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16 Best Places to Visit in Montana

Glacial National Park in Montana is one of the most attractive places in Montana. The famous ‘Trade State‘ is known for numerous minerals and organic materials like gold, silver, zinc, copper, and manganese oil. Apart from this, there are many such amazing places that you must visit once you come to Montana.

Read on to know the best places to visit in Montana.

Tourist Attraction in Montana

However, some natural resources such as gas and oil are lost in Montana. Despite this fact, the place is still proving to be a goldmine for tourists that are looking for a place full of natural resources, city sights, and park activities.

The authentic West is also worth tasting there. Also, there is the Wild West State which lives up to the ancient history of the area that also has an attractive landscape. There are several best places to visit in Montana.

Have an Awe-struck Visit to Montana

Montana is a place full of diversity and natural beauty. The destinations listed herewith can serve to be a great option for visitors. One thing’s for sure, visiting Montana will surely prove to be an excellent experience.

Montana is a brilliant attraction for all those who sincerely love and appreciate nature’s beauty. Mainly consisting of rural areas, Montana is home to many national parks with spectacular natural scenery.

Also, there are a large number of vibrant cities here having a cowboy culture. As you plan to have your upcoming vacation here, don’t forget to visit these memorable destinations that make up the list of best places to visit in Montana.

Several Names of Montana

Montana State is famously known by several other names due to its unique and picturesque features that leave visitors in awe of its beauty.

Montana is a mind-blowing state which is also known as Big Sky Country. Other such names of Montana are – “The Treasure State”, “Land of the Shining Mountains”, and “The Last Best Place”.

There are plenty of fascinating activities, one of them is discovering the natural treasure.

Read on to get a glimpse of what your trip to this heavenly state would feel like by exploring the topmost destinations listed hereunder.

Top Places to visit in Montana – 16 Places listed!

You are guaranteed that you will be loving your visit to Montana.

Be it for enjoying the weekend by having a solo trip or by strolling around the streets of Montana with family or friends, the place has a lot of variety of destinations that the visitors would simply love to visit, time and again.

If you wish to have a great vacay time in Montana, then look no further, as you can know about the 16 best places in Montana where you will have a great visit.

So, let’s hop in and enjoy the postcard-perfect scenic beauty of Montana in these 16 best places:

1. Helena

Photo by 12019 on Pixabay, Copyright 2022

Helena – Montana, known by many names like the Queen City situated in the Rocky Mountains, is also the capital of the state. It used to be a gold camp during the Montana Goldrush and it is also to be noted that it was the wealthiest city during that time.

Helena was initially founded as a gold camp in the year 1864, and subsequently, the place turned out to become a wealthy city having elegant buildings around the centre of the town.

The city is one of the best places to live in Montana offering a dense suburban feel to its residents. Helena has many bars, parks, and coffee shops.

There are many young professionals residing in Helena.

2. Flathead Lake State Park – Big Arm

Photo by 12019 on Pixabay, Copyright 2022

One of the best places to visit in Montana is the Flathead Lake State Park Recreation Area is situated in Big Arm, in the state of Montana. It has an area of around 221 acres. The largest freshwater lake is located at the southern end.

The place has awesome, picturesque scenery with costs that are not too high. Everyone needs to visit this place, even if it is just for a day. Apart from the lake, the place is famous for its ancient history.

Visitors can find many museums, and go fishing, rafting, and golfing.

3. Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park – Whitehall

Photo by designerpoint on Pixabay, Copyright 2022

Lewis and Clark Caverns Road Whitehall is famous for its amazing limestone caves. The place has more than 10 hiking trails and 2 visitor centres.

The Park has one of the most famous limestone caverns in the Northwest. It is to be noted that no access is provided to the cave there without a tour.

The main activities there include cycling, camping, bird-watching, fishing, hiking, history, picnicking, photography, tent camping, hunting, group camping, and much more.

