best places to live in oklahoma best places to live in oklahoma

14 Prime Oklahoma Residential Spots

When talking about the best places to live in Oklahoma, you should first know that Oklahoma is a nation in the South Central region of the United States.

It has Texas bordering on the south and west and Kansas bordering on the north. While Missouri and New Mexico are on the east and west.

Oklahomans (or “Okies”) are the residents of the state, and Oklahoma is home to major cities in the USA. So take a deep breath for a moment.

Everyone has different criteria for a great place to live depending on their personal preferences, personal circumstances, and stage of life.

Individuals with families, for example, prefer to live in areas with highly rated seminaries and family-oriented activities, whereas young authorities may prefer to live in areas with job opportunities, vibrant nightlife, and other amenities.

Seniors, on the other hand, may prefer to live in an area with more open spaces and a lower crime rate.

Best Places to Live in Oklahoma

Knowing these issues in mind, some of the best residential places in Oklahoma are mentioned here.

1. Edmond

Edmond is the greatest location to stay in Oklahoma. It is a region of Oklahoma City with a population of little less than 90 thousand people with a restricted suburban atmosphere.

Pros and Cons of Edmond Oklahoma 2023 | Should I Move to Edmond, OK?

The numerous good aspects of this city attract both families and young professionals. It attracts families since it has several highly regarded communal schools and other family-oriented activities.

Young professionals like the area’s variety, career opportunities, and vibrant nightlife. The range of well-being and exercise options appeals to the entire community.

2. Jenks

A special of Tulsa, Jenks is the place where you can find the corporate world as well as good transportation systems. Its intimacy to the Richard Lloyd Jones Jr Airport is a model for individuals who often travel sideways the state.

This is the best residence of various households; besides around 27 by 100 percent of the population is of any kind of university age.

So basically, Jenks has an outstanding university life and there are countless things to do in this place. Although some of the parts are quite expensive, the covering is still inexpensive, so this is not an impossible dwelling for undeveloped people or people with low earnings.

3. Bixby

There are a number of educational opportunities as the place contains a lot of schools, colleges, and universities for the students.

Where To Live in Tulsa Oklahoma - BIXBY 2023

Apart from that, the medical facility and other useful facilities of this place are great. You will not find a problem staying here as everything is situated nearby. Bixby also has amazing transportation facilities.

4. Norman

Near Lake Thunderbird, Norman is a wonderful suburb with around 118K people. Despite the large population, this region has a consistent suburban atmosphere and a friendly community spirit.

The most appealing aspects of the neighborhood are the leisure activities, open areas, and affordable housing.

The living cost in Norman is reasonable and people belonging to any financial background can afford to live in this place without any second thoughts.

5. Goldsby

Goldsby is only 24 miles from the Centre of Oklahoma City. Due to its proximity to the city, this town has a rustic feel with strong civic wisdom, and it has a population of fewer than two thousand people.

This is a good location to live in intersessions, prices and the cost of living in this place is moderate. As the city is close to Route 35, which leads to Oklahoma City, there are excellent transportation options.

6. Nichols Hills

It is the place of lowermost crime, making it a very safe location to stay. People who think of settling in Oklahoma, prefer staying in Nichols Hills as the place has the least recorded crime.

Living with uppermost taxes and below-average family tax is one of the pricier extents, but this is because the area is so needed.

The community texture and cosines of the area are also positive aspects that residents appreciate about this suburb.

7. Fort Gibson

justin prine QGP7ncFD0LA unsplash
Photo by Justin Prine on Unsplash

Fort Gibson is a great place to call home for those who wish for a rural area. Walking and casting are popular pastimes in this little township in Muskogee County, which the Arkansas River surrounds. So, these are the top locations to live in Oklahoma.

As crime is almost non-existent in the community and surrounding region, it is again one of the safest locations to live in Oklahoma.

The properties are also among the most affordable in the state, with a three-bedroom attached house with spacious commons selling for under $100,000.

8. Alva

Alva is a small urban in Woods County with a population of slightly over 5,000 people with a sparse suburban vibe. The finest sceneries of town are the case assortment, the cost of breathing, the employment prospects, and the family activities.

