traveling alone as a woman traveling alone as a woman

18 Tips for Traveling Alone as a Woman

Traveling has always been a fantastic way to unwind from the stresses of everyday life. Everyone agrees that traveling offers them a different perspective on life and their surroundings.

Nothing should stand in the way of someone wanting to explore any country. Whether it is a group tour or travelling solo or traveling alone as a woman.

Have you ever thought to yourself, you would like to tour the world, but do end up with thoughts like what if it is not safe for women travelers? Well, believe it or not, just having the desire to travel and asking questions gets you off to a wonderful start.

There is no right or wrong way to travel alone as a woman unless you do your homework and plan ahead of time for your first solo trip or any solo trip. Group tours with friends or family are fun and convenient.

Though the idea of traveling alone as a woman could initially appear intimidating, as you start to put things into perspective, you will start to wonder why you didn’t start traveling alone years earlier.

Traveling Alone as a Woman

The fact is that you already have the abilities required to travel safely. They are the same techniques you use to keep yourself secure at home.

Traveling alone as a woman
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It is the new place and surrounding that affect everyone not feeling safe everywhere. Although, every woman should go on a solo trip at least once in her life and experience freedom and adventures to gain self-confidence just like other travelers.

If you are a woman and planning to travel alone as a woman or you know any friend or relative of yours who is going to travel alone as a woman let her about the 20 tips for solo traveling that will reassure her safe solo travel trip and exciting adventure.

Safety Tips while Traveling Alone as a Woman

Choosing the proper destination is the first step in making female solo travelers’ vacations successful. However, it is understandable that selecting a vacation spot might be overwhelming for solo trips. 

When you decide to travel solo, there are several aspects to consider before even deciding on a trip. How much time do you have for solo travel? What sort of weather does your travel style require? Do you like to travel on a budget or in style? Will you stay at this hotel or that hotel?

Will your destination need special travel equipment, which you must incorporate into your overall costs? Do you know which nations have a more reasonable exchange rate? What type of adventure or travel experience are you looking for?

Check what other women travelers have been up to and consider them.

1. Choose your Destination

A solo traveler needs to address these since all the expenses are on you alone.

Once you have addressed all of these questions, you may go ahead and browse Pinterest and Instagram accounts and hashtags for travel inspiration, travel tips, and solo travel destinations, which are a fantastic way to discover new places for solo travel.

Traveling alone as a woman
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While there are many travel companies and travel blogs available with a ton of amazing, inspiring information, find someone you admire on social media as a travel blogger who blogs about travel. Spend some time exploring their blog. Take time to go beyond just the recent posts and blogs and you would find much information in the blogs for yourself.

Each of you has a preference; some people enjoy the serenity of the sea, while others enjoy the tranquillity of the mountains. List all the sights and activities you wish to enjoy to make this the trip of your dreams and find your destination.

Determining the type of vacation you want is crucial because if you are traveling alone, you will need to keep yourself on schedule. Choosing a location that fits your mood may also be very beneficial for you because you will be sure to collect interesting travel tales.

2. Pick the Right Place to Stay

The internet has all the information you could want for almost every decision you need to make for your vacation or traveling solo. Check out the locations you will be staying ahead of time since you don’t want to end up in a situation that is unsafe for you.

Find the best resorts, homestays, or hotels that fit your budget and are convenient for your plan. Once you have narrowed down your options, you can start doing extra research, such as reading reviews and learning about the locality. The more knowledge you have through your research, the better your decision is going to be.

Make an advance hotel reservation after carefully reading internet reviews, and when you arrive, don’t wait for a cab or car to take you to the hotel of your choosing cause you may not want to feel confused as soon as you arrive at your location and struggle to find a place to stay. Booking ahead of time simplifies your plans. You already know where to go.

3. Have a Planned Itinerary and Keep Your Family Informed

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This is the most challenging aspect since it involves deciding where you will travel, when you will go, how you will get there, and where you will stay.

Never in a million years, it is advisable to have a rigid schedule for your travels. It is preferable to be flexible, but some fundamentals must be in place to get the most out of a vacation.

Set your speed and decide whether to go by train or vehicle. The number of days you have to explore the area and conduct the activities you want to undertake there.

Consider what pace seems comfortable for you. Then you will be able to start planning your trip. Prioritize your interests. Once you have created a rough plan, incorporate the must-see attractions you have previously identified, then check to see if it still makes sense.

While you are traveling solo, know where you are going to go and what activities you are going to do before you depart on your trip, and make sure you have prepared everything for your solo trip so that the majority of the trip can be spent stress-free exploring and adventuring.

4. Learn Some Languages

Learning the local language to avoid language barriers will make your trip much more enjoyable.

Traveling alone as a woman
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You are more likely to receive help from people when you actually need it. People are more than eager to assist you to find your way when you are lost, order the meal you want, or make new acquaintances when they realize that you are sincerely attempting to speak their language. Indeed, they may even buy you a drink.

