Best Restaurants in St Augustine Best Restaurants in St Augustine

What Are St Augustine’s Top 20 Eateries?

Have you visited St. Augustine and did not try out the best local restaurants situated here?? Then you are probably not doing justice to your visit to this city!

In this article, we will be speaking about the top 20 best restaurants in St. Augustine which will definitely give you a worthy lip-smacking taste of food!

These restaurants will include fresh and mouth-watering seafood, barbeque, and its southern-type staple eateries.

Serving Straight from the Farms!  

The most fabulous restaurants in St. Augustine have many guests to feed, given their historical location inside the country’s oldest city.

From the city’s downtown to its inlets and beaches, you may discover a rising number of farm-to-table restaurants, gastropubs nestled in historic structures, and even a few taco dives suitable for any food channel presenter.

Want to experience a true local ingredients flavour? Watch out for meals that contain datil pepper, a hot ingredient that is farmed locally here in St. Augustine and that can be seen on menus all across the city.

Visit one of the best restaurants in St. Augustine to unwind and refuel after a long day of visiting this storied city.

20 Best Restaurants in St Augustine

Here are some of the must-visit and best restaurants in St. Augustine.

Best Restaurants in St Augstine
Image by Cynthia Bertelsen from Pixabay

1. Ice Plant Bar

The Ice Plant Bar is among the top places in St. Augustine to eat and drink.

It is actually located inside a historic ice plant, as suggested by the name, and the structure dates back to 1927. The beverages here are meticulously created with three different types of bespoke cubes manufactured from 300-pound slabs of ice.

Southern favourites, including fried chicken, hoecakes, and pimento cheese (served with guava-datil jam), can be found on the food menu.

2. Columbia Restaurant

Both locals and visitors adore Columbia Restaurant, which is ideally situated in the centre of the city’s historic downtown. The well-known restaurant serves a blend of Cuban and Spanish cuisine to hungry guests in dishes including soups, sandwiches and other unique mouth-watering delicacies.

If you’re travelling in a group, share a pitcher of the popular sangria with your friends; the available options are white, red, or sparkling Spanish wines. This restaurant is close to St. Augustine’s Old Town.

3. Llama Restaurant

Llama Restaurant is among the most renowned fine dining establishments and offers Peruvian food with spectacular presentations.

Llama Restaurant - Bets Restaurants in St Augustine - Website, Screenshot
Llama Restaurant – Bets Restaurants in St Augustine – Website, Screenshot

It goes without saying that this establishment is ideal for a date. Locals enjoy the delicacy of panca-marinated, chargrilled traditional beef hearts.

The eatery is renowned for its visually attractive designs and its caramel-loaded desserts. Both the entrée and the appetizer are prepared with skill. In addition, there are delicacies of fish that are true masterpieces.

4. Prohibition Kitchen

In the centre of St. Augustine’s historic district, Prohibition Kitchen is popular for its food and unique milkshakes.

Due to the gloomy lighting at the restaurant, the menu resembles a newspaper. Local bands perform live music on the weekends to maintain the vintage atmosphere.

5. The Floridian

The Floridian - Best Restaurants in St Augustine - Website, Screenshot
The Floridian – Best Restaurants in St Augustine – Website, Screenshot

The Floridian serves authentic Florida fare with a cool, tropical atmosphere that can compete with most tiki bars.

With dishes including the fried green tomatoes with pimento cheese, a fiery fish melt with datil pepper-chipotle mayo, and braised beef tacos prepared with pepper jack corn tortillas, local farmers and growers are all highlighted throughout the seasonal menu.

Plus points: The majority of the menu may be made gluten-free.

6. Meehan’s Irish Pub

True, variety is the flavour of life!

You may find two restaurants inside Meehan’s Irish Pub.

Traditional Irish gastronomy, such as fish and chips or corned beef and cabbage, is the major attraction of the main restaurant. A completely different atmosphere may be found just upstairs at Johnny’s Oyster Bar, with a view that overlooks the Castillo de San Marcos and the Matanzas River.

But wherever you decide to eat, the ambience is as laid-back as the chilled Irish beer.

7. Burrito Works Taco Shop

Burrito Works Taco Shop - Best Restaurants in St Augustine - Website, Screenshot
Burrito Works Taco Shop – Best Restaurants in St Augustine – Website, Screenshot

There is nothing like a good neighbourhood taco joint near the ocean. Who will not love to go for a taco date just after surfing in the ocean waves?

Burritos and Tacos can be ordered at the small eatery known as the Burrito Works Taco Shop. Local ingredients and healthy meat are used to make sure that every meal at the beachside dive is flavourful.

The stand’s two major crowd-pleasers are the fish tacos made in the style of Baja and the fries topped with carne asada. A wide variety of Baja Mexican food is available at the St. Augustine restaurants.

8. Collage Restaurant

Collage Restaurant is yet another great eatery among the top 20 best restaurants in St. Augustine.

Located in the heart of St. Augustine’s historical neighbourhood, this quaint restaurant offers local cuisine served with a cosmopolitan flair. Collage is touted as among Florida’s popular romantic restaurants and is famous for its sweet-and-salty Corvina coated with parmesan cheese, walnuts, and brown sugar; and lobster ravioli in pesto cream sauce.

