how technology changed our lives how technology changed our lives

12 Key Ways Technology Transformed Life

In the 21st century, technology has a lot to do with our everyday lives. It has changed the way we talk, the way we travel, and also the way we interact with others in society.

Modern technology is responsible for revolutionizing our daily lives to a great extent. Today we can access many information and other important things at our fingertips.

Not only that, but modern technology is also responsible for paving the way for many new devices and technologies like computers, mobile phones, smart watches, smart tv, and various other smart devices.

After the invention of modern technology, the efficiency of computers has increased alarmingly. They have become more portable and user-friendly. The world wide web is the base of the online world.

How technology changed our lives is the main concern here. 

How Technology Changed Our Lives Over Time?

The advancement of technology is a boon to humankind. It has made communications quicker and more efficient using many communication tools like social media platforms and messaging apps. People can stay in touch with everyone through the internet and social media. 

The growth of technology has also given rise to many new and improved devices like smartwatches, smartphones, tablets, voice assistant devices, and many other devices.

Some mobile devices can be used just by commanding. There is no need even to use our hands to do the same. It is a blessing for blind people or those with disabilities. 

With some of these applications, you can transfer money with a single click. Apart from that, you can also order food, groceries, clothes, furniture, jewelry, and many other items from the comfort of your home.

Modern technology is responsible for inculcating various advancements in the medical science sector. People can now see, hear and live a much better life with the help of some devices like hearing aids and pacemakers.

Let us discuss some of the most popular ways modern technology has influenced our everyday lives. 

1. With the Invention Of Mobile Phones

One of the most helpful intentions in the world is the mobile phone. It made communication easier and provided easy access to many important things like banking, booking tickets, and many other things.

It is a blessing to human life as it has all the necessities provided by advanced technologies.

The entry of digital technology has changed the term known as “media.” You can now get various information about the world with a single click. The media these days is majorly influenced by this. 

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According to recent research, the number of active users on the internet globally is nearly around 3.2 billion, which is also half of the world’s total population.

About 2 million smartphones are sold daily, and there is no count on how much information is shared on social media platforms daily.

The invention of social media has made mobile phones more popular, not only mang the youth but in all age groups.

Before introducing smartphones or emerging technologies, you had to look up the dictionary or other places to find the meaning of a word. Now you can open the dictionary app on your phone or search for the word’s definition on the internet.

Not only a word, but you can also search anything and everything in the world through various search engines available these days, like Bing, Google, Microsoft Edge, and so on.

If you have proper internet access, you can also use smartphones to connect to your friends and family in various parts, so the world through video calling.

Various banking apps have made life easier; people do not require to carry cash anymore. You can pay bills, recharge your phone, or even pay the transport fare by using a banking app. it also made transferring money easier.

2. By Changing the Way We Communicate

Improving human communication is one of the best ways to identify modern technology advancements. Looking back, you will understand how easy communication are these days. The invention of several communication tools has added to the benefits.

In the earlier days, people communicated by writing letters, sending telegrams, finding a wired telephone, and so on. Technology is so reliable now as you can send messages or call anyone from anywhere in the world.

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You can send messages through various apps like messaging apps and social media platforms, video chat with your close ones, call them over the phone, send them an email, or even send them a present from your home.

All these recent advancements have made everyday life easy for many people. Many caregivers use video calling to supervise and check on seniors as they cannot always stay there in person.

3. By Introducing Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Skype are some of the most popular apps. These apps have proven to be very useful in helping various people all over the world. 

If you have a good internet service provider, you can see what our close ones are doing by sharing their posts on various social media platforms.

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Even if you are someone who is not accustomed to these platforms, these are not going away anytime soon. They have received more popularity because of the younger generations. Messages to other countries will also get delivered within nanoseconds.

Another very common type of social media platform is online dating apps. People looking for partners can sign up online and connect with people. Many young people have successfully found their soulmates by using these platforms.

4. By Introducing Messaging Apps

You can use other messaging apps if you are not interested in social media. Various applications like WhatsApp enable you to send messages to anyone in no time. 

Whatsapp messaging
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Even if you are skeptical about installing any apps, do not worry. All the smartphones available these days have in-build messaging apps that will allow you to send SMS to everyone without needing an internet connection.

