Top Atlanta Cafés: 12 Best Brews


Are you searching for the best coffee shops in Atlanta, the capital city of Georgia? Here are some beautiful coffee shops that would just lift your mood!

Start your day by sipping refreshing coffee, having espresso drinks while you work on your laptop, or hanging out with your friends in a coffee shop, just like in the famous sitcom “FRIENDS.”

Atlanta is known for its amazing street art, shopping, and fascinating coffee shops. Here are some of the best coffee shops in Atlanta that would help you explore delicious brews at the coffee shops of Atlanta.

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Best Coffee Shops in Atlanta

Whenever we plan about Instagram-worthy scenic cafes in Paris, London, or New York, though Atlanta is underrated, it consists of the best coffee shops in the world. The coffee shops in Atlanta offer a variety of drink choices and munchable side dishes.

It is considered to be the best place to spend time with your friends and families, capture pictures of great ambiance, and work as a freelancer sipping your tea drinks. Or visit the Read Shop, which gives retro vibes, and have a great cup of coffee while reading books.

Experiencing the best service at Radio Roasters, Java Cats Cafe, and Cold Brew Bar is an unmissable opportunity.

Kick-start your day with a breakfast burrito, coffee drinks, tea drinks, nitro coffee, drip coffee, dessert, nitro cold brew, avocado toast, French toast, valor coffee, ginger beer, and specialty drinks is the best choice one could make. Sharing Condesa coffee with your date at a live music venue, can something be more romantic than this?

The coffee shops in Atlanta have an inviting atmosphere and provide excellent coffee. While you stroll around Ponce City Market, Metro Atlanta Area, west midtown, and westside provisions district visiting the local favorite best coffee shop in Alaska is a must.

To help you guys to pick the best coffee shops in Atlanta, we have enlisted the top 12 coffee shops in Atlanta that serve as a one-stop shop for their customers.

1. East Pole Coffee Co.

Location: 255 Ottley Dr. NE #105, Atlanta.

The East Pole Coffee Co. is located in Atlanta; the United States is famous for its roastery and coffee bar. The East Pole Coffee Co. is known for its delicious strong lattes and cappuccinos.

East Pole Coffee Co. official website screenshot

With sufficient outdoor seating and polite staff, the East Pole Coffee Co. is considered to be one of the best coffee shops in Atlanta.

Best Drinks at East Pole Coffee Co.

  1. Chocolate and Coffee bar.
  2. Seasonal Syrups.
  3. Espresso drinks.

2. Dancing Goats Coffee Bar

Location: 33 Peachtree Pl NE, Atlanta.

The Dancing Goat Coffee Shop is another best coffee shops in Atlanta that would help you to regain the energy needed for the day. With an amazing ambiance, Dancing Goats also serves Batdorf and Bronson, which is Atlanta’s mainstay roastery.

Dancing Goats Coffee Spot #ATL

The Dancing Goats Coffee Bar, located in Alaska, United States, was the first business started at Ponce City Market.

Dancing Goats coffee bar is located a few miles from the Atlanta Beltline and serves macchiatos, cappuccinos, lattes, and cold brews.

You could visit this amazing coffee shop while you stroll around Beltline to gear up for the rest of the day. So what are you waiting for?

Best Drinks at Dancing Goats Coffee Bar

  1. Caramel and chocolate syrups.
  2. Turmeric-Ginger Cappuccinos.
  3. Croissants, Muffins, Scones and Donuts.

3. Brash Coffee Shop

Location: History Centre, 130 W Paces Ferry Rd NW, Atlanta.

When you visit the Atlanta History Centre, spending some time in the Brash Coffee Shop is a must! If you are a sweet lover but are restricted due to your diet plans, this place is apt for you.

Brash Coffee Roasters official website screenshot

The specialty of this coffee shop present in the Buckhead, Atlanta History Centre is that it works directly with the coffee farmers in El Salvador, intending to provide a fair source of beans. It supplies everything from the pour-overs to drip coffee.

You cannot miss out on this best coffee shop in Atlanta coffee shops.

Best Drinks at Brash Coffee Shop

  1. Iced Vanilla Latte.
  2. Cortado.
  3. Chai Tea Latte.

4. Chrome Yellow Trading Co.

Location: 501 Edgewood Ave SE, Atlanta.

If you live around Edgewood, hanging out at the Chrome Yellow Trading Co must have been included in your routine. People come to refresh themselves with delicious coffee after working out while some work on their laptops, sipping their iced coffee.

My favorite baristas in Atlanta

The coffee shop is known for its pink-grapefruit cold brew soda, maple oat milk, and vanilla bourbon latte. You can also grab your drip coffee.

The Chrome Yellow Trading Co. is supplied snacks by three local bakeries: Happy Camper, Ratio Bakeshop, and Tinkertown. Whenever you visit this best coffee shop in Atlanta, you can enjoy your coffee drinks with yummy pastries and a variety of sandwiches.

Best Drinks at Chrome Yellow Trading Co.

  1. Cold Brew.
  2. Vanilla Bourbon Latte.
  3. Sawyer.
  4. Iced London Fog Latte.

5. Momo Cafe

Location: Modera Midtown.

Another best coffee shop in Atlanta to enjoy a variety of sushi rolls, salads, and staple southern food is the Momo Cafe. It provides Japanese-inspired drinks. You may also get complimentary drinks, desserts, and yummy pastries.

