Things To Do In Seaside Oregon

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Oceanside, Oregon, is named after a mid-year resort worked in the late nineteenth 100 years by railroad head honcho Ben Holladay.

The coastline has a considerable lot of attractions one could anticipate from an ocean-side town, including sandy sea shores, a seaside aquarium, and a long seaside beach area footpath.

It’s situated close to urban communities like Portland, so it’s an extraordinary take-off platform for additional movement in the Pacific Ocean towards the Northwest!

Only a few great things to do in Seaside, Oregon include climbing waterfront trails, meandering along the beachfront promenade, and loosening up on one of many seashores.

Since such countless individuals plummet upon the town in the late spring months, the focal point of Seaside takes on a nearly fair air.

There are incalculable cotton sweets stand, frozen yogurt parlors, and gift shops. Great fish cafés and a dissipating of historical centers and workmanship display likewise top the rundown of things to do in Seaside, Oregon.

Things To Do In Seaside Oregon, On a Sunny Day

There are many fun things to do in Seaside, Oregon, for more youthful voyagers in Seaside beach. The absolute most astonishing things to do in Seaside, Oregon, for youngsters  are as follows:

Cannon Beach

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Cannon Beach is quite possibly of the most well-known ocean side in Seaside for families in light of its generally quiet environment, even on jam-packed days. The best part is that Cannon beach have so many seafood restaurants and shops close by, so after the children have had a great time in the sun, parents can all go out for lunch!

Seaside Carousel Mall

The Seaside Carousel Mall is an interesting shopping center based around a regular, verifiable working merry-go-round. Guests who love shopping must have rundown things to do in Seaside, Oregon.

The shopping center has 20 distinct shops and a food court. However, the primary fascination for youngsters in Seaside Carousel mall is the beautiful, fun, merry-go-round experience that will undoubtedly put a grin all over.

The most unforgettable thing to do at the seaside carousel with the whole family is in Seaside, Oregon.

Funland Arcade Corner

Things to Do in Seaside, Oregon
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Funland, open beginning around 1931, is a Seaside milestone for families with youngsters. Funland features tourist attractions for youngsters, including, however, not restricted to: the biggest arcade on the North Oregon coast; skee ball, air hockey, pinball; crash-mobiles; thus considerably more.

There is an on-location pizza place for guardians and children to partake in a cut while holding on to return to the arcade games. One of the things to do in Seaside Oregon.

Captain Kid  Amusement Park

Things to Do in Seaside, Oregon
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Going to Captain Kid Amusement Park is one of the most mind-blowing things to do in Seaside Oregon exercises for families. While visiting, one can appreciate diversions like go-karts and little golf.

The scene likewise has a stone climbing wall, an exciting ride, and a few rides for more youthful youngsters. Regardless of age, going with youngsters, visiting Captain Kid Amusement Park is a pleasant method for investing some energy and feeling like a youngster once more!

Many people visit the Seaside Oregon coast during the late spring and summer months; Seaside is truly a place that can be enjoyed year-round. The visitor who decides to travel in the winter can partake in some of the best attractions Seaside offers during these colder months.

 Ecola State Park

Things to Do in Seaside, Oregon
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Ecola State Park has shocking perspectives all year. Ecola Park seaside beach has a beautiful sunset beach perfect for afternoon or evening strolls.

Hikes to Ecola Point and seeing some of the most spectacular views that Seaside offers are among the best things to do in Seaside Oregon.

Nature lovers can explore woods, beaches, swamps, and tide pools. There are camping facilities available in the state parks, but check to make sure that they are open during the weeks of the visit. The beach at Ecola Park is known as Indian Beach.

Fort Stevens State Park

Things to Do in Seaside, Oregon
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The historic sites, including Fort Stevens State Park and Point Adams, are popular tourist attractions destinations on rundown things to do in Seaside, Oregon. The visitor center and historical society museum at fort stevens state park explain the site’s long history.

