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Prime Lisbon Activities: 15 Essential Experiences

Portugal’s beautiful capital Lisbon is an amazing place to spend your weekend. The city encloses well-known Pasteis de Belem to have some delicious pastries, stroll around the MAAT museum to check out Lisbon’s stunning art, and much more.

Lisbon never disappoints its travellers.

The city is rich in history, known for its tales of Roman imperialists, and filled with nightlife and much more; there are many things which you will enjoy in Lisbon.

The article contains information regarding the best things to do in Lisbon. The capital city is waiting with the baggage of life experiences.

Best Things to do in Lisbon – Top 15 Listed Out!

1. Ride Tram 28

The capital is famous for its historical culture, and Lisbon is well known for its tram lines and historical architecture.

Lisbon Tram 28 - Website Screenshot
Lisbon Tram 28 – Website Screenshot

Tram 28 is the road located in the Alfama district for decades. The journey to Tram 28 starts from Graca hills and goes through the Escolas Gerias alleys. You must explore the stunning domes at the Estrela Basilica. Passing along the routes, you can come across various magnificent castles and places.

If you are looking for Belem’s culture and adventures, go to Tram 15.

Visiting Tram 28 should be a must on your things to do in Lisbon list, as the place is full of painted and wooden Remodeado vintage streetcars. When it’s peak season, you have to wait a bit to capture the stunning retro views.

2. National Museum

Among the best things to do in Lisbon is to visit the National Museum of Contemporary art.

If you don’t want to miss Julio Pomar’s famous Gadanheiro or Pintura Habitada by Helena Almeida, then you definitely should not miss this amazing museum.

It was designed by Jean Michel Wilmotte, a well-known French architect. The national museum involves about 100s of artwork from a permanent collection.

3. Martinho da Arcada

Martinho da Arcada - Website Screenshot
Martinho da Arcada – Website Screenshot

Have a warm coffee at Martinho da Arcada, a famous coffee shop that was established in 1782. It is among the oldest coffee shops present in Lisbon.

When at Martinho da Arcada grab The Book Of Disquiet and pick up your meal which is present at reasonable prices in this famous coffee shop.

4. Casa Independente

Casa Independente opened in 2012, and similarly to the downtown area square, Largo do Intendente was turning into a significant spot for having a memorable evening in the town.

This is the most recent and most energetic invention in a rotting manor that has housed every kind of club and relationship throughout the last hundred years.

The enormous front ‘Tiger Room‘ has gigs and DJ sets, different little rooms that are great for a talk or a spot of work on your tablet, and the bistro and back porch are incredible spots to unwind and relax.

The bar serves a decent scope of teas, juices, and mixed drinks, while the food is served late at night. Visiting Casa Independente is one of the best things to do in Lisbon.

5. Alfama

Things to do in Lisbon
Liam McKay/ Unsplash. Copyright 2017

Alfama is one of the oldest areas of Lisbon. It is great for those historical enthusiasts out there. Travellers visiting Lisbon should definitely visit this area of the capital, even if it’s just to stroll around or to have a meal.

Below mentioned are a few things one can do when in Alfama:

5.1 Miradouro Das Portas Do Sol

Miradouro das Portas do sol, a place famous for capturing stunning views. Here you can take a look at the beautiful Tagus river and also have a great time with your loved ones with a warm and delicious meal.

Experience a calming sunset at Alfama is one of the best things to do in Lisbon.

5.2 Castelo Sao Jorge

Visiting Castelo Sao Jorge is one of the must things to do in Lisbon. If you want to have a climbing experience, then walk along the streets of Alfama to visit the Castle. When reached, you can have a 360-degree view; also, you can stroll around the ancient Castle and visit the camera obscura. You must spare around 3-4 hours to explore this beautiful place properly.

5.3 Thieves Fair

Here at the thieves’ fair, you can stroll around and check out amazing items to buy.

Also, you can check some items on sale at the Feira da ladra, located near Saint Vincent’s church and Pantheon. At the thieves’ fair, you can buy some interesting stuff at a reasonable price.