Momonoki restaurant official website screenshot

To enjoy some light snacks, visit the 2-story hangout ‘Momo Cafe‘, which serves the best coffee drinks, matcha, tea & soft-serve ice cream, must be included in your lists.

Best Drinks at Momo Cafe

  1. Matcha Croissants.
  2. Chocolate Citrus Croissants.
  3. Okinawa.

6. Bellwood Coffee Shop

Location: 1336 Glenwood Ave SE, Atlanta.

Bellwood Coffee Shop
Images from the official website of Bellwood Coffee Shop

The heart of East Atlanta Village, Bellwood Coffee Shop, is a combination of a plant shop and a coffee shop. This is one of the best coffee shops in Atlanta, where you could shop as well as cherish the coffee menu in this coffee shop.

With vast outdoor seating and cold brew, this coffee shop lists as a must-visit place during summer.

Lavender iced latte, blueberry hibiscus tea drinks, and Ezra, the specialty coffee, are a few recommendations from our side. Spend some time here in peace, surrounded by nature, sipping your espresso drinks.

Best Drinks at Bellwood Coffee Shop

  1. Cold Brew.
  2. Blueberry Hibiscus Tea.
  3. Vanilla Latte.

7. Urban Grind

Location: 962 Marietta St NW, Atlanta.

Wishing to eat something fresh? Urban Grind is a place for you. This coffee shop starts earlier than other coffee shops to provide their customers with the best service.

Urban Guide is one of the best coffee shops in Atlanta that you must visit! The Urban Grind consists of coffees made of locally ground beans and is known for providing the best quality beverages.

You could try out their creamy flavored cheese, traditional Cold Brew, and Nitro Cold Brew.

Best Drinks at Urban Grind

  1. Flavored Creamy Cheese.
  2. Cold Brew.
  3. Nitro Cold Brew.

8. Dairies Coffeehouse and Cold Brew House

Location: Atlanta Diaries.

To watch the Edison lightbulbs, floor-length windows, and newsletter-length menu cards, Diaries Coffeehouse, and cold brew house is a coffee shop you must visit! You must be feeling fancy seeing the ambiance, but that’s the beauty of this coffee shop.

Cold brew bar restaurant official website screenshot

You may try out their signature coffees, Atlanta staple coffee drinks, and enjoy your refreshing moment in the café with local artists. Keto coffee and mushroom chai are some of their trendy drinks to try.

Best Drinks at Diaries Coffeehouse and Cold Brew House

  1. Keto Coffee.
  2. Cold Brews and Teas.
  3. Mushroom Chai.

9. Read Shop

Location: 4300 Paces Ferry Rd, Atlanta.

A cup of caffeine while you read your favorite book is a dream of every book lover, isn’t it? Does such a shop exist in reality? The Read Shop is located in the Vinings Jubilee, Atlanta.

Read shop coffee house official website screenshot

In 2016, Dan Collier founded a bookstore combined with a coffee shop. The coffee shop consists of books of all genres, including magazines and various cards. You could grab a coffee along with a book and enjoy your peaceful reading sessions.

Best Drinks at Reading Shop

  1. Seasonal Drinks.
  2. Espresso Drinks.
  3. Cold Brew.

10. Gilly Brew Bar

Location: Mimosa DrStone Mountain.

It’s not a coffee shop but a shop to reinvent the coffee culture. The Gilly Brew Bar is located at Stone Mountain. It is considered to be one of the best places to grab a great coffee in Atlanta.

Gilly Brew Bar
Image from the official website of Gilly Brew Bar

Whenever you visit Gilly Brew Bar with your family and friends, you can’t miss out on Iced Jasmine Latte, Ferrero Latte, and Americoco. A pleasant place with friendly staff, Gilly Brew Bar lists among the best coffee shops in Atlanta.

Best Drinks at Gilly Brew Bar

  1. Rosemary Latte.
  2. Cotton Candy.
  3. Americoco.
  4. Ferrero Latte.

11. Java Vino Coffee Company

Location: 579 North Highland Avenue Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30307, United States.

One of the best coffee shops in Atlanta, Java Vino Coffee Company, is a comfortable place to hang around while you visit Inman Park.

JavaVino Coffee house official website screenshot

The coffee shop consists of Atlanta staples, coffee drinks during the day, and a bar at night. Grab a seat on the patio, visit in the daytime to enjoy natural lighting with your favorite latte, and bistro-style dinner in the evenings.

Best Coffees at Java Vino Coffee Company

  1. Atlanta staple coffee drinks.
  2. Bistro-style dinners.

12. Banjo Coffee Co.

Location: 38 N Avondale Rd, Avondale Estates, GA 30002, United States.

Banjo Coffee Co official website screenshot

The Banjo Coffee Co. is the best place to have cold brew coffee at Farmer’s Markets. Whenever you stroll around this place, spend some time trying out their range of nitro cold brew.

Best Drinks at Banjo Coffee Co.

  1. Cold Brew Coffee.
  2. Nitro Cold Brew.

Concluding Thoughts

Coffee Shops in Atlanta | Things To Do In Atlanta

Just a coffee shop could lift your whole mood. The fragrance of the coffee beans, the rustling of the machines, the eye-catching peaceful ambiance, and outdoor seating with natural light are what define the best coffee shops in Atlanta.


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