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12 Famous Museums in Texas You Need to Visit

Not everyone appreciates art, history, and culture. But those who know the true meaning of beauty don’t forget to visit museums. You should definitely visit museums in Texas if you are planning your holidays in this beautiful city.

Museums in Texas are known for their richness of historical artifacts. They are preserving some of the most unique collections. Here you will find one step guide to visiting the best museums in Texas.

1. What are Museums?

Before we move forward to naming Texas museums, you must know what museums are.

Museums are structures that are known to display a collection of items. These items are usually significant in art, history, and culture.

Museums intend to display such collections to enhance the knowledge of common people. They teach you about traditions, culture, art, and history. In fact, they also aim to teach you about various architectural practices.

2. Know about Texas before Knowing the Museums in Texas

Positioned in the South central part of the US, Texas is a state of not just cowboys but a place with a beautiful landscape and interesting heritage.

You will never get disappointed if you’re visiting Texas anytime soon. There are plenty of fun activities and beautiful sights to visit if you’re in Texas. In addition, you will find some of the most captivating museums in the world in Texas.

3. Museums in Texas

Of all the fun activities that Texas offers, exploring museums attracts most of the visitors. You get to learn several things about world history and traditions. And yet your visit doesn’t get monotonous.

Here is a list of the famous museums in Texas that you must visit

3.1. Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

Welcome To Texas: Modern Art Museum Of Fort Worth

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth started to function in 1892. And this museum is currently situated in the Cultural District of Texas. The oldest museum in Texas is what you recognize as the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. Modern Art Museum is the home to an extensive collection of art from the 1940s till the present.

Tadao Ando, a renowned Japanese Architect, has designed this glass, concrete, and steel building. The Museum aims at presenting the post-World War II development of Texas.

This museum features a gallery space of 53000 Square feet, a theater, as well as a reflecting pond. The Modern also has an education center, a cafe, and a gift shop.

You will find the artworks of several artists in this museum. From historically significant artists to emerging ones, you will find an evolving collection in the Modern. You will find artworks of Pablo Picasso, Martin Puryear, and Teresita Fernandez, as well as the works of living artists.

This museum attracts people of every age because of its versatility and its wider scope internationally.

In addition, you will get to enjoy tours, lectures, art camps, and several workshops.

3.2. The Alamo

The Alamo is a historic museum in San Antonio, Texas, since 1718. The previous name for the museum was Mission San Antonio de Valero.

The Alamo is significant in many ways. This place was the site of the Battle of the Alamo. This famous battle took place in 1836. But the Alamo is not just famous for being a battle site. The Alamo is the witness to the existence of the five flags of independent nations.

In addition, the Alamo has served as a unit for five different armies as well.

It’s not hidden that museum-goers enjoy interesting facts. While visiting the Alamo, you will be able to learn 300 years of the extraordinary history of this place. The Alamo offers several activities to keep you engaged.

You can take guided tours through the battlefield if you want to learn about the history in depth. You can also rent a self-guided audio tour of the Alamo. Listening to the Alamo interpreter’s talk also attracts visitors.

Screenshot 53
Image Source: The Alamo

In addition, you will find history demonstrations. You can also watch documentaries regarding the history of the Alamo. History enthusiasts are going to adore this museum.

There is absolutely no fee for entry into the Alamo. But, at the Alamo, you will have to pay for rented guided tours.

3.3. National Museum of the Pacific War

If you are interested in military facts, the National Museum of Pacific War is the right choice for you. The National Museum of the Pacific War inspects different aspects of World War II. This museum stretches over an area of six acres.

Earlier, people recognized the National Museum of the Pacific War as the Nimitz Museum.

You will find archives of several manuscripts, photographs, documents, and recorded interviews in this museum.

Whether you are a student or a historian, you will find valuable resources about the history of the Pacific War. The Center for Pacific War Studies of this museum aims to be helpful to scholars.

The museum also started George W Bush Gallery in 2009 at its premises. There are several artifacts kept in this gallery. 900 artifacts are kept in climate-controlled cases. You will also see 15 macro-artifacts present in the gallery.

