15 Absolute Best Bars in Seattle

Best Bars in Seattle
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There are many best bars in Seattle WA. Creativity is the star here because it’s hip again.

Drinks taste much better with an interesting tale accompanying them, whether it’s made up (like the origins of the tiger) or true and touching, like the launch of the brewery’s new flagship location in the Central District, which is owned by a Black.

Best Bars in Seattle to Have Fun

On our list of Seattle bars and restaurants where you should be drinking right now, these places join time-honored beloved like Inside Passage, which has long-charmed patrons with imaginative liquor options, and the infamous Cozy Nut, where the craftsmanship surely has many stories to tell.

1. La Dive Bar- Capitol hill

The bar is set in one of the prime areas of Seattle. Even if they sell the basics of things to their customers, they would still do well thanks to their location at Pine corridor. They also have an absolutely beautiful outdoor sitting which attracts people.

The variety of drinks offered here is very varied. Some of it includes frijoles, mixed cocktails with Gamay wine and raspberry, beer bongs, and much more. La Dive is one of the most visited and best bars in Seattle WA.

La dive wine shop official website screensot
Source: https://www.ladiveseattle.com/

Chef David Gurewitz’s cuisine combines a modern bar snack style with the hearty elements of his Eastern European ancestry to create dishes like lavash quesadillas, sardine toasts, and a dumpling happy hour. The bar also has a wine bar.

The bar has killer cocktails, live music, a Chinese food menu, and much more. It is an ideal and go-to place to be with your friends.

It is also one of the best classic dives found in Seattle. Some of the fun games you can play here are pinball machines, various arcade games, and much more. It also has a cute cafe nearby. This funky drinking establishment is a great spot for hanging out. La Dive is one of the best bars in Seattle.

2. Canon in Capitol Hill

This renowned, decade-old cocktail bar reopened in August after a protracted hiatus and a few months of takeout-only service. It has a great variety of liquors to choose from. Canon is one of the most visited bars in Seattle where you can spend some quality time with friends.

Canon in Capital Hill official website screenshot
Source: https://www.canonseattle.com/

In addition to their contemporary concoctions, such as Snow White’s bong, which is served in an apple-shaped glass with apple brandy and caramel smoke, you may once again order their updated version of the Soyer au Champagne from 1896 that includes Cap’n Crunch ice cream. Canon is one of the known and best bars in Seattle.

They have over 4,000 different labels of spirits list to go offer. It proves its status as Seattle’s best craft cocktail title. Additionally, the cocktails are flavorful and creative, featuring concoctions made with expensive, decades-old spirits.

The Pike-Pine passage of Capitol Hill, Ballard Avenue, Northwest Avenue, etc are all well-known for having great bars and a peak location for getting drunk. The bars located here are very close and one can easily walk out from one to enter another instantly.

When you reach the intersection of Ballard Ave and Market Street, if you still have any energy left, turn around and head to Hazlewood, a dive bar with a gothic flavor known for its specialty cocktail of the same name. Ave NW is a block above Ballard Ave.

3. The Gold Bar- South Lake Union

This bar is most famous for unforgettable pool parties, various rides, and much more. The bar has an option of private rooms where people can enjoy their time with friends or in small clusters with various drinks on board.

Some of the most famous cocktails here are the Gifford Liquor flavored with pineapple or some effervescent liquor drinks.

In a setting with whimsical charm both inside and out, this “low-lit, golden haven” north of Denny Park dishes up innovative Caribbean-inspired cocktails and Latin American tapas.

This tiny bar with black walls, gold pineapple sculptures, and Latin American appetizers is located next to the typical South Lake Union chaos on a less busy street.

We’d cheerfully cram our glove compartments full of the excellent fried chicken bits aptly dubbed “gold nugs,” as well as the limey avocado mash with cotija and shaved radish. The bar also has great restaurants around it.

This bar in the building serves delicious margaritas and chilled rosés. For a quiet weekday date, drinks and a light meal with friends, a glass of drink for relieving stress, or even an unplanned Happy Hour with coworkers, you should use Gold Bar.

Gold Bar official website screenshot
Source: https://www.goldbarseattle.com/

Just be certain to collect those nugs. The bar serves the best drinks, great food, and loads of fun with a great menu. This bar is one of the greatest bars in Seattle Washington.

4. Linda’s Tavern Law Bar

Although Linda’s Tavern isn’t quite seedy enough to count as a true dive, it does have a commendably robust and dive-like quality about it. It’s the sage, experienced dame of Capitol Hill taverns, dressed in western garb.

Dogs are permitted as well. For a comparable ambiance and food, visit King’s Hardware in Ballard, Linda’s sister bar. It is also Seattle’s best Sports bar.

