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15 Essential Puerto Rico Fun Facts

Fun facts about Puerto Rico would be clouding your mind, as you may be thinking, what exactly is unique about Puerto Rico, right? Just like any other destination, Puerto Rico is a territory filled with fun things to do.

Apart from the things that it has to offer, it is a place rich in culture, food, and fun to top the charts! Beaches, hotels, and nightlife are 4 beautiful words, to sum up, Puerto Rico.

If you are cracking your head and wondering what Puerto Rico is all about, here are 15 Puerto Rico Facts that will keep you stunned when you read them. Head below to find out some fun facts about Puerto Rico.

Know about Puerto Rico

With San Juan as its capital, Puerto Rico is an island located near the northeast Caribbean Sea, near Miami. Although it was first colonized by the Spanish and became an unincorporated territory of the United States of America after the Spanish American War, today, Spain-oriented discoveries are present here.

Fun facts about Puerto Rico
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Back then the USA wanted to purchase Puerto Rico, but now it is an integral part of the American territory, with visitors coming here from all over the world. It also serves as a significant contribution to the American Economy as the holiday season sees a peak of tourists coming here to spend their time.

Known for its trade practices in chemicals and pharmaceuticals, Puerto Rico has a great throw in boosting the country’s economy.

Fun Facts About Puerto Rico – 15 Such Facts!

Owing to its super-cool history, Puerto Rico also has some amazing edges to it. Here are 15 fun facts about Puerto Rico that you should be knowing.

1. Puerto Rico is Filled with Beaches!

Home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Puerto Rico is known for having the cleanest yet fun-filling beaches in the entire world. Here, you will find many urban beaches which give you nothing but relaxation and peace of mind.

With a coastline of nearly 270 miles, more than 300 beaches are present in Puerto Rico. Not just fun but you can also play games, eat and sunbathe on these beaches! It is also known for giving visitors the best surfing and kiting experience owing to its tropical weather.

Some of the Beautiful Beaches of Puerto Rico are:

(a) Flamenco Beach

Playa Flamenco Beach on Culebra Island is a tropical beach considered “Paradise on Earth” by many Puerto Ricans. The water is very close to clear and is shaped like a horseshoe.

You can see the coral reefs and explore other areas. If you are a fan of photography, you could click some cool pictures for your next Instagram post. Diving and snorkelling are also popular on this beach, so you should check them out.

Hiking offered by the Isla De Culebra National is also a top-notch spot for all brave hearts. If you want to try your hand at making your journey fun, check this place out.

(b) Luquillo Beach

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Located in East San Juan, Luquillo Beach is a popular tourist attraction in Puerto Rico. It is surrounded by coconut palms which gives the beach a fantastic ambience.

Apart from the scenery, you can also swim or surf in the sea. There are changing rooms, shower rooms, and on-duty lifeguards present here. Camping options are also available on Puerto Rico’s Luquillo beach.

(c) Playa Sucia

Located near Cabo Rojo, Playa Sucia beach is one of the prettiest beaches in Puerto Rico. The turquoise water and calm waves make it the best beach for swimming and having fun.

Here, you can also visit the lighthouse, which will give you epic scenic views of the entire Puerto Rico island.

2. Puerto Rico’s Uninhabited Islands

Although this place is residential, with millions of people coming in every day, some parts of Puerto Rico are uninhabited and isolated. Unlike the main island, including Vieques island and the Virgin Islands, most other islands are uninhabited in Puerto Rico.

Some of the Uninhabited Islands are:

(a) Galapagos Island

Galapagos Island is a small island where not many people reside. People often come here as groups and spend the day together by doing fun activities provided here.

(b) Mona Island

Unlike the Virgin Islands, Mona Island has no native residents. Although this is uninhabited and not a central island of the Puerto Rican territory, you can always pre-book with some travel companies to spend your days here with friends and family.

3. Puerto Ricans are Mostly Spanish!

The Spanish American War dragged into Puerto Rico a lot of Spanish Gothic Architecture. Ever since Spain ceded Puerto Rico to the United States of America, widespread Spanish literature has been present here.

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Most people residing here are native Spanish speakers due to the Spanish Colony established during the Spanish American War. Although English is the top-most language spoken in the United States of America, Puerto Rico is overwhelmingly Spanish-speaking, with a large population doing the same.

