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How to Find the 19 Best Restaurants in Chapel Hill?

What are the best Chapel Hill Restaurants? Chapel Hill is an interesting town centred on North America’s North Shore. If you are planning your vacation, you can have the perfect time of rest when exploring its many attractions and discovering the many excellent food outlets.

Explore the best dining venues that provide space for your event or full-service bars and groups. Dine in a place that offers specialized handcrafted pasta dishes and traditional American dishes, world-class dishes and excellent steaks, and plenty more.

You could either take away from Al’s burger shack, spend some time at an elegant steakhouse, or a Mediterranean deli and try out their special Mediterranean deli sandwiches.

Check out the amazing Chapel Hill restaurants which will serve you the best!

19 Best Chapel Hill Restaurants

The town of Chapel Hill, a popular small town in North Carolina, is also a popular foodie destination.

It is home to many restaurants, bars, and small bars. Chapel Hill’s Restaurant Scene offers choices for all tastes, budgets, and appetites. The Chapel Hill restaurants offer all kinds of food, from traditional brunch to southern soul food, from Turkish to Indian cuisine. Several chefs are finalists for Beard Awards.

To help you to pick up the best Chapel Hill restaurants, we have enlisted a few amazing and must-visit restaurants in chapel hill.

1.  Mama’s Dip Kitchen

Mama’s Dip Kitchen is one of the best Chapel Hill restaurants that served an extensive menu of traditional southern restaurants serving all three meals in 1976. This restaurant has been run by three generations located in the Chapel Hill area.

Mama Dip works under the slogan, “The tea is sweet, the chicken is fried, and the hearts are full.” If you visit the restaurant, you must try out fried chicken, biscuits, cornbread, or rolls. You could even try out traditional southern dishes like dumplings, grilled liver, and chicken biscuits.

Things to Try at Mama’s Dip Kitchen

  1. Sweet Potatoes Biscuit
  2. Fried Green Tomatoes
  3. Stew Beef


408 W Rosemary St, Chapel Hill, NC 27516

2. Pizzeria Mercato

Chapel Hill Restaurants
Pizzeria Mecato official site

Another popular restaurant in Chapel Hill is the Pizzeria Mercato is the best place to relish the wood-fired pizzas garnished with roasted olives along with Italian food. You could enjoy your time at the hill restaurant enjoying extensive vegetarian options and main dishes such as lasagna al ragu.

You could take away your food from Pizzeria Mercato, which is considered to be the best restaurant in chapel hill.

3. Fearrington House Restaurant

Located in the Fearrington Village with intimate dining, the Fearrington House Restaurant has been serving delicious food for the past forty years. If you visit this place with your friends and kin, you must try out their refreshing seasonal menu and delicious desserts like hot chocolate soufflé.

With an extensive seasonal menu prepared from the in-house harvested vegetables and herbs, the Fearrington House Restaurant manages to grab the attention of people who live as well as visit Chapel Hill.

They craft new dishes for their guests and have partnered with local farms, including Heritage Farms and Duckwood Farms. You cannot miss visiting this restaurant whenever you are staying in Chapel Hill.

Things to Try at Fearrington House Restaurant

  1. Wood-Fired Pizzas
  2. Seasonal Beer Garden


230 Market St, Pittsboro, NC 27312

4. Rasa Malaysia

One of the unmissable Malaysian restaurants in chapel hill is Rasa Malaysia. The best thing that is available here in Rasa Malaysia is the Penang Char Kay Teow.

Rasa Malaysia, Chapel Hill Restaurants - Website, Screenshot
Rasa Malaysia, Chapel Hill Restaurants – Website, Screenshot

It consists of all kinds of Malaysian cuisines. It consists of a staple and renowned dish consisting of buttery layered canal dipped into potato curry or chicken curry.

This noodle is incredibly soft and fragrant and is very tasty. Another recommendation is their mango salad, served on Chinese Yu Tiao fried bread that combines sweet churros or shrimp flavours.

There is no reason to not dine at this one of the best Chapel Hill restaurants.

Must Try At Rosa Malaysia

  1. 1/2 Roast Duck
  2. Claypot Tom Kha
  3. Tom Yum Soup


410 Market St, Chapel Hill, NC 27516

5. Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen

During the summer you have to eat chicken biscuits. Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen, the unassuming drive-through establishment only for breakfasts and lunches, became quite the staple of Chicken Biscuit Sandwiches.

Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen - Chapel Hill Restaurants - Website, Screenshot
Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen – Chapel Hill Restaurants – Website, Screenshot

My first visit was to a chicken biscuit with added pimento cheese for a layer of Southern charm. Add hash browns to sandwiches. Above are the famous Bad Grandpa Chicken Biscuits.

Things to Try at Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen

  1. Bad Grampa
  2. Country Ham
  3. Chicken Breast


Sunrise Kitchen 1305 NE Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27514 Sunrise Biscuits.

6. Lanterns

You could spend some time in Lanterns, which is considered to be an important part of Chapel hill’s revitalization efforts.

