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16 Best Malls In Hawaii That One Should Visit

Hawaii is the 50th state of the United States of America. It has a fierce economy rich in manufacturing. The state is very into research and development. The United States is very much dependent upon Hawaii for its defense system. Hawaii falls under the eight prime islands and is also considered the transportation hub. Here we will see Famous malls in Hawaii.

The city is pretty much known for its aura and laid-back lifestyle. Okay, I tell you a fact about Hawaii and that is that Hawaii is plastic-free. Isn’t that wonderful? And you know what, this state has the surpassing life expectancy in the United States. It also has some of the endangered species.

It is a great shopping spot as it offers trendy things within the budgets as they have links with wholesalers. And it also has the largest open-air mall in the world and other beautifully designed malls.

Let’s Have A Brief Look At The Famous Malls In Hawaii

Here Are The Lists Of Malls In Hawaii

1. Ala Moana Center

Famous malls in Hawaii
Screenshot from Ala Moana Center’s official website

Ala Moana Center is simply known as Al Moana and is one of the open-air malls in Honolulu, Hawaii. There are numerous retail shops, boutiques, branded departmental stores, and dining places. As mentioned, it is an open-air mall so a refreshing breeze blows all the time in the mall which makes the shopping environment more beautiful.

The Ala Moana Center offers several facilities for visitors. Such as it offers a daily hula show and that too for free, excessive savings i.e. if you are a military servant then you can enjoy excessive savings by getting discounted products throughout the center, and not only military servants but school students and teachers also has the opportunity to avail heavier discounts on showing their ID proofs. It has a parking space for over four thousand vehicles.

It falls under the category of the most successful malls in the world. You know what, when this mall was in progress it received a lot of criticism for its unusual design but later came up to be a very successful design. In short, it’s a must-visit mall, and if you are planning to visit Hawaii then put it on your itinerary.

2. Waikele Center

Famous malls in Hawaii
Screenshot from Waikele center’s official website

The center is also an open-air shopping center located in Honolulu. This Hawaii-based mall has a lot to explore such as a lot of retail shops, a food court, restaurants, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Panda Express, etc. The mall has become a great tourist attraction in no time. As it offers things at reasonable prices also. This mall is highly important for Hawaiians and shop freaks.

3. Hawaiʻi Kai Towne Center

Famous Malls in Hawaii
Screenshot from Hawaii Kai Towne Center’s official website

This mall has everything you look for while visiting a mall. It provides every service possible from its side. Let’s list out some of their services. Shopping services with trendy clothes, restaurants, and dining options with some cool and famous luxury brands such as ramen-ya, Outback Steakhouse, Panda Express, etc., And some entertainment facilities are also provided by them.

The conveniently located mall is perfect if you are looking to spend your weekend relaxingly. There you can have a relaxing spa day, cool haircuts, and lots of professional and medical services. Now just imagine you finding all the needed services in one place.

4. Salt Lake Shopping Center

Famous malls in hawaii
Screenshot from Salt lake shopping center’s official website

Salt Lake Shopping Center is a great place to visit for locals as well as tourists. This mall is pretty famous for shopping. It offers not only trendy and reasonably priced clothes but also provides crazy shirts in every size for shoppers. In short, the mall is convenient for every person. It offers many stores such as specialty stores, medical services, no. of salon services, no. of eateries such as McDonald’s, Safeway, etc. The mall also provides car charging points.

5. Pearl Ridge Center

Famous malls in hawaii
Screenshot from Pearl ridge center’s official website

Pearl Ridge Center is the second largest mall in Aiea, Hawaii after Ala Moana Centre. And the major difference between the two malls is that Al Moana is the open-air mall as discussed earlier but Pearl Ridge Center is the largest enclosed air-conditioned mall or shopping center in Hawaii. The mall features the top brands of the market such as Sephora, Macy’s, TJ Maxx, etc.

