15 best places to visit in Arizona 15 best places to visit in Arizona

15 Leading Places in Arizona To Visit

Visiting Arizona, the Copper State in the United States, filled with the best places to visit for a perfect getaway, is an authentic part of every tourist’s travel bucket list. Starting from majestic natural wonders to beautiful townships and cities, this state is filled with tourist attractions and the most sensational places to visit in Arizona. 

The Grand Canyon state is a popular tourist destination because of its luxurious charms and spectacular rock formations, mountains like superstition mountains, art galleries, museums, dams like the Glen Canyon dam, national parks, famous canyons like Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon, rivers, stunning scenery, waterfalls and many more.

If you want an ideal travel destination and are not able to select among diverse, beautiful places to visit, head over to the Copper State! Let’s scroll and look at the list of the best places to visit in Arizona, shall we?

Top 15 Best Places to Visit in Arizona

  1. Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon National Park
Photo by GaPeppy1 from Pexels

In northern Arizona, the Grand Canyon state, covering a huge dimension of about 447 kilometres of Arizona territory, lies one of the world’s most loved tourist attractions, the Grand Canyon National Park.

In this national park, activities like hiking trails, bright angel trails, biking trails, whitewater rafting, and animal rides like donkey rides are the most popular among tourists. Coming over the top of most tourist attractions, one that has been receiving tons of tourist attention is the Grand Canyon.

This national monument has perpendicularly carved canyon walls beginning from the Colorado River in Arizona, going up to 800 meters of floor altitude in the national park. Arizona’s national monument is famous because of its stunning scenery from all its rims- the north rim, south rim, and west and east rims.

Many tourists prefer the south rim and the north rim through guided tours since it harbours many of the significant attractions that hold the best places in people’s memories. The famous horseshoe bend of the Grand Canyon is renowned. It is one of the national historic landmarks and a national park that you definitely should not miss!

2. Desert Botanical Garden

Desert Botanical Garden, Arizona
Image by hydrobiolog from Depositphotos

Calling out to all the nature lovers! Are you fond of cacti? If yes, then here is an exemplary destination for your visit to Arizona. The Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona. This garden has a variety of cacti which is exactly why it is famous.

With over 50,000 breeds of plants, including

  • cacti,
  • flowers, and
  • evergreen trees, 

The desert botanical garden of Arizona can be easily embraced with the help of a guided tour. It proves to be an ideal destination for all nature lovers.

This garden in central Arizona offers plenty of scenic greens as well as a desert landscape, making it one of the best places to visit in Arizona for all lovers of nature.

3. Petrified Forest National Park

Situated in the Apache and Navajo Nations, Petrified Forest National Park holds home to natural structures like fossils and fallen trees. It makes it one of the best places to visit for enthusiasts of hiking trails. In the same vicinity of a Navajo nation lies the Monument Valley with beautiful desert structures.

This park is named after the petrified wood that is found in this vicinity. Lying in northward Arizona, east of the Grand Canyon, the petrified forest national park confines majestic topography in the shapes of the crescent moon, views of the painted desert landscape, and humongous fallen trees of petrified wood.

Embracing spectacular rock formations, this American National Park is one of the best places to visit in Arizona, including the Monument Valley. This tourist attraction is on the top travel lists for sure!

4. Colorado River

Colorado River, Arizona
Photo by Matthew DeVries from Pexels

A major river in northern America, the Colorado River is one of the most wonderful places to visit in Arizona. It is an impeccable destination for water lovers out there! From rafting to breathtaking scenic views, the Colorado river is increasingly becoming a highly packed tourist attraction.

This canyon and its canyon floor are a part of the Colorado river basin which has been prospering for over 600 years. Maximum of the Colorado river’s flow flows towards the Grand Canyon, birthing from the rocky mountain region of Arizona. Not missing the horseshoe bend found on the curve of the Colorado river is one of the tourist attractions and best places to visit.

Lake Mead

Another attraction, Lake Mead, a reservoir formed by the Hoover Dam found in the states of Nevada and Arizona, is also on the Colorado River. Lake Mead is a cosmic reservoir of the US. But, due to rising temperatures and declining weather conditions, Lake Mead is said to dry up before time.

If you find yourself attracted to activities like whitewater rafting, waterskiing, speed boating, fishing, and other water-related sports, the Colorado river would be one of the best places to visit in Arizona for you.

5. Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon, Arizona
Photo by Paul IJsendoorn from Pexels

Also called Navajo Upper, Antelope Canyon is an American southwest aperture canyon found on the tribal land of the Navajo Nation on the Arizona-Utah border. It holds five diverse scenic points of view, from the upper to the lower canyon; it covers an area that can be covered in three hours by walking.

Not that demanding, right?

One of the highlighted reasons why the upper Antelope canyon of the Navajo tribal park is talked about among tourists is because of its spectacular scenic sunlight that falls over the canyon walls during noon time; because of this, it marks the Antelope Canyon as one of the best places to visit in Arizona for:

  • photography sessions,
  • film shootings or
  • music video shootings.

