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12 Prime Indianapolis Coffee Spots

Indiana’s capital, Indianapolis, is a wonderful place to live and visit. With nearly one million people, it is also one of the state’s most populous cities. If you’re planning a trip, it can be helpful to know where all the best coffee shops in Indianapolis are so you can easily start your day.

Coffee shops aren’t just about the caffeine, which is important to many people, but also about a sense of community and a place to escape.

Top Coffee Shops in Indianapolis

There are many great coffee shops in Indianapolis, but where do you begin? Try out our mentioned one first. The 12 best cafes and coffee shops in Indianapolis are listed here for your consideration.

1. Foundry Provisions

Foundry Provisions is one of the classic coffee shops in Indianapolis, in the historic Herron-Morton Place neighborhood of downtown.

The bright red-orange building is ideal for breakfast and coffee on the way to work or lunch during a meeting or work session.

IMG 20230320 112002
Courtesy: Foundry Provisions

The service is excellent, the food menu is adequate, and the local coffee is delectable. Foundry has a large, beautiful outdoor patio and plenty of indoor seating in addition to its ideal location downtown.

It’s one of those coffee shops in Indianapolis, that may not be well-known to many people, but in reality, it’s just the ideal neighborhood café that everyone should try to go to.

1.1. What to Try?

  • Lavender vanilla chai, London fog, delicious pastries, and all day breakfast sandwich.

1.2. Address

  • 236 E. 16th St., Indianapolis, IN 46202.

2. Parlor Public House

In the Cole Noble neighborhood, downtown, the Parlor Public House is one of the most popular coffee shops in Indianapolis. It is one of a kind because it is both a coffee shop and a cocktail bar with a huge variety of drinks.

The expansive loft-style parlor is ideal for a variety of uses, including events, work, and play.

This café, in downtown, has a lot of seating, so you can sit with your family or a group of friends and have great conversations.

IMG 20230320 112033
Courtesy: Parlor Public House

You’ll not find this type of coffee and cocktail combo in any of the coffee shops in Indianapolis.

2.1. What to Try?

  • Frostbite, turtle dove, roasted red pepper sandwich, Caesar salad, and cookies.

2.2. Address

  • 600 E. Ohio St., Ste. B, in Indianapolis, IN 46202.

3. Bovaconti Coffee

This coffee shop is in a historic building that once housed Bovaconti Jewelers. This brewed-up gem is right on Virginia Avenue, facing Fountain Square.

Smooth, Italian coffee is an assumed staple at this retro, old-world café, and the new owners, Minda Balcius and Justin Jones (owner of Georgia Street Grind), pay homage to the Italian jeweler’s history.

In Fountain Square, Bovaconti Coffee is a well-known place among all the coffee shops in Indianapolis.

IMG 20230320 112053
Courtesy: Bovaconti coffee

It has great coffee and a large, well-lit seating area that makes it ideal for working and getting in a better mood early in the day.

It has a large menu with numerous espresso, lattes, macchiato, pastries, and whatnot. Whole beans are also available for home brewing.

3.1. What to Try?

  • Spanish latte, tiger eye, bronze latte, and café miel.

3.2. Address

  • 1042 Virginia Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46203.

4. Calvin Fletcher’s Coffee Company

Calvin Fletcher’s serves high-quality coffee, that is roasted in-house and is situated along the Indianapolis Cultural Trail. To make you feel at home, the walls of this coffee shop, on Fletcher Place, are adorned with rotating works of local art.

The staff has a reputation for being friendly and courteous. Calvin Fletcher also sells a wide range of sweets and snacks.

IMG 20230320 112149
Courtesy: Calvin Fletcher’s Coffee Company

Partake in any of these take pleasure in their cool and popular bistro that has the choice to look over indoor and outside seating.

Furthermore, 100% of the proceeds are given back to the neighborhoods of Fletcher place, so you can rest assured that your money will be used for good.

4.1. What to Try?

  • House iced coffee, Calvin pepper, café mocha, and hot loose-leaf tea.

4.2. Address

  • 647 Virginia Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46203.

5. Nine Lives Cat Café

Yes, that is a café dedicated to cats, as you read in fountain square. You can sip coffee while you pet some furry friends in this foster home that lets them roam freely.

You can stay in the café and visit the cat lounge whenever you feel like it if you’d rather have a drink away from the cats.

IMG 20230321 090001
Credits: Nine lives cat cafe

You might leave Nine Lives with more than just a delicious cup of coffee in your tummy because all of the gorgeous cats that roam the area are available for adoption.

This feature makes it unique amongst coffee shops in Indianapolis.

5.1. What to Try?

  • Boba berry chai, white mocha, café meow, and coconut cream cold brew.

5.2. Address

  • Ste. 1315 Shelby Street 1, Indianapolis, IN 46203.

6. Monon Coffee Company

Monon Coffee offers a selection of whole-bean coffees from a wide range of nations, each offering a unique flavor profile. You know a coffee drink is special when it is called a “zombie.”

This popular spot in Broad Ripple uses white espresso beans, which give you three times as much caffeine as regular espresso.

If you don’t want to drink a good cup of coffee right now, then there is something for everyone, from matcha, and lattes to chai tea.

IMG 20230321 090035
Credits: Monon Coffee Company

There is a wide selection of loose-leaf teas that are sure to please your tea-drinking friends.

The chalkboard-sized menus for coffee, tea, sandwiches, and fresh pastries can be navigated by the helpful staff.

