15 Best & Coolest Hotels in Los Angeles

Coolest hotel in Los Angeles
Photo on Unsplash by Bart Dunweg

The coolest hotels in Los Angeles are part of the fun chart in Los Angeles, the City of Angels, where celebrities, filmmakers, designers, and A-listers have no shortfall of stylish hotels. These are all the trendiest establishments and the coolest hotels in Los Angeles, with bits of European coastal beauty, iconic California locales, and – okay, we’ll indulge you – famous hotspots.

A location where colourful communities occurred before world-famous golden beaches, where lingering sunrise could be seen from breathtaking mountain panoramas, and in which you can discover yourself sitting alongside your favourite A-lister if you go to your local convenience coffee house. This is a place that will still make your experience unique and interesting.

Further than simply a place to have fun in the sun, Los Angeles is also a Centre for business travellers, with top-tier accommodations close to the activity and nearby the international airport, LAX.

“Los Angeles” is a vast conglomeration of many villages and localities, including the City of Los Angeles. It all adds to the complexity for unfamiliar people, so always consult a map before planning a trip to L.A. Travellers are better off renting a car or using a car/ride service than taking public transportation. To explore more, we have listed some of the coolest hotels in Los Angeles that are exotic and convenient for travellers.

1. The Freehand Hotel

The Freehand Hotel is one of the coolest hotels in Los Angeles and a modern hotel with an artistic ambience in the trendy Flatiron District.

If you like interesting and quirky hotels, you’ll appreciate the 4-star, excellently rated, coolest hotel in Los Angeles –  Freehand Hotel. It is certainly a one-of-a-kind hotel, housed in the historic Commercial Exchange in downtown Los Angeles (10 minute away stroll from the nearest metro station). They have renovated the 1920s landmark into pleasant and social hospitality with a combination of communal and private bedrooms, all with a wonderful vintage-style aesthetic.

The one-of-a-kind LA lodging experience includes the opportunity to meet like-minded people, concierge services, handy parking, and an efficient locker. There is free Wi-Fi, a visitor lounge, The Exchange, a contemporary American/Israeli restaurant, and Broken Shaker, an ultra-hip cocktail bar.

2. Chateau Marmont

Chateau Marmont is also amongst the coolest hotels in Los Angeles, famous for being the playground of Annie Leibovitz, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Lindsay Lohan, and just about every other noteworthy person you can think of. Aside from the mythical stories and intriguing history, the hotel is a destination.

Imagine European flair in the shape of baroque-style vaulted ceilings and a slew of concealed entrances and exits to avoid cameras. With a traditional aesthetic, stylish mid-century décor can be seen in some bedrooms.

3. The Kinney Hotel

The Kinney Hotel is a bright, vibrant, coolest hotel in Los Angeles and a creative luxury resort in Venice Beach that is ideal for Millennial consumers, Generation X.

The highly rated Kinney Hotel is a great option to stay in a hotel while experiencing things like you’re living like a native in Los Angeles.

The guest rooms and crash pad suites at this Venice Beach hotel are situated around The Quad, an open-air courtyard filled with a wood fire, sunbeds, a jacuzzi, and even ball pong tables. Begin the day with crafted breakfasts at the Breakfast Club, then hit the beach.

A warm diving pool, a spa, an on-site beachfront cruiser rental, a fitness centre and a bar top are among the other delights of this cutting-edge Los Angeles residence. Bright and colourful guest rooms include Wi-Fi, CO Bigelow bath products, and the stylish crash pad rooms are great.

4. The Line LA

LINE LA embodies the city’s multicultural character, combining Korean, Latino, and American roots to create a hotel that emanates LA style like no other. It’s located in Koreatown, one of Los Angeles’ few 24-hour neighbourhoods, and is close to some of the top late-night barbecue eateries and karaoke clubs (but equally important, out of earshot).

The rooms are sleek and modern chic, the staff is bilingual, mini-bars are supplied with various Korean and western delicacies, and the bar is usually busyTryry one of The LINE’s award-winning dining options and picks up a present at Poketo, the luxury shop.

The 4-star highly rated and one of the coolest hotels in Los Angeles, The Line Hotel, effortlessly hip and featuring spectacular views of LA, exemplifies what LA has been famous for – sleek and exciting. Designer Sean Knibb has offered the 1960s building a stunningly modern industrial-chic makeover that fits flawlessly with the downtown Koreatown feel.

The Line Hotel
Photo on Unsplash by Rachael-Ren

The diverse LA hotel caters to every traveller’s demands, with delectable food prepared by Roy Choi, a shop curated by design team Poketo that provides programs spanning from sushi making to mindfulness, and a spectacular nightlife experience thanks to Korea Town’s 24-hour famous culture. If you stay at The Line Hotel, expect an inter, genuinely urban LA experience!