Visiting the thieves’ fair is one of the must things to do in Lisbon to understand the capital’s locals better.

6. Cascais

We’re FINALLY exploring! Cascais, Portugal Travel Guide #WeSoldEverything Ep. 4

Now to take a little break from Lison, take a trip to Cascais, situated in the upper area of Tagus Estuary. When in Cascais, you can take a dip into calming transparent water, take your surfboard into the Atlantic waves at Sintra- Cascais Natural Park, and have the time of your life.

This old fishing villa on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean sits toward the west of the city and has been changed throughout the long term by an inundation of upscale Lisboans searching for sun, ocean, and sand.

There could be no less than three upheld brilliant narrows alongside a peppering of probably the best fish cafés in the locale. For wave riding, consider rushing toward Guincho along the headland.

Not only this, but you can also stroll around stunning parks, art museums, and much more. Below mentioned a few more things that prove why Cascais is a must-visit:

6.1 Visit Praia da Rainha

Praia da Rainha is a must-visit beach in Cascais to have a beautiful view, check out the sunset, have a calming time to yourself, and if hungry, you can stroll around near cafes and bars. The beach is located on the east side and has the most picturesque views.

6.2 Visit the Old Center

The old centre of the Cascais is a foot-friendly place which means you can stroll around and explore the restaurants, boutiques, cafes, and streets of the lace.

Praça 5 de Outubro is an area filled with restaurants and cafes; there are many more corners in the town to have a delicious meal.

The old centre is fondest rea of presidents in the summers.

6.3 Boca do Inferno

When you move towards the area of Cascais, where the coastline gets rockier is where the Boca do inferno is situated. A walk from Marina can easily take you towards the Boca do inferno, the place famous for limestone cliffs.

Here you can listen to the surging ocean and watch the surf getting choppier. It’s a great place to have some relaxing time with your loved ones and watch the sunset together.

7. Roadtrip Destinations ( Visiting Lisbon’s Nearby Towns)

7.1 Explore Sintra

Having a Day trip to Sintra is one of the must things to do in Lisbon. Sintra is a pretty village that is well known as a road trip destination from Lisbon. You must spare one day to explore this amazing village.

The village is filled with greenery that feels like a part of a fairy tale.

You should not miss visiting and exploring castles and palaces when in Sintra. Among the most beautiful and romantic Castle, Palácio Nacional da Pena is a must-visit in Sintra; it is also declared a UNESCO world heritage site.

The Castle gives a vibe that a kid was asked to design the place; it is a must-visit to have a fun time at Sintra. It is open from 10 am to 6 pm and the ticket fee to enter is 14 euros.

Not only this, Sintra has a lot more fantastic and must-visit places such as National Palace and Moorish Castle. To avoid long lines, book the tickets beforehand.

When talking about castles, Castelo dos Mouros is a must, it is an ancient castle that was created in the 8th Century by Islamic Moors, and the Castle was destroyed when Christians invaded Portugal.

Later the Castle was reconstructed in the 19th century. The Castle is wrapped in the lush green forest and gives stunning views of Sintra village.

The Moorish Castle is open from 10 am to 6 pm, and the ticket fee is around 8 euros. To avoid long lines, you can go to their site and book tickets beforehand.

Moving on to the other masterpiece of this beautiful village, the National Palace of Sintra, well known as Palacio Nacional de Sintra, is located in the city centre and is must visit for all those history enthusiasts out there.

The palace is open from 9:30 am to 6 pm, and you can book tickets for the palace from the website itself for a smooth journey and a better exploration of the palace.

Other than analysing these picturesque castles, you can taste pastries of Sintra, visit the UNESCO world heritage site, Monserrate Palace, which is an Arab Influenced palace, and stroll around the beach known as Praias da Adraga located near Sintra village.

7.2 Visit Nazare and Fatima

Another road trip destination is Nazare, a beautiful seaside area situated on the silver coast of Portugal’s Silver coast and located about 75 km north of Lisbon; that’s why it is easily considered a road trip destination.

