Wineries in Maryland Wineries in Maryland

13 Best Wineries In Maryland That You Must Visit

Maryland is famous for a lot of things like housing the oldest port in Baltimore and even their famous blue crabs. But another thing that is growing at an exponential rate in Maryland is its Wineries.

Maryland Wine has carved a different niche altogether for itself. With over 80+ wineries, the viticulture scene in Maryland isn’t going to die down any time soon.

And if we are to believe statistics, then it is only going to grow in numbers. Wineries in Maryland are not only beautiful but are also known for their quality wines.

Public Tasting rooms with Winery tours and the luscious background of the acres of the farm are sure to charm everyone. Add 12+ Wine trails to your list, and you will have the perfect viticulture experience.

But in case you want a personal list of the best wineries in Maryland to explore, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! 

13 Best Wineries in Maryland

So keep reading as we delve deeper into the details of each of the best wineries in Maryland.

1. Basignani Winery

Wineries in Maryland
Image by Dizzy Eyed, Flickr/ Copyright 2022

Founded in 1986 by the third generation of Italian Emigrant Bertego Basignani, this winery is one of the gems among the wineries in Maryland.

Inspired by his grandmothers’ way of wine-making, Bertego carried on the family legacy of wine-making through Basignani Winery. Their family recipe, as well as, Basignani’s expertise and experience, has led them to win several accolades.

This family-owned winery has many award-winning wines in its inventory. One such fine wine is their most famous wine– Chardonnay. It has won a gold medal in the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition 2017, among many others.

Another recent feather in their cap is a Gold in the Atlantic Seaboard Wine Competition 2019 – awarded to their Elena Rose.

Other popular wines are the variations of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc blends. The various award-winning wines make it among the best wineries in Maryland.

Basignani’s hospitality is another quality that assures its position among the best wineries in Maryland. On Warm evenings, they even host Live music events with their delectable Brick-Oven Pizzas.

They also have an indoor tasting room and host small groups for wine tasting. If you want a small, close-knit, and cozy winery wedding – then this could be a perfect spot for you!

2. Black Ankle Vineyards

Black Ankle Vineyards
Image by Forsaken Fotos, Flickr /Copyright 2022

Black Ankle Vineyards is one of the most popular and well-known wineries in Maryland. Spread over vast 146 acres, this winery will provide you with a host of delectable wines that you cannot help but fall in love with.

Featured wines include Chardonnay, Gruner Veltliner Syrah, and various other blends. Here you can buy wine according to glass, bottles, or flight.

Owing to the large property size, they have four different outdoor locations where you could enjoy your wine. These locations include the courtyard outside the tasting room, the patio, the terrace, and the lawn (where you could even bring your dog in!). You can even bring your own picnic to enjoy on the lawn.

Apart from their familial values, Black Ankle Vineyards also believes in sustainability. Whether it be using solar panels to harness their electricity or using their homegrown straw for insulation during winters, they have it all.

Their environmentally responsible attitude, paired with their hospitality, is the reason why they are considered to be one of the best wineries in Maryland.

One of the best days to visit the Black Ankle vineyard is Friday. On Friday evenings, they treat their guests to live music and delicious food from food trucks that you can enjoy on the patio and the terrace.

3. Boordy Vineyards

Vlog |  Girls Day @ Boordy Vineyards + Wine Tasting |

Boordy Vineyards is the oldest and one of the best Maryland wineries. Founded in 1945 and run by the Deford Family since 1980, this winery is run by Rob Deford III and His wife, Julie Deford.

His son Phineas also helps in managing the business. This winery is popular for producing award-winning dry, sweet, and semi-sweet wines.

They have won five of the most prestigious Maryland Governor’s Cup Awards. Their Boordy’s Landmark reserve 2015 won the Maryland Governor’s cup 2021. Apart from these accolades, Boordy vineyards produce two different varieties of wines:

  1. Their most famous and premium line: is Boordy Vineyard’s Landmark series.
  2. The slightly more affordable and delectable series: Chesapeake Icons

These wines mostly consist of their award-winning Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and so many more. 

Their Boordy Vineyard’s landmark series is made 100% from grapes grown in Maryland, while its Chesapeake Icon consists of a mix of grapes grown in Maryland and outsourced from other states. With so many accolades, it is one of the top wineries in Maryland.

With a barn-like tasting room, Boordy Vineyards gives out a rustic yet charming feel. You can buy wine by flight or by the bottle. They also provide tours of their wine cellars and also offer daily wine-tasting tours, consisting of their famous Landmark and Chesapeake Series. 

They even have special live music events with food trucks that will ensure you a fun and enjoyable evening. Boordy Vineyards should definitely be on your list of best wineries in Maryland.

With their winery spread over acres and acres of land with lush backgrounds, it’s sure to calm you down and rejuvenate your senses.

4. Elk Run Vineyard and Winery

Elk Run Vineyard

Situated in the Rolling hills in Mt. Airy, this winery can be said to be the best among the wineries in Maryland.