Don’t let the struggle for parking dissuade you from visiting this well-liked location.

Order the burrata cheese, which is formed and stuffed with mozzarella and cheese, for a delectable, tangy, and fast snack. Couples can also go for a romantic dinner. If you want to go to one of the best restaurants as well as romantic restaurants in St Augustine, then this might be the one to look for.

9. Conch House Marina Resort

Conch House Marina Resort is located among the premier Caribbean-inspired restaurants and is tucked away along Salt Run’s shore.

Try some sour pineapple and datil pepper dipping sauce along with chicken egg rolls before you depart. Do you want to look around? While lounging on the deck and taking in the warmth from the sun, you can see the fisherman and boats cross the inlet.

10. Raintree Restaurant

Image from the official website of Raintree Restaurant

Among the best restaurants in St. Augustine is the Raintree Restaurant, which has been operating since 1981. It is among the very few authentic Victorian buildings that are still present here.

In spite of this, the food is reasonable, including dinner options including steamed mussels, beef Wellington, prawns, and in-house sausage. You may discover classic meals like Croque madame and eggs Benedict on the brunch menu on Sundays.

11. Catch 27

Catch 27 is an amazing seafood eatery that serves freshly caught fish and shellfish to hungry guests. Expect traditional Southern appetizers like smoked salmon spread and deviled eggs. Fish or prawns with grits are two options for the main course.

Try the well-known tiki float, a delectable adult cocktail that combines coconut ice cream, passionfruit, and Jamaican gold rum.

This place is among the best restaurants in St. Augustine. Catch 27 is undoubtedly one of the most acclaimed seafood establishments in historic St. Augustine.

12. Gas Full Service

Gas Full Service is a well-known spot to purchase sandwiches and hamburgers. The eatery makes each burger patty by hand and also makes its own bread and buns. The “jalapeno popper burger,” which is stuffed with fresh jalapenos, cheddar, and cream cheese before being battered, grilled, and topped with classic condiments, will appeal to all spice lovers.

This is among the best restaurants in St. Augustine if you like spices.

13. Mango Mango’s Caribbean Grill & Bar

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Image from the official website of  Mango Mango’s Caribbean Grill & Bar

Just a short distance from the ocean, Mango Mango’s Caribbean Grill & Bar offers a Caribbean-inspired environment and meals with their signature Caribbean flavours. Mango’s specializes in delectable and freshly made island cuisine.

This beachside restaurant offers a wide variety of appetizers and delicacies. Some of the patrons’ favourites at the restaurant include Trevor’s chipotle shrimp tacos and Cabana Havana Mahi. Daily specials for lunch and dinner are offered every day of the week.

Restaurants in St. Augustine provide a variety of seating arrangements. Beachgoers like Mango Mango’s outdoor patio seating, which is excellent for those who wish to eat lunch without changing after a day at the beach.

Alcohols, smoothies and also soft drinks are available at Mango. The best part is that some of the best restaurants in St Augustine are located near St Augustine Beach, and Mango Mango’s is one among them.

In fact, this restaurant is among the most popular restaurant in St. Augustine or Augustine restaurants.

14. Harry’s Seafood Bar & Grille

Harry's Seafood, Bar & Grille - Best Restaurants in St Augustine - Website Screenshot
Harry’s Seafood, Bar & Grille – Best Restaurants in St Augustine – Website Screenshot

Established in 1987, Harry’s Seafood Bar & Grille offers traditional and contemporary meals with the best of southern, Cajun, and creole flavours. A wide range of food alternatives is offered by the numerous eateries, sidewalk cafés, taverns, pubs, restaurants, and more.

While on vacation in the oldest city, make sure to visit a local restaurant to experience the delectable, locally-sourced cuisine.

This is one of the most popular restaurants to try in St Augustine. As the name suggests fresh local seafood is among the prominent to try among Augustine restaurants.

15. Salt Life Food Shack

Salt Life Food Shack provides the ideal setting for beachgoers to savour delectable cuisine, refreshing beverages, and breathtaking ocean views.

This restaurant is situated immediately across the street from St. Augustine Pier and has been repeatedly chosen as ‘Best Restaurant Overall’, ‘Best Seafood Restaurant’, and ‘Best Outdoor Dining’ in the Best of St. Augustine awards.

A large outdoor seating area with a roof-top bar, lounge, and covered terrace is available, or you may cool down inside while viewing the specially created saltwater aquarium that is featured on Tanked.

Our customers adore the relaxed ambience, welcoming staff, and diverse food. They serve lunch, and dinner every day, and during the week, live music is played on the terrace.

The location is nearby Anderson Circle, Historic Downtown.

16. St. Augustine Fish Camp

St. Augustine Fish Camp - Best Restaurants in St. Augustine - Website, Screenshot
St. Augustine Fish Camp – Best Restaurants in St. Augustine – Website, Screenshot

The interior of St. Augustine Fish Camp is as welcoming and fresh as the day’s catch, and just as the sun sets, the light from the sun shimmers off the lake as a small gift.

