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19 Best Restaurants in Key West

Do you know some of the best restaurants in Key West?

Well, if you’re planning a trip to West Florida, Key West is a must-see location. It is situated at the base of the United States. A trip to Key West would only be complete with a few stops at the best restaurants in Key West to taste the local cuisine. One thing that Key West people often do is eat! Bon appetite!

These best restaurants in Key West provide Cuban food, Caribbean cuisine, and, of course, the best seafood you will ever have!

In these best restaurants in Key West, you will also get to eat some of the best seafood items, Cuban cuisine, key lime pie, and other things. Here is the list of the top 20 best restaurants in Key West.

Best Restaurants in Key West – Top 20 Listed

The list of best restaurants in Key West is discussed below:

1. Hot Tin Roof

One of the best restaurants in Key West on the water, Hot Tin Roof, is where you should enjoy every dish. Foods like Key lime fish ceviche, paella, and caramelized grouper make this one of the best restaurants in Key West.

Hot Tin Roof is a fantastic place to see a Florida sunset serving customers a stunning vista of Key West Harbor. Hot Tin Roof offers sharing tapas, meals, and classic entrees, making it the ideal place to take that special someone on a date.

Don’t skip the key lime pie no matter what you choose because Latin-inspired foods are always a great pick here.

2. Blue Heaven

Let us now talk about the next best restaurant in Key West, which is Blue Heaven. It is one of the nicest and most popular restaurants in the Florida Keys.

This restaurant is well-known for its homemade banana bread and seafood eggs benedict. Check out their Key Lime pie with a meringue topping if you can stomach dessert for breakfast.

If you are a vegetarian, then do not worry as there are plenty of excellent vegetarian options here as well.

Jamaican jerk chicken, fresh fish, provencal scallops, and blueberry pancakes are a few of the restaurant’s most popular meals. Just remember to save room for a piece of their renowned “Mile-High” Key lime pie.

3. Bagatelle

One of the best restaurants in Key West for brunch is Bagatelle. Bagatelle offers enjoyable meals every day of the week, in contrast to many Key West restaurants that only provide brunch on the weekends.

This restaurant is conveniently situated on Key West’s well-known Duval Street, making it a great place to stop for a meal before or after enjoying the city’s nightlife. Bagatelle provides a great dining atmosphere, unlike some of the tourist traps that line Duval Street.

Bagatelle might not be the ideal choice for our friends who are vegetarians and vegans. Their signature dish, the Lobster Mac and Cheese, is a must-try and a staple here. They also have an excellent wine selection, with something to go along with any plate.

4. Cuban Coffee Queen

This is another best restaurants in Key West to visit if you love coffee. The restaurant offers the best coffee in Key West. The Cuban Coffee Queen is now operating as the Key West branch of Starbucks.

Their coffee is potent; it will undoubtedly provide you with the energy you need for the rest of the day. Cuban Coffee Queen offers a variety of coffee drinks that coffee connoisseurs will undoubtedly enjoy, but even if you don’t like the flavour of strong brewed coffee, you can still find authentic Cuban food there.

Coffee Drinks
Photo By Marta Dzedyshko/ Pexels Copyright 2022

The Cuban Breakfast Burrito and the Shipwreck Sandwich are two of the most popular items on the menu, but there are lots of other alternatives for customers to choose from, including vegetarian options.

5. Latitude

Latitude is one of the best restaurants in Key West for a romantic dinner. The upscale, opulent resort on Sunset Key, Latitudes, features a fine-dining establishment called Latitudes.

This is a fantastic location to watch the sunset, but unless you have a reservation at Latitudes, entry to Sunset Key is only allowed to resort visitors.

The best part about this restaurant is that you are actually eating on an island. Thus everything there is technically a waterfront attraction.

This upscale restaurant will not only attract you with its romantic atmosphere but also with its mouthwatering meals, breathtaking sunsets, and excellent wines.

6. Conch Republic Seafood Restaurant

The best seafood in Key West can be found at Conch Republic. This makes it one of the best restaurants in Key West. It was formerly known as Singleton Fish House, and thousands of pounds of shrimp were processed each day. Some of the original components from that time period can even still be seen now.

