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21 Best Places To Visit in Maine

Famous for its amazing beaches and picturesque fishermen’s villages, Maine consists of many opportunities for urban lovers as well as outdoor enthusiasts. Cities like Portland, Lewistown, and Augusta are the most popular and Bangor travellers can relish the finest cuisines and cultural experiences that are available to them.

Nature lovers can visit Acadia’s National Park, Bar Harbor, Camden Mount Desert as well as other state parks that are full of scenic beauty.

Read on to find out more about the best places to visit in Maine.

Top 21 Places to Visit in Maine

Simply put, Maine is a destination that is definitely worth the visit. It has a beautiful area, along with a rocky coastline offering the yummiest cuisines and seafood. Maine tourist guide contains destinations from the Acadia National Park to Maine and also, much beyond that.

The place is an ideal one, either for staying at Airbnb in New England or for gobbling on some of the most delicious American food. The rocky coastline here in Maine is a well-known vacation spot with multiple great beaches.

Now, let us check the top 21 destinations which are a must-visit for all in Maine.

1. Camden

Popularly known to be one of the perfectly-preserved cities in Maine, Camden is one of the best places to visit in Maine it has a rich ancient past that is as old as the year 1768. Actually, this village was initially inhabited by Indians.

Subsequently, Camden’s economy turned out to become focused on ships and other manufactural forms. Presently, Camden has many visitors coming around from all over the world, all because of its rocky hills, meandering rivers, and large lakes.

Camden is one of the best places to visit in Maine on the Atlantic coast wherein the water and hills connect in a single place. The Camden region is known to be an attraction for numerous retired residents because of the tranquillity of the area.

2. Bangor

Best Places to Visit in Maine
Photo by Bruno Glatsch on Pexels, Copyright 2022

Bangor is situated right at the centre of the Penobscot River. This place has an approximate population of more than 150000 and is an attractive area that initially commenced in the lumber and boatbuilding industries thus making it one of the best places to visit in Maine.

Due to the Penobscot River, the lumber workers here can move logs with great ease between major towns situated at the river edge. Also, Bangor has now turned out to become the centre for pulp production in Maine.

The place has become an excellent spot for people who like seeking thrill and adventure because of its thick and dense forests, vast rivers, and hill ranges that tend to receive snow in the winter season.

Alongside, Bangor has a large casino that has a 7-story hotel with approximately 1000 slot games.

3. Camden Hills State Park – Mount Battie

Best Places to Visit in Maine
Photo by Ken1843 on Pixabay, Copyright 2022

Camden Hills Park has the Mountain Battie, a large peak that has the best view of the neighbouring landscape. Visitors can have a mesmerizing view of Camden, Penobscot Bay, Acadia National Park, and Mount Mesgunticook.

Post enjoying the scenic beauty in the park, visitors can then head over to Camden for a boat tour, whale viewing tour, or puffin sight thrill and adventure. This region owes the origin of its fame to its fantastic colours at the year-end and the night sky that appears to be full of stars.

There are other family-friendly spots like Warren Island State Park, Moose Point State Park, and Owl’s Head State Park that make up the list of best places to visit in Maine.

4. Ellsworth

Maine has a small town in Hancock County. Though the townhouses cover more than 100000 people, it still remains to be a beautiful spot for visitors due to its perfectly-preserved buildings and calming atmosphere.

Ellsworth’s initial times had been dominated by Passamaquoddy and Penobscot Indian tribes. The French people came around to Ellsworth around the year 1660 and battled in England to get control over Ellsworth for years thereafter.

Some of the primary attractions in Ellsworth include the Ellsworth Library, Birds-acre Homestead and nature reserve telephone museum, and the Grand Performance Theatre.

5. Monhegan Island

Monhegan is a small island covering an area of around 10 miles north of Portland, a largely inhabited island that has gained classic goodwill in the near past. It has a history as an artistical colony that has been largely enriched by various tales of its population.

The place does not contain any roads or automobiles on the island. In the summer season, tourists can head over to the island on their own for spending a day at Boothbay Harbor, Port Clyde, and New Harbor in case the trip takes less than 3 to 4 hours.

6. Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens was newly opened in the year 2007. It has plenty of flowering parks of large sizes that serve as a reminder of hard-working and dedicated horticulturists for generations to come.

The way takes us to theme gardens that are full of diversity, that have got visuals of native and exotic species that survive and thrive in woodland, water, and other environments.

Then, there is a Kitchen Garden and another garden having 5 senses that highlight plant essences, colours, and flavours on elevated benches that are accessible to wheelchairs too.

The wide children’s garments stores and villages in the forest area are a charming treat to see for people belonging to all age groups and the castle is also an appealing one.