3.4. Houston Museum of Natural Science

Houston Museum of Natural Science, Texas, is a museum representing natural history. The Houston Museum and Scientific Society formed the Houston Museum of Natural Science in 1909.

The Society aimed to provide people with advanced knowledge of natural science.

At Houston Museum, you will find some interesting activities if you love science. This museum is known for its five-floor permanent science exhibits.

These exhibits include the areas of paleontology, chemistry, and space science. What’s more interesting about Houston Museum is that you will find exhibits about Texas wildlife.

If you are at Houston Museum, you should definitely check out the two satellite facilities available in this museum.

The George Observatory attracts visitors because it is the home to one of the largest public telescopes in the country.

The Houston Museum of Natural Science at Sugar Land has a hall representing technological advancement. In addition, this facility showcases exhibits on dinosaurs and physics.

Hence, you will get enough activities to keep you entertained.

3.5. McNay Art Museum

San Antonio’s McNay Art Museum is the first art museum in Texas. Marian Koogler McNay started this museum as a mere collection in 1954. He left the bequest. Then, McNay’s art collection and Spanish Colonial Revival-style mansion turned into a beautiful museum. The mansion had 24 rooms which presently operate as different parts of the museum.

This museum covers almost 23 acres of land. This museum has broad lawns, beautiful fountains, and a garden and fishpond inspired by the Japanese style. The beautiful Japanese garden of McNay Museum is one of the major attractions.

Since McNay was a painter and art teacher, this museum has a huge collection of rare artworks. Amedeo Modigliani’s Girl with Blue Eyes, Odilon Redon’s Profile and Flowers, and El Greco’s Head of the Christ are a few of the significant artworks present in this museum.

You will also find a diverse collection of sculptures, photography, and paintings in distinct art galleries of McNay Museum. McNay Art Museum is definitely recommended for art lovers.

museums in texas
Image Source : McNay Art Museum

3.6. Museum of Fine Arts

To tell the truth, the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, is acknowledged as the oldest museum in Texas. On the basis of the stretch of the gallery space, the Museum of Fine Arts is the world’s 12th largest museum. The exhibition space of this museum covers 300000 square feet of area.

Not to mention, the Museum of Fine Art takes you on a tour of the history of more than 6000 years. You will get mesmerized by the collection of 70000 works from six different continents.

Paintings from the Italian Renaissance are a major part of the collection. However, you will also find decorative art from Europe and America and pre-Columbian gold from African and Texas paintings.

You will find nine different facilities for these collections. The Susan and Fayez S. Sarofim Campus stretches over 14 acres of Texas land.

You will also find 130,000 square of exhibition space in the Law and Beck buildings. Likewise, other facilities are also well-maintained.

Entry to the Museum of Fine Arts is not free. If you’re above 19 years, you have to pay $19 as admission charges.

If you’re a student and you have your id with you, you will have to pay $12. Otherwise, you will have to pay general admission charges.

Likewise, senior citizens have to pay only $16. And youth from 13-18 years of age just have to pay $12.

3.7. Dallas Museum of Art

Of all the top-level art museums in the US, the Dallas Museum of Art is one of the largest. This incredible museum lies in the Art District of downtown Dallas between Harwood and St. Paul. The previous location of the Dallas Museum of Art was Fair Park. The location of the museum changed in the 1970s.

Dallas Museum’s collection has more than 24000 objects kept on display. You will find a large range of collections, such as the African collection, American art collection, Ancient Mediterranean Art, Asian art, and contemporary art collection.

You will find sculptures, paintings, and various papers from the US in the American art collection of the Dallas Museum. Similarly, the African collection is all about West Africa and Central Africa. The objects are mainly from the duration between 200 BC to 200 AD.

In addition, the Ancient Mediterranean art collection explores Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Cycladic, Etruscan, and Apulian works. But you will also find Gandharan Buddhist art in Dallas Museum’s Asian Art collection from the 2nd to 4th centuries AD.