5. Mama Shelter

Mama Shelter is Los Angeles’ version of the standard quirky and Instagram – worthy hotel brand.

The fabulously off-the-wall, highly rated Mama Shelter Hotel, designed by famed Parisian designer Henry Gaugin, presents itself as a pot of money at the end of that road and as something completely different from anything you’ve encountered previously in LA. Considering the competition, that’s a high standard to establish the other hand, this hip and modern Los Angeles std will not disappoint, boasting panoramic views frof the roof deck, including a breathtaking view of the historic Hollywood sign, close to the Chinese Theatre, and crowded Hollywood Boulevard.

Like any good mama’s house, the coolest hotels in Los Angeles will protect you from the urban street mayhem by providing wonderful meals and many amenities to replenish your batteries – literally and metaphorically.

The stylish hotel rests calmly and unaffected by LA’s ever-changing surroundings – a truly arty landmark in the American City of Lights!

6. The Standard Hotel Downtown

The Standard Hotel Downtown is a quirky, one-of-a-kind vintage hotel on Sunset Strip.

This LA institution is situated in a mid-century metropolitan structure previously the administrative centre of the Superior Oil Corporation and had a fantastic position on the Sunset Strip. Its proprietors are much cooler now, and this sassy LA hotel instead provides brilliantly creative pop-culture-themed rooms.

The 4-star, top-regarded Standard Hotel Downtown has 207 large rooms, with pricing ranging from affordable to luxurious, with huge bathtubs, mood lighting, and platform beds in every room. Think Fifty, Seventies and Eighties posters, a wicked lobby floor-to-ceiling, quirky yet chic furnishings, and pod-esque roof terrace cabanas equipped with vibrating boogie boards!

A location where the strange and surprising await visitors at every turn, and a place which always seems to adhere to its reputation rigidly!

7. The Renowned European Hotel

The renowned European hotel brand Hoxton Hotel is a stylish and imaginative club-style hotel.

A very inventive European hotel business has just established its L.A. location in a buzzy DownTown Los Angeles neighborhood. The Hoxton Hotel Downtown Los Angeles has a comfortable, professional club-style ambience. The décor is stylish and current with retro/vintage accents – picture “beachy California meets old school Hollywood elegance.”

We find locally fashionable antique furniture, and the design in the unusual guest rooms features chevron oak floors, striking headboards, and Oaxacan-style carpets.

Other notable features include two stylish restaurants, gratis rental bikes, bars, and a fashionable rooftop pool, all in a very large historic Los Angeles structure!

8. The Ace Hotel

The Ace Hotel is a fashionable hotel and tourist destination in Downtown Los Angeles.

When the hipsters come to town, they all congregate at the Ace Hotel. This 4-star, highly rated, and extremely hip LA hotel always seems naturally fashionable (while trying too hard – quite an accomplishment)! It debuted in early 2014 in the iconic United Artists building in the center of Los Angeles. Downtown Los Angeles is enjoying a resurgence. It is an elegant, historic, and dynamic Los Angeles jewel.

The Exotic and Coolest hotels in los Angeles
Photo on Unsplash by Joel Muniz

The UA Theatre and tower, built in 1927 for the maverick film company, serve as memorials to a group of pioneering American artists breaking out on their own. The grandiose edifice radiates a lively past and distinguishes alone as a real jewel inside the L.A. tale as a fantastic trendy noir party palace.

The artistic and innovative hotel provides a range of accommodation options, ranging from great neighbouring patios (to keep a keen eye on LA activity) to huge suites and loft rooms. Every inch of the hotel has been meticulously planned and maintained with art, symbolizing its past and transforming it into a veritable temple of the arts. A stay will indeed inspire, astound, and provide a unique exchange like no other in Los Angeles!

9. The W Hotel

The W Hotel is a contemporary upmarket design hotel on the slopes of Beverly Hills/Bel Air that is ideal for clubbing.

The creative, opulent, and pioneering 4-star excellently rated W Hotel is in a really exclusive location in the mountains of Bel-Air and near Beverly Hills.

The highly rated, fashionable Los Angeles hotel has a wonderful selection of fine cuisine, a magnificent heated pool, beautifully furnished guestrooms, and, therefore, a famous able-to collectively spa and wellness centre, not to mention the lobby DJ bar where you may surely glimpse a celeb or two.

It’s a fantastic alternative for anyone wishing to fully immerse themselves in the glitz and splendour of Los Angeles.

10. The Hotel Erwin

Hotel Erwin is a hip and eccentric beachfront hotel overlooking the Venice Beach Boardwalk.