This mall tries to fulfill every shopper’s needs. People find it very satisfying when shopping and dining at this mall. Some people even find this mall more wonderful than Ala Moana because it gives them a break from the heat and at the same time provides services very similar to Ala Moana. The mall offers easily accessible and unique stores.

6. Kahala Mall

Famous malls in Hawaii
Screenshot from Kahala mall’s official website

Kahala Mall is also located in Honolulu, Hawaii. The mall has several branded shops in it. Such as Apple stores, pharmacies, Starbucks, Claire’s, etc. This mall is never that empty as school children and senior citizens are normally found in the mall. School kids have free access to gadgets in the mall. The mall is also used as a gathering spot. It has a no. of the shopping center and it’s a good mall to visit.

People find this mall to be a good place to spend time with family, and friends, and alone in a good manner. WF offers good food so you can easily have a family gathering. In addition, it shows movies that are not shown anywhere in Hawaii. This makes the mall a must-visit for movie people. It has over 100 chain stores.

Tourists find the mall with all their needs and the whole foods market fulfills the requirements by providing ready-made products and that too at reasonable prices. Sometimes the mall gets busy and people find it difficult to find an eating place. This shows the demand for the mall. So don’t forget to book yourself a place in advance.

The mall offers easy parking and lots of spaces to visitors and makes entry for them very easy. There are no. of shops to entertain you. It is a small mall as compared to other malls and is often crowded. And also it is the first mall that has been built there. And some shops even let you bargain.

7. City Square Shopping Center

Famous malls in hawaii
Screenshot from City square shopping mall’s official center

City Square is located in Honolulu, Hawaii. It is one of the most convenient malls with fully air-conditioned spaces. The mall offers a variety of food dishes. Such as international food as well as local food. So locals are very prone to visit the mall and it also has several renowned restaurants. This mall consists of a lot of different facility stores which other malls sometimes fail to provide such as pet shops, seafood, fruits and vegetables at reasonable rates, spices, herbs, etc.

Locals find it pretty convenient to visit the mall as it provides most of their required services. In addition, it provides free parking lots. So a local can easily visit there and do all the household shopping.

8. Navy Exchange Mall

Famous malls in hawaii
Screenshot from Navy exchange mall’s official website

Navy Exchange Mall offers services to military families and also provides facilities to non-military families but only to some extent. The mall offers great exchange systems which attract you to shop from there only. If you carry your navy ID then you will be able to avail of tax-free products and the products that the mall offers are quite high in quality.

The mall environment is pretty calm and feels very safe and Soothing. The staff is properly trained and are very friendly. Usually, one thing people find very satisfying about this place is the modest prices. People get almost everything they wish to buy.

The staff is really helpful towards visitors and helps them out with clear instructions. So, there are lots of reasons for visitors to leave the mall happily. It’s a great place to buy branded products at reasonable prices and dining facilities are also good.

9. Westridge Shopping Center

The mall tries to provide you with everything you wish to buy. That calm and relaxing environment is one the things that attract most visitors. This mall also provides for best dining options and if you are stuck upon choosing a favorite meal then the staff even helps you choose one.

It’s a great place to have a social gathering. And if you are planning to buy home decor things or gifting things then you must visit the center as it provides a lot of creative things.

And you know this mall is quite popular when it comes to beauty and skincare. They provide really good services in the domain of skin care as they have experts for it. The mall provides special services for the aged and disabled ones. It also provides medical services for everyone. And there is everything in the mall that you require to fill your trolleys with grocery shopping. So yes you can visit the mall and load your trolleys with fresh products.

The mall gives you plenty of options for dining not only junk food but also healthy food so you can enjoy the taste of healthy food in the dining area. If you are looking forward to self-care then you must visit the mall as it has a lot of things you gonna need to start self-care.

10.Waipahu Town Center

Malls in hawaii
Screenshot from Waipahu town center’s official website

Just like another mall it has various departmental stores, various dining options, and both the things they provide are in quite reasonable ranges. It has a lot of grocery shopping and dining options. Such as Taco Bell, Starbucks, Edible Arrangements, Subway, etc.

