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14 Best Things to Do in French Regional Park

French regional park is a multipurpose park located in the city of Plymouth, along the shore of Medicine Lake. If explored properly, this place is a treasure in disguise.

From taking a romantic ride on shore to planning a family picnic to holding professional meetings, you can do them all here.

This is a constantly developing park and covers a huge area. It is internally as well as externally connected with the Three Rivers Park Districts which allows its extension to a very large area.

The activities which need more area are also internally connected with Three Rivers park and Medicine Lake. It is the best place for outdoor exploration. Before visiting any such place, one should always check its activities facility on its official website.

The link to their official website is provided at the end of this article. 

french regional park
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Amazing Things to Do in French Regional Park

The perk of this park is that it holds proximity to any business area which makes it a perfect destination for professional lunches or dinners. So, if you are in Minnesota for some business purpose, then this place can be a perfect destination for your meeting.

Many people also take advantage of the rental rooms and relax after having a meet-over food session. Therefore, here are some things which you can try in this park.

1. Canoeing

Canoeing is a basic activity of paddling a light weighted, narrow boat. French regional park offers canoes, kayaks, and rowboats for rental purposes in their area.

You can also launch your boat but the timing for it is limited. For launching your boat, a parking pass is also required. 

E-tickets can be booked in advance and the availability chances are also high. Though you can also go and collect offline tickets as well. Canoeing can be a great activity for spending some quality time with your loved ones.

image from three rivers park/ canoeing

2. Dog Trails

You can also take your dog for a nice walk in this park. Dogs with non-retractable leashes can freely run or walk inside the park. There are a few rules which need to be followed and then you are good to go.

The owner must follow their pet constantly. There are also a few areas where pets are restricted which must be checked as it can be harmful to both the pet and its owner.

dog trails
image from three rivers park/ Dog trails

3. Biking/Cycling

This park is connected to many lakes which favors many activities and makes them more interesting. The connected parks and lakes make it the best place for biking.

There are paved ways for biking and one can easily and a ride covering the whole of the park’s center and the beach. Both e-bikes and mountain bikes are provided.

E-bikes can be taken wherever traditional bikes are allowed including regional parks and single-track trails and mountain bikes can be taken on mountain trails.

However, they must be operated safely and the safety rules provided by the park must be followed.

Biking%20 %20Fall%20 %202
image from three rivers park/ biking trails

4. Fun in the Sun

Not so surprising that we also have a beach here. You can take your family including the kids and have some real fun on the beach while taking some sunshine.

There are also some activities for children in there which can be tried. They can be closed due to weather or construction issues or else, it can be fun. It provides a great space to spend some quality time with your loved ones. 

5. The Upgraded Playground Area

Around the fall of 2018, the park’s playground area got upgraded and many things were added to it. After the renovation, some cargo nets, slides, and towers were added to the park. A special area for smaller children was also included.

It is a perfect place for the kids to have fun. It has levels according to the age of the children which makes it easier to distinguish between the slides.

Lake%20Rebecca%20 %20Play%20Area%20 %20Summer 0
image from three rivers park/ kids’ play area

The French regional park has won awards of excellence for its play area from the National Association of Country Park and Recreational Officials (NACPRO)for the new play area they have added during their renovation.

Not only the NACPRO but have also won awards from the Minnesota Recreation Park Association (MRPA) which is a very high level of honor provided by the association.

6. Fishing

Got nothing to do on a Sunday afternoon? This park also features fishing facilities. You can easily grab some of your friends and head for fishing after collecting proper passes.

A Minnesota fishing license is also required for pursuing the activity. You can also rent a boat and go to the sea for a better experience.

Disposing of the fishing line is also very important. If you leave them behind in the water, it can be harmful to other boats and fish. They must be discarded in a recycling program.

If it is not possible, then one must cut them into small pieces and drop them off in the water. The age limit for getting a license is 16 years and above and no one can go in without a license.

image from three rivers park/ fishing

You can also try ice fishing where a hole has to be dug into the ice and you have to put your fishing line inside that hole and wait patiently to catch the fish. This technique and patience also give you some alone time to think, talk and sit in peace.

7. Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt named Geocaching is a very modern sort of activity that is also provided by Three rivers park. In this game, the participants have to find out or plant a cache that uses GPS equipment.

It is given on a first-come, first-served basis and is also free. Moreover, everything has to be returned before leaving the place, and it’s a great mind-opening activity for adults. You can register yourself by going on the Minnesota Geocache’s official website.

TTD Geocaching Billboard 01
image from three rivers park/ treasure hunt 

However, there are also some rules and regulations which must be kept in mind. There are some restricted areas where the placing of GPS caches is not allowed.

They have to be placed in a particular and each cache should have a minimum distance of 25 miles from the other. The park holds the right to remove any geocache if its found in any harmful position or not registered.

Geocaches are not harmful to anyone naturally or artificially but they must be kept in a particular manner.

8. Hiking

We also have hiking options here. There are separate hikes for spring, summer, and fall. The Three rivers park district, Medicine Lake, and French regional parks are interconnected which gives vast areas for hiking and also other activities.