It is a tribute to Asian cuisine inspired, consisting of various appetizers and dishes such as steamed wild North Carolina black bass and Japan-style steak inspired by local farming. Have partnered with Lantern since its launch.

Things to try at Lanterns

  1. Salt and pepper shrimp
  2. Local Pasture-raised Pork and Chive Dumplings
  3. Coconut Braised Local Pork Shank
  4. Sake and Tea-cured Salmon Bento Box


423 W Franklin St, Chapel Hill, NC 27516

7. Jujube

Jujube - Chapel Hill Restaurants - Website, Screenshot
Jujube – Chapel Hill Restaurants – Website, Screenshot

Another best restaurants in chapel hill, NC 27516 is the Jujube. You could try their extensive collection of small meals, including pan-fried chicken and sushi dals, short ribs beef and goat cheese wontons, and five spice duck confit spring rolls that are perfect for tables that like sharing the table.

At the same time, larger mains such as lemongrass grilling hangars are available. Think of a Tapas meets Dim sum meeting at Panasia steak house. You can visit here with your family and friends.

This cocktail combines Asian influences and is served with Thai chilli-flavoured passionfruit sauce and cinnamon. Jujube consists of an in-dining ambience as well as outdoor dining.

Things to try at Jujube

  1. BBQ Pork Belly
  2. Shrimp and Corn Spring Rolls
  3. Lemongrass Grilled Hanger Steak
  4. Beef Short Rib & Goat Cheese Wontons


1201 Raleigh Road Raleigh Hill NC27517

8. Vimala’s Curryblossom Cafe

The best restaurant to hang out to enjoy Indian food and related cuisines is Vimala’s Curryblossom Cafe.

Vimala's Curryblossom Cafe - Chapel Hill Restaurants - Website, Screenshot
Vimala’s Curryblossom Cafe – Chapel Hill Restaurants – Website, Screenshot

Chef Vimala and Chef Billy Smith are humanitarians. Chef Vimala has constantly been promoting international peace and passionately advocating against domestic violence. She also honours her employees’ living wage commitments.

This is among the best place to visit if you are strolling around Franklin street and craving to relish some Indian food.

Things to try at Vimala’s Curryblossom Cafe

  1. Tandoori Chicken
  2. Saag Paneer Meal
  3. Hyderabadi Eggplant Curry Meal


431 W Franklin St Ste 415, Chapel Hill, NC

9. Glasshalfull

Glasshalfull features Mediterranean cuisine with an extensive wine list.

Glasshalfull - Chapel Hill Restaurants - Website Screenshot
Glasshalfull – Chapel Hill Restaurants – Website Screenshot

If you visit this place with your friends, you must try out their vast three-course meal or an ala carte menu with dishes like potato leek soup with smoked salt, double cream, and herb risotto with Hillsborough Cheese Company cheese.

Most of their dishes are gluten-free. Guests may also choose a wine from the hotel wine shop.

Things to Try at Glasshalfull

  1. Mini Lobster and Shrimp Rolls
  2. Fritto Misto
  3. Charcuterie Plate


106 S Greensboro St Carrboro, NC 27510

10. Osteria George

Osteria Georgi - Chapel Hill Restaurants - Website, Screenshot
Osteria Georgi – Chapel Hill Restaurants – Website, Screenshot

This is of the best restaurants in chapel hill is the Osteria George which is an Italian restaurant. Launched in the Spring of 2018, it celebrates the simplicity of Italian flavours.

This is the ideal place for photography. The outdoor dining is decorated with flowering greenery, and the interiors have comfortable soft velvet chairs. It’s a perfect choice for date nights! Originally they’ll be serving dinner but plan on having lunch and brunch later.

Things must try at Osteria George

  1. Lemon Ricotta
  2. Pipettes
  3. Prime Rib
  4. Burrata Salad


Osteria Georgi 201 S Elliott Rd

11. Lime & Lemon Indian Grill & Bar

The other Indian restaurant in Chapel Hill is the Lime & Lemon Indian Grill and Bar. They opened the third location in Meadowmont Village. It is famous for its mango chicken curry. A large cocktail selection is available. You could even try out their list of amazing mocktails.

Things to try at Lime & Lemon Indian Grill & Bar

  1. Chicken 65
  2. Saag Paneer
  3. Chicken Tikka Masala


100 Meadowmont Village Cir

12. Bin 54 Steak and Cellar

Bin 54 Steak and Cellar
Image from the official website of Bin 54 Steak and Cellar

One other Giorgios Group darling is Bin 54. This chic steak house is one of Chapel Hills’s favourites. Their reputation for exceptional steaks and wines is also a big attraction at wine nights!

Things to Try at Bin 54 Steak

  1. Crab Cake
  2. Tuna Tartare
  3. Lobster Gnocchi
  4. Yukon Gold Potato Puree


B. 54 Steaks & Cellars, 1201-M Raleigh Drive Chapel Hill, NC 25757

13. Bonchon

Bonchon is a global chain that specializes in Korean Fried Chicken. They offer authentic and delicious Korean cuisine at affordable prices.

