this place truly special is that it is not hidden underneath the cover of New York but open and proud wanting people to truly learn about marijuana culture!

source: Unsplash

4. New York’s Verdict on Nudity

Did you know that the City of New York allows women to be topless wherever they wish? In a show of gender equality, the law was passed on the basis that if men can do it, why can’t women? There are now rallies promoting toplessness and a great movement called #freethenip. 

There is a decent amount of buzz on social media regarding this decision and a whole lot of controversy too. At the end of the day, cool law or not we believe that you should let people live how they want to live.

lady holding a balance scale.
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5. Broadway: the Epitome of Theatre

The highest-grossing show on Broadway was The Lion King, A story about a lion and his patriarchal destiny that recently celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2022 and has grossed the highest numbers of any Broadway show.

The longest-running show however, or the biggest number of performances is undoubtedly the Phantom of the Opera with over 13,900 performances to date. Have you ever been to Broadway?

Because New York is not New York without its dramatic theater.

Broadway street
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6. The Met Gala is Held in New York

This primetime exclusive event for the rich and the famous focusing on extravagant fashion and creative liberty is held for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Organized by Vogue, the Met gala happens to be one of the most sought-after invitations in the world with the notion that no matter what field you specialize in, if you receive an invite to the Met ball then you have made it in life. The gala hosts a different theme every year according to which the various participants are to come up with their wildest adaptations of what they think fits the theme.

Some of the world’s most iconic looks (and fails) have come from the Met Gala.

Metropolitan Museum of Art
source: Unsplash

7. The Origins of an Eggs Benedict

This famous breakfast item consisting of an English muffin, bacon, a poached egg, and hollandaise sauce is considered to be an everyday food for most in New York.

But, did you know that it originated right here in New York? The account varies in credibility, but the story goes that Lemuel Benedict, a retired stockbroker from Wall Street, had walked into the Waldorf Hotel in 1894 hoping to find a cure to his Monday morning hangover.

He ordered “buttered toast, poached eggs, crisp bacon, and a hooker of hollandaise” as he stated in an interview for the Talk of the Town’ column of the new yorker, 1942. Being so impressed with this combination, the head waiter put the menu item on the breakfast and lunch menus substituting the bacon for ham and toast for an English muffin.

Eggs Benedict plate
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8. Was the Statue Of Liberty Brought to America in Pieces?

Lady Liberty, the copper symbol of freedom and secularism in the United States, was a gift from France. It was designed by French sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi and created by Gustave Eiffel. 

The process of building the Statue of Liberty though strenuous, was rewarding and once completed and designs finalized, it was taken apart piece by piece and shipped by crates to the United States, where it was reassembled. The idea of the Statue of Liberty was proposed by Édouard René de Laboulaye, president of the French Anti-Slavery Society and a dedicated activist. Shifted in pieces or not, the Lady Liberty has become a beacon of independence and is a marvel to look at.

The statue of Liberty
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9. A World of Languages

With the utter diversity of New York City, it is only natural that many languages are spoken. But, did you know that there are over 800+ languages spoken in New York City making it the most linguistic city in the entire world?

New York is a hub for culturist growth and cultural difference which further makes a beautiful mosaic of traditions and people. Around 2021-2022, New York was also home to around 3 million residents born outside the US giving it the title of largest foreign-born population of the world too.

So, the next time you visit Chinatown or Soho, try to see how many languages you can spot, or speak!

source: Unsplash

10. Why is New York Nicknamed the ‘Big Apple’?

The Big Apple is an extremely popularized nickname for New York used excessively by its inhabitants and even by people, who have never set foot in the city. It is used through popular pop culture references in songs, movies, shows, and more.

The origin of the nickname ‘The Big Apple’ comes from horse racing, and how people assumed the horse racing scene in New York City to be the ‘Big Apple’ in the world of mammalian running games.

In the 1920s John J. Fitz Gerald, a writer for the New York Morning Telegraph wrote that “the NYC horse racing circuit was the big apples” of competitive racing in the United States”. This column by sportswriter Gerald was how the term big apple originated and then popularized but it was truly pop culture media that carried the term to stardom.

An apple
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11. There’s a Comedy Show in New York Where Everyone is Naked

Held in Boston, this is an absolute experience of a night, with everyone having the option to be stark naked with the stand-up comedian. You could only imagine the types of jokes you would be able to crack up here.

A comedian’s fever dream, imagine everyone naked if you are nervous! But they are naked, and so are you. Photography and phones are not allowed. With ticket prices at only 45$ a ticket, it’s not exactly a bank breaker either. New York is known for its out-of-the-box mind-bending experiences and we can promise this is one of the funniest things in the Big Apple if you are into a specific kind of thing.

source: Unsplash

12. 1 Out of Every 21 New Yorkers Is a Billionaire

Have you ever met anyone wealthy in New York? Have you ever wondered what statistic they were a part of? According to data from Wealth Insight around 4.63% of the New York population has a net worth of over a million dollars. Statistically, this works out to be about 1 out of every 21 people.

You could walk down the street and pick a random 30 people, one of them would probably be a pretty wealthy individual. With such raised living standards and costs, we can understand why that type of wealth would be needed to survive in such a high-stakes environment.

People migrating to New York with no money hoping to make a lot of money, probably wouldn’t be too happy to know that it is indeed very difficult to become one of those 1 out of 21 people living like kings in the city.

Man holding money
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13. New York Drinks 7 Times More Coffee than Other States

Have you ever wondered why during the screening of any show or movie set in New York City, the characters always seem to have a coffee in their hand? Or they bump into each other in coffee houses (rom-com that is) or they are late to something because they needed to grab a coffee? Well, coffee seems to be an integral part of the New York lifestyle.