If you enjoy Decorative Arts and Design, you will definitely love this interesting museum. From Chinese export porcelain to a Gothic revival bed made for Henry Clay, the Dallas Museum is all about uniqueness.

You can enjoy special exhibits as well as interactive exhibits at Dallas Museum. Dallas Museum keeps organizing significant community outreach programs throughout the year. Live screenings, concerts, tours, and family programs attract more visitors.

3.8. USS Lexington Museum

USS Lexington Museum on the Bay is the perfect choice for those interested in aircraft carriers. This museum also excites those who are deeply invested in learning more about World War II.

An Essex-class aircraft carrier, USS Lexington, assisted United States Navy during World War II.

At first, the makers intended to name the ship as Cabot. The US Navy commissioned Lexington in February 1943. Thus, the ship provided extensive service during Pacific War.

The City of Corpus Christi assumed control of Lexington on 26 November 1991 after taking it from US Navy. Thus, the aircraft carrier became the Lexington Museum on the Bay.

The museum is currently operated at 2914 North Shoreline Boulevard, Corpus Christi. In 2003 Lexington became a famous National Historic Landmark.

museums in texas
Image Source: USS Lexington Museum

This Corpus Christi museum has a distinct collection of military artifacts. You will also find 20 aircraft on display. The museum features also include a mess deck eatery, flight simulator, and 3-D mega theater.

The managing body of the Lexington Museum maintains the ship in a well-organized manner. Slowly, they are also opening the hidden parts of Lexington Museum for public visits.

The museum authority is also trying to restore World War II-era gun batteries.

Those interested in military facts must visit USS Lexington Museum.

3.9. George Bush Presidential Library and Museum

George Bush Presidential Library and Museum digs into George Bush’s personal as well as administrative history. This museum is the first choice among museums in Dallas, Texas.

George W Bush was an excellent leader and the 13th President of the US. You will get to learn about the particulars of the incredible world leader, George Bush. There are approximately 43000 artifacts present in the museum. These artifacts mostly include gifts given to the loved President and his wife, Mrs. Laura Bush. Foreign gifts are the ones that attract visitors.

Museum-goers can also join several events and education programs.

You will find places to eat near this museum. There is Cafe 43 near this museum which will be a safe choice for pleasing your taste buds. You can also buy mementos for your loved ones from retail shops nearby George Bush Presidential Library and Museum.

3.10. Witte Museum of Fine Arts

San Antonio’s Witte Museum of Fine Arts is undeniably a one-stop solution to everything you need for a fun-filled holiday.

Witte Museum tells you about Texas history, Texas wildlife, Texas art, and Texas textiles. You will find a permanent collection of various historical artifacts as well as photographs at the Witte Museum.

Bonnie MacLeary’s sculpture is one of the most important attractions in the collection of artworks.

In addition, the museum keeps organizing different exhibitions of dinosaur skeletons, Texas art, and other historical artifacts.

The beauty of the San Antonio River flowing along the museum also attracts tourists.

You can ride Sky Cycle along the San Antonio River as well as climb Mt. Witte if you love adventure.

From dinosaur enthusiasts to art lovers, Witte Museum has everything for every group. In brief, Witte Museum will not disappoint anyone.

You will also find a free parking facility in the Brackenridge Park Garage if you are bringing your vehicle to Witte Museum.

3.11. Kimbell Art Museum

Kimbell Art Museum is one of the most famous art museums in Texas. It is positioned in Fort Worth.

The Kimbell Art Museum aims at making a collection of definitive excellence. This museum is more about quality rather than the size of the collection.

The High Renaissance painter and author, Michelangelo’s first known painting is present in Europen Collection. This painting is known as “The Torment of St Anthony.”

You will also find works by famous artists like El Greco, Friedrich, and Boucher in the impressive collection of European masterpieces.

Asian collection comprises beautiful paintings, ceramics, and bronze works. These works have their origin in India, China, Japan, Korea, Tibet, Nepal, Thailand, and Cambodia.

In addition, Kimbell Art Museum is also known for its influential and extensive library. This library of Kimbell Museum has more than 59000 books.