Linda's Tavern official website screenshot
Source: https://www.lindastavern.com/

The epitome of a Northwest pub, Linda’s has terrific drinks, a slightly rustic ambiance (thanks in part to a taxidermied buffalo head above the bar), and good music.

This bar has welcomed both Seattle’s newest residents and the city’s most well-known celebrities for more than 20 years, without fanfare. It is rumored that Kurt Cobain was last spotted there. It has two bars in West Seattle WA.

Just a drink and a quiet spot to observe the world go by. The restrooms there are also really beautiful. I kid you not, but the Kurt Cobain thing is real.

Linda’s, a venerable Capitol Hill hangout, is a terrific place to unwind and kill time. It also has live music shows sometimes.

Linda’s is a tonne of fun, with roomy booths, a sizable outdoor terrace, and perhaps one of the best bar food selections. Additionally, there is a huge screen inside the bar that shows movies, and the staff gives customers complimentary popcorn. Linda’s is one of the best bars in Seattle.

5. Bathtub Gin & Co. Bar

The new outdoor seating area close to its still partly unmarked entrance off an alleyway makes it simpler to discover than ever, yet this speakeasy-style bar has been well-known for more than ten years.

Bathtub Gin & Co. Bar operates out of a tiny, two-level facility with a tin roof and, surprise, a real bathtub in the middle of the floor.

Bathtub Gin & Co. Bar official website screenshot
Source: http://bathtubginseattle.com/

Bathtub Gin & Co. Bar has great options of drinks to choose from. Some of it includes Death Star, the most famous drink of the bar. It can be served with bourbon, maple syrup, or lemon juice. Bathtub Gin & Co. is one of the great and best bars in Seattle.

The speakeasy that Belltown has created is a secret within a secret. Once you get over the novelty of the setting, the amazing array of expertly made drinks is the real find at this “secret” bar on an alley between First and Second Avenue.

Bathtub Gin Co., one of the most well-known bars in town, serves you drinks that are so good you won’t want to go anywhere else. This place will be especially beloved by gin lovers as it boasts a menu with 30 different types at any given time.

Religious fans of gin will wholeheartedly love this place, as the bar provides a whopping 30 varieties on the menu every day.

It is a cozy cocktail bar located between First and Second Avenue in Belltown. It is housed in a former boiler chamber at the back of a formerly ancient brick hotel structure.

It will be crowded and one of the most inventive bars you visit for cocktails. Bathtub Gin Co., one of the most well-known bars in town, serves you drinks that are so good you won’t want to go anywhere else.

6. Inside Passage

The entryway to the pub, Inside Passage, goes through Rumba, some fancy areas with extraordinary showcases. The most talked about and the most famous thing about Inside Passage is its octopus hanging in the entryway.

It is the best bar in Seattle, WA. The most special attraction of this bar is its special drinks.

Inside Passage official website screenshot
Source: https://www.insidepassageseattle.com/

To name a few, the Four Boys served in a slow simmer cooker, the Mohai-Tai in a can of Rainier beer, the Ambazombie in an amazing Amazon box, and the most special the I Believe which is served in a camera lens!

The food menu and the tropical classics section of the menu lean more toward their tropical origins, but the Seattle-centric references to history and culture give this distinctive bar a place all its own.

This Capitol Hill bar is similar to its twin bar, Rumba in experience. Though the attractive and unique cephalopods are a great crowd attractor. In addition, they also have artistic mugs and the perfect environment to be considered instagrammable.

Check out the special drinks inspired by some of the most famous and unexpected things! One of the drinks is inspired by The Little Mermaid movie. You also have various chips to go along with your drinks.

7. The Bait Shop Bar

The Bait Shop is a terrific location to go for positive energy, lovely people, and strong drinks. A frozen slushie consisting of various juices and copious amounts of rum is the “signature Painkiller.”

Numerous drinks have a little plastic animal or mermaid clinging to the cup’s rim. This is often associated with a drinking partner and hence you now have company to drink with.

bait shop official website screenshot
Source: https://www.baitshopseattle.com/location

The best food to eat and drink together is French fries. Therefore, it seems reasonable that one of the top bars in town would also serve the best French fries in the area. The Bait Shop bar is one of the greatest and best bars in Seattle.

The Bait Shop has painkiller slushies, board games, and an amazing burger, and they show movies on their enormous projector, giving it the feel of both a tiki bar and a lakeside fishing shop.

What could be better than a night out that includes a few competitive games of Uno, brain-freezing slushies, and triple-fried potato tongue burns?