“Porto Rico” is the Spanish pronunciation for the city. Puerto Rican Spanish is currently a language dialect in the place. So if you are visiting Puerto Rico, make sure you know basic Spanish to match up with most Puerto Ricans.

4. Puerto Rico is a Distinct Nation

Many people around the world misunderstand Puerto Rico to be a country because of its famous attractions and incredible culture. However, this is not reality as Puerto Rico is not a country; it is just a commonwealth that comes under the control of the American Territory.

Puerto Rico’s currency is the United States Dollar, but locals use the word “peso” to keep themselves distinct from others. Although Puerto Rico officially doesn’t recognize this, the word is primarily used.

Puerto Rico is considered an independent nation in many other contexts, as it has its Puerto Rican Flag and Puerto Rico Department.

Puerto Rico competes distinctly in the Olympics as well as other beauty pageants. This is one of the fun facts about Puerto Rico; we bet you didn’t know, did you?

5. San Juan is a Place Edged in History

The capital city of San Juan is a place that has great historical importance. It is an integral part of Puerto Rican History as it was one of the most prominent centres during the war.

Old San Juan

One of the world’s oldest European cities, Old San Juan was once the hub of European settlement. Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León was known for his promising discoveries in San Juan. Here are some of the other places to check out in San Juan.

San Juan, Puerto Rico
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1. Catedral De San Juan Bautista

Catedral de San Juan Bautista is a Roman Cathedral located in San Juan. It was constructed in 1521 and was later destroyed due to a hurricane. Later it was reshaped in 1917 and has been in existence ever since.

2. Castillo De San Cristobal

One of the National Historic Sites of San Juan, Castillo De San Cristobal, is a fortress built by the Spanish to prevent attacks during the war. It was built in 1521, but the United Nations considered it a World Heritage Site in 1983.

6. Puerto Rico is the World’s Oldest Colony

Joining the fun facts about Puerto Rico is that Puerto Rico is considered the world’s oldest colony. Christopher Columbus arrived here in the year 1493 and discovered Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

After observing the place, he noticed that many Taino Indians resided there. On seeing that, he termed it a Spanish Colony and never returned to Puerto Rico again! But things took a turnover after Christopher Columbus left, as, during the Spanish American War, the United States of America won control of Puerto Rico along with its colonial status.

Ever since Puerto Rico has been considered the World’s oldest colony, San Juan has been the oldest city under the American Flag. That’s an excellent achievement for Puerto Ricans.

7. Puerto Rico hosted the First Nuclear Submarine Voyage

In 1954, The First Nuclear Submarine Voyage arrived in Puerto Rico. The Navy of the United States of America initiated this cause and allowed the voyage to land here.

The submarine was named USS Nautilus and embarked on its first-ever journey under the sea. It also scripted history by staying underwater at the highest sustained speed for the longest time. The submarine is now happily resting in a Museum in Groton.

8. Sole Tropical Forest of the US Forest Service: El Yunque National Forest 

Puerto Rico’s El Yunque National Forest is the only tropical rainforest in Puerto Rico. At nearly 29,000 acres large, El Yunque is located in northeastern Puerto Rico.

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Here you can see different types of animals and enjoy the views of the breathtaking scenery. Mountains, rivers, and trees are some of the beautiful things that you can see in this tropical forest of Puerto Rico.

It is also known as the Caribbean National Forest and is filled with a fresh atmosphere of leaves and greenery. There are also many hiking trails and camping sites where you can hang out with your friends and make the most out of your trip.

9. Arecibo Observatory’s Collapse made Headlines!

Puerto Rico’s Arecibo Observatory is a popular attraction known as the National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center (NAIC). It is widely known for the Arecibo Telescope Collapse, which is one of the massive losses to the science industry.

The destroyed radio dish was one of the active figures in many films. The dish got destroyed after a 900-ton science platform crashed onto it and ruined the entire dish.

Although many theories prove that scientists could’ve saved this telescope, it only remains a mystery. Today remains of this disaster lie in Arecibo Observatory for tourists to visit and check out. It is one of the revolutionary figures of Puerto Rico, which is one such fun fact.