Named the East Coast’s best wineries, Elk Run is built on the land grant originally given to Lord Baltimore by the King of England back in the 17th century. Elk Run is among the top 10 best wineries in Maryland.

Elk Run has won numerous awards through the years for its collections of high-quality wines. They grow a variety of grapes, including Chardonnay, Merlot, Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Pinot Gris.

A choice of 6 different wine flights is offered in their tasting room. Tastings of samples from their full wine list start at $12. They also offer free tours of the winery and wine flights on the weekends.

Elk Run also hosts a myriad of events, including Sippin’ Saturday, Sunday live music entertainment, and Wine Down Friday with happy hour on their wine bar.

They also have picnic tables and tents all year long to bring your lunch to pair with the wine tastings. With the company of their friendly staff and delicious wine, you can easily have an amazing time here.

5. Orchid Cellar Meadery and Winery

Uncorked - Ep 30 - Orchid Cellar Meadery and Winery Tasting & Review

Located in the Middletown Valley of Frederick County, Orchid Cellar Meadery and Winery is the most premium meadery in Maryland. They opened their doors to the public in 2010 with only a small collection of meads and a single selection of red wine.

But only in a few years, they have managed to establish themselves as a one-of-a-kind boutique mead producer with a host of products and fans all across the United States and even beyond.

Their unique tasting room is hand-built and nuzzled among 15 acres of lush land, 2 acres of grapevines, and a few beehives (which they assure aren’t dangerous!)

They offer an assortment of high-quality meads and Wine tasting on their extensive menu. Be it sweet or sparkling wines or dry to fruity; they have it all.

Orchid Cellar also hosts several events throughout the year ranging from releases to wine tours and live music events. Visit them to learn more about their meadery and explore their range of complex honey wines!

6. Big Cork Vineyards

Big Cork Vineyards

One of the most acclaimed Wineries in Maryland, Big Cork Vineyards, defines luxury and extravagance. Started by a Virginia Winemaker in 2011 with 22 acres of land, Big Cork Vineyard has not disappointed with the idea that its name projects. It is BIG indeed in every aspect!

They have won countless awards since. Another award winner at Big Cork Vineyards is their Cabernet Franc. Sauvignon Blanc, Nebbiolo, and Syrah Rose are a few other must-haves over here.

They offer their popular wine tastings by appointment. They also offer private wine tastings for a group of 5 to 15 individuals, with the cost beginning at $24 per individual.

In their wine-tasting tour, you will get to sample 6 of their award-winning wines at their state-of-the-art tasting room while being guided by their knowledgeable wine associates.

For the ultimate wine-tasting experience, you should try “The BIG Wine Experience” Event that the winery hosts. This wine-tasting event is perfect for groups of up to 6 (minimum of 4).

You will get to sample 6 of their different wines, which are a combination of library wines, their special releases, and barrel tastings. Combined with perfect cheese pairings and charcuterie boards, you have yourself a luxurious and combined winery tour.

If you thought this was all, then Big Cork Vineyards is here to surprise you with more! They host Live Entertainment Weekends and other exciting events every week.

Overnight accommodation is also provided in the winery’s four-bedroom estate resort. No wonder it is among the best Wineries in Maryland.

Big Cork Vineyards is also open to hosting private events like weddings to corporate dinners, and vineyard tours.

7. Old Westminster Winery

Experience Old Westminster Winery

Tucked away in the rolling hills just outside of Baltimore, Maryland, Old Westminster Winery is a quaint and rustic winery offering great Maryland Wine.

Headed by three siblings, its tasting room opened to the public in 2015. Lisa Hinton, the head winemaker at Old Westminster, wishes to create wines that reflect Maryland’s unique climate and geologies.

Old Westminster Winery offers wine by the flight, bottle and glass, and a host of local artisan food and make-your-own charcuterie board options. Cabernet Franc and Pet-Nats are some of their famous offerings. They also introduced low-ABV Piquettes and canned wine in 2020.

Guests can even get their picnic lunch to pair up with a wine bottle and enjoy on their outdoor grounds. They even host live entertainment events on Friday evenings and Saturday Afternoons. And on Sundays, if you get there early enough, you can also catch their Sunday Brunch menu.

8. Crow Vineyard and Winery

Crow Vineyard and Winery are located only a day trip away from the biggest cities and tourist destinations of the East Coast, including Baltimore and Philadelphia. This farm has been passed on in the Crow Family for three generations.

They started their winery and grew grapes only in 2012. Among their 365-acre property, 12 acres are dedicated to the vineyard. Crow Vineyard and Winery are among the most premium wineries in Maryland.

Crow Vineyard and Winery official website screenshot

Crow Vineyard and Winery is also a wine trail within Maryland’s Eastern Coast wine region. Their wines like Chardonnay, Vidal Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Barbera, and more have won various accolades. Their in-house cultivated grapes are also used to produce dessert and sweet wines.

