Best Restaurants in Savannah Ga. Best Restaurants in Savannah Ga.

Which 15 Savannah Ga Restaurants Are a Must-Try?

If you are looking for the best place to dine in and have some delicious food on your table in Savannah, Georgia, then here are some of the best restaurants in Savannah Ga.

There are several restaurants in Savannah Ga which offer mouth-watering food and help you get delicious tastes from around the world. Savannah, the earliest city in Georgia, has a lengthy and colourful past replete with fascinating characters and stunning settings.

Savannah is considered one of the most recognized cities in the South, and it’s easy to see why with its well-kept parks, horse-drawn carriages, and elaborate colonial architecture.

With its beautiful architecture and tall buildings, the place provides exquisite food options and beautiful places to dine in and have a quality time at the dining table with your loved ones.

About Savannah

Savannah was laid out in grids and is known as “America’s First Planned City.” It was established in 1733 under General James Edward Oglethorpe, who was a British benefactor and Member of Parliament.

Savannah is known as the “Hostess City of the South” because it epitomizes antebellum hospitality.

Numerous famous people have lived in Savannah over the years, including Juliette Gordon Low, the woman who started Girl Scouts of the USA, composer Johnny Mercer, and inventor Eli Whitney.

Sister Cities International has listed five sister cities as being close to Savannah. These cities include Kaya, Jiujiang, Burkina Faso, China, Patras, Batumi, Greece, and Georgia.

Along with one of the biggest National Historic Landmark Districts to be known in the nation, the city received its recognition from the American government in 1966.

15 Best Restaurants in Savannah Ga

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Here are the best Savannah restaurants

  1. Vic’s on the River

Vic’s is situated in an exquisite historic district cotton warehouse with views of the Savannah River as well as Historic River Street.

Pets are allowed on the patio where guests can eat while admiring Historic Factors Walk beneath century-old Live Oaks and is in the best restaurants in Savannah Ga.

Vic’s menu, which offers a sophisticated interpretation of classic Southern fare and a variety of fresh, local seafood, showcases Savannah’s Southern flair in adding to our breathtaking views.

Vic’s On The River’s staff extends a warm invitation for you to visit and take advantage of our cordial and dedicated service, where the Savannah River is the only thing that is neglected apart from all things.

To know more, you can visit their website.

  1. Collin’s Quarter

collins quarter
Image from collin’s quarter

In Collin’s Quarter you will be served with local ingredients, handcrafted coffees, eclectic variations on regional and international delicacies, and breakfast, lunch, and brunch are all prepared in a hip building in the centre of Savannah’s historic area and it is on the list of the best restaurants in Savannah Ga.

For both families and couples, whether it’s just for fun or a professional lunch. The restaurant converts through an adult restaurant at night, complete with dim lighting, relaxing music, and international cuisine.

As a result of having the chance to engage with some of America’s top chefs, the restaurant’s Executive Chef would have already been able to create a special brand of cuisine and presentation.

The food offered is very unique and the taste and the flavour profiles might not be acceptable to everyone.

Collins Quarter, which has sites Downtown and also in Forsyth Park, offers an all-day brunch that incorporates both Australian-inspired delicacies like a bubble and squeaked and smashed peas as well as Southern mainstays like buckwheat pancakes, bananas foster, and also the well-known French toast, bread pudding, and grits.

  1. Husk Savannah

The neighbourhood Dining Group’s Husk, which is strategically located in Savannah’s Landmark Historic District, alters the essence of Southern cuisine and emphasizes the distinctive delicacies of coastal Georgia.

The restaurant revolutionizes what it takes to eat and drink in Savannah by reinterpreting the local bounty through an active component cuisine that starts with the uncovering of heirloom goods making to be of the best restaurants in Savannah g.

The structure, which was initially constructed in 1898, has a rich history and many intriguing (ghost) tales to tell. Husk Savannah’s menu uses only Southern-grown ingredients and caters to a strong Southern ethic, teaming with regional farmers and manufacturers to construct it.