4. Elkhorn (Ghost Town)

Photo by petechacalos on Pixabay, Copyright 2022

Elkhorn is known to be an abandoned town in Montana as only 10 people are reported to be in the town in the past year. Generally, Elkhorn has around 2500 people with schools, churches, hotel rooms, and stores during its peak.

The city was also linked with the North American railways in the year 1889. The Elkhorn prosperity however declined with the gold rush. Not only that, but the city also had been a victim of a diphtheria outbreak, which had mainly resulted in the death of children.

Also, in 1931, the railway connections to Elkhorn stopped operating and a population of hardly one-quarter survived within city limits.

5. Choteau

Choteau has been famous for dinosaurs and fossil finds, which can be now also found at the Old Trail Museum.

It is worth stopping for shopping purposes here in the city centre. Choteau is known as the ”front wings of the Rocky Mountain” with a lot of affection.

If you like skiing, then you can reside in Choteau to enjoy Teton Ski Area. Choteau is a picturesque destination that has an authentic western climate and local retail.

This Old Trail Museum was the 14th stop on the Montana Dinosaur Trail which is also renowned by tourists who visit and explore the Dinosaur Trail.

6. Hyalite Canyon

Another one of the best places to visit in Montana, Hyalite Canyon is a destination that sets apart from the rest when it comes to experiencing the natural scenic beauty of Montana. A great family time here especially during the weekend is a brilliant adventure that consists of many things to do and enjoy!

The Canyon is a beautiful and spectacular one and is known to be the largest national forest situated in Montana. Here, the cyclists, trekkers and road-trippers seem to love the environment. The best time to visit this place is from late June to early November.

The people visiting this place are also allowed to take their dogs along with them and they should also see to it that their dog is on a leash.

7. West Yellowstone

The lake is located at the west entrance of Yellowstone National Park. Many decently good accommodations are available near Yellowstone National Park.

For all those people who love and adore nature and wildlife, this place is sure to make you feel like heaven on earth. The attractive Hebgen Lakes along with the wild animals here include bison, moose, and eagles.

One of the best places to visit in Montana, tourists can also experience West Yellowstone’s favourite traditions like rodeos. Generally, rodeos tend to get sold out, so there can just be around 4-5 in a week.

8. Big Sky

Photo by RickJbrown on Pixabay, Copyright 2022

The Big Sky Mountains are an ideal spot for all the outdoor enthusiasts out there, therefore it is a perfect place for anyone and everyone. The hilly region of Big Sky has plenty to offer relating to hiking trails, skiing trips, biking, and other recreational opportunities.

Simply walking around there can also be considered an activity. There are many other great ways of exploring the Big Sky that include hiking at the Gallatin River or horseback riding.

Big Sky, Montana situated in the Northern Rockies, is home to The Biggest Skiing in America”, this spot is a dream place for every outdoor enthusiast, throughout the year.

Some of the major cities that are the closest to Big Sky include Whitehall, Dilon, Three Forks, and Tower Junction.

9. Hamilton

This is yet another one of the best places to visit in Montana. Hamilton is a part of the Bitterroot Valley situated between mountains, that tends to grow super fast. Hamilton can be easily accessed from other areas throughout the state of Montana and can be regarded as the best place for adventurous travellers.

There are many public parks covering forests and other amazing trekking routes. There are many historical places that are known for their note-worthy buildings like the Dale Mansion. There are many writers who find inspiration from Hamilton.

Hamilton is one of the top 10 small towns to retire in the US. However, the public schools here can be considered to be above average.

10. Libby

Photo by beth3773 on Pixabay, Copyright 2022

Libby is a tiny community offering various fabulous landscapes in North-Western Idaho, situated near the borderline and within the valley formed by the Kootenay River. This town today has many other attractions too, despite being popular merely for its mountains.

Visitors can explore Ross Creek and Ancient Western Red Cedar Sanctuary. This region also has a wide variety of options for camping purposes.

The place has got to offer some of the best views of the city while you stroll around the swinging bridge over the waterfall.