Built in 1863, Fort Stevens State Park monitored the mouth of the Columbia River during the Civil War and later saw activity in various different fights, battles, and disputes. Tours of the earthen fort, seaside museum, and artillery gun batteries are also available.

The golf course, fishing, 15 miles of multi-use paths, and access to Coffenbury Lake for swimming and boating make great fun things to do in Seaside, Oregon, for outdoor enthusiasts. Picnic tables are available at fort stevens on a first-come-first-serve basis.

The Camp 18 Museum

The Camp 18 Museum is one of the most exceptional historical centers around. This outdoor museum features the historical backdrop of logging with a lot of classic and antique logging gear, each made sense of by a supportive local escort. its rustic log cabin and restaurant lie in a lovely scenic spot for fine dining.

There is even a unique collectible railroad log vehicle in plain view. The exhibition hall is open throughout the colder time of year, so it is ideal for taking in some logging history without the standard hordes of the more occupied late spring months. Visiting this heritage museum is among the fun things to do in Seaside Oregon.

Head Downtown Seaside

Things to Do in Seaside, Oregon
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Downtown Seaside is an ideal mix of history, shopping, and extraordinary neighborhood encounters for both visitors and locals. Downtown Seaside has everything from the Gilbert Historic District to nearby shops offering workmanship, home merchandise, and the middle between.

The downtown district has vast shopping markets and when visitors get hungry, check out any of the downtown seafood restaurants, especially those that offer fresh seasonal seafood dishes.

The downtown district is perfect for winter visits since it’s not as crowded, and one can get a better feel for the true culture of the Seaside promenade. 

Things To Do In Seaside Oregon During Rains

If the sky is overcast and drizzling during the day, check out these fun things to do in Seaside Oregon, coast when it rains.

Seaside Aquarium

Things To Do In Seaside Oregon
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The Seaside Aquarium is one of the oldest indoor aquariums in the world; it was established in 1937, as the oldest aquarium on the West Coast. And since then has been a cornerstone of the region through its unique exhibits and popular animals.

The Seaside Aquarium is fun, has things to do in Seaside Oregon for the whole family and features exhibits such as touch tanks, discovery centers, and Seaside Harbor seals that always put a smile on visitors’ faces. Seaside Candyman Shop

Seaside Candyman shop is among the fun places to keep spirits soaring with a little sugar during rain. Visiting this largest candy shop in the region is one of the best things to do in Seaside, Oregon on rainy days.

It has everything a sugar-lover could dream of

  • 180 different flavors of mouth-watering salt water taffy;

  • 68 flavors of jelly beans;

  • 33 different types of old-fashioned candy sticks and over a hundred other options for sugar-seekers. 

Seaside Historical Museum

Things to Do in Seaside, Oregon
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The Seaside Historical Society Museum is the ideal one-stop gallery for any blustery day.

This enchanting seaside museum recounts the whole story of Seaside across-the-board multi-room show, beginning with the earliest Native American occupants of Seaside the entire way through the advancement of Seaside as one of the principal resort urban communities nearby.

The displays incorporate curios, old-fashioned photos, and significantly more to assist guests with getting a superior comprehension of the historical backdrop of Seaside.

For more about the historical society, head nearby to the Butterfield Cottage, a redesigned verifiable cabin intended to provide guests with a sample of what life resembled in Seaside in 1912. Things to do in Seaside, Oregon for Art galleries lovers, this place is a must to visit.

Seaside Promenade

Things to Do in Seaside, Oregon
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The Seaside Promenade, fondly known as the Prom, is a 1.5-mile-long Boardway street alongside the Pacific Ocean beach town. In the 1920s, the seaside promenade was built from woods, but today it has been paved in concrete, making it a convenient route for joggers and cyclists.

With a beautiful beach view of the Pacific Ocean and sandy dunes on one side, while the other side shows off historic hotels and beachside cottages.