Strong schools, a diverse society, low crime rates, and decent transportation links exist. On the negative side, this is not a favorable region for the relationship between health and fitness services or outdoor activities.

9. Owasso

This Tulsa suburb is measured as a city in its own right by its 40 thousand populaces. If you are looking for somewhere in Oklahoma to buy a household, this is one of the most affordable options. Rental is also cheaper than the state regular.

Tulsa Suburbs | Owasso, Oklahoma - Everything You Need to Know!

Young relations are drawn to this area as it has 46 community schools, many of which are outstanding. It is a great residence for those looking for somewhere with a true intelligence of the community.

10. Bartlesville

The best part about this place is that you will find a lot of job opportunities for all age groups. Apart from that, you will also be able to find a lot of different schools and colleges for your kids to be in.

The place offers excellent transportation facilities along with all the other necessary requirements for healthy living.

11. Broken Arrow

Positioned in the northeastern part of Oklahoma, Homebased Snacks utters that Broken Arrow has a people of just under 117,900, which proceeds it the fourth main city in the state. It is a good place to live in terms of the regular house prices and the general cost of living.

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Photo by gerhard crous on Unsplash

It is generally a safe place to live as the wrongdoing rates are low, and there are brilliant public universities in the city. Job beginnings and commutability are decent, and there is a wide variety of amenities in Broken Arrow and the nearby area.

12. Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is a great place with approximately a population of 711,700. This city has everything that will never disappoint you.

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Photo by Alan Villegas on Unsplash 

Here is the whole thing you are unsurpassed to find in a metropolitan, such as eateries, vibrant nightspots, suitable facilities, spending areas, and other services.

13. Watonga

Watonga is a small town in Oklahoma’s Blaine County, with a population of fewer than three thousand people.

Though outdoor doings and health and fitness amenities are limited, this area has adequate other things.

It is a miscellaneous community with good covering options and a low cost of living. The transport links are rational, and there are plentiful job chances. The zone’s schools are above average, and the nightlife is good.

14. The Village

The Village is an Oklahoma City neighborhood that has just over 9,000 residents. The covering is cheap, which has made the area filled with millennials who lack participation in their first home.

THE CITY OF THE VILLAGE | Oklahoma City | Things to do in Oklahoma City

There are 20 public colleges in this area, making it suitable for families. Its proximity to the city ensures ample work possibilities, unreliable transportation links, and a reasonable rate for a wide range of services.


These are some of the major places people select when they think of settling in Oklahoma.

Moving To Oklahoma State - 10 Best Places to Live in Oklahoma

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Some of the most asked questions about Oklahoma are mentioned below.

1.  What is it Like to Live in Oklahoma?

Talking about the best places to live in Oklahoma, the summers are warm but not arrogant, so you can enjoy the country’s fewer parks, festivals, and autoactivations.

The winters are milder than you’ll find them in the greatest of the Midwest, as temperatures characteristically hover around 40 degrees and frequently only 6-8 inches of snow mass each year.

2. Does it Snow in Oklahoma?

The Panhandle of Oklahoma, The western Panhandle of Oklahoma, in particular, receives 20-30 inches of snow per year on average. Each year, Oklahoma City receives 6-8 inches of sleet. Areas in western Oklahoma and further north receive more snowflakes than OKC.

3. Is Oklahoma Expensive to Live in?

Talking about the best places to live, Oklahoma has the third-lowermost cost of living in the United States, behindhand only Kansas and Mississippi.

4. Which Industry is Based in Oklahoma?

Historically, oil and gas have been the major workings industry in Oklahoma. Apart from that, the place also has some other industries as well which adds up to the economy of this place.

5. Why do People Visit Oklahoma?

Modern museums, global art galleries, and lavish commons give the state an extra cosmopolitan edge. Apart from that, this place has a lot of other natural landscapes and attractive features that attract people to this place.

6. Are People Friendly in Oklahoma?

Oklahomans overall are welcoming people – approachable, laid-back, and respectable-natured – and they are also famous for their friendliness.

7. How does Oklahoma Make Money?

The state’s budget is largely dependent on the natural gas and oil business. Apart from that, the economy of the place also depends on the other industries that are based here.

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