The horseshoe bend is not more than five miles from the Antelope Canyon. This canyon was made by decades years of disintegration in the Navajo tribal park which then went on to be a slice of Lake Powell. Visit Antelope Canyon during your time in Arizona if you don’t want to miss out on awe-inspiring structures.

6. Saguaro National Park

pexels nate hovee 4656948 scaled
Photo by Nate Hovee from Pexels

Located in southern Arizona, home to the universal emblem of the American west, Saguaro National Park is one of the next tourist-loved places to visit in Arizona on our list. The colossus Saguaro in Tucson, Arizona, is known to be the country’s biggest cacti.

In this park, hiking trails are the top famous activity of tourists. One can drive through Saguaro national park because it offers fantastic scenery worth investing drive hours for! The ideal time to visit is during the winter times.

One can see the sunset, make memorable hiking trails, take part in biking trails, and so much more at the Saguaro national park. If time is less, the western part of the park would be an ideal choice, and if you have ample time to spend, head over to the eastern side of the park.

7. Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls
Photo by Jonathan Meyer from Pexels

One of the most majestic waterfalls in Arizona, located in the arena of the Grand Canyon, is our next top place to visit Arizona – The Havasu Falls. Having the longest fall of 30 meters, Havasu falls is a waterfall of the Havasu estuary within the Grand Canyon, the national monument of Arizona in the US.

Havasu falls is a very energetic and dominant waterfall that holds one of the best water pools for swimming. The best time to visit here is at the end of Autumn. But for hiking trails, early summer is the best choice of time.

In Lake Havasu City, in western Arizona, several activities are ready for you, from paddling to hiking and photography at the London bridge. If you identify as outdoorsy, Lake Havasu City is one of the best places to visit in Arizona for you!

8. Glen Canyon

Glen Canyon
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Some tourists seem to enjoy the Glen Canyon more than the Grand Canyon or the Antelope Canyon.

Why so, you ask?

Because this canyon has the ultimate definition of the simplicity of nature. Therefore, if you’re a simplicity, look no further than Glen Canyon. Lake Powell refuges in the Glen Canyon, attaching the Colorado river.

Lake Powell is the second biggest man-made lagoon in America. If you are inclined toward boating and are planning to visit Arizona, lake Powell is your ultimate boating terminus. Glen Canyon dam is also a feature of the canyon that is unearthed on the Colorado river. There is a majestic horseshoe bend curated in this national monument. With such features, Glen Canyon is among the heavenly places to visit in Arizona.

Glen Canyon national recreation area, inaugurated in 1972, is an area that surrounds lake Powell and falls in Utah and Arizona, making it a historic route. There is a visitor centre in Glen Canyon national recreation area, where visitors look in on the canyon. The most visited time of the visitor centre of Glen Canyon national recreation is during summer.

9. Jerome State Historic Park

The Arizonans’ state park, Jerome State Historic Park, is yet another historic downtown dating back to 1916. This national monument holds popularity for its history shown through photographs, antiquity, and natural minerals. It also has a three-dimensional replica to present its vicinity with minerals found under the earth.

In this same park, many other characteristics emerge. One of them is the ghost town.

In Jerome, central Arizona, there is a ghost town where many tourists take a detour through the Grand Canyon for. It is said to be “wicked,” yet many visitors take interest to feed their curiosity. Another characteristic is the gold king mine museum and the old west mining camp.

10. Phoenix

pexels natasha fernandez 863802 scaled
Photo by Natasha Fernandez from Pexels

The capital city of Arizona, Phoenix, is a prime location that all tourists should go to.

From Phoenix zoo, monument valley, musical instrument museum, and other such famous tourist destinations, the capital city of Arizona, holds a much superior value. It is among the best places to visit in Arizona if you’re looking for a thrill as well as serenity.

Located in central-southern Arizona, Phoenix is hospice to extraordinary resorts, pools, gardens, parks, golf courses, spas, and restaurants. It takes about three hours from central Phoenix to a spectacular viewpoint, Mount Lemmon Scenic Byway.

Need a wave of aliveness? Make sure to add Phoenix, Arizona, to your travel list!

11. Natural Monuments of Arizona

Arizona has the residence of aesthetic and fanciable national monuments. In this list, there are the top three such structures that you should, for sure, plan a visiting trip to.

11.1. Vermillion Cliffs National Monument

Starting from the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument. This national monument is located in Coconino country on the northern side. It safeguards the Paria Canyon, Vermillion Cliffs, Paria Plateau, and Coyote Butts.

Paria Canyon is a southwest Arizona-based groove canyon where tourists feedbacks have enjoyed hiking. It also has a horseshoe bend that acts as a magnet for tourists. It is one of the deserving places to visit because of the candid play of nature with these structures.

11.2. Montezuma Castle National Monument

pexels strange happenings 11756787 scaled
Photo by Strange Happenings from Pexels

Up next, in the second position, is Montezuma Castle National Monument. This castle’s national monument may confuse with its name attached to ‘Montezuma castle,’ if you think of it as a castle, but in truth, it is a national monument that is so worthy of your time.

A history enthusiast? Montezuma castle national monument is your next stop! It embraces a bunch of dwellings in Camp Verde, which has a long back-dated history and is unquestionably one the must places to visit.