10. Arroz Con Gandules is the National Dish of Puerto Rico

One of the fun facts about Puerto Rico is that the territory’s hero dish is Arroz Con Gandules. Although Caribbean Roots partly influence it, this dish got a distinct identity in Puerto Rico.

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This dish is a combination of pigeon peas, rice, and pork. It is cooked in the same pot as with sofrito. It is served with pork and is a treat for all Puerto Ricans. Roasted pork is also used as an alternative.

The next time you visit Puerto Rico, make sure you get a taste of this profound dish of Puerto Rico.

11. Attaining Puerto Rican Citizenship is easy

Since Puerto Rico considers itself an independent nation, attaining citizenship is quite a manageable task compared to other countries. If you are an American citizen, getting citizenship would be just a piece of cake!

For some historical facts, Juan Mari Brás was the first person to receive Puerto Rican citizenship. He founded the Puerto Rican Socialist Party and was a supporter of Puerto Rican independence and the founder of the Puerto Rican Socialist Party.

For those from other countries, one must first attain US Citizenship and then apply for a follow-up for Puerto Rican Citizenship. If you are in the mind of getting settled here, we suggest you begin your processes right now!

12. Puerto Rico Has 2 Official Languages

Although small in size, Puerto Rico is one country with more than one official language. Owing to its Spanish and American roots, English and Spanish are the two languages officially recognized in the territory.

(i) English

Fewer than 20 per cent of the population in Puerto Rico’s San Juan and other countries. English was recognized officially to help tourists to communicate with other Puerto Ricans. The Spanish language has in its dictionary some borrowed words from the English language, which is why they go hand in hand.

(ii) Spanish

Spanish is the most widely spoken Puerto Rican Language. Many famous Puerto Ricans converse with the media in Spanish to uphold their identity. Not just in Puerto Rico but in many other neighbouring islands also speak fluently in Spanish. Puerto Ricans are known for their nice Spanish-speaking accent.

13. The Largest Rum Distillery is Present in Puerto Rico

The Bacardi Rum factory, also known as the Cathedral of Rum in Catano, is the largest Rum Distillery globally. Spreading 137 acres of land, this distillery is a sought-after attraction by many people worldwide.

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This distillery proudly contributes to more than 70 per cent of Bacardi’s total Rum Production, making it even more unique. It is an integral part of history as it has supplied rum to many parts of the world.

There are four buildings with Puerto Rican architecture, including a museum. So if you want to chill with a glass of rum and enjoy yourself with friends, you could check this place out!

14. The Capital City Kept Changing Time and Again

San Juan was not always the Capital City of Puerto Rico. The first capital of the territory was Cappara, after which it was changed into Old San Juan.

Another fun fact about Puerto Rico is that its old name was first San Juan Bautista, in Old San Juan. But later, it was named Puerto Rico owing to the Puerto Rican interests of the San Juan population.

15. Barceloneta in Puerto Rico has the Biggest Pharmaceutical Complex in the World

Since pharmaceuticals are popular in Puerto Rico, Barceloneta is termed the largest complex dealing in pharmaceuticals globally. It has close to 15 industries which makes it a historical figure.

Another Puerto Rican Fact about Barceloneta is that it is termed the “Pineapple City” for its large-scale pineapple produce in the territory. You could visit the pineapple farms and eat some fresh pineapples if you get to visit here.

Key Takeaways

Puerto Rico | United States- 10 Interesting Facts! | Country Facts

We are sure your mind is now filled with fun facts about Puerto Rico. The seaside town of Puerto Rico, which was once an unincorporated territory, is now a federal income tax nation in the new world! What a transformation!

Filled with many natural wonders, Puerto Rico is home to many fetish delights and historic agreements. Ricky Martin is one of the most famous Puerto Ricans, so if you get to Puerto Rico, get ready to hear the tunes Ricky Martin all over the place.

We hope you learned some cool Puerto Rican facts to make your mind go WOW! If you did, we are happy to help!


  1. Is Puerto Rico a US State?

Ans. Yes, since 1898 Puerto Rico is a territory of the US.

2. Do US residents need a passport to visit Puerto Rico?

Ans. No, US residents do not need a passport to visit Puerto Rico.

3. Can Puerto Ricans live in the USA?

Ans. Yes, Puerto Ricans citizens can stay in USA.

5 Amazing Facts About Puerto Rico



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