Kimbell Art Museum is also a noteworthy architectural design. Therefore, it attracts people who are in love with unique and modern architecture.

People often consider Kimbell Art Museum as the mecca of modern architecture. This museum is significant for you if you are also a fan of modern architecture.

In a nutshell, Kimbell Art Museum is a perfect choice for art lovers and those who adore beautiful architecture.

3.12. Perot Museum of Nature and Science

A museum of natural history and science in Dallas, Perot Museum of Nature and Science makes it to the list of captivating museums in Texas.

museums in texas
Image Source : Perot Museum of Nature and Science

The Perot Museum of Nature and Science has the scope of versatility because this museum consists of two campuses – Victory Park Campus and Fair Park Campus.

You will get to enjoy different exhibitions at the Perot Museum.

The campus in Victory Park is a sixth-floor museum and stands as high as 14 stories. This museum features 16 permanent exhibits and houses six learning labs. The exhibits include the subjects like Being Human, Expanding Universe, etc.

The campus in Fair Park is administered in the original building of the Museum of Natural History. This building was constructed in 1936. In addition, exhibits such as Mineral Majesty and historical dioramas are presented here.

The Perot Museum of Nature and Science keeps several dinosaur fossils on public display. Every dinosaur enthusiast will adore this Texas museum.

Perot Museum is just the right place for everyone, whether you are alone or with your family. In fact, you will get to learn a lot of new scientific facts at Perot Museum.

You can totally explore a new world and have a fascinating experience.

4. Other Museums in Texas

Now that you have learned about 12 of the best museums in Texas, but they are not all. Surprisingly there are many other museums in Texas that you can explore.

4.1. LBJ Presidential Library and Museum: One of the Well-known Personal Museums in Texas

LBJ Presidential Library and Museum is a museum in Texas that catches the eye of visitors. In fact, it is one of the 14 presidential libraries in the US.

Lyndon Baines Johnson, to tell you the fact, was the 36th president of the US. And this library and museum revolve around Johnson’s life. You will also get hold of enough space in a free parking facility at Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum.

4.2. Space Center Houston: One of the Famous Science Museums in Texas

Space Center Houston is technically the authorized center for visitors of NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston. This space center cum museum is advocated in front of those who are interested in space exploration.

The Space Center is where astronauts are trained. In addition, this museum has several science exhibitions and artifacts on display.

4.3. Bullock Texas State History Museum: One of the Historical Museums in Texas

The Bullock Museum - School Tours - Austin Texas

If you are interested in learning the official history of Texas, Bullock Texas State History Museum is your place. It explicitly features exhibition galleries on three floors.

You will also find the IMAX theatre, Bullock Museum Store, and Story of Texas Cafe at this museum.

5. Museums in Texas For Children

If you’re planning your holidays with children, there are several children’s museums in Texas. Your kids can play educational games and watch life-size dinosaur skeletons. In Texas, your children will enjoy different aspects of visiting museums.

Children’s Museum Houston will be the right choice for your children. Your children will love those interactive exhibits. It is one of the famous science museums for children in Texas.

Discovery Science Place is perfect for children interested in science. They’ll get to enjoy several science exhibits.

The Interurban Railway Museum is an affordable choice for a fun-filled holiday for your children. The entry fee is zero, and the museum is relatively smaller than others. Yet you will find different educational exhibits for your children.

6. Final Thoughts about Museums in Texas

Summing up, planning a holiday is a complicated task. But you should take a tour of some of the best museums in Texas. The visit will simply add some extra knowledge to your fun holiday.

These interesting museums are filled with unique artifacts, manuscripts, and historically significant artworks. You will get to experience interactive and educational exhibits.

Here you picked up the details about 12 of the best museums in Texas. You also learned what activities can add spice to your visit. Additionally, you explored little detail about these museums to ease the pain of choosing where to go.

If you have been to any of these museums, don’t forget to share your experience in the comment section below. In fact, feel free to tell us about any other museum that got you crazy.

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