11. Butte

One of the best places to visit in Montana, Butte was once known as an area in Montana wherein gold and silver mines used to get buried. The best part of the town is seen in the Victorian Uptown business district and historical homes.

There are many historical activities and tours that are offered in this area by tourist guides and operators. Also, Butte is home to a world-class world mining museum, that is the rarest of all times to be situated inside real mining grounds.

Butte is known to be ”The World Museum of Mining” with more than 50 buildings, countless artefacts, and an underground mining tour. Overall, Butte is an amazing town.

Also, there are a lot of historical buildings and an ancient mining place wherein people used to mine in the early 1900s.

12. Great Falls

best places to visit in montana
Photo by MyriRoet on Pixabay, Copyright 2022

Great Falls was founded in the year 1888 and is known as the most charming city which is fed by the famous Missouri River. It is also popularly known to be the western arts city and the water city, making it one of the best places to visit in Montana.

Situated in the exact centre of Montana, this destination is also famously known as Electric City. Great Falls is referred to as a stopping point while diving across Montana or also while exploring surrounding national parks.

The city has a lot to offer in its own right. For instance, you could also spend a whole day visiting Ryan Dam, which proudly boasts many miles of neighbouring trekking trails and this is the place from where the famous Electric City got its famous nickname.

13. Anaconda

Marcus Daly founded Anaconda on 17th August 1883. This town was named after a mining firm that belonged to him. In the past years, the mainstream economic activities consisted of copper mining and the production of phosphate products.

Anaconda is having an abundance of different offerings that can cater to everyone’s needs. To have a glimpse of a huge amount of artefacts from Montana’s Past, visitors can head over to the Anacondas Old City Hall and Copperville Museum.

When it comes to exploring the hills and mountains, the region of Montana has plenty of picturesque routes, hiking and camping trails, and also golf courses.

14. Whitefish

This is also one of the best places to visit in Montana, perched at the peak of the Rocky Mountains, Whitefish is an awesomely famous resort. Without any iota of doubt, Whitefish is a vital winter spot in the state of Montana.

Most of the attractions here at Whitefish are completely natural and there are tremendous opportunities for outdoor activities. One may wish to go fishing from Whitefish Lake, or ski at the Whitefish Mountain Resort, to get the most out of this memorable trip experience.

15. Missoula

Missoula, Montana is situated in the western part of the state. The region is full of glittering streams along with some of the most beautiful mountainous views and 7 wild areas, making it one of the best places to visit in Montana.

The outdoor recreational opportunities here are countless. Missoula is definitely a great place to live, offering a high-quality lifestyle, pretty landscapes, and exceptionally brilliant schools.

Missoula is the 2nd largest city in Montana and is also one of the best cities to visit in the United States. It has many places having good food and a noteworthy arts community.

16. Bozeman

Bozeman, situated in the area of southwest Montana is a pleasing city that offers various boating options, proving to be a great leisure spot and a recreation centre, making it one of the best places to visit in Montana.

Bozeman is called the ”most livable place” for many reasons. It is a fun-filled, lively town with a distinct choice of tourist attractions, activities, and many restaurants. Bozeman is a 4-season tourist spot for visitors belonging to all age groups.

Flying is Easy here in Montana

The Glacier Park International Airport here offers the stunning scenic beauty of the Swan Mountains and also proves to be a regional hub for local flights. Visitors can easily fly to Montana from any place across the whole nation by some of the major airlines.

The Airport is located in Kalispell, at a distance of just 12 miles from Whitefish Town and 30 miles from the Western Entrance area of Glacier National Park.

Currently, the cheapest month to fly to Montana is October 2022.

Let’s Go for Road Trips in Montana!

Photo by Pexels on Pixabay, Copyright 2022

Montana is a place that can be easily enjoyed just by travelling too. The state is a picturesque one with awesome mountain ranges, beautiful slopes, and serene lakes.

