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19 Best San Francisco Breweries You Must Visit

There are many San Francisco breweries that you can explore when you visit San Francisco. The list of breweries is very long, with all the local breweries and some foreign settlements. They have everything from classic steam lagers to the hoppy.

It was a very hard time for the small craft breweries in San Francisco to survive during the pandemic since the restrictions were very hard. So, it is very important that beer lovers support their hometown’s favorite breweries.

If you have hopped into the city, you must rush to one of the best breweries in San Francisco. And if you are unaware of the best breweries in San Francisco, then you should read this article. 

San Francisco Breweries

Tasting beer from a San Francisco brewery must be on your to-do list when you are on vacation or for any reason in this town. This city is known for its proliferation of excellent craft beer, gastropubs, and taprooms.

Besides breweries, this place has some good places to soothe your taste buds with tasty foods. San Francisco has evolved with countless brick-and-mortar and annual events, including SF Beer Week.

Let us glance at some of the best breweries in San Francisco.

1. Barebottel Brewing Co.

This bar can be found in Bernal Heights. When you visit the brewery, you will feel like a neighborhood hangout.

This place has numerous games to engage in, and you can enjoy them with other customers. Engage yourself in ping pong and cornhole games. 

Barebottel Brewing
Captured from Barebottel Brewing Co.

If you wish to know the procedure and how they make their tasty beer, you should join the Barebootle for a fair brewery hopping tour.

Other than this, you will get to learn everything. You can order a Salted Mangolicious New England-style IPA and enjoy your time.

2. Local Brewing Co.

It is a small-batch local brewing co established in 2010. The Local Brewing Co keeps pride in being elegant about producing a huge variety of beer yearly. They have a group of experts who have been brewing beer for a long time.

Moreover, the team has brewed from almost everything, from tropical blondes to West Coast IPAs. They have even brewed the spiced amber large and the dark sours.

Local Brewing CO SF

This company’s chief constantly changes their menu to serve the best pairings with their beer.

You can take the 30 or 40 Muni bus or even the N or T Muni light rail to the Caltrain Depot at Fourth and King Streets to reach this brewery. From here, you will not be very far from the brewery.

3. Black Hammer Brewing Co.

The Black Hammer Brewing Co. is a SoMa brewery and a tasting room. The chief brewer Jim Furman, makes their famous beer, focusing on the American IPAs and some classic style German pilsners.

The patio here in Black Hammer brewery is also a fine spot. The German-inspired beer garden is called the Wilkommen at Market and Sanchez in the Castro.

Black Hammer Brewing Co
Captured from Black Hammer Brewing Co.

This place is a perfect sport for the pitstop for some pre-game beers. You will find many brews in Black Hammer Brewing Co: The Sparkle Pony, Daft Funk, and Bock Party.

The taproom of this brewery in San Francisco opens daily, not far from Oracle Park. You can take a 47 Muni bus to Fourth and Bryant streets to reach the taproom.

4. Fort Point Beer Co.

This brewery is itself a historic brewery. You can find this brewery in the building of Residio, which is near the Golden Gate Bridge.

You can taste their most distributed park wheat beer or even go for something more unique: Manzanita. It is a smoked altbier that is brewed with charred manzanita.

Fort Point Beer Co.

The taproom of the Fort Point is located in the Ferry Building on the Embarcadero.

You can reach this taproom on any road you take up. Almost all the roads will lead you to the Ferry Building, so it will not be trouble for you to reach this brewery.

5. New Belgium Brewing Taproom And Restaurant

The New Belgium Brewing Co is known for its best Fat Tire Amber Ale. Moreover, this company has one more massive new brewery in Mission Bay, just ahead of Oracle Park. They pour the best Belgian-style brews in the entire of San Francisco.

New Belgium Brewing Taproom And Restaurant
Captured from New Belgium Brewing Taproom And Restaurant

The menu over here is taken care of by Laura and Syata Oxylimaz, who serve the perfect combination with their fresh beers.

This company works with only a few local brewers to craft beer. The food menu is also delicious over here.

6. Barrel Head Brewhouse

This brewery is one of the oldest San Francisco breweries. The Barrel Head is proud of its house for making signature brewtails. You will get many delicious beers made from local ingredients on draft at Barrel Head.

barrel head brewhouse saison review!