Stop in today for a memorable lunch or supper with a lively ambience, educated and pleasant service, and breathtaking vistas of the finest oysters on the half shell and authentic southern seafood to awaken your taste buds. The food is excellent, but the dining room is quite noisy.

17. Michael’s Tasting Room

With a renowned chef, a committed team, and a passion for fine flavours and top-notch wines, Michael’s Tasting Room delivers a casually elegant dining experience in Historic St. Augustine, Florida. Michael’s has received numerous honours and accolades. Michael’s wine list has consistently won The Wine Spectator’s Award of Excellence for eleven years running.

The award-winning wine list, however, is really intriguing. During Florida’s 500th anniversary, the restaurant was featured on “The Food Network with Chef Emeril Lagasse,” and several regional magazines have named Chef Michael the greatest cook in St. Augustine.

Take your growling stomach there for a full breakfast or lunch if you’re waking up by the ocean in St. Augustine. Fresh egg sandwiches or scrambles topped with cheese and fresh veggies go well with piles of bacon and home fries.

Sandwiches, salads, and draught beer are offered from early in the morning until nine o’clock.

On some nights, the café transforms into a music venue that offers live Spanish Music. Although the restaurant appears to be in a modest strip mall from the outside, inside you’ll find stylish people enjoying a nutritious acai bowl or huevos rancheros after a hard night out.

18. African Love Kitchen

African Love Kitchen - Best Restaurants in St Augustine - Website, Screenshot
African Love Kitchen – Best Restaurants in St Augustine – Website, Screenshot

Every bite of authentic Tanzanian food transports diners to Africa. African Love Kitchen is known for its authentic Tanzanian cuisine, which Chef Ibrahim Mahem crafts with skill. Every mouthful transports diners to his native Tanzania.

They are available for private events, weddings, markets, and festivals and can be found at neighbourhood gatherings in St. Augustine.

Although it might not be expected, the food truck African Love Kitchen now offers real Tanzanian cuisine in St. Augustine.

This Black-Owned food truck frequently sells amazing sambusas with meat or vegetables at neighbourhood farmers’ markets.

Additionally, you can order savoury dishes like mango chicken or lamb curry. A feast unlike any other can be found there! Near the centre of St. Augustine, they can frequently be found at Marina Munch.

19. Cafe Alcazar

One of St. Augustine’s distinctive eateries, Cafe Alcazar is situated in the Lightner Museum building’s deep end, where the Hotel Alcazar’s swimming pool once stood. This restaurant offers a wonderful atmosphere for lunch diners, seven days a week.

It also functions as a venue for special occasions including banquets, marriages, and receptions. Diners at the Cafe Alcazar may take advantage of the restaurant’s delectable fare, live entertainment, and attractive atmosphere.

The Alcazar Hotel and Casino, currently known as the Lightner Museum, was constructed in 1888 by Henry M. Flagler. In its heyday, the Alcazar had the largest indoor pool in the world; today, the cafe at the Alcazar is located in this pool. The cafe is nearly hidden in the deep end of the ancient pool, surrounded by antique-filled shops.

Customers can order anything from salads and soups to sandwiches and seafood at Cafe Alcazar. The café is the ideal place to enjoy a delectable lunch in a tranquil setting because it prepares all of its meals using only fresh ingredients and real Frixa Olive Oil.

A classical guitarist and a classical pianist offer daily live music in the café from 12 to 3 p.m. on Monday through Wednesday and Thursday through Sunday, respectively.

Even though this restaurant offers gourmet cuisine, business casual is appropriate.
Additionally, Cafe Alcazar acts as a location for special occasions or events. This is a lovely little lunch spot.

20. Bull & Crown Publick House

Bull & Crown Publick House - Best Restaurants in St Augustine - Website Screenshot
Bull & Crown Publick House – Best Restaurants in St Augustine – Website Screenshot

The eatery has a wide selection of popular British and American dishes on its menu. The Bull and Crown Publick House feature a set from the 18th century as well as speciality drinks, food, and alcohol.

Built by Minorcan carpenter Francisco Pellicer in the 18th century, this St. Augustine landmark is a restored historic structure as part of the Colonial Quarter. They specialize in contemporary regional favourites and British-style cuisine.

Eclectic; This outdoor tavern on popular St. George Street, which is modelled after an 18th-century “publick house,” is a terrific place to people-watch.

Beer, wine, and cocktails take primacy on the menu, much like in a real British pub. Fish and chips, a curry with Indian influences, and spotted dick for dessert are all on the menu.

If you want to try some of the best cheap eats, check out Burrito Works Taco Shop.

If you’re one who loves to enjoy meals outdoors, then this might be for you. Crave food truck; the outdoor picnic table seating overlooks St Augustine’s main river, creating a pleasant atmosphere. If you want to get some vegetarian options, then do check out the Floridian restaurant.


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Key Takeaways

Overall, this article referred to a very wide variety of restaurants keeping in mind the different tastes, ambience, vibes, and other factors of the visitors to go to a perfect restaurant as per their needs. So listed above are the 20 best restaurants in St. Augustine, Florida.

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