Using messaging apps is one of the best ways for people who do not want to install any social media applications on their phones.

One of the best features of SMS is you will not require the need to have a good internet connection. You can always use these apps if you have a normal base recharge plan. 

5. Evolution In Medical Technology

As we all know, the introduction of advanced technology has changed the healthcare industry. Within the last few years, advancements in medical science technology have proved to be a boon to many patients and their families.

The new improvements in medical facilities have saved people from a lot of critical diseases like cancer.

A mobile alert system is one of the most amazing and useful inventions of the recent generation. The best part about this system is that it allows the patients to stay out of their homes and still live a normal life with the assurance that medical help is always available in emergencies.

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It has made the life of seniors a lot easier as they can move to their favorite places without thinking of their medical problems. A single click will bring all the medical help to the doorstep.

Many devices are available on the market that has made the work easier; one such device is the Medical Guardian Mobile 2.0.

All the users who are active and are a part of this system are allowed to set up a network consisting of emergency contacts. These people can see the person’s whereabouts and receive notifications in an emergency.

Another praise-worthy advancement of medical technology is the introduction of pre-existing fall detection feature.

If this feature is activated on your device, some unique sensors will detect if there are any falls and will send a notification or alert to the monitoring center. A message will also be sent to the emergency contacts that are listed on the device.

After receiving the notification, the operators or the emergency contacts can find your location with the new and advanced GPS and cellular technologies. It is the best way to determine whether a person is okay, even if they cannot communicate their whereabouts.

It has made life convenient as children who stay away from their parents can keep a check on them by using these latest technologies.

6. Introduction Of Hearing Aids

In earlier days, many people had to face many problems for not being able to hear properly. But it is not the case now. Many hearing aids have made life easier for people, especially seniors.

Using a hearing aid helps a lot of people to maintain a healthy, happy, and relaxed life. It reduces the strain and stress that is caused by obstructed hearing ability.

Hearing aids
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According to recent research, eight out of ten people are happy with the results they have achieved by using a hearing aid. They can live a normal life and listen to most things.

A hearing aid ensures that people can find themselves in daily activities like listening to music, watching tv, or, in general, talking to people. It is a blessing for people with hearing disorders who find indulging in common day-to-day activities difficult.

Here are some of the benefits. 

  • Identifying different speeches and languages will be much easier. 
  • You will be more awake and alert about the various happenings. 
  • You will be able to stay self-dependent. 
  • You will be able to have control over your personal life. 

7. Invention Of Smart Watches

Everybody in today’s generation knows what a smartwatch is. The social evolution of communication is visible as it did not just stop at mobile phones and personal computers but introduced smartwatches to the market. If you like investing in the latest technologies, you should have one.

The smartwatch is nothing but a smaller version of the mobile phones that have almost all the facilities of a smartphone.

These are small wristbands with a touch screen that serves the purpose if you do not have your phone around.

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You can track your activities, set alarms, get an idea of your blood pressure, and even call or text anyone with these small devices. These are the best and most suitable devices for emergency purposes.

Many Medical Guardians or Medical Help have partnered with several smartwatch-making companies to provide emergency alert services right at your wrist.

Some smartwatches, like the Apple Series, have built-in fall-detection technology, which sends an immediate notification to emergency contacts in case someone falls.

Apart from that, you will also be able to start an emergency call anywhere in the world using these smartwatches. Isn’t it great?

8. By Changing the Way We Transfer Money

Introducing new and advanced technologies has changed the way money is transferred. You can access everything from your home. There is no need to stand in long queues in the bank or run from one bank counter to the other in search of answers to your questions.

Several companies like PayPal and Google Pay have made online transactions easy. You can transfer or receive money to and from anyone worldwide through the internet.

Apart from that, modern technology has also made bills easy. You can now schedule the due date of payment rather than checking the mail every time for the pay date.

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If you have a proper banking app connected to your phone number, you can make all the payments online with just a few clicks.

Scheduling an automatic payment method through various banking apps can be very helpful for senior who has difficulty remembering stuff.

If the automated payment system is applied on the phone, you will not have to take pressure about the payments, as the money will automatically get deducted from your bank account every month on the due date.