6.1. What to Try?

  • White zombie, Mona Lisa, con panna, and malted monkey.

6.2. Address

  • 920 E. Westfield Blvd Indianapolis, IN 46220.

7. Georgia Street Grind

If you’re looking for cozy coffee shops in Indianapolis where you can grab a quick cup of coffee to take with you while you’re out downtown, Georgia Street Grind is the place for you.

They provide fresh brews with distinctive single-origin characteristics that are only obtained from local coffee roasters.

The fact that you can request your very own bespoke perfect cup of coffee is a great feature of this coffee hub downtown.

IMG 20230321 090112
Credits: Georgia street grind

The next time you’re out looking for the perfect coffee shops in Indianapolis, head to this place instead of the big chain store. It is small but it is unquestionably among the best local coffee shops in Indianapolis.

Look out for food items like cinnamon rolls, brown sugar biscuits and apple butter, pistachio babka, and poundcake with saffron lemongrass drizzle.

7.1. What to Try?

  • Blended caramello, grindhouse blend coffee, arcane cold brew, and blended peppermint patty.

7.2. Address

  • 25 W. Georgia St., Indianapolis, IN 46225.

8. Coat Check Coffee

With its strong brew and roasted coffee made with locally sourced ingredients like Dandy Breeze milk, Coat Check Coffee is quickly becoming locals’ favorite downtown.

It is located in the former coat check room of the historic Athenaeum Theatre on Mass Ave. Other than scrumptious espresso you can likewise top off on new cakes and bialy sandwiches.

espresso g0e8ed0b96 1920
Image by annca from Pixabay

In their indoor and outdoor seating areas, you can choose from a variety of food offerings.

Not only are the surroundings charmingly nostalgic, but they also provide a cozy setting for socializing or working.

8.1. What to Try?

  • Fragrant consort, matcha latte, flat white, and rhizomatic ginger beer.

8.2. Address

  • 401 E. Michigan Street, 46204, Indianapolis, IN.

9. Coal Yard Coffee

Among the excellent coffee shops in Indianapolis is this Coal Yard Coffee. The shop displays local art among other shops with its eclectic décor and plays an active role in the local art scene.

Coal yard coffee also hosts a lot of live music events. It is the ideal location for local artists and art enthusiasts to gather.

IMG 20230321 090205
Credits: Coal yard coffee

Serving various handcrafted drinks, you’ll have the option to get an extraordinary caffeine hit here. You can also purchase freshly roasted coffee and take it home with you.

9.1. What to Try?

  • Bullet proof coffee, frappuccino, affogato and cappuccino.

9.2. Address

  • 400 South Ritter Road, Indianapolis, Indiana 46219.

10. Mocha Nut Coffee Shop

The Mocha Nut Coffee, which combines high-quality coffee with delectable fresh bakery items, is ideal for both foodies and coffee enthusiasts.

This place feels like a school grounds café.

The staff is always happy to see you, and nothing is rushed. In this modern industrial-style atmosphere, you can anticipate seasonal drinks as well as coffee classics.

Screenshot 143
Courtesy: Mocha Nut Coffee

Mocha Nut is proud to serve Julian Coffee from the area—and it’s really good! It’s also worth noting, that mocha nut is operated by a mother-son team.

10.1. What to Try?

  • Caramel macchiatto, banana misto latte, ginger peppercorn latte and citron green.

10.2. Address

  • 1625 E. Southport Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46227.

11. Quills Coffee

Quill’s Coffee was founded by a former social worker, downtown, who wanted to turn his love of coffee into high-quality coffee shops in Indianapolis.

The goal of this shop is to make a place where people who love coffee can meet.

You can get a variety of their own roasted blends online to replicate the experience of a coffee shop from the convenience of your own home. This feature makes it unique from other coffee shops in Indianapolis.

IMG 20230321 090306
Credits: Quills coffee

You can now enjoy these delightfully industrial coffee shops all over the country as the franchise has expanded.

Quills uses the best ingredients to create unique and flavorful blends, fostering a community of coffee lovers and enthusiasts. For the best brews, this is a friendly, casual spot.

11.1. What to Try?

  • Alchemist, iced summer lemon, mystic coffee soda, and espresso old-fashioned.

11.2. Address

  • 941 N. Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN 46204.

12. Rabble Coffee

Working with local artists and vendors, Rabble organizes several events and items for sale that reflect its commitment to providing a welcoming space for the community, and this feature you can’t find in most of the coffee shops in Indianapolis.

Offering a wide range of vegan options, in addition to fresh juices, loose leaf teas, pastries, quiches, pot pies, and locally roasted specialty coffee to the Near East Indianapolis area.

IMG 20230321 090329
Credits: Rabble coffee

The always-changing stockpile of espresso comes from nearby and broadly acclaimed local roasters, to give their clients the most ideal taste.

12.1. What to Try?

  • Iced mocha, hot café miel, iced caramel macchiato, americano.

12.2. Address

  • 2119 E. 10th St., Indianapolis, IN 46201.

The Bottom Line

Don’t you just hate how stressful it is to look for the perfect spot for a good coffee? There are numerous excellent local coffee shops in Indianapolis, and this list includes many of the highest-rated establishments.

You don’t want to be remembered as the one who chose that awful place for coffee, especially if you are with a group of people. And to avoid this, choose from the fantastic cafes and coffee shops in Indianapolis from our list, then this won’t be a problem.

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