You could either eat in or take-out meals in the Chapel Hill community. The Bonchon restaurant is known for its Korean-style fried chicken and high-quality fresh ingredients. Experience their friendly atmosphere and excellent service.

Things to Try at Bonchon

  1. Takoyaki
  2. Tteokbokki
  3. Japchae
  4. Shrimp Shumai


Bonchon 205 Franklin Ave Chapelhill NC 27541

14. Neal’s Delirium

Matt, son of the late Bill Neal (of Crook’s Corner fame), operates the little breakfast/dinner shop – Neal’s Delirium.

This shop serves classic sandwiches such as muffulettas and chicken salad. For Hot Dog enthusiasts, El Completo was a national Hot Dog in Chile.

The dish includes mayonnaise, sriracha, neal kraut, and avocado slaw. In the early days, Neal’s served huge breakfast biscuit sandwiches and warm coffee and was likely to return in early October to the Carrboro area.

Neal's Deli - Chapel Hill Restaurants - Website, Screenshot
Neal’s Deli – Chapel Hill Restaurants – Website, Screenshot

Things to Try at Neal’s Delirium

  1. Nealkraut
  2. Avocado Slaw


102 E Main Street. C Carrboro, North Carolina, 27910

15. II Palio

Have you ever heard of a passionate Italian name II Palio, the most Italian restaurant in the tri-state region? The services are impeccable, and the meals are exceptional. They have wonderful piquant Bolognese, spaghetti noodles, linguine and clams, and even cooked broccoli! While trying out their desserts is a must.

Things to Try at II Palio

  1. Linguine
  2. Spaghetti Noodles


1505 East Franklin Avenue, Chapel Hill, NC 28014

16. Hawkers

A perfect place to try out Asian street cuisine is Hawkers. You couldn’t miss out on dim sums, rota Kanai, and chow fan for dinner. The whole brunch menu was wonderful, which you could surely enjoy with your friends and family.

This cocktail is a showstopper. It goes with pancakes and bubble waffles. For pictures and information concerning their brunch, see these articles below.

Things to Try out at Hawkers

  1. Pad Thai
  2. Roti canai
  3. Bao Buns


201 S Estes Dr #401, Charlotte NC27514

17. Gourmet Kingdom

Gourmet Kingdom
Image from the official website from Gourmet Kingdom

The Gourmet Kingdom is where the Szechuans will be tingling their teeth. Shredded tripe in chilli sauce, double-cooked pork, dan noodle, and mapo tofu are available.

Cultured spongy congee flavour evokes sweet and bitter Osmanthus-flavoured tea as an unusual dessert choice. The more traditional Chinese can expand on these traditions by trying different specialities. Order now!

Things to Try at Gourmet Kingdom

  1. Twice Cooked Pork
  2. Dan Dan Noodle Lunch
  3. Ma Po Tofu


301 East Main Street Carrboro, TN27510

18. Carrburritos

Cali-style tacos, margaritas, and burritos are the attractions at Carrburrito.

The major burritos are the regular order, and the options of fillings can range from carnitas chorizo and pollo asado to pure de papas sweet potatoes stuffed with caramelized onions or tofu in Mexico (spiciness). Margaritas can be enjoyed outdoors and at home.

You could either opt for ordering at your home or enjoying your dine-in outdoor dining pf Carrburritos.

Things to Try at Carrburritos

  1. Quesadilla
  2. Mejor Burrito


611 Rosemary St. #2330 Carrboro, NC 27510

19. Sutton’s Drug Store

Sutton has been a Franklin Street staple serving traditional sodas and dessert dishes since 1923.

Breakfast menus can be ordered at 11:00 am, and the menu is an update of current tastes with pitas, wraps, and several vegetarian dishes, while soups are the classic Campbell. Almost any hot dog is easily washable with a milkshake or sandwich.

Things to Try at Sutton’s Drug Store

  1. Flat Top Grill Burger
  2. Pitas


159 East Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, NC2754

10 Best Restaurants in Chapel Hill, North Carolina (2022) - Top local places to eat Chapel Hill, NC

Are Restaurants in Chapel Hill Expensive?

Chapel Hill consists of luxurious restaurants, but most of them have reasonable and affordable pricing systems. The most popular restaurants in chapel hill focus on serving their customers with best cuisines.

You may find the best Italian restaurant as well as restaurants that serve the best Asian fusion dishes. If you love eating Indian food, Chapel hill NC 27516, is the best place to visit.

You could find delicious food at inexpensive rates and provide exceptional service.

Key Takeaways

Whenever you visit this amazing place or stroll along Franklin street, visiting these amazing restaurants in chapel hill is a must. Chapel Hill restaurants have a lot of flavours to offer. You could go for a romantic date night or a full gourmet dinner with your kids. Experience the best restaurants in chapel hill to their fullest with your friends and family!

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