Honestly, are you even a New Yorker if you are not consuming 2 Liters of caffeine a day? In a city like New York, you would need coffee to keep up with the high life 24/7. Statistically, New Yorkers drink 7 times more coffee than any other state.

You might just bump into the love of your life too, so don’t forget to get coffee during your stay in New York!

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14. You Can Get Free Condoms in NYC by Calling a Number

New York has a free condom hotlinejust call 311 and you will get a package with safe sex tools to use Scott free. This seems like a measure that should be implemented everywhere, the fact that New York has taken these steps gives us the highest esteem of them.

This however is not much use when New Yorkers do not like to use condoms. Perhaps birth control or IUDs have taken preference in the Big Apple. Studies have found that only 31.8% of sexually active New Yorkers use condoms which is 1 in 3 people. 

For the city that never sleeps a condom hotline seems pretty fitting to us.

source: Unsplash

15. The New York Central Park is Larger than the Principality of Monaco

Monaco, a country in Europe, majorly popularized in Shake Spears ‘The Merchant Of Venice’, is a quaint little country with a population of about 36k. What’s shocking is that New York Central Park, where a very large number of shows and movies are filmed, is bigger than the whole country.

In general, this describes just how big New York City is and how up-to-date you must be to be on top of it. Of course, it is no small feat to conquer the Big Apple, it is truly the Himalayas of the capitalistic world. Just imagine, standing in New York Central Park with an acknowledgment of the fact that this park is larger than the country!

source: Unsplash

16. New Yorks Chinese Population

Outside of Asia, New York has the single largest Chinese population. This fact though shocking is imaginable considering the various forms of Chinatown scattered throughout the City. The Chinese culture in turn is very ingrained in the New York way of life from things as simple as Chinese takeout to large Chinese festivals that are celebrated in full force.

Even with such an explosive nonnative population, the number of Chinese individuals takes the cake. It is very heartwarming to see how much culture the Chinese are willing to share with the world!

China town New York.
source: Unsplash

17. Farting in New York Churches is a Misdemeanor

Have you ever just needed to let one out, well thankfully in the rest of the world it is very much acceptable to do so but not in New York churches. It is considered a proper misdemeanor to pass some gas in New York churches, we feel for the Christians going to Sunday mass.

Though it sounds very absurd, we can see how it would be considered heavily disrespectful considering. It is a holy place and you are to try to atone for your sins. Putting Christianity aside, however, there are very many religions in New York City but Christians do make up around 59% of all New Yorkers putting them in a heavy majority.

source: Unsplash

18. The First Pizzeria in the USA was Opened in New York City

Lombardi’s located at 32 Spring Street on the corner of Mott Street, in the Nolita neighborhood, enclaved in Manhattan was the first pizzeria ever in the United States! It was opened in none other than New York City

This pizzeria is recognized in the Pizza Hall of Fame as the first pizzeria and has become somewhat of a tourist attraction. In addition, Lombardi’s was opened in 1905.

It is wild to think the USA didn’t have pizza until the early 1900s! we know for a fact this place serves some of the best pizza imaginable looking at the prestige. A bucket list item to visit when exploring the world and the world of pizza.

source: Unsplash

19. Tiny Invisible Shrimp in New York Water

Every glass of New York tap water you drink probably has hundreds of microscopic little shrimps called copepods. These organisms help in filtering the water and are used to clear the water of mosquito larvae.

These tiny little frustrations have caused an ample amount of controversy as technically the water is not kosher, offending orthodox Jewish communities.

There have even been reports of them making the water taste better. Not to worry though, these organisms are not harmful and completely ok to consume. It is, however, a fun little fact to think about every time you have a glass of water in New York City.

glass of water
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20. Nov. 28, 2012: a Crimeless Day for New York City

In a city fostered on the spirit of competition and population, crime and hate are sure to spread, as it has in some parts of New York. Always keep in mind that big cities though glamorized in the media are not all sunshine and rainbows. Bad people who have bad intentions will exist everywhere.

Considering this, on November 28th, 2012 not a single incident of any violent crime was reported for an entire 24 hours. This would have been considerable for any populous state but for New York it was extraordinary. It is known as the most peaceful day in New York City, where everyone did good deeds and nobody was stabbed to death!

Shadow of a violent crime.
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21. The Empire State Building has its Own Zip Code

This 102-story building with its built history and magnificence, is the 7th tallest skyscraper in New York City, the 9th tallest sky scarper in the United States, and the 54th tallest skyscraper in the world.

With its sheer size and animosity, the Empire State Building has been given its very own zip code! 

Famous for its bird’s eye views and ambiance the Empire State Building goes down in history as one of the most monumental monuments ever created. And in all rights, a sky scarper that deserves a standing ovation for its phenomenal architectural beauty.

Empire state building
source: Unsplash

22. A Single Cab From LA to NYC Can Cost You $17K

Ah, Los Angeles, is famous for its spectacular views and brilliant forest structures. One of the most visited cities in the USA for tourism furthermore nicknamed the city of angles.

However, did you know that a single cab from New York City to neighboring Los Angeles might cost you close to $17,000? This too just one way!

Since New York and Los Angeles are some of the most bustling states we understand prices are a little inflated but this is just beyond extreme.

Yellow Taxi
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There is a lot of glamour to New York City the lifestyle, the people, the fun, random weird facts, and the worldly easter eggs to find. The high life though not for everyone has a certain appeal to it, which is why so many people migrate to New York and its higher standard of living.

But, for all its worth to the people that enjoy the minutes of stardom the city gives them. I would say, it is a valid trade. It is a city that holds immense culture, experience, and people. It also very occasionally makes small-town dreams a reality, and really what more can you ask for in a city?


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