This Seaside hub also has a sightline to beautiful Tillamook Head and includes the famous End of the Trail statue of Lewis and Clark on a roundabout along its path.

Things to do in Seaside Oregon during the weekend, This seaside promenade is ideal for day trips. The best weekend getaways of this beach town: Getaways in California, East Coast beaches, NC quick trips, Romantic weekend getaways

Lewis And Clark Expedition

The Lewis and Clark expedition as known as Lewis and Clark Salt Works, is one more intriguing display inside the Lewis and Clark National and State Historical Parks.

Photo by Everett Collection from Shutterstock

At the Clark Salt Works, some of the Clark expedition spent the winter of 1805 preparing salt for the return leg of their mammoth journey.

Clark’s expedition had run out of salt by the time they reached the Pacific Ocean; the explorers had no choice but to boil seawater over a stone furnace. The stone heater Lewis and Clark salt work actually stands and can be visited today, a sign of the difficulties looked at by the Lewis and Clark expedition of the Pacific Northwest.

The seaside museum Lewis hosts the event and Clark Salt Makers Return annually in honor of the Clark salt works.

Clark National Wildlife Refuge

The Lewis and Clark National Wildlife Refuge is outside what might be expected as it remembers a progression of seldom trampled islands for the Columbia River.

The 20 sandy beach islands of the asylum, which are just open using a boat, cover 27 miles, arriving as far as possible up to the province of Washington.

The Clark trail incorporates a scope of various untamed life territories, like upland fields, forested bogs, swamps, and tidal sand flats. These biological systems make homes for gulls, raptors, warblers, waterfowl, and numerous species.

Reptiles, creatures of land and water, and vertebrates likewise track down space on this 33,000-section of land area. An extraordinary number of fish utilize the estuary to care for and generate.

The Clark trail is well known for hiking trails, ocean kayaking, and enjoying cool stuff like sailing, climbing, rowing, and natural life perception. Visit these sandy shores for fun experiences and things to do in Seaside, Oregon.

Oregon Coast Trail

Things to Do in Seaside, Oregon
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Another of the top tourist attractions in Seaside, Oregon, is the Oregon Trail. The Oregon coast trail covers 362-mile, passes through 28 towns, and stretches to California. As one follows the route, one come across sandy beaches, forests, Tillamook lighthouse, and more.

The beginning of the Oregon coast trail is the part closest to Seaside and starts at Fort Stevens State Park. Other sites to pass at the beginning of the walk include Ecola State Park and Tillamook Head.

Hiking is among the must things to do in Seaside, Oregon. Hiking the entire trail can take up to four weeks!

Saddle Mountain

Things to Do in Seaside, Oregon
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Must to try things to do in Seaside Oregon rundown is climbing Saddle Mountain. The Mountain has a pinnacle rise of 1,002 meters and is important for the Northern Oregon Coast Range.

It’s roughly a 5.2-mile full circle to the pinnacle. At the top, one can see across the encompassing woods and beach towns. Guests might see out to Mount Hood, Columbia River, and the Pacific Ocean on an unmistakable day.

Saddle Mountain Trail has many hiking trails for adventurous people. Climbing the saddle mountain is an unforgettable experience. Found thirty minutes’ drive toward the east of Seaside, the path takes one past grand landscape and nature before one arises at a superb perspective.

Things To Do In Seaside Oregon Clatsop County Historical Society

The Clatsop County Historical Society is situated in Astoria, a little from Seaside. The general public claims a scope of verifiable milestones and attractions all through the city.

Spots to visit incorporate the Flavel House Museum, the Oregon Film Museum, the Heritage Museum, and the Uppertown Firefighters Museum. Every one of these attractions will show life in Astoria and Oregon in general at various times. Include this on the rundown of things to do in Seaside, Oregon

San Francisco Carousel Museum

The Seaside Carousel, situated in the Carousel Mall, a kitschy retail outlet with various little sellers, is a splendid and dearest Seaside fascination.