Locals typically like assisting outsiders on their language journeys. It is a pleasant method to connect and build connections. Even if your accent is faint or you are a newbie, the natives will appreciate your efforts.

The majority of non-speaking travelers order food by “pointing and hoping.” However, knowing the local language allows you to order certain items that you know you enjoy or wish to try. It is challenging enough to board and exit the bus at the proper stop.

If not the whole sentence, try learning basic words that you use daily, like thank you, water, where, time, and much more words like this.

5. Pack Light

A backpack permits you to have both hands free. Many women have the habit of over-packing, but, whatever you decide, remember to travel light.

Traveling alone as a woman
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When you travel light, you have greater flexibility, you can easily move through busy areas, hurry through baggage claims, make last-minute arrangements without worrying about what to do with your baggage, and spend less time tracking goods when you have less to drag around by staying in your comfort zone.

Going light makes more sense today that many airlines impose fees for bags or luggage that exceed size or weight limitations.

Invest in packing organizers. Packing organizers allow you to put your chargers and devices in one location, making it simpler to find what you need immediately without having to hunt through your suitcase. In order to prevent blisters, make sure your shoes are cosy and broken in.

Pack your bag and get comfortable carrying and lifting it before you go. Is it too heavy? Dropping stuff off at home is simpler.

6. Use the 1-2-3-4-5-6 Rule

Because you are traveling alone as a woman, you can use the 1-2-3-4-5-6 rule. As a general rule, pack one cap, two pairs of shoes, three bottoms, four tops (short or long sleeve or outer layer), five pairs of socks, and six pairs of underwear.

This should suffice for two weeks. Beyond that, make your packing list specific by including items like a swimsuit, rain gear, or other trip-related goods. This would last you six days before you need to do laundry, however, you might not need it all (pack even less if you can).

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No matter how long your solo trip is, try to restrict yourself to no more than seven days’ worth of clothing. Stick to a limited colour palette so that you may simply mix and match tops and bottoms for a variety of outfit options.

Black and darker hues last longer than bright colours and are more elegant when going out. Use a bandana or Buff neckwear to add a pop of colour.

Choose performance fabrics that breathe well, take away moisture, wrinkle less, and dry quickly. Most likely, you already have a few things in your closet. Roll your garments and use packing cubes, fill sacks, compression bags, or inexpensive zip-top bags to optimize space and keep your belongings tidy.

7. Don’t Miss Personal Hygiene

Hand cleaning with soap and water for 20 seconds or using an alcohol-based sanitiser is necessary not just usually but while traveling as well. Maintain short, tidy nails while solo traveling.

Everyone knows how women are possessive of their skin. Because face skin can get dry on your trip, it is important to have skin moisturizer, especially for facial skin.

Sunburns may be avoided by using the appropriate SPF sunscreen. Sweat can chafe the perineal skin and the region around the groin, resulting in fungal infection. Dusting powder may aid in the prevention of skin infections.

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While you are on your trip essential to include period pads, tampons, or cups, as well as waste-disposal bags or zip-lock bags. You never know when your vagina will ditch you so it is better to carry the necessities around. It can be a good idea to keep some pain relievers on hand for unpleasant periods.

The urge to use unclean, filthy public restrooms might expose you to urinary diseases. It is critical to drink enough fluids and avoid retaining pee for an extended period. To avoid infections, clean toilet seats with anti-bacterial baby wipes or carry disposable toilet seat coverings. 

8. Invest in a Pepper Spray

As everyone has this doubt of it might not be safe out there when traveling alone as a woman. But you can have safety in your hands by taking action by investing in pepper spray.

A pepper spray and a door alarm are a must for the ladies to carry in their solo travel. There should be no need for anyone to live in constant fear of potential dangers.

However, unexpected circumstances do emerge. As you go through life, pepper spray may be your protection. Living with less anxiety is considerably simpler when you are prepared because you know you will be OK if something bad happens.

Put your pepper spray on a keychain, in a handbag or backpack, or in your pocket. If you require it, use it simply and carefully. It is more like improvising your self-defence for bad situations when you are traveling alone as a woman.

To get the most out of pepper spray, take smart actions and practice safe use. You could save your life by using pepper spray as a self-defence

9. Stay Hydrated

It is essential to drink water as frequently as possible during the day even if you are traveling alone as a woman. Water is basic and, hopefully, pure. Solo travelers, frequently take it for granted because it appears to be simple to avoid. However, staying hydrated maintains your energy levels high during the journey.

Invest in a collapsible water bottle. It is tempting to leave your refillable water bottle behind when traveling since it is large, heavy, or both. Collapsible bottles are easy to adjust as you drink your water and can even fit in your pocket when empty.

Remember that not all places have pure drinking water from the tap, and you may require a filter device. Find hotels or locations with drinking water and fill your bottles there.

10. Have Planned Meals

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The easiest method to maintain a healthy diet when traveling alone as a woman is to follow a diet that works for you. Pack some food that will go around for a day or two or you can cut down on that to avoid luggage.

