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Your Guide to the 12 Biggest Cities in Georgia

Filled with lush green landscapes, serene surroundings, and a buzzing atmosphere, Georgia stands 8th among the most populous states in the US.

Bordered by Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, and Carolina, the state of Georgia was founded in the year 1732

Biggest Cities in Georgia

The subtropical climate and distinct ecology of the land make Georgia one of the best state for outdoor recreation and tells a tale of rich history.

The biggest cities in Georgia are the best places to experience the vibrant lifestyle and culture of the state.

With exquisite birds and amazing landscapes, the state of Georgia is no less than a heaven on Earth.

It has a plethora of animal species ranging from reptiles to amphibians. The famous white-tailed deer are often spotted in Georgia.

biggest cities in Georgia
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Hike on a part of the Appalachian trail or spot bobcats in the wild. Georgia offers the best sightseeing with shopping spots and lavish cuisines. The biggest cities in Georgia are among the top spots for raising a family or just visiting the towns.

From the oldest city Savannah to the most populated Atlanta, the state holds some of the most remarkable cities which host numerous attractions and a pleasant lifestyle.

With amazing communities and welcoming people, each city in Georgia has something to offer. From the most populous Atlanta to the most prosperous Johns Creek, every city in Georgia is a unique stay.

Here’s a guide to some of the fascinating and biggest cities in Georgia.

12 Biggest Cities in Georgia to Explore

Discover the 12 most populous and fun-filled biggest cities in Georgia below.

1. Atlanta

How would it be to live in a modern yet natural city? You can find such an environment right here in Atlanta. The most populous city of Georgia, Atlanta lies along the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains.

Situated majorly in Fulton County, a part of the city is also located in Dekalb County. Being the capital city of Georgia, the city hosts some of the top attractions worth visiting.

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With the best amenities, the city has some of the most prestigious universities such as the Georgia University of Technology and Emory University. Atlanta is the state capital and one of the biggest cities in Georgia.

Also titled a ‘City in a forest’, Atlanta is filled with green landscapes and around 47.9 percent of the city is covered in forest and trees.

There are many spectacular museums to visit in Atlanta. The cityscapes in the biggest city of Atlanta are breathtaking with modern architecture.

Places To Visit in Atlanta

  1. Atlanta Botanical garden.
  2. The Piedmont park.
  3. Zoo Atlanta.
  4. World of Coca-Cola museum.
  5. CNN studio tours.
  6. Skyview.
  7. Delta Flight Museum.

Facts About Atlanta

  1. The cold drink Coca-Cola was invented in Atlanta by Dr. John Stith Pemberton.
  2. The world’s busiest airport – Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is situated in Atlanta.
  3. One of the largest drive-in restaurants is situated in Atlanta.
  4. There are over 45-55 streets named ‘Peachtree’ in Atlanta. So be specific about which Peachtree you want to visit in case you are in Atlanta.
  5. The city’s symbol is a phoenix.

2. Columbus

Named after Christopher Columbus, it is the second-largest city in Georgia. Columbus which is among the consolidated cities is located along the Chattahoochee River.

It is home to numerous historical sites and museums including the famous National Infantry Museum and Soldier centre at Fort Benning.

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One of the largest textile centers is located in Columbus. It is a lively city with a bustling population and one of the best among the biggest cities in Georgia. The river has one of the longest whitewater rafting courses.

The Chattahoochee Riverwalk is 15 miles long and provides the best aesthetic views in the biggest cities in Georgia.

Places to Visit in Columbus

  1. National Civil War Naval Museum.
  2. Coca-Cola Space Sceince center.
  3. Columbus Botanical Garden.
  4. Blue Heron Zipline.
  5. Spring Opera House.
  6. Flat Rock Park.
  7. Fort Benning.

Facts About Columbus

  1. Columbus is nicknamed the Fountain city.
  2. The infantry camp in Fort Benning is one of the largest in the world.
  3. Among the major cities, Columbus is famous for its golf courses.

3. Augusta

The third largest city in Georgia, Augusta is a one-stop destination for all. Ranging from historical sites to the best restaurants with mouth-watering cuisines, Augusta is home to all.

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Located along the Savannah river, the city usually has a humid climate. There are numerous recreational parks in Augusta and some of the tallest buildings like the Lamar Building stand here.

The city is filled with charm and bustling art and culture lovers among the biggest cities in Georgia.

Places To Visit in Augusta

  1. Augusta National Golf club.
  2. Morris Museum of Art.
  3. Augusta Canal discovery centre.
  4. Augusta Riverwalk.
  5. Phinizy Swamp nature park.
  6. Augusta canal.