7. Old Orchard Beach

Photo by Pexels on Pixabay, Copyright 2022

The Old Orchard Beach highlights the tacky hanky-tank vibes of its thrilling and chilling rides of New England’s one and only remaining amusement park situated on beaches. So go and get out of those sneakers, plunge into the midcentury summer fun, and get indulged in some sweet nostalgia!

Palace Playland has all the famous and expected rides in it including Ferris wheels, roller coasters, carousel bumper cars, and much more.

8. Mount Desert Island

Mount Desert Island is a calm island that serves around 10000 inhabitants. It is occupied with visitors in the summer season, which also includes famous personalities like songwriter Martha Stewart and rockers.

MDI is a member of the famous Acadia National Park and is situated in close vicinity to Cadillac Mountain. Visiting MDI is a great and vital thing to do in Maine as tourists can travel to the area and have an awesome view of some local attractions that are visually appealing to the eyes.

Additionally, Holbrook Island Sanctuary and Warren Island State Park are some of the most famous locations for tourists.

9. Kennebunkport

Kennebunkport is a small beach town located 12.5 miles north of Portland that has a huge population during the winter season. Homes of past ship captains and owners have been restored back into beds and breakfasts.

One of the most loved pastimes in this small tiny business hub of ancient buildings along Dock Square is shopping. The scenic trails here commence at Parsons Place following the coastal region to walk to Walker Point.

10. Bay of Fundy

Photo by ArtTower on Pixabay, Copyright 2022

The Bay of Fundy is distributed between the US. The Bay of Fundy is well-known to have the highest rising tides on earth which might rise up to 55 feet during some seasons. The bay is one of the greatest tourist spots due to its attractive neighbouring areas.

Thick, dense forests and beaches are situated surrounding the bay. Many remarkable locations are situated nearby popularly known as Hopewell Rocks. Along with proving to be a great source of fun and entertainment, tourists can swim, kayak, watch the whales, or head over to dozens of trekking trails along the Bay of Fundy.

Also, St. John can be easily visited from here. The bay is considered to be one of the best places to visit in Maine.

11. Bath

Another one of the best places to visit in Maine, Bath city has merely less than 10000 residents. The place has a fascinating architectural history that highlights a unique 18th-century township in Sagadahoc County. It is also known to have a long and rich history in ironworking as well as shipbuilding.

It is definitely recommended the tourists have a brief glimpse of the Maine Eastern Railroad, Chocolate Church Art Center, Bath Skates Park, and Marine Maritime Museums.

Bath has many amazing recreational options for tourists that are apt for jogging and walking purposes. It has the Whiskeag Trail which is among the best walking routes in the city.

12. Rockland

Photo by mbeale1960 on Pixabay, Copyright 2022

Of the numerous best places to visit in Maine, the Rockland region is popular for lobsters, all thanks to Shakzu – Fotolia. The city has been named to be the warmest tiny town in Budget Travel America and also the best adventurous town in Maine.

Downtown Rockland has got to offer many quaint boutiques and restaurants that are surrounded by buildings that date back centuries.

Travellers can get to experience the fabulous Rocklands Coastline along with a Windjammer Tour. After completing their stay, the visitors will be allowed to board the boats or cars to visit North Haven, Vinalhaven, and Martinique.

13. Wells Beach

The Wells Beach region is one of the most famous spots to visit with family in Maine and consists of 4 different beaches. A favourite one among the visitors is Moody Beach, which is the most loved by all the explorers as there are various places to take a boat and kayak.

Drake’s Island Beach is also loved among surfers due to its huge waves and there is the Well Harbor that is known to attract fishers.

Also, Well Harbor is an amazing sailing spot offering a huge variety of family-friendly things to do that include Free Summer Music and various other family-friendly activities.

 14. Marginal Ways

Photo by thepracticaloiler on Pixabay, Copyright 2022

Marginal Way is one of the best walking spots by phenomenal photographers from all over the world in Maine. The best part about the place is that it is located near the sea area which serves as a point of attraction for tourists.

Marginal Ways extends at a distance of 1.75 miles up shore road that commences from Perkins’ Cave. The visitors get to experience beautiful panoramic oceanic views and Ogunquit town. Visitors can relax at many places in between the path while enjoying Maine’s awesome coastal scenic beauty.

Marginal Ways is one of the most visited places in Maine with nearly 100000 tourists coming in there.

15. Jordan Pond

Photo by dkfytr on Pixabay, Copyright 2022

Jordan Pond is an awesome water body in Acadia National Park. It was formed by a glacier and highlights phenomenally clean waters. There are days wherein the visibility goes 40 feet in deep waters.

However, swimming is not allowed in Jordan Pond, though visitors may bring a kayak canoe or other tiny watercraft within the waterway.