The invention of all these new apps has also made payment very easy. You can make payments using these applications, as most places accept online payments. You can leave your home without your wallet and not worry a bit.

If you need to withdraw money, you do not have to rush to the ban every time. You can withdraw money by using your atm card or even mobile banking.

9. By Changing the Way Of Watching TV

Technology has not only changed how we communicate or send money, but it has also changed how we watch television. Cable Operators are constantly facing losses as modern technology allows you to rewind, replay or even record your favorite show to watch later.

The freedom to watch your favorite shows anytime, without disturbance or ads, is more attractive than a cable connection. It is the main reason why people are choosing smart TVs over normal, traditional television sets. 

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You can stream your favorite shows on television from Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Disney, and other platforms. Modern technology allows you to continue watching your original cable content and the content offered by various OTT platforms.

The best part being it is pocket-friendly. You will get access to plenty of stuff at a much lower price than the cable connection. You can stop paying for unwanted channels anymore.

If you do not want to stream your favorite show online, you can also download it on your device to watch later.

10. By Changing the Way We Date

The influence of modern technology is also seen in the field of dating. People prefer talking to people online before they count themselves for a meet-up. Various online dating apps are available these days, making work easier.

People connect through these online apps and start a conversation. They then fix up a preferred time and date for their meet-up. It has been seen that, in a maximum of cases, these people have formed a happy family.

Hinge, the Dating App Designed to Be Deleted

Apart from dating apps, there are a lot of married apps where you can even find your soulmate. Mane people have also been grateful o find their life partners with the help of these platforms. 

There is nothing to worry about on these sites as most online places are trustworthy as they cross-check the information and data that a person fills in. They do not entertain any afraid or unnecessary people.

11. Using Technology For Food Delivery

Technology has even introduced changes in the way we order food. Earlier, if we needed something, we either had to walk into the store to get it or wait for the next morning, but it is not the case anymore. Today, we can order them using some applications if we need anything.

Most people in today’s world lead busy lives, so getting rid of cooking will help them save some time. The best alternative for cooking is ordering food online.

There are a lot of restaurants and other eating joints that cook food that is similar to the homemade foods that we eat.

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Not only food technological progress also enables us to order vegetables, fruits, and even spices online. If you dislike cooking, you can heat this food in the microwave and eat it whenever possible.

Many ready-to-make food items are also available, which need little heat. All you need to do is mix hot water or heat them according to the manual’s instructions. Heating these food items makes them ready to consume. They are completely hassle-free and save a lot of time.

12. Using Technology For Transportation

The use of modern technology is seen in transportation as well. Many places have replaced self-driven cars with automatic cars.

Though this technique is yet to be used everywhere, there is a high chance of it becoming one of the most practical uses of technology.

The technology used in these cars is not completely automatic, which is why it is also known as a driver assist. This technology uses cameras and sensors to help you in parking, detect blind spots, and warn you if you accidentally move into another lane.

In short, this technology will improve the experience of the parking process to a great extent.

Apart from that, there are several other facilities by which you can also share a ride and pay half the fare. New and emerging companies like Ola, Uber, and various other cab booking companies receive booking requests from customers.

You are supposed to book your ride by entering your current location and finalizing your destination. The cabs will drop you at your destination within a very short time.


Technology has changed our everyday lives to a great extent. If the question is – how technology has changed lives? – then it has influenced the way we communicate, the way we transfer and receive money, the way we use transportation, and a lot more.

The technology we use today has helped in improving medical science as well. Many new machinery and technologies are used to treat patients, decreasing the fatality rate.

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Keeping all of the facts mentioned above in mind, we can surely declare that technology has a major influence on our lives. It has made a lot of improvements in the way we live and is surely going to introduce some more.

There are a lot of inventions that are yet to be made, so we can expect a lot of miracles shortly.


1. How has technology impacted our way of life?

Technology has improved every aspect of our life, from networking and healthcare to communication and transportation. The finest thing is that it always improves by enabling more sophisticated functions.

2. Why is technology essential to modern life?

Technology has an impact on how people interact, engage, and comprehend. It benefits society and impacts how people relate to one another on a regular basis.

3. What future benefits may technology provide for us?

Technology will eventually provide financial discipline and stability in life in the near future.

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