Nazare is a famous surfing destination because of its giant waves, making it easy for surfers to have a great surfing session.

When in Nazare you can have a peaceful time to yourself as it is considered a calming seaside town. Not only famous for its waves but there’s also a lot to do when in Nazare. You can have a delicious, fulfilling meal for about 15 euros here.

You can easily spend about 2-3 days at this comforting place, but if you want a glance at this place, then a day trip is also enough. Visiting Nazare is one of the must things to do in Lisbon.

Fatima, Lisbon - Website, Screenshot
Fatima, Lisbon – Website, Screenshot

Another stunning road trip destination waiting for you is the town of Fatima, located in the hills of Santarem and famous for its religious culture. The place holds the utmost importance for Catholics. But if you’re not catholic, that does not create a problem; a day trip to Fatima should be a must on your things to do in Lisbon list.

The picturesque landscapes, beautiful villages, and much more make Fatima more amazing and show a totally different side of the capital.

8. Listen To Fado

When in Lisbon, don’t forget to listen to Lisbon’s traditional genre of music which is Fado. The Fado is filled with a melancholic and slow rhythm; the genre is also included UNESCO world heritage list.

Listening to Fado is one of the must things to do in Lisbon. To celebrate the music genre more, restaurants offer packages that include a meal with a session of Fado music.

One of the great options is to opt for Lisbon’s 3-hour cultural walking tour with Fado music; you can also combine the tour with meals and stroll around Fado alleys and houses during your tourist walk. When done with the walking tour, having dinner in Alfama at one of the Fado houses is a great option.

You can also book your tickets to Fado in the Chiado show to have a great Fado Music session with a delicious dinner.

9. Jéronimos Monastery

Jéronimos Monastery is a monastery that was constructed on the site, which is famous because that was the place where Vasco Da Gama spent his night before he started travelling to India.

The Jéronimos Monastery is situated near the Belém tower. The monastery is well known for its Limestone preparation and was created for Hieronymite Monastery, where the old church was located.

The building of the Jéronimos Monastery began in 1502 and took about a century to complete fully. It is among the most prominent places in Lisbon; visitors travelling to Belém Tower usually make a stop at this monastery.

10. Santa Justa Elevator

Things to do in Lisbon
Kit Suman/ Unsplash. Copyright 2019

Visiting Santa Justa Lift is one of the must things to do in Lisbon. It is the world’s most stunning elevator.

The stunning Santa Justa Lift was invented in 1902 by Gustave Eiffel Protégé. The public elevator was made from cast iron and adorned with filigree showing an amazing expression of french style.

Mesnier du Ponsard designed the vertical lift known as Elevador do Carmo; he was a student of Gustave Eiffel.

There are long queues of visitors for this stunning elevator as it is famous for its amazing preparation and architectural and historical background. Largo Do Carma to Baxia is a few places one can view through this stunning elevator. You can also book tickets in advance to avoid long queues.

11. National Tile Museum

National Tile Museum is among the must-visit places to stroll around if you want to explore the unique tiles of Lisbon.

Lisbon is filled with amazing architectural sites and is famous for its unique Portuguese tiles or famously called azulejos. The museum is full of stunning tiles of all types, sizes, and colours. Some of them are from the 15th century. The tiles show the historical background of Lisbon and historical stories.

The Chapel is also a famous area visited by travellers, consisting of old oil paintings, famous tiles structures, and much more.

The National Tile Museum consists of gift shops and cafes, which are accessible from Tuesday to Sunday, and the tickets cost about 5 euros to enter.

Visiting National Tile Museum is one of the must things to do in Lisbon. The National Tile Museum is situated northeast of Alfama. You can easily access the train from Santa Apolónia station and reach the museum, which is within walking distance.