Facts About Augusta

  1. The current population is about 200,000.
  2. Augusta is named after Princess Augusta.
  3. Augusta Museum of History is a well-preserved museum that opened up in the year 1937.

4. Macon

The Macon-Bibb county reflects a rich past and modern architecture. With a flourishing economy, the city aims to preserve its history yet walk towards a modern future.

Downtown Macon offers an exhilarating view of residential and offices. It is officially named after Senator Nathaniel Macon.

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The Ocmulgee river offers exciting kayaks while the Amerson River Park is most famous for hiking among the biggest cities in Georgia. The Ocmulgee National Monument is a national museum with well-preserved artifacts.

Places To Visit in Macon

  1. Ocmulgee Mounds Historical park.
  2. Amerson River park.
  3. Cannonball House.
  4. Farmers and Crafts market.

Facts About Macon

  1. An airport for only private planes is located in Macon.
  2. The entire city turns pink during cherry blossom month.
  3. Macon is located in Central Georgia and hence is also known as the ‘heart of Georgia.

5. Savannah

Bustling with Spanish moss-filled parks and historic districts, Savannah is among the biggest cities in Georgia. The city has pretty landscapes and one could have the perfect evening walk downtown.

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Savannah is the oldest city in Georgia and the Savannah Historic District houses unique 18th-century buildings and fine dining throughout the area. Kobo Gallery and SCAD museum of art are some famous art galleries.

The parks are beautifully decorated with Spanish Moss and it rarely snows in Savannah. The city has over 100 restaurants closely located with local and fine dining.

Places To Visit in Savannah

  1. Forsyth Park.
  2. City Market.
  3. American Prohibition Museum.
  4. Old Fort Jackson.

Facts about Savannah

  1. The current population of Savannah is around 330,000 with a growth rate of 0.77%.
  2. Savannah hosts the very first black church in the country.
  3. It is considered a haunted city in Georgia.
  4. Savannah was the first capital of Georgia.

6. Athens

Athens is a classic city with pre-Civil war architecture, officially known as the Athens-Clark county unified government.

It is nicknamed the ‘college town’ where you would find college students walking past on every street. The city is home to famous bands and one-of-a-kind cycling races among the biggest cities in Georgia.

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Apart from these, there are many cafes and restaurants to visit in Athens. Athens is a must-visit among the biggest cities in Georgia.

Places To Visit in Athens

  1. Acropolis Museum.
  2. National Archaeological Museum of Athens, Ga.
  3. Kerameikos.
  4. Benaki Museum.

Facts About Athens

  1. The present population of Athens is 3,154,000.
  2. Athens is the satellite city of Atlanta.
  3. Fird Birchmore from Athens was the first person to cycle around the world.

7. Sandy Springs

Officially established in the year 2005, Sandy Springs is a part of north Fulton County. Bustling with entertainment and live music, it is one of the biggest cities in Georgia.

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A perfect location for families and kids, the city has three parks managed by the National Park Service. It is located near the International Airport and offers the best amenities for one and all among the largest cities in Georgia.

Sandy Springs has the headquarters of remarkable corporates like Cox Enterprises and Mercedes Benz.

The Amicalola Falls has amazing hiking and fun camping facilities. Sandy Springs is bound to treat you with appetizing continental and international food.

Places To Visit in Sandy Springs

  1. Morgan Falls Overlook Park.
  2. Island Ford park.
  3. Centre Ice Arena.
  4. Hammond park.
  5. Heritage Sandy Springs Museum.

Facts about Sandy Springs

  1. The name of the city comes from an actual spring.
  2. Numerous festivals are celebrated throughout the year.
  3. There is a mile-and-a-half hike located between the city.

8. South Fulton

South Fulton is a business hub and one of the fastest-growing cities in Georgia. It is affordable compared to the other biggest cities in Georgia.

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With a great literacy rate, South Fulton is one of the best-educated cities with a combination of both rural and urban scenes.

Places To Visit in South Fulton

  1. Wolf Creek Amphitheatre.
  2. Tom Lowe Trap and Skeet Range.

9. Roswell

A part of northern Fulton, Roswell is the most ideal place for calm and peaceful living.

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Roswell is a small town with historic museums and parks nestled in a beautiful atmosphere. It is an exquisite spot for history buffs.

Places To Visit in Roswell

  1. Old mill park.
  2. Barrington Hall.
  3. Azalea park.
  4. Leita Thompson Memorial park.
  5. Archibald Smith Plantation Home.

Facts about Roswell

  1. It is the eighth largest city.
  2. The city is named after King Roswell.
  3. Roswell is one of the safest cities to live in.