The unusual Hotel Erwin, part of the artistic Joie de vivre hotel network, is one of the coolest luxury accommodation with destination restaurant along LA’s iconic Venice Beach Boardwalk. The 4-star, somewhat modern Los Angeles lodging perfectly reflects the cool and placed Venice beach feel and is both fairly priced (well, for a prominent beach location anyhow) and features a décor that isn’t afraid to be distinctive.

Including its mouth firmly on its cheek, this place has a restaurant ‘Hash’ and the tallest rooftop bar on the beachfront dubbed ‘High’ – quite smart! Guest rooms have vibrant and brilliant creative schemes, modern art, a characteristic Californian vintage style, i-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and iPod audio systems.

Consider spending extra, and you may wake up with an oceanfront and sometimes in their incredible surf suite,’ which has DJ turntables and a massive two-person tub. A really fashionable LA hotel ideal for free thinkers looking for some ocean fun!

11. AIR Venice

AIR Venice is a beautiful beachfront hotel facing Ocean Front Walk that is also one of the greatest luxury accommodations on Venice Beach.

The highly rated 4-star AIR Venice Hotel transforms a historic early-twentieth-century property into a sleek and modern swish hotel with excellent amenities. This contemporary Los Angeles hotel is directly on the Venice Beach beachfront, so you can watch the spectacular sunsets from your room. This fashionable Los Angeles hotel has always been about incredibly luscious views! The suites are great for holidays and term living if you need to remain in the region for a while and then enjoy being near the beach.

12. The Figueroa Hotel

The Figueroa Hotel is stunning and again one of the coolest hotels in Los Angeles, an abstract painting LA design hotel.

The old YWCA (believe it or not!) was built in 1925 and has been transformed into a fabulously unusual and enticingly gorgeous boutique hotel. Including its days as a hostelry long gone, the top-regarded Figueroa Hotel is now a unique and unusual Los Angeles lodging alternative, that combines an early California Mission design that has plenty of Moroccan/Mexican orientalism.

East Africans accented with glass dangles from the ceiling, massive cactus, and multi-coloured handmade rugs that wouldn’t sound out of place in a souk bazaar can all be found in the foyer.

Outside, there’s an ambient floodlit pool encircled by an ornately tiled outdoor pool bar and soaring palm trees, giving it the ideal spot to help absorb some of that lovely Californian sunshine. Its artistic ambience also makes it a sanctuary for creative people in Los Angeles.

13. The Suitable Hotel Santa Monica

Suitable Hotel Santa Monica is a stunning Los Angeles design hotel that combines historical charm with contemporary luxury.

The beautiful Santa Monica coolest  Hotel in Los Angeles is situated just off Wilshire Boulevard, a ten-minute walk from Ocean Avenue to Santa Monica’s beautiful beach.

Among the coolest hotels in Los Angeles, this hotel offers a relaxed, laid-back attitude ideal for sunbathing or utilizing it as a platform to visit the numerous neighboring shops, stores, and interesting eateries. Proper’s sleek yet rustic aesthetic is reminiscent of the California shoreline.

This is undoubted one of the most distinctive and stunning hotels in the Santa Barbara area. The interior is decorated with naturalistic shades and earthy textures, while open areas provide an airy sense of abundant natural light. When visitors like you visit, you’ll see that the rooms, dining, swimming pool, and lounges have an eclectic mix of odd furnishings and decorative elements.

14. The Ambrose Hotel

Where sustainability is as vital as elegance, Ambrose was the very first hotel in the entire U.S. to get LEED Silver certification, followed by a lengthy line of eco-awards. The coolest hotels in Los Angeles have Low-flow restrooms, water-saving fixtures, drought-tolerant native plants, 75% garbage recycled or composted, free bicycle parking, non-toxic environmental products, and clever power-saving thermostats are just a few of The Ambrose’s numerous practices. Iy makes sustainability co and has bright, airy guestrooms, a hip bar, and a decidedly SoCal sandy-feet, salt water atmosphere everywhere.

15. Petit Ermitage

Petit Ermitage tucked away from prying eyes, is also the coolest hotel in Los Angeles, a hotel for those of us with knowledge, and a far cry more than what you’d expect of the infamous Sunset Strip. Petit Ermitage is a bohemian sanctuary that does exactly what the article says on the label – only substitute mysticism with sangria.

Art is the very first image you see, but that’s not your typical seascape seen in motels; in Petit Ermitage, you’ll see Dal, de Kooning, Miro, and Rauschenberg if you can drag yourself away from the gorgeous beds and the roof terrace, that’s where you’ll really like to spend your time with a wonderful novel and countless platters of monkey bread.


If visitors want an amazing LA trip, your hotel will play a vital role in your enjoyment of your stay. A prominent residence is one of several vibrant neighbourhoods that merit your consideration. One can check out many  coolest hotels in Los Angeles and boutique hotels in Los Angeles to make the most of your trip to the City of Angels.

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