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15 Finest No-Carb Snacks

We all have many bad habits, and yes, munching and binge eating can be one of them. Explore the amazing 15 no carbs snacks here, and yes, they can be fun too!

Everybody loves snacks. Whether you eat bacon, eggs, or smoothies, and no matter what you eat early in the morning, you start to feel the sensation of hunger pangs later in the day, especially between afternoon meals and dinner.

So, to satisfy this hunger you need to have some no carbs snacks in between the two meals.

15 No Carbs Snacks You Must Try!

Snacking also has some mighty benefits-it and can provide you with a steady supply of energy in between meals. Also, it prevents you from overeating when you are taking your next meal.

Even if snacking has some benefits, it doesn’t mean you should keep eating them in excess amounts or eat the wrong type of snacks which can cause unwanted weight gain and a spike in blood sugar levels.

Some people eat low-calorie food because it provides impressive health benefits. Low-carb diets may help reduce body fat and increase HDL cholesterol.

Finding low-calorie snacks is often tricky due to the abundance of carbohydrates in the foods. Nonetheless, you could easily create healthy snacks suitable for low-carb lifestyles.

Instead of choosing to eat any type of snack, you should be selective while choosing snacks. No carbs snacks are always healthy snack options for you.

What are Carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates are sources of calories and the main source of energy for our body. Carbs are an inseparable part of our regular diet. They are of two types- simple carbs and complex carbs.

Carbohydrates are made up of starch, fibre, and sugar. Starch and fibre are complex carbs while simply refined sugar is a simple carb.

Which Snacks You Should Consume?

Consuming complex carbs is better as compared to simple carbs. Simple carbs are digested quickly, hence it results in a spike in blood sugar levels. Complex carbs are digested slowly so they provide you with steady energy throughout.

If you are dieting and thinking about weight loss, simple carbs become the main culprit for your weight gain or blood sugar spike.

Carbohydrates don’t increase your weight directly but eating the wrong types of carbs or consuming them in excess amounts can increase calorie count which in turn results in weight gain.

It is difficult to think and implement a carbs diet completely, so switching to a low-carb diet is a way out for every snack lover. Hence, no-carb snacks give you the liberty of snacking while maintaining a healthy weight.

There are plenty of no carbs snack options available and snack lovers can enjoy snacks without thinking too much about blood sugar spikes or unwanted weight gain.

Given below are some delicious and healthy 15 no carbs snack options or low-carb snack ideas without calories that you can try and can easily prepare.

1. Hard-boiled Eggs

No carbs snacks
Photo by Tamanna Rumee from Unsplash

Hard-Boiled eggs are the go-to breakfast option for many and are among the most popular no carbs snacks or low-carb snacks. It is easy to cook and is termed a healthy snack because it is packed with proteins and fats equally.

They are also a good source of vitamins A, B, and D. Hard-boiled eggs can be stored in the fridge for on-demand snacking in between meals.

Hard-boiled eggs are rich in proteins, which take time to digest as compared to snacks made up of carbohydrates.

Hence, they will give you a feeling of fullness for a long time, prevent you from overeating, and provide steady energy. They are also known to keep blood sugar levels in check.

Boiled eggs can be enjoyed as it is or with seasoning also. It is cheap and easy to make, hence it is among the most popular no carbs snacks.

How to Make It?

  1. Take a saucepan and a few eggs, and fill a quarter of the saucepan with cold water. Remember to keep the water level at about more than an inch.
  2. Now, heat the saucepan on a high flame with eggs placed in water and bring the water to a boil. Also, remember to add a little bit of vinegar to the boiling water to prevent eggs from cracking. You can also use a pinch of salt to prevent the white part of the egg from coming out and to prevent cracking of the egg.
  3. Now, turn off the flame but keep the saucepan on a burner with the lid covered for another 10-15 minutes.
  4. Keep checking for cracking of eggs. Depending on the saucepan thickness and water temperature, allow the eggs to cook for another few minutes.
  5. To check whether the eggs are boiled or not take one egg and peel it a little bit and if you feel it’s cooked, remove the eggs from the hot water and pour some cold water over it.
  6. Peel it after cooling down a bit and enjoy it by seasoning them with pepper and salt.