Conch Republic Seafood Restaurant is the place to go for the best fresh seafood straight from the sea, offering dock-to-dish eating at its best. Here, the craft beer selection is among the best in the area, and the mojitos are a speciality.

A lover of molluscs will go crazy over the fresh raw bar. They also provide sandwiches, grilled meats, and yellowfin tuna, and the Caribbean Spiced Mahi Mahi is a definite standout.

7. El Siboney

Let us now talk about another best restaurant in Key West, which is El Siboney, a hidden gem in the heart of the island.

One of the nicest things to do in Florida is to try some Cuban food, and this is the best restaurant in Key West to enjoy Cuban food. The tastiest Cuban food can actually be found in this tiny nook on the wall.

Cuban food
Photo By Alexis Lozano/ Pexels Copyright 2022

Whatever you choose to eat, you should definitely try a glass of the house-made sangria while you’re here. The cuisine is primarily composed of meat, and everything is both authentic and reasonably priced.

El Siboney’s menu offers a wide range of choices, including several meals created with chicken, hog, beef, and seafood. It also offers whole-fried fish and garlic chicken.

8. Hogfish Bar & Grill- Famous For Key West Pink Shrimp

The Hogfish Bar & Grill promotes itself as one of the best restaurants in Key West that specialize in seafood. Locals in the Florida Keys frequently visit Hogfish Bar & Grill because of its delicious seafood and oceanfront location.

Thus, Hogfish Bar & Grill is unequivocally recognized as being among the very best restaurants in the Key West area. Locals adore the authentic old Key West feel of this independently owned business, which offers spectacular waterfront views, outdoor eating, strong beverages, and excellent seafood without any of the hooplas.

The hogfish sandwich, made exclusively with local hogfish, can be found in these restaurants in Key West. You can also enjoy a plate of “Peel ‘n’ Eat” Key West pink shrimp or the Hogfish Fingers or Fried Hogfish Tacos.

Conch and grouper, crab cakes, battered wings, mixed ceviche, nachos topped with cheese, and other seafood- and Mexican-inspired dishes are among the chef’s suggestions. The fried hogfish served on fresh Cuban bread is undoubtedly a must-try.

9. Better Than Sex – A Dessert Restaurant

Better than Sex must be visited as part of any gastronomic tour of Key West. The combination of sweet and salty on the menu is fantastic. The chocolate-rimmed wines and house-made drinks are a delicious complement to the nutritious snacks.

The restaurants in Key West provide customers with a cosy atmosphere to enjoy their sweets by serving desserts and beverages with absurdly named but regularly award-winning ingredients.

It is a restaurant that can be found just off Duval Street and is located next to the Ernest Hemingway House. Some of the most popular things on the restaurant’s menu are the Cookie Nookie Pie, the Tongue Bath Truffle, and the Peanut Butter Perversion.

The bar also serves cocktails with names like Banana Hammock and The Money Shot.

10. Fisherman Café

This is another superb option to visit among the best restaurants in Key West.

Fisherman’s Café is all about the genuine island experience and is situated on the Historic Seaport of Old Key West. This restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and their special catch of the day includes lobster, conch, and other locally sourced seafood.

Photo By Terje Sollie/ Pexels Copyright 2022

The food and service at this tiny shack are of the highest calibre, despite the fact that it may not appear to be much from the outside. The famed shrimp wrap, lobster cheese grits, Cuban food, Cuban coffee, and Cubano breakfast sandwiches are just a few of the menu’s fan favourites.

If you’re looking for somewhere to grab a quick snack while you’re out and about in the city, this is a great place to go.

11. Garbo’s Grill

In reality, Garbo’s Grill is a food truck that boasts a lively atmosphere and excellent cuisine. This sparkling Airstream trailer serving up some of Key West’s top cuisine is parked behind Grunt’s Bar.

Located directly across the street from First Flight Island Restaurant is the Garbo Grill food truck, which is considered to be one of the most unusual local restaurants.

