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13 Best Places to Live In Wyoming

Wyoming rarely comes to mind when considering the best place to live in the USA. With its vast plains and, of course, the spectacular Yellowstone National Park, has a lot to offer and is, as a result, unfairly underrated.

Wyoming’s simple living and mountains covered in snow are becoming increasingly attractive as the cost of living in major cities in the United States rises and the world of online work expands. Many of the towns have excellent schools, and the surrounding nature offers all residents an active, outdoor way of life.

The best places to live in Wyoming offer fantastic job prospects without the stress and commotion of a larger metropolis, and small towns may limit job opportunities.

As the second least populated cowboy United States state, it is ideal for lovers of nature, with activities- skiing, fishing, hunting, and rafting all options.

13 Best Places to Live In Wyoming

When you choose to live in one of Wyoming’s best cities, you are embarking on a new adventure in one of America’s natural wonders. Choose one of the following:

1. Casper

Casper is rich in natural beauty and outdoor pursuits. The city is consistently ranked as one of the best places in the country for fishing; it is North Platte River offers plenty of angling opportunities as well as beautiful scenery for canoeing excursions.

Explore Wyoming: Where To Find Outdoor Adventure & Fun in Casper, Wyoming

As Wyoming’s second-largest city, residents have access to a wide range of local amenities with a single-family home’s average price well below the national average, schools, and colleges.

Casper rose to prominence as a result of Fort Caspar, an Oregon Trail stop, the Wyoming Central Railway, and an oil boom. Now, “Oil City” is the second-largest city in Wyoming, with a thriving rental market.

2. Buffalo

Buffalo is a small town with low crime rates, neighbors that are friendly, and mountains covered in snow so neat that the visitor can practically touch them. This also comes with a plethora of parks and an unrivaled small-town vibe.

Buffalo, Wyoming
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Despite its adequate schools, the town doesn’t make it higher in this list because some other entries have better educational facilities.

3. Laramie

Laramie may be America’s smallest university town in the state. Football, family, and a good time are important parts of the Laramie community, the entire town often shutting down to see the Border War game versus Colorado State University, the University of Wyoming’s biggest foe.

The school is a major employer and provides a jolt of energy, nightlife, and culture to an otherwise sleepy town.

Laramie, Wyoming
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Albany County School District is responsible for serving Laramie’s younger students, in contrast to its recreation center, Snowy Range ski area, and Medicine Bow National Forest offer plenty of indoor and outdoor activities for everyone.

It has a lot to offer newcomers, particularly newly married couples, as well as individuals wishing to purchase their first house.

You might want to consider the college town of Laramie for its charming nightlife, friendly community, good education, low crime rate, and incredible amenities.

4. Rock Springs

Rock Springs, is surrounded by a simple work commute, a solid school system, and economical living that mixes city conveniences with a simple lifestyle.

If you want top-tier education, return to South Park or Rafter J Ranch, but for young couples and empty nesters, it’s easy to see why Rock Springs is a popular choice.

What Makes Rock Springs, Wyoming a Great Place to Live

Rock Springs hosts park concerts, and museums in the area help to highlight the city’s historical significance. You will find community events, and festivals, such as days of the Flaming Gorge, that showcase the culinary and artistic diversity of Rock Springs.

Living here makes you within walking distance of some of America’s most fascinating landmarks, such as the  Flaming Gorge Reservoir and the Killpecker Sand Dunes

5. Cheyenne

Cheyenne, Wyoming’s state capital, is known as the “Magic City of the Plains.” The Old West-inspired city is known for producing country music legend Chris LeDoux and hosting Cheyenne Frontier Days, the world’s largest outdoor rodeo.

Cheyenne, Wyoming
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Cheyenne capital city of Wyoming provides an excellent balance of recreation and low-cost living. As well as cowboys and cowgirls, country music is also an important part of Cheyenne Frontier Days each July.

Granite Springs Reservoir and the Vedauwoo Recreation Area are only a short drive away and are famous for fishing, camping, and hiking. opportunities.

6. Cody

Cody is Wyoming’s greatest location to live if you want to raise a whole family in an area with plenty of amenities but still be close to some of America’s most beautiful scenery.

Buffalo Bill, called William Cody, inspired a thrilling stampede incident, and Cody was named for him. Cody, home to Yellowstone Regional Airport, is the main entry point for tourists flying into Yellowstone National Park.