8. Unicorn

You want to spend a night in your 20s eating corn dogs, sipping cocktails, and flashing your tattoos. Capitol Hill’s Unicorn is nirvana for this sizable Seattle group. It features extravagant carnival decorations and far superior cuisine than is necessary.

On the drink menu, expect X-rated concoctions with titles like “unicorn jizz,” a claw machine stuffed with dildos, and a huge phallic unicorn hat intended for customers who come in on their birthdays.

Unicorn bar official website screenshot
Source: http://www.unicornseattle.com/

Don’t drink before you enter the Unicorn Bar; the atmosphere is already surreal. The circus-themed establishment isn’t exactly a hangout for the locals, but if you’re in the area, it’s worth a visit—if you’re up for it, that is.

The stunning assortment of animal heads that follow your every move is covered in vibrant hues. It is one of the best bars in Seattle WA.

9. Russell’s

This is a pleasant neighborhood hangout serving a wonderful selection of regional food, beer, wine, and drinks (the sliders, chicken pot pie, and meat and cheese plates are fantastic).

It’s located on Stone Way, an up-and-coming street that runs between Fremont and Wallingford, and has a tonne of other bars and eateries within a 10-minute walk.

Russell's Seattle official website screenshot
Source: https://www.russellsseattle.com/

The pub has a reputation as the go-to spot for residents searching for a late-night drinking establishment that still has a crowd because it is open every night until 2 am.

It takes a 15-minute taxi or Uber ride from downtown. It also has live music available there with some fresh juice and a private room.

Russell’s is a unique occurrence: a contemporary neighborhood bar. Most nights, the owner, Joe Russel, can be found behind the casually chic bar making classic cocktails and serving a limited but fine selection of beer and wine on tap.

On weekends, the menu includes house-made pretzels, a Cuban sandwich, and meatballs.

They also have a good food menu with craft cocktails, a wine bar area, karaoke, pinball, tiki drinks, and Chinese food. A dive bar accepts just cash.

Russell’s is one of the best bars in Seattle. A bar is a good place for drinking and having fun. It is also a well-known sports bar. Russell’s is one of the best bars in Seattle.

10. Phocific Standard Time

Vietnamese-style tree home above the downtown site of Pho Bac is a small bar called Phocific Standard Time (PST), which serves cocktails with Vietnamese flavors and ingredients.

Try the Trung Muoi cocktail, which combines a Japanese whisky that has been pho fat washed with cream sherry, carcavelos wine, and salted egg yolks, or the nuoc mat cocktail, which combines soju, Cocchi Americano, logan, and notes of citrus and jasmine.

A whimsical menu with dishes like a creamy, cheesy crab dip that goes wonderfully with PST’s cocktails has been created by co-owner Yenvy Pham. Russell’s is a unique occurrence: a contemporary neighborhood bar.

Joe Russell, the owner, can be found behind the casually chic bar most nights, making classic cocktails and serving a limited but fine selection of beer and wine on tap. On weekends, the menu includes house-made pretzels, a Cuban sandwich, and meatballs.

The first pho restaurant in Seattle was founded in 1982 by Yenvy and Quynh Pham’s parents. Now, the second generation of Ph Bc is doing some equally spectacular trailblazing of their own with this contemporary Vietnamese speakeasy hidden amid the plants above their most recent location.

There are other famous beverages associated with Phocific Standard Times are mostly drinks having natural flavors of native Vietnam. Those include Pho broth, tea made up of French Artichoke, and many more.

11. Life On Mars

Seattleites were divided when popular radio jockey John Richards said he would establish a vegetarian bar playing vinyl music. Even though people loved to listen to him in the mornings, nobody believed that he could pull it off. It was taken as an empty promise.

There were countless albums on the shelf to pick from, plus an interesting drink menu with potent flavors, so there was no need to worry. Here, the people come first, followed by a heartfelt enthusiasm for excellent music.

Life on Mars official website screenshot
Source: https://lifeonmarsseattle.com/to-eat/

This is an insane photo booth location. The Life On Mars bar has the best cocktails with a great food menu, strong drinks, a homey setting, a great spot, beers, sandwiches, corn dogs, and an exceptionally great music taste. It is a perfect combination of fun, great food, beers, small plates, and cute small tables.

The bar also provides a parking lot. It is always packed to the roof on the weekends. This is one of the most visited and best bars in Seattle.

12. Chuck’s hop shop- Greenwood

This historic corner store, which used to be a spot to buy cheap cigarettes and rich malt liquor, has slowly but has been developed into some of the top beer bars in Seattle. There is also a franchise located in the Central District.

Outside you’ll find a tiny terrace and a rotating selection of Seattle’s most well-liked food trucks, while there are almost 49 taps spilling over with different brews—though the concentration is on Integrated Payroll & Accounting System—and they still have a few nibbles from the bar’s prior iteration.