Garbo’s offers an amazing Korean BBQ cuisine that is unrivalled in the Florida Keys, despite having a somewhat limited menu and serving food from a truck. Its diverse menu makes it one of the best restaurants in Key West.

The owners of Garbo’s Grill were trying to find a method to build a restaurant in Key West without having to pay the $50,000+ in rent that the town requires each month. The mango, jalapeno, cilantro, onion, and house Caribbean sauce-topped fish tacos were superb.

12. Kermit’s Key Lime Shop And Cafe- Famous For Key Lime Pie

Kermit’s Key Lime Shop And Cafe is yet another superb option to visit among the best restaurants in Key West.

As a visitor to the Florida Keys, you must try a slice of the world-famous Key Lime Pie at this restaurant. In Key West, you can buy Key Lime Pie everywhere, but this restaurant offers the best Key Lime Pie.

Kermit’s key lime shop and cafe are located close to the marina where the boat excursions are based and are a well-liked coffee and breakfast spot with captains and sailors. It now has a branch close to Mallory Square.

Lime Pie
Photo By Cottonbro Studio/ Pexels Copyright 2022

You can find a peaceful garden with a waterfall, koi pond, and some of the typical Key West hens between the pie and gift shop and the café. The breakfast sandwiches are excellent, and if you’re craving dessert, don’t pass up the frozen chocolate-dipped Key Lime pie on a stick.

13. La Grignote

La Grignote is among the best restaurants in Key West as it offers a variety of dishes to suit any diner’s tastes, including French pastry craving, from the freshly baked croissants to the cookies, muffins, coconut macarons, and of course, slices of bread.

The real French bakery is owned by a husband-and-wife team named Joel and Babette Odou.

Brioche French toast, quiches with green salads, and a Croque Madame overflowing with bechamel and poached eggs are all delicious breakfast options that go perfectly with a nice patio as the backdrop. The handcrafted Key Lime Pie, a standard dessert in Key West, is another item that tourists adore.

The interior design exudes a casual atmosphere that makes visitors feel at home. La Grignote is a local favourite that you don’t want to miss out on, whether you’re searching for a spot to start your day with some food and coffee or want a little something sweet!

14. Kaya Island Eats

Kaya Island Eats is another best restaurant in Key West near the first flight island restaurant. Burgers, salads, Jamaican jerk chicken, seafood, and tacos are just a few of the many options for meals at Kaya Island Eats. Also, the homemade Key Lime Pie is a delectable dessert offered on Kaya Island.

Being on Duval Street, you can be sure to grab an excellent drink from the stocked bar inside. Key Island Eats is unique because it’s both a family-friendly restaurant and one of the greatest spots in the neighbourhood to experience Key West’s nightlife if you’re searching for a fantastic meal while visiting the lovely city.

15. The Thirsty Mermaid

A fantastic restaurant named Thirsty Mermaid is located on Fleming Street, just off Duval Street. The Cuban-influenced neighbourhood of Little Havana can be reached in only five short streets and is situated right in the middle of Mallory Square in Key West.

Thirsty Mermaid is one of the best restaurants in Key West for seafood and a breath of fresh air in the city’s gourmet scene. It’s a cute small bistro that’s bright and tidy in a way that gives off a cool and contemporary vibe. There are numerous seafood dishes on the menu that are thoughtfully seasonal and made with local seafood.

A Bar - Best Restaurants In Key West
Photo By Chan Walrus/ Pexels Copyright 2022

A fantastic raw bar with a constantly changing menu of oysters, clams, and ceviches is also available there. In addition to a sizable selection of wines that can be ordered by the glass, half bottle, or full bottle, there is a plentiful supply of craft beer from Florida that is served on draught.

A variety of delectable snacks and beverages are offered at reduced prices during the happy hour, making it an ideal choice. This makes it one of the best restaurants in Key West.

16. Eaton Street Seafood And Restaurant- Situated in Eaton Street Seafood Market

Eaton Street Seafood And Restaurant” is another restaurant in Key West situated near Eaton Street Seafood Market. Eaton Street Seafood Market is known for having some of the most delicious seafood in the city, and it is housed in a building that looks like it used to be a gas station. This restaurant offers the best lunch in Key West and is one of the nicest eateries on the island.