10. Johns Creek

Johns Creek, incorporated in the year 2006 is a suburban city with numerous outdoor attractions, the 31-square-mile city has mild weather.

Major employment is in the farming sector. Usually, the city is less affordable than the other biggest cities in Georgia but has the best amenities and public schools.

biggest cities in Georgia
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There are many golf courses for golf lovers and tons of parks to spend time in. Johns Creek is surrounded by greenery and beautiful houses to live in.

Places To Visit in Johns Creek

  1. Autrey Mill nature preserve and heritage center.
  2. Newtown dream dog park.
  3. Big creek.
  4. Cauley creek park.
  5. The old Atlanta recreation center.

Facts About Johns Creek

  1. The city is named after a river tributary.
  2. The city has an area of 32 square miles.
  3. The present population is around 82,000 according to the 2021 US census bureau.

11. Warner Robins

Founded in the year 1942, Warner Robins is the best city for families. It has an area of about 35 square miles and is home to numerous parks.

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The city is named after Brigadier General Augustine Warner Robins. The well-known Museum of Aviation which displays air vehicles and the Robins Air Force base is located here.

Places To Visit in Warner Robins

  1. Fountain Park.
  2. Houston Lake.
  3. Deloris Toliver Park.
  4. North Peach park.
  5. Rigby’s Water world.

Facts About Warner Robins

  1. The oldest church Pleasant Hill Primitive Baptist church is situated in Warner Robins.
  2. Robins Air Force base is one of the largest in the US.

12. Alpharetta

Alpharetta is a great workplace and living area which is nestled between the north Georgia mountains. Pamper yourself at their best day spas or indulge in sumptuous cuisine in the downtown restaurants.

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With lots of diversity, Alpharetta is home to some of the top ten schools in Georgia. Greenway hike in Alpharetta offers tons of adventure and greenery. Downtown music concerts are the perfect energy boosters for all.

Various live music is held at the Ameris Bank amphitheatre while the award-winning jazz venue the Velvet Note is located in Alpharetta.

With shops, restaurants, and parks, life is vibrant in Alpharetta and it is among the biggest cities in Georgia.

Places to Visit in Alpharetta

  1. Chattahoochee river national recreation.
  2. Big Creek Greenway.
  3. Newtons park.
  4. Lake Windward
  5. Bell Memorial park.
  6. Original selfie museum.

Some Other Fascinating Cities in Georgia

Apart from the ones mentioned above, Georgia has a plethora of over 100 cities with each city being unique in its way. The state experiences all four seasons and there is no other place than the cities to witness them.

  • Albany
  • Marietta
  • Brookhaven
  • Dunwoody
  • Milton
  • Evans
  • Kennesaw
  • Pooler
  • Union City
  • Mc Donough
  • Griffin
  • Woodstock
  • Lawrenceville
  • Chamblee
  • Statesboro
  • Stockbridge
biggest cities in Georgia
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Biggest Cities in Georgia – Final Words

Home of black bears and white-tailed deer, Georgia inhabits numerous unique species of birds and mammals.

The cities are set up in the modern era with a perfect backdrop of nature. All kinds of cheap as well as posh cities are found among the biggest cities in Georgia.

With over 10,000 immigrants annually, Georgia has some of the best cities to live in and visit. From top-class cuisines to the highest-educated cities, Georgia has it all.

The biggest cities in Georgia are also among the safest. With the downtown shopping and vibrant nightlife, every scene is a treat for one and all. 

The largest Atlanta has over 28 counties under it and connects many other major cities. The cities in Georgia are ideal to raise families and obtain a good education. There are numerous public and private institutions offering the best quality education.

biggest cities in Georgia
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Georgia is the 3rd largest producer of peaches in the US. Laid with Cherokee roses, the state is a combination of valleys, hills, mountains, and breathtaking cityscapes.

With a low cost of living and great amenities, it is one of the high-ranked places for living. The cities offer thrilling outdoor and indoor recreations for visitors and are bound to make you fall in love with the vibe of the towns.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Georgia worth visiting?

Georgia is a state that must be visited. Many tourists are eager to return very soon because of the welcoming atmosphere, delectable cuisine, and breathtaking surroundings.

2. How many days do you need in Georgia?

We advise staying in Georgia for a minimum of 10 to 14 days. It will provide you with enough time to travel to a few different parts of this amazing state and fully appreciate it.

3. Is Georgia the country expensive?

The excellent thing is that Georgia is not costly and may be ranked among the least expensive travel destinations in Europe, with average travel costs ranging from $35-$115 USD per individual per day.

The biggest cities in Georgia are the perfect getaway with diverse cultures and art. So gear up and get ready to explore!

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