Their public tasting room offers wine tours all year round. The public tasting room also holds events like “farm-to-table” dinners with oyster pairing and meals made with their top-quality beef (which you can even buy and take home)

The luscious facility also provides a Bed and Breakfast option for accommodation for those who wish to stay the night there.

9. Fiore Winery And Distillery

On Location - Fiore Winery & Distillery (2021)

One of the most premium wineries in Maryland, Fiore Winery and Distillery was started in 1986 by the duo Mike and Ross Fiore. Mike, an Italian Winery owner, brought his Italian Wine-making experience to Maryland, and consequently, Fiore Winery and Distillery were born.

They describe themselves as making Maryland wines with an undertone of Italian elegance.
Located in the Chesapeake Bay Region, Their wines have won numerous awards. They offer a wide range of wines, including dry reds, dry whites, and sparkling and dessert wines.

Their Tasting Room is open all year round and also offers a variety of special craft spirits distilled in the facilities. These craft spirits can be tasted in the form of a cocktail or even bought by the bottle.

Fiore Winery also offers complimentary winery tours each afternoon. But prior booking is mandatory for groups having more than eight people.

10. Great Frogs Winery

Located in the Annapolis estates, on the grounds of Harness Creek Vineyard, Great Frogs Winery originally opened its door to the public in 1999.

This winery is housed on the grounds of a former tobacco barn and farm, which had been in operation since 1661. It is one of the most premium wineries in Maryland.

Great Frogs official website screenshot

This quaint little winery has won awards like the famed and respected Maryland Comptroller’s Cup 2017 and even international competitions. They take pride in the fact that their wines are made of 100% Maryland fruits.

All of their wines are dry wines, with only a few exceptions for their dessert wines, which are limited in quantity. Great Frog’s bestsellers include their Chardonnay and Heritage, both being award winners as well.

Wine tastings are offered by reservation mostly and last approximately 2 hours. Their drinks, coupled with delectable cheese, charcuterie, and fruit plates, form a scrumptious combination. They also host public wine-tasting events for socialization.

You are always welcome to bring in your picnic tables and set them up on their lawn outdoors to have a little picnic of your own while you sip on their beautiful wine.

11. Layton’s Chance Vineyard and Winery

Visit Layton's Chance Vineyard & Winery

Sprawled over 1800 acres of the family farm of the Layton family, Layton’s Chance is another winery among the premium wineries in Maryland. It is located in Vienna, Maryland, and has been open to the public since 2010.

Visitors at Layton’s Chance can taste their dry, semi-sweet, and sparkling wines along with dessert wines as well. Apart from this, they also offer a special collection of high-quality fruit wines which emphasizes the flavors of watermelon and blueberries.

They offer a host of events like nature trails, wine tastings, Friday night music, and live entertainment. Seasonal events like Christmas markets, wine pairings, etc, are also hosted by them.

With a luscious green farm as the backdrop, the tasting room at this facility is spacious and comfortable. The scenery of the farm and the overall serene vibe of the place contributes to a very calming and joyful experience.

They also offer free tours of their Vineyards and grounds during the weekend, including a 20-minute guided tour of their facilities. You can attend this tour by making a prior reservation.

12. Harford Vineyard and Winery

Opened to the public in 2009, Harford Vineyard and Winery are known for its special craft wines. Undoubtedly, they are one of the best wineries in Maryland.

They also specialize in producing small batches of handcrafted wines with grapes produced on their 20-acre farm. Located near the Piedmont Wine trail region in Harford County, Maryland, it is operated by Teresa and Kevin Mooney.

Harford Vineyard official website screenshot

Harford Vinery currently offers 12 types of Maryland wines. Among the 12 varieties, you are sure to find something that suits your taste buds.

They also offer craft wines, including Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc, and other unique blush and fruit wines. They also offer up to 6 samples of wine as a part of their wine tasting by flight.

Their tasting room is also open for bookings for bridal parties, anniversaries, bridal showers, and other private and corporate events.

13. Springfield Manor Winery, Brewery, and Distillery 

Springfield Manor Winery, Distillery, and Brewery

With a serene backdrop of lavender-covered fields and luscious mountains, Springfield Manor Winery can be the best location for you to plan big events at.

They are equipped to host almost 300 people in the Springfield Manor Ballroom. No wonder it is one of the most famous wineries in Maryland.

Their winery is no less splendid than the 130 acres farm itself. They offer ten different award-winning varieties of wines, which are offered by the flights, bottles, and glass. Their onsite brewery also produces fine and high-quality craft beer.

Pair it up with the local selection of cheese provided there or even the delectable food from the food truck parked on site. Also, it’s important to note that they do not allow outside food on their premises.


With luscious green backdrops of varying beauty and the charm of Maryland wineries, they are sure to win your heart.

Wineries in Maryland
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Whether you are a wine aficionado or a beginner at exploring different wineries, this list shall be an exhaustive guide for you. So the next time that you find yourself here give yourself a treat and visit these best wineries in Maryland.

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