Husk’s products are based on tried-and-true approaches like seed preservation, heirloom husbandry, in-house pickling, and charcuterie programs by the culinary team. The menu changes periodically.

  1. The Grove Savannah

The Grove, Savannah
Image from The Grove

In the bustling City Market, a  historic district of Savannah, there is a chic, informal restaurant and rooftop bar called The Grove. Welcome to your home away from home in Savannah, whether it’s a lengthy vacation or a much-needed staycation.

The place is very sophisticated and offers a casual and relaxing up-to-the-mark bar and is considered to be in the best restaurants in Savannah Ga.

Fried chicken, fried green tomatoes, and she-crab soup give a proper classic southern cooking experience.

  1. Repeal 33

Fine dining restaurant, Repeal 33 is thrilled to be Savannah’s best restaurant and bar for artisan cocktails.

The best ingredients are sourced from nearby farms and vendors for the modern twists on traditional Southern recipes that appear on Chef Greg Garrison’s menu. Seasonal changes do affect the dishes in cuisine.

Regional beers, a hand-picked collection of wines, and several unique cocktails are all available on Beverage Director/Owner Jim McCourt’s menu.

Repeal 33 is more than just a restaurant or bar; it’s an extension of Savannah’s history and culture, delivering a visceral insight into how that history shaped the city into what it is today and is one of the best restaurants in Savannah Ga.

Please keep in mind that regardless of your age, you will need to present a valid I.D. if you purchase an adult beverage in Georgia.

  1. Ardsley Station

Ardsley Station - Website, Screenshot
Ardsley Station – Website, Screenshot

An upmarket moderate American Southern kitchen theory called Ardsley Station serves food made with ingredients that are obtained locally in a social setting that is welcoming, approachable, unpretentious, and full of charm.

Only the finest ingredients for traditional southern food are gathered from community farmers in the low country. The meals and beverages at Ardsley Station are deliberately chosen and always genuine.

Three words best describe what clients experience about Ardsley Station’s brands: It’s so tasty! which makes it come in the list of best restaurants in Savannah Ga.

  1. The Fitzroy

A local favourite in historic downtown Savannah The Fitzroy is a restaurant and bar in downtown Savannah that was created by the same group that created The Collins Quarter, Collins Tiny fraction at Forsyth, and The Deck and is in the best restaurants in Savannah Ga.

Lie back and indulge with meals or drinks in our rooftop garden or in the warm, dark indoor area. Walk-ins are always welcome because we reserve 50% of the space for these cherished customers.

The Fitzroy, a popular bar modelled after those in Melbourne, Australia, is conveniently situated in Downtown Savannah’s historic area. The Fitz offers a wide variety of Gastropub fare and is housed in one of Savannah’s most exquisite historic buildings and is among the best restaurants in Savannah Ga.

A credit card is needed to be in use to have a surety of your reservation. $20.00 per person may be charged if you cancel within 48 hours of your reservation.

The Fitzroy is a bar and restaurant in the heart of Savannah that serves sophisticated pub fare with an Australian influence.

Take advantage of our rooftop’s beautiful Savannah sunshine or warm, gloomy indoor seating for supper, brunch, or cocktails.

  1. The Pirates’ House

The most fascinating and historic best restaurant in Savannah Ga for southern charm is one that the whole family will love. The meal is the Pirates’ House’s most prized possession.

The Famous Pirates’ House is among the most significant location in Georgia, and it is located in the Trustees Garden a short distance from the Savannah River.

The Pirates’ House contains the Herb House, which was built in 1734 and is thought to be Georgia’s oldest home and is in the list of the best restaurants in Savannah Ga.

The Pirates’ House was established in 1753 as a guesthouse for seafarers but quickly developed into a gathering place for renegade pirates and sailors. Strongly endorsed by AAA, Food & Wine, and Redbook making it one of the best restaurants in Savannah Ga.