2. Lettuce Wrap

brenna huff InBE7uk3X0I unsplash
Photo by Brenna Huff from Unsplash

While dieting, battling hunger pangs becomes a tough task. During these times, eating carb-rich burgers and sandwiches is troublesome as buns used in burgers and sandwiches are made up of carbs, which will pour water on your weight loss preparation.

By simply replacing these buns and bread with lettuce wrap leaf, you can reduce calorie consumption and can also gain the benefits of vitamins and minerals of lettuce.

Not only this, you can enjoy different types of fillings and customize them according to your taste and make them more delicious. Popular low-carb snacks or no carbs snacks you can try are chicken lettuce wrap, cheddar lettuce wrap, and turkey lettuce wrap.

How to Make It?

  1. Take soy sauce, vinegar, and sesame oil in a bowl, mix them well and keep it aside.
  2. Now squeeze out the liquid from the tofu as much as possible.
  3. Take two teaspoons of canola oil in a nonstick pan and heat it on medium flame.
  4. As soon as the oil heats up, add tofu and make small pieces out of it while it cooks. Let it cook for 5 minutes.
  5. Cook it until it turns golden, then add ginger, garlic, red pepper flakes, and green onions and cook until it becomes fragrant.
  6. Pour some sauce over it and let it boil, as soon as it starts boiling, turn the flame off and mix it well.
  7. Now take tofu with a spoon and fill it in each lettuce leaves, top it up with green onions and red pepper flakes and enjoy these no carbs snacks.

3. Cheddar Cheese and Crisps

cheese food 915964
Photo by RitaE from Pixabay

Cheddar cheese crisps are easy to make no carbs snacks. Cheese crips are very versatile, you can mix them with other foods or you can consume them as it is.

30 grams of cheese crisps contains nearly 6 grams of proteins and it contains nearly no carbs. And, cheese is also good for bone health and muscle function as it is a good source of calcium.

4. Canned Tuna Salad

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Photo by Alpha from Flickr

Canned tuna is a rich source of lean protein, with either very low carbs or zero carbs in it. Hence, it is one of the tops no carbs snacks, which can be consumed as it is.

Tuna salad is an extremely easy-to-make delicious low-carb snack that can be made in no time. If you are bored with tuna salad, you can also add variations to your recipe.

How to Make It?

  1. Open canned tuna and drain water inside the can.
  2. Place tuna in the bowl and add onion parsley, mayonnaise, and celery.
  3. Mix everything with the help of a spoon or fork and then add salt and pepper for seasoning. That’s it, your tuna salad is ready.

5. Kale Chips

charles deluvio la6DtkODelg unsplash scaled
Photo by Charles Deluvio from Unsplash

Kale chips are another low-carb snack and a rich source of fibre, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. If you are trying to minimize your carb intake while still wanting to enjoy snacking, Kale chips are one of the tops no carbs snacks.

It is a simple leaf that can be roasted or baked in the oven to make chips out of it. Unlike potato chips, kale retains its nutrients even after heating.

How to Make It?

  1. Wash the leaves and then place them somewhere to dry.
  2. Preheat the leaves in the oven to nearly 270 degrees. When they get dried, break them into the size of potato chips, and place them on baking sheets.
  3. Keep some space between the leaves and sprinkle some salt and olive oil.
  4. Place them into the preheated oven and then bake them for 15-20 minutes. Turn upside down and your no carbs snacks-kale chips are ready.

6. Avocado Egg Salad

dish food cuisine ingredient avocado salad 1610966
By Foodie Factor on Pexels

Avocado egg salad is a very tasty, and super easy low-carb snack. If there are some leftover hard-boiled eggs left in your fridge, you can use them in this recipe. Eggs themselves are super nutritious food with low calories and rich in protein.

How to Make it?

  1. Place eggs in a pot and cover them with water up to an inch or more.
  2. Add a little bit of vinegar or half a teaspoon of salt and let them boil for 10-15 minutes. After that, let the eggs cool by running them under cold water.
  3. Peel the eggs, chop them and transfer them into a bowl.
  4. Now, take avocados in a separate bowl and mash them using a fork.
  5. Add mashed avocado to the eggs, add yellow mustard and paprika and mix them.
  6. Season it with black pepper and salt. Your no carbs snacks are ready in no time.