Chuck's Hop Shop official website screenshot
Source: https://www.chuckshopshop.com/

Chuck’s Hop Shop is just like a 7-Eleven if it had chairs, a tonne of beer on tap, and some personality.

This convenience shop serves as a beer bar and is the ideal place to chill out before heading out: In addition to selling a variety of crunchy snacks and gummy sweets, Chuck’s is dog-friendly, has a daily-rotating food truck parked outside, and serves roughly 50 different beers on tap, in addition to a large wall of refrigerated six-packs that may be opened and consumed.

Next time, hold your beer-fueled board game night here rather than at your apartment. The bar also has a cocktail bar. It is one of the busiest and best bars in Seattle. Chuck’s Hop Shop Bar is one of the local favorite bars.

13. Pine Box Bar

We enjoy The Pine Box, a macabre establishment located in a former mortuary. The roomy area is perfect for large groups who enjoy craft beers (there is an outstanding selection), and the menu of classic bar meals will keep the celebration going.

This bar is one of the well-known bars and has some of the best collections of alcohol in Seattle. It serves great beers, delicious food, a great menu to choose from, loads of fun, and liters of wine to drink. There are also many must-visit restaurants near the bar.

The Pine Box official website screenshot
Source: https://www.pineboxbar.com/

You can come here to chill with a glass of beer and to relieve the stress of the week before. Drinking and eating out here is the best option due to its great food.

The Pine Box, one of the country’s top beer bars, is housed in a gorgeous former funeral chapel with a concave ceiling and a tonne of inky polished wood.

It also treats the more than 30 beers on tap with due reverence; some of them are even put through a flavor-releasing filter to give them a remarkable flavor. Pine Box is one of the most visited and best bars in Seattle.

14. Add-a-Ball

If chugging a beer while playing games is what your ideal weekend looks like, you should definitely visit Add-a-Ball to make the best of your time.

It is one of the best bars in Seattle with amazing pinball bars. Visitors can enter a maze-like bar with various pinballs and video games through a modest entrance in a Fremont neighborhood parking lot.

Arcade bars can be a bit of a disaster with their sticky floors, broken pinball machines, and unreachable high-score records (screw you, BJL). The only arcade bar that will never let you down is Add-A-Ball.

This is not Dave & Busters; instead, there are games like Killer Queen (the only 10-player arcade game in the world), which lacks kids and the stench of old deep-fryer oil as fairly priced beers and ciders.

The bar also provides great live music. The interior is made up of exposed brick, an engaging yet modern-looking furniture feature. Add-a-Ball is one of the best bars in Seattle.

The bar is a great place to have a glass of beer or even an unplanned Happy Hour with coworkers with drinks. The bar also serves great cocktails.

15. Bottlehouse Bar

Bottlehouse is the beautiful garden party of your most sophisticated acquaintance, whilst Left Bank is the basement project of your most laid-back pal. It is a wine bar in a renovated Madrona property with a porch and a backyard terrace where you may find us residing year-round.

Here, you should be able to find something to drink for everyone, from Walla Walla grenache blanc to some Bolivian syrah.

Bottlehouse Seattle official website screenshot
Source: https://bottlehouseseattle.com/

The wine drinks, such as frozen riesling with rosemary or Rioja sangria, are also excellent, particularly when paired with meal suggestions from the local cheesemonger.

It’s exactly like your home, except that you don’t have to clean; someone else is preparing a variety of sandwiches and charcuterie; and all of a sudden, the shelves in the living room are stacked with bottles of great wine.

Seriously, this renovated house combines a well-curated wine bar with all the conveniences of home (plus a nice patio).

Taste the open items, relax with a glass of wine, or pay a nominal corkage fee to open any of the store’s bottles. It is one of the best bars in Seattle WA.


There are many best bars to visit in Seattle WA. For alcohol enthusiasts, Belltown, Ballard Avenue, and Capitol Hill’s Pike-Pine corridor are like amusement parks; on Belltown’s 2nd Avenue, for instance, it’s simple to drink from Guadalajara to Coney Island to the South Pacific without even crossing the street.

Bartender pouring alcohol
Photo by bogdan.hoda from Depositphotos

This guide features several great options in those regions, as well as numerous standouts elsewhere in the city, with a focus on long-standing, locally-owned establishments as well as a few more recent bars that have brought something fresh to the scene.

The people-watching is excellent, and you might happen onto various conversations with bystanders and street sellers while waiting in line for a hot dog (try a “Seattle dog” for the whole Seattle experience, which typically includes cream cheese). Better than it sounds.

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