  1. Local 11ten

local11ten - Website, Screenshot
local11ten – Website, Screenshot

Local 11ten offers a nightly eating experience packed with sophisticated cuisine, a welcoming demeanour, and contemporary décor. It is nestled a block south of Savannah’s Forsyth Park.

The informal, sophisticated restaurant serving typical southern cuisine made with seasonal, local ingredients is housed in the downtown bank since the 1950s that has been refurbished.

Foodies, tourists, and residents congregate in the modern setting to sample Executive Cook Brett Cavanna’s distinctive take on traditional southern cuisine.

Many of the dishes feature dayboat fish from Georgia’s coastline and herbs and veggies from Savannah’s local farmers. Cavanna, the excellent chef, uses the area’s national environment and regional delicacies.

Local 11ten, a restaurant with a DiRoNA rating, provides diners with a modern dining experience that is elegantly simple. Snow crab with butter beans and sweet potatoes is a must-try. The restaurant comes under the best restaurants in Savannah Ga.

In addition, PERCH, Savannah’s ultimate terrace destination, is tucked away in the trees above the restaurant, making it another Savannah must-do and one of the best restaurants in Savannah Ga.

10. The Ordinary Pub

The Ordinary Pub, located within one of Savannah’s handful remaining 200-year-old basements and is one of the best restaurants in Savannah Ga, surrounding visitors with an atmosphere that only worn charm can offer.

Gastropub cuisine offers reimagined pub fare that was created by our executive chef, Daniel Gattone, and CEC, Justin Grizzard, who had classical French training and puts it in the best restaurants in Savannah Ga.

Foods such as our Nation Fried Bison, Pork Belly Donut Sliders, butter beans, fried green tomatoes, and Chicken & Waffle Gyros pay homage to Savannah’s variety by reflecting cuisine inspired by the West Coast, Asia, and the Low Country which puts it in the best restaurants in Savannah Ga.

Our bar program, which includes by-the-ounce options of unique bourbon, cocktail bars, micro-brew beers, house-kegged cocktails, drunken noodles and Brunswick stew goes along with our diverse menu and is in the best restaurants in Savannah Ga.

A gastropub oriented at an adult experience, The Regular Pub does not offer served overseas, child seats, or a youngsters’ menu.

  1. Madame Butterfly

Madame Butterfly, Website Screenshot
Madame Butterfly, Website Screenshot

Madame Butterfly is another of those exceptional occasions that combines entertaining and chic. Both are charming and entertaining enough for any date to make it in the best restaurants list of Savannah.

Try choosing Korean BBQ even though they have traditional table alternatives, it will be worth your try! This is probably to be a terrific alternative if you’re seeking something unusual which makes it in the list of best restaurants in Savannah Ga.

You and your group will barbecue various pieces of meat and veggies with smoked sausage on the roast in the middle of each table in the restaurant’s Korean BBQ section.

Some members of your group may complain that you have to prepare your individual food at the establishment, but you should just ignore them.

The best restaurant makes us confident that they’re going to have heated up to the concept even by end of their meal and the fact that it is one of the best restaurants in Savannah Ga.

  1. Ruth’s Chris Steak House

The aged USDA Prime steaks served at Ruth’s Chris Steak House are their speciality. Ruth’s Chris Steak House is one of the best restaurants in Savannah.

The steaks are broiled in a signature 1800° oven and placed on a plate that has been preheated to 500° to keep them “sizzling” hot and it comes under the best restaurants in Savannah Ga.

Simply head to the nearby Ruth’s Chris Steak House and follow the sizzle to enjoy great cuisine at its finest which your taste buds will always remember which will make you trust the fact that it is one of the best restaurants in Savannah Ga.

  1. Corleone’s Trattoria

Coeleone’s Trattoria is one of the best restaurants which is situated near the intersection of MLK and Broughton Street. Visit Tot to sample their extensive Italian menu. The restaurant has made it in the list of the best restaurants in Savannah Ga.

Corleone’s is the ideal place to have a dinner that you will never forget thanks to its extensive Italian menu and cosy, pleasant dining room.