Majorly, railing hills and vast open fields are found in the river. The tourists have the option to get hiking along the river, ride bike trails, and visit bars and other numerous pubs and restaurants.

16. Cruising the Maine Coast

One should definitely not miss out on seeing the Maine coastline which is full of rocks and islands. You are sure to gain a fresh, new view of lighthouses and granite ridges while taking an active part in the busy harbour lifestyle patterns of Maine seaport towns.

Many options are available. You can join a whale viewing tour from Bar Harbor or go fishing in the deep sea from Eastern port, go for Puffin tours starting from Jonesport to Machias Seal Island and then go for a fishing trip to Port Stonington.

17. Victoria Mansion, Portland

Photo by jotoya on Pixabay, Copyright 2022

Victoria Mansion is an ancient place that was established in the 19th century. The place has interiors that are quite exquisite and it is to be noted that Victoria Mansion is a lavish spot and decorated mid-Victorian house with ornaments and ceilings.

The place has original furniture that gives a brief glimpse of how Portland’s wealthy families resided in the middle of the Civil War.

There can be many ancient, historic buildings found in Maine that is an overall reflection of the cultures and traditions prevalent in the county, making it one of the best places to visit in Maine.

18. Lewiston

Lewiston is Maine’s 2nd largest city having millions of visitors. Once upon a time, it has been home to a vital hydropower corporation, Androscoggin Falls Dam Locke and Canal.

Subsequently, Lewiston turned out to be a crucial player in the industrial chain. Presently, Lewiston has dozens of reputed museums, a few universities, and headquarters of various major American corporations.

19. Moosehead Lake

Photo by quangle on Pixabay, Copyright 2022

The vital townships surrounding Moosehead Lake consist of Rockwood and Greenville. Moosehead is the largest lake in Maine that has brilliant fishing opportunities having a number of land-locked fishes including salmon.

Hiring one of the licensed guides of Maine is the only option to give information to the people residing there or for providing any sort of necessary guidance.

You can spend some hours on this 117-mile lake that has lots of attractions that include jet skiing and boating. The area is one of the most attractive and beautiful locations to visit for people who are into outdoor activities and also for those who like being close to beautiful and serene forests.

20. Freeport

Freeport consists of an array of retail stores that include reputed brands like LL Bean. Apart from gobbling on alcoholic beverages, a famous freeport activity can be seen in Wolfen Neck Woods State Park, making it one of the best places to visit in Maine.

The area covers 240 acres and is situated between Casco Bay and the Harrasaket River. Its flat area makes it a perfect spot to play and have leisure time for kids as the majority of other Maine Parks are non-mobility friendly.

Freeport also has a famous point of attraction in Maine namely the Maritime Desert of Maine. Visitors can go through the carefully preserved and maintained trails to buy presents at gift shops and do a lot more.

21. Sand Beach

Photo by croisy on Pixabay, Copyright 2022

One should definitely visit this beautiful sandy beach. Due to the distinct levels between low and high tides, the coast often appears to be varied and is very attractive.

During summer, which is the most popular of all the seasons, you can find an empty spot full of glowing sunshine and it is a quiet place to relax and enjoy.

However, one thing is to be kept in mind while visiting the place; the ocean temperature never rises above 60 degrees, and due to this, the water, maybe, is cold!

What is the Best Month to Visit Maine?

There are many best places to visit in Maine but crucial factors such as an ideal time or month to visit have to be considered so that the trip becomes a memorable one.

The perfect month during the summer season to visit Maine would be between June and August.

A good season to get some glowing, bright sun rays is definitely summer. However, it is a well-known fact that you can quarrel with other tourists and visitors for accommodation-related costs, but still, the state never fails to shine.

Key Takeaways

Given above is a handy link to the 21 best places to visit in Maine, in 2023. This article acts as a travel guidebook which will help you in deciding on your trip to Miane likewise.

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1. What are some of the pretty places in Maine?

Ans. Some of the pretty places to visit in Maine are:

  • Acadia National Park.
  • Portland Head Light.
  • Pequawket Trail Scenic Byway.
  • Bar Harbor Bay.
  • Penobscot Narrows Bridge.
  • Mount Katahdin.
  • Kennebunkport Historic Mansions.
  • Old Orchard Beach Pier.

2. How do the tourists enjoy Maine?

Ans. Tourists enjoy taking a cruise ride to watch the sunset along Casco Bay, or simply wandering around in the beautiful parks to enjoy the springtime.

3. Is Maine a friendly place to be in?

Ans. Yes, Maine is a friendly place to be in. This place got the most friendly neighbours who are very good at making you feel at home.

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10 Best Places To Visit In Maine

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