This brewery is famous due to its seasonal beers. But, you will also get Ipa, sour beer, and Kosch every time.

You can reach this brewery if you take a 5 Minibus and get down at the brewery at Masonic Street.

7. Anchor Brewing Co.

The Anchor Brewing Co. is now an icon of San Francisco breweries. It is also one of San Francisco’s oldest breweries, but it is no longer owned independently like before. 

When you are in San Francisco, this brewery is a must-visit place. You should also make a reservation to see the main brewery in Potrero Hill.

You can check out Anchor Public Taps, which lies across the street, and there you can find their iconic Anchor Steam Beer.

Anchor Steam Beer
By homank76 from DepositPhotos

8. Magnolia Brewing Co.

Dave McLean founded this San Francisco beer company in 1997. It was first made in the Upper Haight; later, they expanded their business and included the massive Dogpatch brewing facility and restaurant.

But later, when the Magnolia Brewing Company declared bankruptcy a few years back, Colorado’s New Belgium took over this brewing company. Since then, it has been acquired by a subsidiary of Japanese beer giant Kirin. But, this gave a huge blow to the company. This brewery lost its craft status and became crazed after Colorado’s New Belgium took it over.

Magnolia Brewing Co.
Captured from Magnolia Brewing Co.

However, if you visit this Magnolia Brewing Company, some fans will still be drinking Magnolia’s IPAs, with some delicious food.

9. Harmonic Brewing

There are two brewing locations of Harmonic Brewing, and when you visit San Francisco city, you can find both breweries open. But they are only open from Wednesday to Sunday.

Their new space is a part of the Chase Center’s Thrive City. It is a great sport for sports fans. The place has enough seating arrangements with multiple TVs. When there are some special matches with a huge crowd, Harmonic Brewing extends its working shift.

Harmonic Brewing – San Francisco, CA

They serve a wide range of brew styles, from Kolsches to Sours and IPAs. Their first location is beside a metal shop, which opens to kids and dogs.

You can walk along the T Muni light rail if you want to reach both locations.

10. Cellarmaker Brewing Co.

One of the most respected breweries in San Francisco goes by the name of Cellarmaker Brewing Co. They constantly improve their brewing quality and give their customers experimental and classical beer styles.

The Cellarmaker pale makes are very soft and smooth. The dark beers will taste like coffee and cigarettes. These two brews are very famous in San Francisco and are very satisfying.

Cellarmaker Brewing Co.
Captured from Cellarmaker Brewing Co.

The Cellarmaker House of Pizza is also very efficient in making excellent square pizza. Detroit inspires these pizzas.

11. Laughing Monk Brewing

The Laughing Monk Brewing offers a calendar packed with events. The events include Yoga and Beer event and even weekly Trivia Nights.

Though it has been slightly beaten in the path by the Bayview, it does not fail to serve great brews. You will get many strong American IPA varieties and a milk stout. Other than this, you will also find massive food trucks on the premises.

This brewery is famous for offering a California-Belgian mixed style known as the Holy Ghost

Laughing Monk Brewery on Building Community

If you want to reach this brewery, you can catch the T Muni light rail to Gillman and then to Paul Avenues.

12. 21st Amendment Brewery And Restaurant

The beer production of 21st Amendment Brewery And Restaurant was moved from its original brewery to a new sprawling brewery in San Leandro. Though it was moved to a new location, the old place still produces small batches of bears, which are released weekly.

This brewery is named after the amendment, which ended prohibition. The Brew Free and the Die IPA are the favorites in this restaurant, but the seasonal beers are also in great demand.

The seasonal beer that is produced is Hell or High Watermelon wheat beer. This seasonal brew is also known as funky cans and creative brews.

21st Amendment Brewery And Restaurant
Captured from 21st Amendment Brewery And Restaurant

This place also has excellent food, and you can come in with your friends to enjoy one of San Francisco’s best breweries, beer.

If you want to reach this brewery, you can reach Oracle Park. It is just two blocks away from this park.

There are also other ways to reach this brewery. Take the 10 Muni bus from downtown and then get down at Second and Brannan streets.