Without any frills, it’s a straightforward environment that seems current and modern. Additionally, you can purchase the larger Royal Reds or the wonderful Key West pink shrimp.

Only keep in mind that pink shrimp already have that gorgeous pinkish hue before they are cooked, yet, you still need to cook them before eating them; the cooking time will just be shorter than it would be for other varieties of shrimp.

They stock a wide variety of seafood that was caught in the area, such as hogfish, grouper, yellowtail snapper, and Key West pink shrimp, among other options.

17. Sunset Pier

Sunset Pier is the ideal of the laid-back atmosphere that Key West is famous for having along its docks. Locals and visitors tend to agree that the Sunset Pier is a charming dockside dining spot that is a pillar of the local gastronomy scene.

The Ocean Key Resort and Spa’s Sunset Pier is the ideal location to sip on a beverage while watching the sunset. Make sure to arrive early enough to secure a table by the railing by the water so you can enjoy Key West’s renowned sunsets up close.

Craft beer
Photo By ELEVATE/ Pexels Copyright 2022

In order to provide a one-of-a-kind dining experience for guests in Key West, the wooden structure that juts out into the water is lined with tables of various bright colours that are shaded by umbrellas.

Craft beer, excellent wine, and speciality cocktails are also available for you to enjoy in addition to snacks.

18. Cafe Marquesa Key West

Cafe Marquesa Key West takes great delight in the fact that it is one of the best restaurants in Key West with the highest ratings, and we have no choice but to agree with them.

If this is one of your must-visit restaurants in Key West, make reservations in advance because there are only fifty seats available at this upscale eatery. However, after you’ve found a seat, you’ll have the opportunity to choose from a variety of fresh seafood, meat, and salad options.

Dessert and some baked bread can complete your meal.

The menu of Café Marequea Key West frequently changes since it incorporates seasonal ingredients, which makes it among the best restaurants in Key West.

Several of the dishes on the menu are prepared using grilled meats, fresh local fish, seasonal veggies, freshly baked bread, and desserts that are produced fresh every day.

The dining room, which is adjacent to the cosy Marquesa Hotel, manages to be both casual and elegant at the same time.

19. Banana Café

French bistro Banana Café has indoor and outdoor seating and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a vibrant setting. It is situated on Duval Street, just opposite La Grignote, another French café and a top brunch destination. The indoor and outdoor seating makes it among the best restaurants in Key West.

If you want to try the island’s signature dessert, Key Lime Pie, this would be the best spot to buy it because it is topped with a luscious raspberry sauce that is unlike any other.

This best restaurant in Key West serves an amazing Strawberry Cheesecake Crepe that comes with fresh strawberry cream cheese and whipped cream.

Strawberry Cheesecake
Photo by Valeria Boltneva/ Pexels Copyright 2022

If you’d prefer to go with another option, the Strawberry Cheesecake Crepe is a fantastic choice. Banana Café is a place where you will always be satisfied, regardless of what you order.

Key Takeaways

If you’re looking for a great place to eat while you’re in Key West, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect restaurant to suit your taste. Whether you’re looking for a casual dining experience or a more upscale meal, there’s sure to be a restaurant that’s just right for you.

These best restaurants in Key West offer some of the island’s best cuisine, whether you’re looking for the tastiest conch dish or key lime pie. Enjoy your weekend by visiting any of the best restaurants in Key West mentioned above.

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1. What is some popular food in Key West?

Ans. Some of the popular food in Key West are as follows:

  • Key lime pie.
  • Conch Fritters.
  • Conch Chowder.
  • Coconut water.
  • Freshly caught fish sandwich.
  • Key West pink shrimp.
  • Spiny lobster.
  • Key West Legal Rum

2. How many restaurants are there in Key West?

Ans. There are around 400 restaurants in Key West.

3. Which alcohol is popular in Key West?

Ans. The cocktail ‘Rum Runner’ is the most popular alcohol in Key West.

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