The “Amanti Wine Bar” in the restaurant offers a wide selection of traditional Italian reds and whites in addition to a selection of organic wines which makes visiting Savannah more interesting and proves it is one of the best restaurants in Savannah Ga.

  1. Olde Pink House

A restaurant and pub located in Savannah, Georgia, The Olde Pink House is also recognized as The Pink House and was once known as Habersham House. The structure was constructed in 1771 and is situated on Abercorn Street in Reynolds Square’s northwest trust lot.

East Bryan Street towards the north, Abercorn Street to the same east, as well as East Saint Julian Street to the south, are its boundaries.

A Palladian window over the portico is one of its distinguishing features. The restaurant comes under the best restaurants in Savannah Ga.

The Oliver Sturges House, which was built 24 years later, is located directly across the street East Saint Julian Street out from the site and it is one of the best restaurants in Savannah Ga.

History Over the Centuries

Originally named Habersham House because of its founder James Habersham, Jr., another of Savannah’s most notable cotton barons and founding-family members, the structure was completed in 1789.

There, Habersham remained until his demise in 1799. The British Crown first granted the site as land. It escaped the Savannah conflagration of 1796, which obliterated 229 city constructions.

The house was refurbished into Planters Bank, Georgia’s first bank, in 1812. At this time, the main façade of the building obtained a portico supported by leads to inefficient Doric columns, and an addition was constructed upon that northern side.

  1. Alligator Soul

alligator soul
Image from Alligator Soul

What is the best restaurant in Savannah to eat at? One of the best would be the Alligator Soul. Alligator Soul is a classy yet approachable restaurant that is undeniably one of a kind among Savannah’s fine dining establishments.

It is situated on the historic Telfair Square in Savannah’s Downtown District. Whether you’re a local or a first-time traveller to Savannah, we provide you and your company with hospitality, food, and service of the highest calibre and will make you trust the fact that it is the best restaurant in Savannah Ga.

Dine underground in the Imperial cellars and take in the distinct Southern ambience and traditional food with a French-Creole twist.

The seasonal menu at Alligator Soul features farm-fresh produce, local dayboat fish, and grass-fed beef. It is renowned for its unique Southern culinary traditions and comes among the best restaurants in Savannah Ga.


The proprietor Maureen Craig and her late husband Hilary previously owned two highly regarded eateries in the Seattle region.

They opened the third also with intention of opening a restaurant somewhere we would be more open-minded and were aware that the South was indeed the ideal location. 2003 saw the Savannah opening of Alligator Soul.

The underground location of the restaurant was formerly a grain storehouse and underwent major renovations. Chef DiNello was hand-selected to join their restaurant staff in 2009.

The term “Soul” stands for who you are as a person and what you individually hold to be true. Personal principles and method of conduct in this world and what consequence you have. Alligator is a word that can be employed to describe anyone’s physical appearance.

Key Takeaways

Best Restaurants in Savannah, GA

Georgia’s oldest city, Savannah, also serves as the administrative centre for Chatham County. Founded in 1733 mostly on the  Savannah River, Savannah later served as both Georgia’s first state capital and the British colonial class municipality in the province of Georgia.

Food is available in the best restaurants in Savannah Ga. The Savannah Historic District, 22 park-like squares, and Savannah Victorian Historic District make up Savannah’s downtown, one of the country’s largest National Historic Landmark Domains.

Savannah is a perfect place to sit back, chill, and have fun with the well-known southern lifestyle. It offers beautiful architecture, a low cost of living, and plenty of food options.

You can get them with fried eggs, cheese, sausage, peppers, beans, barbecue chicken, and/or jalapenos on top! The cheese, bacon, and garlic dressings are all homemade.

The restaurant makes its own dough of bread, prepares its own meat, pairs wines with all of it, and the entire menu modernizes traditional Southern dishes. Make sure that you order the overstuffed Carolina trout if you want to experience that elevation in action.

Here’s your best guide to the 12 biggest cities in Georgia.

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