13. Bartlett Hall

The cavernous space of Bartlett Hall has its own microbrewery in the house located just beside Union Square. They craft beer weekly, so they are qualified as one of the best breweries in San Francisco.

But, this San Francisco brewery changes its brew every week. If you visit this brewery, you will get something new every time.

Bartlett Hall
Captured from Bartlett Hall

Not only this, but Bartlett Hall’s food is also amazing. They serve the best food, which suits their beer taste. You can take the 38 Muni bus or a BART to Powell Street to reach this beer house.

14. Beach Chalet Brewery and Restaurant

You will find this brewery at the end of the line. From this brewery, you can see the views of Golden Gate Park and the Pacific Ocean.

Beach Chalet Restaurant in San Francisco

You can have the special of the house, the weekend brunch, and their special Taco Tuesday. There is also the house’s own brew. But, they sell the gamut from the classic IPA to caramel-flavored black lager.

To reach this San Francisco brewery, you can take the 5R Muni bus till the end of the line.

15. Seven Stills Brewery And Distillery

This brewery is known for featuring whiskey and beer, which is created on-site. It is located in the designer’s district of San Francisco’s Seven Stills Hooper Street.

It will offer you delicious beer; some are the guest beers from other breweries on their menu.

Seven Stills Brewery & Distillery

You can visit their taproom, which is on Lawton Street in the Outer Sunset, and it is an open space with a dog-friendly experience. You must take the 19 or 22 Muni buses to Lawton Street to visit their brewery.

16. Southern Pacific Brewing

This popular brewery is located on Folsom Street, which is in the Mansion. The Southern Pacific is a sprawling brewing pub now converted into a warehouse.

Southern Pacific Brewing
Captured from Southern Pacific Brewing

This San Francisco beer hub changes its brew daily. So, when you are in the city, if you revisit this place a couple of days after your first visit, you will get to taste a new brew of the house.

The customer’s favorite brew is also available besides the daily brews—most people like their California Blonde and the traditional Hefeweizen.

If you want to reach their beer garden, you can take the 14 or 49 Muni bus and then stop at Mission.

17. Speakeasy Ales And Lagers

Speakeasy Ales was suddenly closed down in 2017. Due to this, most of the city dwellers could get a chance to drink their favorite Big Daddy IPA or the Prohibition Ale for years.

shutterstock 1448555240 scaled
Image From: Shutterstock

Later, after a few months of the gap, the Speakeasy Ales And Lagers were re-opened with all the house specials. If you visit their taproom, you can see 17 beers on draft, and the area is designed with a prohibition-era theme.

Though this place is a little of a trek than other breweries, you will love this place once your visit it. You can take a ride service to reach this destination. Lyft will be the best option for you.

18. Standard Deviant Brewing

In San Francisco, you can hop in for Standard Deviant Brewing if you are looking for a place to grab a great beer. This brew is located on 14th Street, and here you will find many new rotating beer styles.

You will also find rotating beers, crisp Mexican-style lagers, West Coast IPAs, and tart saisons. All of these beers are served ice cold.

Standard Deviant Brewing

This place is well known for getting your beer cold, and other than this, there is also a shuffleboard and some food from the local restaurants and food truck, which opens only on the weekends.

19. Woods Cerveceria

It is a tiny taproom that depicts the start of Jim Woods’s empire. Now it has a taproom in several locations. You will find taprooms in the Russian Hills, Oakland, Treasure Island, and the Outer Sunset.

In this brewpub, you will get some of the best hoppy IPAs brewed with yerba mate. 

Thrillist - Cerveceria - San Francisco, CA

Other Breweries That You Can Check In San Francisco

However, if you want to taste your beer in other places, you have plenty of options. You can check out any of these breweries.

  1. Lupulandia Brewing

  2. Sunset Reservoir Brewing Company

  3. Almanac Beer


You can taste some of this place’s best brews of your lifetime. There are plenty of breweries present in this city, where you can soothe your taste buds with the best craft beer. Even the craze for beers is pretty high among locals. These above-mentioned places are the most famous breweries.

San Francisco breweries are known worldwide, and since the city is so cold, people love to stay warm by trying different brews.

San Francisco city is most known for its breweries. If you are a beer lover, visiting this place is a must. Even otherwise, if you land in San Francisco, then you should not make the mistake of missing the breweries.

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