11.3. Canyon De Chelly National Monument

pexels greg 6741490 scaled
Photo by Greg from Pexels

Third on the list is Canyon De Chelly National Monument, a recreational ground in northeastern Arizona. It has amazing features that stand out, like the Spider Rock (about 800 feet tall). Many tourists have said that Canyon De Chelly national monument is quite similar to the Grand Canyon. Still, it is certainly a very good choice for national monument tours visit in Arizona.

Wish to spend a soothing morning time with nature’s structures and a few good snaps? Canyon De Chelly national monument is your next destination. Canyon De Chelly belongs to the Navajo tribe and has sandstone-made cliffs surrounding the monument valley.

This makes Arizona one of the best places to visit for national monument lovers.

12. Coconino National Forest

pexels john webb 6315440 scaled
Photo by John Webb from Pexels

The forest known for its diversity, Coconino National Forest has a range varying from Sedona’s red rocks to pine forests. Stationed in northern Arizona, in the neighbourhood of Flagstaff, this national forest is a haven for the benefit of sightseeing, hiking trails, skiing, enjoying landscape views of ranges of mountains, canyons, forestry, and fauna watching.

Among these features, one of them to be in the spotlight is the Beaver Creek Canyon found in this natural reserve. According to visitors, this place is dreamily inquisitive, silent, cool, and peaceful. This canyon has a cut into the southernmost rim of the plateau of Colorado. You can also swim in Beaver Creek Canyon!

While in Coconino National Forest, you can invest your time by the waters, go for a picturesque drive, traverse nature, and much more. This forest offers days where you don’t have to pay a single penny to tour as well!

13. Sedona

pexels quintin gellar 6604588
Photo by Quintin Gellar from Pexels

“Magical” and “Special” are the terms people use to describe the sparkling city of Sedona, Arizona. It is also called the ‘Red Rock‘ city of Arizona. Sedona floats among the talks of tourists because of its charming red rock scenery and the eternal flora. From pine trees to canyons and pleasant monuments, this city of Arizona has it all. It’s a celebrity location.

Red Rock city is one of the best places to visit in Arizona. Even if you want a splash of vibrancy or just a getaway from your usual routine to get into nature, Sedona has everything you will be needing in the right amounts. A mild climate prevails here and the best time to visit this city is in Summer from March to May.

The upscale side of Sedona has more restaurants, spas, art galleries, and coming-of-age shops. Downtown Sedona has the state park where the famous red rock monuments lie.

Choose your pick and check off Sedona from your travel list!

14. Flagstaff

Flagstaff is another popular tourist destination in Arizona, US, a city towered by mountains, forests of pine growth, and deserts. One of Arizona’s most elite and prominent structures, the Grand Canyon, finds residence in Flagstaff.

Need a decamping? Why not towards the San Francisco mountain ranges? Flagstaff is well-known for that kind of escape from the usual lives.

Humphrey’s Peak, the tallest Peak in Arizona, is found in this city. Along with these characteristics, Flagstaff also harbours recreational activities like

  • skiing,
  • hiking,
  • resort stays,
  • pools, etc.

It is also known to be a historic town because of its propinquity to historical attractions. With the help of a guided tour, this town of Arizona and its historic route can be well acknowledged, turning it into one of the most commendable places to visit in Arizona.

15. Tucson

Whenever tourists hear Tucson, Arizona, the first thing they are reminded of is the great Sonoran desert. This Arizona desert is an equatorial desert with a wide range of animals and plants with twice the periodic rainfall. The Sonoran desert is said to be one of the compound deserts in North America.

Besides this attraction, there is another museum located in Tucson. Arizona Sonora Desert Museum. This museum has its zoo, backlog history, and a botanical park. Tucson is also known for its food culture, mouth-watering dishes, and pure atmosphere. From national parks, gardens, and museums to zoos, art showrooms, and the University of Arizona, Tucson is undoubtedly a tourist solenoid of Arizona and one of the best places to visit in Arizona.

Key Takeaways 

Embraced by the wondrous recreational places, Arizona floats among the loved section of a backpacker. From landmarks to landscapes, this city always has something incredible to offer. With structures, gardens, a national emblem, and other fantastic vestiges, The Copper State is an effusive topic among tourists because of its wide variety of attractions. 

Travellers who have been to Arizona reminisce about its beauty through the monument valley, art exhibitions, botanical gardens, and the national historic landmark we checked off in the list. It’s a euphoric serenity, having the most serene places to visit in Arizona. So, when are you booking your next visit to Arizona?

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What are some prettiest places to visit in Arizona?

Ans. Some prettiest places in Arizona are as follows:

  1. Desert Botanical Garden.
  2. Mount Lemmon.
  3. Chiricahua National Monument.
  4. Saguaro National Park.
  5. Sycamore Falls.
  6. Vermilion Cliffs National Monument.
  7. Sedona.
  8. Tucson.

What is the No. 1 tourist attraction in Arizona?

Ans. Grand Canyon is the No. 1 tourist attraction in Arizona.

Which city is the most-visited city in Arizona?

Ans. Phoenix is the most-visited city in Arizona.

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