7. Cottage Cheese

megumi nachev bBCRrplhhZ4 unsplash scaled
By Megumi Nachev on Unsplash

Cottage cheese is low in calories, and protein-rich food, packed with vitamins and minerals. Therefore, it is one of the favoured no carbs snacks.

It can be consumed as it is or as an ingredient in any recipe to make it delicious. You can also add fruits or avocado slices, green onions, and cherry tomatoes to make it savoury.

Talking about its approximate nutritional value, 110 grams of cottage cheese contains only 3 percent of carbs and 12 grams of proteins. It is enriched with calcium, potassium, and other essential nutrients.

8. Sweet Bell Peppers and Guacamole

bell pepper 3064734 scaled
Photo by stevepb from pixabay

Sweet bell peppers and guacamole sound like something sugary and full of carbs snack, isn’t it? But it is not quite right. They are low-carb vegetables with just 3 grams of carbs per 50 grams of sweet bell peppers.

Sweet bell peppers are packed with nutrients like vitamin C, which is more than what an orange contains. Vitamin C is essential for your skin as well as your immune system. Hence, you should surely try this from your list of no carbs snacks.

You can make a delicious low-carb dip of guacamole for slices of bell pepper, mash avocado, onion, lemon juice, garlic, and salt in a bowl.

9. String Cheese

laces cheese 3293362 scaled
Photo by Ipegasu from Pixabay

String cheese is another easy, low-carb, and high-protein snack, which you can carry anywhere you go. It consists of mozzarella cheese sticks, which are low in calories and very rich in protein. 28 grams of string cheese contains nearly 71 calories and 7 grams of protein.

String cheese also contains a good amount of calcium, which is beneficial for bone health and muscle functioning. For this reason, one should consider this among the no carbs snacks to try while losing weight.

10. Grilled Chicken

Photo by Daniel Hooper from Unsplash

For non-vegetarians, it is hard to leave the chicken. But actually according to experts, chicken is one of the main foods to include in your weight loss diet as chicken is lean meat, and is completely fine to include chicken in your keto diet plan.

Since chicken is lean meat, it gives you a feeling of fullness for a longer period as protein helps to burn fat more efficiently.

Grilled chicken is the best way to cook and eat chicken during a weight loss diet. Also, remember to remove the skin before cooking as its nutritional value is mainly dependent upon the preparation method used for cooking.

100 grams of grilled chicken breast consists of 80% proteins, only 20% fats, and 0% carbs. Thus, it is a must-try among the top no carbs snacks.

11. Celery Sticks with Peanut Butter

Celery Sticks with Peanut Butter
Photo by Papathanasiouk from Wikimedia commons

Celery is also good for cancer patients as it contains contents to fight cancer, maintain cardiovascular health, and is a great source of dietary fibre, which makes it a wonderful food option for anyone.

Peanut butter is a rich source of protein, which can limit your appetite and keep you satiated for longer by reducing your total calorie intake.

Celery sticks with peanut butter are quick to make no carbs snacks that you can consume in between your meals. It is also good for people who want to lose weight or want to reduce carb intake as celery sticks consist of low carbohydrates.

Therefore, celery sticks and peanut butter together make healthy high fibre, high-protein, and no carbs snacks.

12. Edamame

pexels valeria boltneva 1860193 scaled
Photo by Valeria Boltneva from Pexels

Edamame is a green soybean, which is packed with lots of nutrients such as high protein, high fibre, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, and other essential minerals like iron, zinc, and folate.

Edamame is generally boiled or steamed in water and served as a pre-meal snack. Even if edamame is soy-based, it comes under the category of low-carb food with relatively high fibre content. Thereby, you should consider having it as one of your no carbs snacks.

Since it is rich in proteins, it is a good choice for a weight loss diet as protein usually digests slowly as compared to carbs, which means hunger stays away for longer.

For a quick snack, take raw edamame into the bowl and add a tablespoon of water to it. Cover it with a paper towel and microwave it at high temperature for a minute or till it becomes tender. You can serve it by seasoning it with light saltwater.