Cody, Wyoming
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This quiet town is ideal for commuters, with nonstop flights to Denver and Salt Lake City. Yellowstone National Park is a popular amazing tourist destination, also Buffalo Bill State Park is a nearby town.

Take part in outdoor activities and alternatively, you could go fishing on the lake.

7. Sheridan

Sheridan, Wyoming’s Jewel, is as lovely as its name suggests. Sheridan is located in the northern forested reaches of Wyoming’s Big horn Mountains.

There are various dude ranches in the city where riding horse enthusiasts can explore and stay.

Sheridan, Wyoming!  Drive with me.

It has a delightful small town with less than 20,000 people. Sheridan also fosters a distinct and active cultural environment, with food festivals and community events filling the calendar.

The famed Don King Days rodeo and the Antelope Butte Summer Festival are popular among locals.

8. Kemmerer

Kemmerer exudes a warm, fresh air, welcoming atmosphere that would not be out of place in a rural village. The small, quiet town of Kemmerer ranks as Wyoming’s 9th best living area, just a 10-minute drive from Kemmerer Municipal Airport, which connects you directly to Denver.

Residents benefit from an excellent school system as well as a lower-than-average cost of living, with the average price of a single-family home that is significantly less expensive than the average for the country.

9. Gillette

best places to live in Wyoming
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Because of its minerals and fuel production, Gillette is known as the “Energy Capital of the Nation,” but there is more to this city than mining.

Gillette is large enough for work, with residents earning well above Wyoming’s median income, but not so large that it lacks a family-friendly, close-knit feel.

Gillette, on the other hand, is more than just a destination for career-minded couples and families.

Because of its proximity to the Thunder Basin National Grassland, Bighorn National Forest, Devil’s Tower, and Mount Rushmore, the community enjoys a brisk way of life outside of work.

10. Lander

With almost 63% of residents owning their own homes, Lander is a popular town for first-time home buyers. This is combined with a reasonable cost of living, taking into account access to excellent public schools and excellent infrastructure for an easy commute.

Top 10 Things To Do In Lander, Wyoming

It would be simple to portray Lander as a sleepy town, but that is not the case. Its infrastructure facilitates travel, and the school district has a good reputation.

Traveling along the California and Oregon Trails, visiting ghost towns, panning for gold, and attending Native American powwows are all part of the Lander cultural experience.

11. Jackson

Jackson has breathtaking scenery and amazing wildlife, located in the Bridger-Teton National Forest and National Elk Refuge, which offers a sea of trees and mountain views unlike any other.

best places to live in Wyoming
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Jackson, also known as Jackson Hole, is home to one of America’s best ski resorts, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, and some of Wyoming’s most beautiful scenery.

12. Green River

Green River is an excellent choice for nature lovers, with numerous fishing, hunting, and hiking opportunities. The town was named after the Green River, which runs through its center.

This provides both pleasant sceneries for residents and outdoor fun on weekends. There are excellent fishing opportunities along the river, and fishing and hunting are popular activities outside of the city limits.

best places to live in Wyoming
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The median household income is a very healthy $72,656, and extremely affordable housing, with an average single-family dwelling costing only $197,900.

13. Rafter J Ranch

Rafter J Ranch, 6 hours northwest of Cheyenne on Highway 80, may only have 1,535 residents.

Rafter J Ranch, Jackson Hole, Teton County Wyoming Real Estate Update Q1 2020

Both the infrastructure and the commute distance are excellent, and the fantastic schools, have a wide variety of wine and eating options, a plethora of amenities, and plentiful job opportunities.

Wrapping Up

9 Best Places To Live In Wyoming

Additionally, Wyoming offers better locations for you to spend the remainder of your retirement years in peace in its lovely towns because it has mountains, rivers, and more; the list above is available to you.


1. Is living in Wyoming affordable?

Wyoming beats out neighbors like Utah and Montana for the state with the minimum average living costs among the Rocky Mountain states.

2. What’s it like to live in Wyoming?

Indeed, Wyoming is a fantastic place to live for those seeking a slower pace of life, rural lifestyle, lower cost of living, and stunning (Western) scenery.

3. How cold does Wyoming get?

Minimum temperatures in January, which is often the coldest month, typically vary from 5 to 10° F.

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