12. Pavilhao do Conhecimento and Occeanarium

Pavilhao do Conhecimento - Website, Screenshot
Pavilhao do Conhecimento – Website, Screenshot

Pavilhao do Conhecimento is a place to wake up that inner child within you and have the time of your life; after exploring all the historical and architectural stuff, this place is best to relax, and experimenting with science and stuff is a great option.

Visiting Pavilhao do Conhecimento is one of the best things to do in Lisbon. To reach there, you can leave central Lisbon and take the rain from Parque das Nações. The place is open from 10 am to 6 pm from Tuesday to Friday.

When discussing places for relaxation and fun, an oceanarium visit is a must. The place consists of around 16,000 individual fish from 450 species.

Home to Jellyfish, sharks, penguins, and much more. The oceanarium in Lisbon opens from 10 am to 6 pm. For more information, you can check their website.

Visiting the oceanarium in Lisbon is one of the must things to do in Lisbon. Situated out in the blue waters of the Tagus river, the enormous Lisbon Oceanarium rises like a huge plane carrying a warship.

Inside, the design houses endless shows connected with marine life, drawing in 1,000,000 guests every year. You can get up near bright puffer fish along with watching the ravaging sharks.

You’ll see inquisitive moray eels and meet cuddly penguins. There are likewise intriguing assortments of ocean anemones and corals also; there is a sailing tidal pond out front where you can take a pedalo on the off chance it is a sunny day.

13. Museu do Oriente

You just have to go to places like Sri Lanka and Goa to acknowledge how far the span of Portugal’s incredible Renaissance Empire extended.

These distant corners of the domain are the subject of Lisbon’s Museu do Oriente, and the actual space is colossal.

It is housed in a huge previous fish handling production line, which currently appreciates a forward-thinking exhibition hall.
The emphasis here is on everything Asian, with accounts of Chinese customs.

14. Funiculars

Funicular - Lisbon
By Melike Sayar Melikesayar/Pexels

Just like Rome, Lisbon was also based on seven hills. Not at all like Rome, the city organizers here fostered a progression of funicular rail lines to assist with transport to and from the areas over the city.

It’s a genuine bliss to ride on a portion of the tracks, for example, the old Ascensor do Lavra, which dates back to the 1800s and is also honoured as a national heritage.

Exploring the Funiculars is one of the best things to do in Lisbon. You must remember that the taking off Santa Justa Elevator lifts individuals from Baixa to Carmo and offers clear perspectives on the Lisbon downtown region en route.

Additionally, the Ascensor da Bica ends up very close to cobbled paths off Largo do Calhariz.

15. Mercado da Ribeira

Exploring Mercado da Ribeira is one of the must things to do in Lisbon. There, you will actually want to taste the neighbourhood’s speciality of custard tarts, taste fine Portuguese wines, and even Endeavor to overcome a huge francesinha sandwich which is one of the treats to emerge from Porto in the north.

There is a lot to do when in the capital, exploring the oceanarium, taking road trips to Sintra, and Fatima, strolling around lively Lisbon streets, dwelling on the music of Fado, and capturing some picturesque images from the Santa Justa lift.

Then there is the higher-up area which comes loaded with more current, frequently eccentric food stalls. The list goes on and on; Lisbon has something for people of all ages and never disappoints its travellers.

things to do in Lisbon
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Key Takeaways

Lisbon is a city with rich historical background, unique architectural ideas, magical castles, palaces, and much more. There are endless things to do in LisbonAbove is information about places you can visit and things you can do when in Lisbon; for more details regarding confirmed opening timings and entry ticket prices, you can go to specific websites of the place you desire to visit.


  1. Is 3 days enough to have a tour in Lisbon?

Ans. Yes, 3 days is perfect to have a tour in Lisbon. One can enjoy the nightlife in Lisbon, visit tourist destinations, and munch on various types of food found here in Lisbon.

2. What is Lisbon famous for?

Ans. Lisbon is famous for its colonialist history, elaborate architectural designs and tradition of Fado music.

3. Is Lisbon a cheap city to visit?

Ans. Yes! Lisbon is quite an affordable city to visit.

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