13. Oven-baked Bacon

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Photo by Val D’Aquila from flickr

Many people think that they can enjoy crunchy low carbs snacks while losing weight, and they are right because there are plenty of options available and oven-baked bacon is one of them. These chips will stop you from thinking about missing something tasty and crunchy while on the diet.

There are several ways to cook bacon, but baking in the oven is a less messy and easy process. To make this crunchy low-carb snack you only need 1 ingredient, yes you heard it right, i.e. a package of bacon.

How to Make It?

  1. Preheat the oven to 400°F and keep checking the temperature so that it doesn’t get overheated and burn the kinds of bacon. Line the baking sheet with foil paper, and put down the bacon layer.
  2. Bake them for 20-25 minutes until they turn crispy golden brown. Depending upon the preference for crispy bacon, you can elevate the baking time, so that they get cooked uniformly from all sides. But, keep checking them to prevent them from burning out.
  3. When they turn out to be golden brown and crispy, transfer them to a paper towel plate to absorb extra fat. Your crispy and tasty oven-baked bacon are ready.

14. Deviled Eggs

rosalie barley qb8EK1uQF9w unsplash
Photo by Rosalie Barley on Unsplash

Eggs are the most versatile food, nutrient-packed (rich in proteins and low in carbs content), and go to snacks whenever hunger pangs kick in between meals. You can boil them or half-cook them.

Each boiled egg contains only 1g of carbs and nearly 6g of protein. Hence if you are on a weight loss diet, including eggs in your diet should be your first preference.

How to Make It?

  1. To make deviled eggs, your first step is to boil the eggs. Boil the eggs for about 10-12 minutes, and remember to add a little bit of vinegar or salt to prevent eggs from cracking and to prevent the white part from coming out.
  2. After boiling the eggs for 10-12 minutes, take one egg and peel it a bit to check whether it is cooked or not. If you feel eggs are not cooked as hard as you want, then keep them inside the pan for some more time in hot water by covering the lid.
  3. Recheck after some time and if they are completely cooked, put them into cold water to make peeling of eggs easier.
  4. After boiling the eggs and peeling them, cut them into halves and put the yolks in a bowl. After that, mix the yolk with mayonnaise, mustard, apple cider vinegar, and salt using a fork.
  5. In the end, put back this mixture into half-sliced empty eggs and your deviled eggs are ready.

15. Plain Yoghurt with Nuts

pexels vlad chetan 3212808
Photo by Vlad Chetan from pexels

Yogurt is good for your stomach because it contains probiotics, which are good for your digestive tract. Not only this, but yogurt is also a good source of protein, which makes it a good option to be included in your weight loss diet.

There are lots of brands and varieties of yogurt in the market, which contain lots of sugar and are not healthy for people who are dieting.

To eliminate the presence of sugar, there is a need to select plain unsweetened yogurt, which will reduce carbs content in the diet, and is a healthier option as compared to sugary ones.

Do not opt for conventional flavoured yogurt as it is mostly high in sugar and carbs.

To maintain yogurt as a low-carb snack, add a handful of nuts or a bit of cinnamon, or a little bit of natural no-carb sweetener to it.


While losing weight or dieting, it becomes difficult to not only eat healthily but also to minimize carb content.

Therefore, to make the weight loss process a little easier, it is better to replace carb-rich snacks with healthier no carbs snacks.

The above-mentioned list of no-carb snacks that are high in nutrients and low in carbs will surely help you to handle your hunger pangs while maintaining a healthy body.

Happy cooking!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the point of a no-carb diet?

A no-carb diet prevents consuming plenty of carbs and instead promotes consuming a great deal of fat and proteins. It might improve blood sugar regulation, heart health, and weight loss.

But, you don’t need to eliminate all carbohydrates to reap these advantages.

2. What is a Carbless snack?

A snack with no carbs will have almost no grams of carbohydrates. This indicates that the calories are not coming from carbohydrates but rather from either fat or protein.

3. Why avoiding carbs is bad?

If you eliminate all carbohydrates from your diet, you may increase your risk for nutritional deficiencies if your body doesn’t find other ways to get those nutrients.

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