And also provides medical services, banking services, and some professional services. So you may find everything in one place here. And last but not least it gives abundant parking space to people and it makes everything easily accessible.

11. Keʻeaumoku Plaza Mall

malls in hawaii
Screenshot from Keʻeaumoku Plaza Mall’s official website

Keʻeaumoku Plaza is also located in Honolulu, Hawaii. The mall is next to the Walmart. There are so many things and recognized brands to explore in the mall. And provides a lot of services the visitors are seeking. Some people find it difficult to part in lots but this doesn’t make the mall inconvenient.

The reason can be the rush due to the overwhelming services of the mall. The atmosphere this mall provides is truly amazing and with a visit. It may be difficult to get into the mall but once you get there you won’t want to leave the mall because the area is so calming and relaxing.

12. Moanalua Shopping Center

malls in hawaii
Screenshot from Moanalua Shopping Center’s official website

Moanalua Shopping Center is also located in Honolulu, Hawaii. This mall has a lot of facilities for its visitors and tries to fulfill their expectations with their services. There are lots of options in everything such as shopping, eating or any services. So you will be left with lots of options to choose from. People believe it is good to visit the mall as it is maintained beautifully over the years and is quite hygienic in terms of cleanliness.

Most people come here especially for food as it offers a lot of options for dining. It offers both kinds of food like local food as well as recognized brands of food. The mall environment is worth a visit as it is very relaxing. If you are planning to spend your weekend there then you will surely have a fun time. Parking lots are also good. You can easily access everything there.

If you are in Hawaii or planning to visit the place then right now put it in your itinerary so that you don’t forget to visit the beautiful mall. The mall is quite rushed sometimes during meal times because people come from a long way to get to enjoy the food. This mall tries to provide something to everyone.

13. Lahaina Cannery Mall

malls in hawaii
Screenshot from Lahaina Cannery Mall’s official website

This mall has been highly recommendable to people who already visited that place. They don’t have all the things in one place but the things they have are really good. It is easy to get into the mall and easy and accessible parking lots with lots of spaces.

The mall is not that big but has affordable and satisfactory services. There are lots of recognized brands in the mall so you can take a walk by these stores.

14. Kukui Plaza Mall

malls in hawaii
Screenshot from Kukui Plaza Mall’s official website

Kukui Plaza Mall is a great place to visit. You can easily get there and spend the day relaxingly. Parking lots are never that congested, most of the time it’s quite spicy. The staff there is quite professional and offers a lot of services and facilities to the visitors.

Such as they offer various kinds of medical services, travel services, etc. Overall people find it with everything in one place in terms of vibes. No matter if it is a small mall still it is a relaxing, calm, and very well-maintained mall.

15. Pearl Kai Shopping Center

malls in hawaii
Screenshot from Pearl Kai Shopping Center’s official website

The facilities and services the mall renders are amazing. Food services are really good and food is something that attracts most of the visitors to this mall. The staff working there is also friendly. It is surely a great place to visit.

Parking lots are also easily accessible and it is also very accessible for senior citizens and disabled ones. It’s a great shopping center. Food is good but you can find a price hike in eateries.

16. Keauhou Shopping Center

malls in hawaii
Screenshot from Keauhou Shopping Center’s official website

Keauhou Shopping Center is a good place to shop, eat, and medical services. You can easily get there and have a relaxing day at the mall. The mall tends to offer a lot of facilities so you can avail of a lot of facilities such as banking services, medical services, specialty stores, a lot of cafes, grocery supermarkets, jewelry, fashion, beauty care, etc.


As discussed there are lots of malls in Hawaii that offer numerous services and facilities. So you can find out the best which suits your needs. One thing we will find common in all these malls is that these malls offer good shopping facilities.

But still, it depends upon your call. Before choosing a mall to visit first list or prioritize your needs and choose a mall and visit accordingly. So, if you are planning to visit Hawaii then don’t forget to have fun in your favorite malls.

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