They feature paved ways and sitting areas for relaxation as well. During the fall, lights are provided until 9 pm for the hikers, and walking areas are also there.

You can take a walk around medicine lake and take a look at the amazing view.

TTD Hiking Billboard 04
image from three rivers park/ hiking trails 

There are 2 to 3 inches of snow which makes it more beautiful. The treasure hunt can also accompany you on the way. Using boots should be kept in mind before starting a hike in winter because of the snow. Terrains and steep slopes are also there to me it adventurous.

9. Picnic

Book picnic tables and grills and have a good time with your family or friends. The reservations for normal picnics that are self-served and do not require grills and tables are made on a first-come, first-served basis and they can be done during regular park hours.

However, if you want to plan a group event, and want to include the tables and grills in the package then the reservations must be done 21 days beforehand as the preparations need to be done.

Hygiene must be maintained and all the dirt and garbage should be removed before leaving the park.

Fish%20Lake%20 %20picnic%20 %20fall
image from three rivers park/ picnic

There is also a kids’ play area with grounds and a few rides. Children can easily have fun there while the adults have fun with each other.

The playgrounds have been upgraded recently and new features are added. One must have a look. Check the official site for reservations.

10. Sledding

image from three rivers park/ sledding

It is so much fun when you are surrounded by so many fun activities that it’s difficult to decide what to do and what not to do. We also have sledding on the menu.

You can easily rent a sled or two and go on with your partner. Children however are not allowed alone as it can be dangerous for them. Therefore, adults must accompany them.

It is a must to check the park’s website before planning your sled ride as they can be closed anytime due to severe weather conditions. Otherwise, it’s the best way to enjoy your childhood memories once again and has loads of fun.

11. Snowshoeing

Firstly, do not get confused between snowshoeing and sledding or skiing. Skiing and sledding mean gliding on the snow.

They are literally like a ride whereas snowshoeing is just walking on the snow. This walk however is not that easy and can be done only after wearing a particular kind of shoes and a proper guide. One can easily fall on the snow if not experienced a bit.

image from three rivers park/ snowshoeing

The snowshoeing in Three rivers park has different difficulty levels depending on the experience of the participant. It is totally fun and happening at the same time.

Here also the rules are the same as sledding. The weather is the ruler and activities can be stopped at any time depending on it. So better check and then plan. As the saying goes, “better safe than sorry.”

12. Swimming

Medicine Lake swimming beach also provides facilities for swimming. Okay, so we have this too over here. You just need to grab a swimming costume and head to the swimming beach area and you are all set to beat the summer heat.

Take your children and let them have fun too. Only the presence of mind is required around the children because the lifeguard service is not available due to the huge crowd at the beach. They should be kept around the shores only and not left alone.

Swimming 1
image from three rivers park/ swimming

It is a great way of spending a summer day swimming on the beach and relaxing your body and then going to the food stalls for some junk in the evening.

There are also restrooms available at the beach so there’s no worry for the children. 

13. Surprising Activities

Some activities take the visitors by surprise. One such activity is the Sensory Friendly Sundays activities. This is an activity preferred by the locals too as it gives them a chance to relax after a hectic month of work and stress.

They have created this activity for the stressful and sensitive people who get crushed after working for a whole month without taking a break.

Trained staff and volunteers are provided to help the people. They also provide earplugs, nose plugs, headphones, and several fidgets that can help you relax.

Some other activities and sensory games are also available and it is the best place for someone who is looking for a space to cool off their tension. Also, there is no age bar over here which means people of any and every age group can give it a try.

Reservations can be made online through their official website.

14. Events

Events such as weddings, bridal showers, family dinners, gatherings, and business conferences are also organized here. Their beautiful gardens and meadows provide a perfect environment for summer and winter weddings.

There are a variety of gardens and lake views which makes the destination perfect. Spaces can be rented and a variety of facilities are offered by the park management.

The indoor, as well as outdoor spaces, can be used for larger gatherings.

image from three rivers parks/ events

There are many venue options to choose from. They are specifically made for different occasions such as conference halls are made for business meetings only. There are separate venues for family gatherings.

All the set-up for any program is organized by the management itself and technical support is also available. They also provide a list of caterers from which you can choose for your event.

The park’s policies include a zero waste policy which directs to use of reusable materials so that there is a very low possibility of waste.

TTD FormalGardens Billboard 02
image from three rivers park/ formal gardens 

In the End

Overall, this huge park is a perfect destination in Minnesota for any and every activity. The management is perfect and you will get every facility and hassle-free enjoyment with your family and friends.

A large number of activities is a plus point because if you do not get a slot in your favored activity, you will always have at least twenty similar ones to choose from.

Be it snow activities to enjoy in summer, water activities to enjoy in winter, or cycling and site seeing to enjoy during spring, you can have them all in one place.

You don’t even have to worry about the children because here we have one of the best playgrounds and play areas. If your trip is 15 or 20 days long, you must give at least 3 days to this park and you will not forget these moments ever.

There are innumerable activities to enjoy with friends and family and bag up memories. All the experiences you get here are worth the time and money.

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image from three rivers park/ formal gardens

Here is a link to the park’s official website: Three Rivers Park District

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