You are sure to enjoy countless wonders whilst touring there. Montana is a place full of adventures. The place is definitely apt for road trips as there are vast stretches full of natural awesomeness along with trekking opportunities making it a perfect spot for every road tripper.

A Rental Vehicle for a Long Drive

The rental market is quite few in numbers in the United Kingdom and also in abroad locations. It is definitely suggested to book a car on the spot while visiting Montana.

Based on KAYAK car searches, the most renowned cities to book a car in Montana are Kalispell, West Glacier, and Bozeman.

On average, renting a car in Montana will cost around $102 per day. It should be noted that renting a car depends on various factors.

The best month to rent a car when planning a visit to Montana is October wherein the rental prices are around $28/day on average.

However, renting a car in the month of July should be avoided as the prices average $220/day during that time.

Tip from the Expert: Before You Head to the Road

Do take sufficient time to go to this widely-known historical tourist attraction in Fort Missoula. You will get to discover the rich, ancient history of Western Montana and explore the significance of the fort in its heyday.

Fort Missoula Montana - Website, Screenshot
Fort Missoula Montana – Website, Screenshot

What are the Prettiest Places in Montana?

There are a few of Montana’s most beautiful cities namely, Paradise Valley, Whitefish Mountain Resort, Lake McDonald, American Prairie Reserve, Mary Lake, Lone Mountain, Lamar Valley, Billings, etc., thereby making it to the list of the best places to visit in Montana.

What is the Topmost Attraction in Montana?

National Glaciers Park; Ice Sculpture Park in the state of Montana is the topmost monument on the whole continent. The place has an abundance of natural scenic beauty that it has got to offer.

This place brings together the mountains with alpine meadows, thick dense forests, and tall waterfalls, also making it one of the best places to visit in Montana.

Montana is a heavenly place for people who are into outdoor activities. Some of the most popular things to do here are biking, hiking, water sports, winter sports, you name it, Montana has it!

What is the Best Month to Visit Montana?

Places to visit in Montana
By Pixabay/Pexels

Montana has got some pleasant weather from the months of June to August wherein the climate is super bright and cool. The months of December to March are equally good to visit when there is a skiing season going on there.

However, it is best to research the exact best time to visit Montana to get the best out of the experience.

Montana State also has numerous outdoor activities to experience which can be thoroughly enjoyed at this particular time in an ideal climate.

What is the Nicest Part of Montana?

Montana is full of vacation vibes and it is a destination consisting of wealthy and diversified terrains. Ranging from the Rocky Mountains to the Glacier National Park and also the Great Plains, this state is simply something full of wilderness.

Perhaps you are searching for a place to live in Montana because of its close proximity to the wildlife and snow-covered mountains, or maybe you are looking for the job opportunities present there.

Irrespective of the requirements that differ from individual to individual, Montana is an enjoyable, happy, and awesome place to live.

Key Takeaway

To conclude, Montana is one of the most wonderful states to reside in with the best natural environment, an ideal place for people looking to settle in a place surrounded by greeneries all around.

Places to visit in Montana
By Chris Duan/Pexels

From mountains to trekking spots, the place has it all. There is everything for everyone here, this article can surely prove to be a guide for exploring the best places to visit in Montana.

Montana is primarily a rural place and is home to many national parks having an abundance of wildlife and beautiful scenery.

Montana is, without any second thoughts, one of the most amazing states in the country, surrounded by marvellous mountains that rise above the plains.

Camping, hiking, and canoeing are some of the most popular things to do in this state, alongside snowboarding and skiing, that is most enjoyed during the winter season. With all of this and much more, Montana really does have something for each and everyone to enjoy.

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  1. What is the number 1 attraction in Montana?

Ans. Glacier National is the number 1 attraction in Montana.

2. What is Montana best known for?

Ans. Montana is known for its natural beauty, its wildlife and its mineral deposits.

3. Which is the most-visited city in Montana?

Ans. Bozeman is the most visited city in Montana.

5 Best Places To Visit in Montana

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