The shopping center is just two short blocks from the ocean side, and the merry-go-round makes an exemplary ocean-side air. It keeps a collectible, enchanted feel as displayed on shows from the Carousel Museum.

Photo by Rafael Ramirez Lee from Shutterstock

Offspring, everything being equal, can ride on the old carousel right in the center of the quaint mall, one of the customary ponies, or climb locally available an ostrich, pig, or other animal twirling around on the merry-go-round stage.

Past the merry-go-round, the shopping center elements fun shops like a bygone era photograph stall and an exemplary malt shop are the best Things to Do in Seaside Oregon.

Seaside Turnaround

The memorial sculpture at the Turnaround at Seaside observes Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery, a gathering of expeditioners who set out from St.

Louis, Missouri, in the mid-nineteenth hundred years, planned the western piece of the United States. Their path finished here in Seaside, where the team arrived at the Pacific.

In the Turnaround, where Broadway street meets the renowned Seaside Promenade, a tall bronze sculpture of Lewis and Clark overshadows the traffic.

One more significant figure found in the picture is Seaman, the pioneers’ canine, who went with them on the excursion out West.

Seaside Inverted Experience

Gain remarkable experiences of Seaside get-away at the upside-down Seaside Inverted Experience.

Basically, the transformed experience is a novel photograph studio where one and their companions/family can have a progression of insane topsy turvy photographs taken for you to value until the end of time.

The studio offers 8 photograph sets, each totally unique. After the photographs session has been taken in every one of the 8 settings, they are all unique and amazing snaps to share on social media.

One likewise gets to pick a topsy turvy photograph of one choice, which will be printed out for the guests on a lustrous trinket photograph. It’s a pleasant movement the entire family can appreciate.

Tillamook Rock Lighthouse

Things to Do in Seaside Oregon
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The most effective way to see Tillamook Rock lighthouse is by making a trip to Ecola State Park and climbing the Tillamook Head Trail on a dazzling stretch between Cannon Beach and Seaside.

There’s an above major perspective, yet since the Tillamook lighthouse sits 1.2 miles seaward, it’s a lot worth bringing optics visit through the beacon that is open from 11 am till around 4-5 pm from midweek to Sunday is an unquestionable necessity.

Things To Do In Seaside Oregon – On a Casual Day

Oswald West State Park

Things to Do in Seaside Oregon
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Oswald West State Park is one of Seaside, Oregon’s waterfront parks. This open-air fascination highlights four miles of shoreline and calm rainforest.

Hiking trails will take one through the woods, along the sandy shores, and to perspectives offering dazzling perspectives on the Pacific.

Guests likewise find woods, streams, and little cascades. Oswald West State Park is one more incredible spot to take one canine for a go-around can be things to do in Seaside, Oregon as well!

Tillamook Head National Recreation Trail

Wondering what to do in Seaside or enjoying hiking, tackling the Tillamook Head National Recreation Trail is among the must things to do in Seaside Oregon!

The trail covers 6.3 miles and offers shocking perspectives on the Oregon Coast. This circle trail is of moderate trouble and has a pinnacle rise of 900 feet. The route goes through old-growth spruce and alder wood forests. Once at the trail’s highest point, one can stop and take in the vistas.

Jewell Meadows Wildlife Area

Things to Do in Seaside, Oregon
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Going to Jewell Meadows Wildlife Area is one of the most outstanding Seaside, OR, what should be done so that those that need might see creatures right at home?

As one investigates the 1,114-section of land site, one might see animals like deer, raccoons, bunnies, and bears.

The region is additionally home to numerous creatures of land and water and oceanic creatures, from frogs and lizards to seals and whales. Its best place for nature lovers must be in a rundown on the things to do in Seaside Oregon.


Here are a few fun Things To Do In Seaside Oregon. Whether one is going through while heading to Portland or settling down for a drawn-out get-away or vacation, have a lot of chances to make unforgettable memories of eating, drinking, shopping, visiting, and adventuring!


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