Plan your meals so that you may choose where you will eat and what foods are available. Impulsive eating choices, which frequently result in worse selections, can be reduced as a result. A meal plan can also help you avoid overeating, which can result in increased hunger and cravings, by preventing you from going too long between meals.

It is quite explorative if you try local food. You will find new tastes and local culture in the local places. You can even pack some food for yourself for later when you find such places and move ahead to your travel destinations without worrying about food.

11. Keep the Valuables Safe

When traveling alone as a woman, keep cash, cards, and any papers such as your passport or driving license near to you – try wearing a pouch or money belt within your clothing, or use an inner jacket pocket rather than the back of your pants. Passports have fallen through gaps in pockets. Check the pockets before wearing your pants.

Traveling alone as a Woman
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If something important goes missing, having a photocopy, scan, or even an image on your phone will make it much easier to replace it. Taking a photo of your passport, visa, driver’s license, or medical card can make it easy to report the relevant information if necessary.

Keep all of your cash, cameras, and travel papers segregated. Separate vital and precious stuff into several bags so that if one disappears, you won’t lose everything.

Be cautious when waiting in lines especially when you are traveling alone as a woman. Long lines of bored people waiting to check in or purchase a train ticket are ideal prey for opportunistic robbers. While you are waiting, keep your luggage closed and your stuff nearby, and keep your eyes and ears open.

12. Stay Sober and Alert

There are several ways to get that “vacation high” while traveling alone as a woman. It is all about the journey.

Because you have freedom everywhere and at any moment while traveling as a woman, it is simple to become drunk, especially at night. After all, who knows when you will be able to return to your destination? It is still crucial to prioritize your sobriety first.

When you travel somewhere new, don’t attempt to do everything everyone suggests. You may easily get pricked.

Instead, plan your activities after you have ensured that your fundamental needs of generally nutritious and regular meals, adequate rest, and physical activity are met. You may not be able to enjoy the setting if you are drunk, and it is more difficult to refuse when you are physically exhausted.

13. Keep your Devices Charged

Keep your phone and devices charged at all times; in fact, invest in a power bank so that you may charge them while traveling and not worry about running out of battery and enjoy traveling.

Traveling alone as a woman
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It is a digital age now where people rely on the internet for many of their requirements, and maps are no exception. When traveling alone, you will rely on maps much too frequently, consuming your phone’s battery.

Having a power bank on hand will be the most secure solution. It is suggestible to keep the map and locations downloaded offline since you know how the network plays when you need it the most. Make sure you have charged everything before leaving your hotel room. This will make it easy to not be stressed about charging right before you start your solo trip.

14. Keep Cash with You

The digital age has made it possible to avoid carrying cash by making all payments using your phones or credit cards. While this will not be the case if you are traveling alone as a woman.

Just 100 dollars
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When you travel, you will almost certainly visit local stores, restaurants, and hotels, and take public transportation; however, not everywhere will accept digital cash.

Even if you are traveling alone and would like to purchase items for your family or friends, you cannot rely on other individuals or other passengers for cash in all instances. It is advised to have some cash with you so that you do not lose out on things when traveling alone and enjoying the visit.

15. Be on Good Terms with Locals

There may be a language barrier with the natives while traveling alone as a woman. In any case, make an effort to maintain good relations with the locals.

Locals will recommend fantastic places to eat or provide information that you may not have found on the internet when doing your study before deciding for traveling alone as a woman.

Locals can keep you up to date on any unique events or places that cater specifically to women. They know everything, practically everything.

Treat them well, make new friends and utilize their wisdom to plan your solo trip as efficiently as possible.

16. Don’t Overshare

People may approach you if you are traveling alone as a woman and try to strike up a conversation. It is beneficial to answer cheerfully and talk to them, but remember to keep a boundary and not reveal everything.

Traveling alone as a woman
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It is difficult to be alone while traveling alone as a woman in a new place and not talk about everything possible; you must understand that this is not your comfort zone and that everyone is a total stranger. Use common sense and be mindful of your safety. You might not want unwanted attention.

17. Be Prepared for The Odds

Even after having everything sorted, the location food, or your stay, know that there is always something unlikely to happen in ant planned trip or even a solo traveling plan. It could be the climate or your flight or train being late or the hotel guy ditching you about your stay or it could be the food that you eat out and feel unwell about it.

Keep an alternative for everything, don’t stick to the right plan instead go with the flow and have an idea of what to do if planned things don’t work.

18. Give Yourself the Space of Being in Solitude

You choose this idea of traveling alone as a woman for yourself and a fresh mind. Be in the new city explore different interests and gain confidence with everything you do.

Key Takeaways

Traveling alone as a woman is one sort of adventure. Have your safety check, day trips check, night sober check, new local friends check, and travel alone check. Take the advantage of being alone and ditch your phone and social media, just explore and make every solo trips the best.

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