Safest places to live in Florida Safest places to live in Florida

11 Secure Residences in Florida: Fascinating Facts

We all know the importance of choosing a safe place to live, and what other place can it be than Florida? The amazing natural landscapes and amenities make it one of the best places to live in the world.

The outstanding landscapes like the Sunshine coast is one of the major attractions of this place. Most people generally fantasize about residing in Florida.

Also popular as a place for pensioners, Florida is suitable for people of all ages because of its wide variety. Many youngsters congregate here because of the amazing city life that Florida has to offer.

So, whether you want to call yourself a visitor or want to relocate to Florida, you must determine which cities are the safest in the state. The safest places to live in Florida are mentioned here.

You can check these places properly before relocating to Florida.

Safest Places To Live In Florida

The weather in the Sunshine State is pleasant and bright all year because the US has a very pleasant climate. In addition, Florida has no source tax. As a result, your savings will almost certainly increase.

Florida has an excellent university environment too. It has plenty of public and private schools, as well as top colleges.

Sunny Isles Beach, Florida USA
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Florida has approximately of the loveliest beaches in the world. Because the state is densely populated with beaches, your vacation getaway is never far away. Get flood assurance and hurricane insurance if you want to buy a Florida household.

Our displayed listicle of beautiful towns in Florida will answer your questions about Florida, such as whether it is a treadle place to live, where to stay in Florida that is safe from windstorms and crime, which places to explore in Florida and so much more.

So, let’s look at the most popular and safest cities in Florida.

1. Weston

We have a top choice for the safest places to live in Florida. Broward County is one of Florida’s most pleasant places to live. Despatchers are 68,107 people living there.

Westron, Florida
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With its small population, this city exudes civic pride, and the neighborhoods are vibrantly beautiful and approachable. Weston is also very popular among people for its greenery.

The urban also has suitable academic schools and campuses, making it one of the popular communities in Florida for householders. While living in Weston can be a bit luxurious, keeping in mind the caring measure, you will never feel guilty about living there.

2. Satellite Beach

The second safest places to live in Florida. With the bottommost crime rate, Satellite Beach is among few names that made to the top of the list of safest cities in Florida.

Satellite Beach is a coastal urban in Brevard County home to unspools, blue seas of the Atlantic Ocean, and lovely sandy beaches.

Satellite Beach, Florida
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This city is countless for relations and children because of its approachable civic culture. Besides colleges, academic schools also deliver decent schooling.

Satellite Beach has 11% more breathing space than the national average. Housing is more plentiful than transportation, food, and other luxuries; however, if you crave a coastal lifestyle, consider living on Satellite Beach.

3. Parkland

The third safest place to live is in Florida, with a population of about 34,670. Parkland, in Broward County, is a smaller city that is very safe to live in or visit. The city is fantastic for people who enjoy spoiling themselves with good food, books, art, and culture.

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The place has all the requirements that are necessary for a healthy lifestyle. The plenty of schools and colleges make this place vibrant among the youngsters. Apart from that, you are also going to be awestruck by the beauty Parkland has to offer.

4. Sebastian

There’s a population of about 25,678, just two lots from the Atlantic Ocean; Sebastian is a portion of the Indian River County and essential to Florida’s safe city.

Sebastian is one of Florida’s safest beach towns, with a tiny population of friendly people. The routine here is rather relaxed and quiet.

Top 5 Neighborhoods in Sebastian, Florida

Individuals often enjoy taking a stroll by the river row. Sebastian is well-known for being the ideal site for casting. From deep-sea trawling to the bass formation, this city has it all.

Furthermore, it is located in the center of Miami, and Jacksonville can be easily reached, making these two popular cities easily accessible. Living in this place is quite affordable compared to other cities in Florida.

5. Marco Island

There’s a population of about 15,760, located 28 miles south of Naples; Marco Isle is famous for some well-known beaches, golf progressions, resorts, and ports.

The always-so-famous Everglades Nationwide Park is impartial by the city, and persons have a relaxed entree to the Gulf of Mexico as the Gulf of Mexico circumscribes the town.

Sunset in Macro island, Florida
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If you want to have Floridian involvement, then Marco Islet is the ideal choice to opt for. The motive of its abundance of open-air activities and lovely beaches attracts a lot of people.

6. North Palm Beach

North palm beach’s density of 13,392 is graded at 8 for existence as the safest urban in Florida. The place hums with small-town gossip, and living here is safe, secure, and peaceful. You will find amazing things here that will blow your mind.

North Palm Beach, Florida
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The clear sky and heartfelt weather are an extra advantage of North Pulm Beach. Most of the schools in North Palm Beach are private officialdom. It is an important fact to remember while planning to settle in this place.

7. Oviedo

With a population rate of 41,403, this place is one of the safest places to live in Florida. Along with all the necessary amenities, this place also has great landscapes that will blow your mind.

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People living here are provided with all the facilities like education, medical care and all the other things that are required for a healthy lifestyle.

In this city, public events are common, and crowds gather to witness them. It’s a terrific opportunity to consume local cuisine, buy local crafts, and support local artists. The Black Hillock, Central Lake Park, and Little Big Econ Community are just a few of the adventure parks in Oviedo.

A sufficient amount of middle, high and elementary schools are here to meet your children’s needs. Be prepared to encounter some deserters on the road, as they are common.

8. Naples

There’s a population rate of 19,031 in Naples.

The beaches of Naples are well worth every second of your precious time. People enjoy basking in the warm sun on these beautiful beaches. If you are a culinary expert, make it a point to contact Naples because it is well-known for its refined cuisine eating scenarios.

Naples, Florida
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Save in mind the price of living as it is on the advanced side, and housing is classy in Naples. Most retirees nominate Naples because of its unusual lifestyles, great communities, and various philosophy.

9. Sanibel

There’s a population rate of 6,461, making it the second-lowest crime rate city; Sanibel, a city on Sanibel Island, is an additional safe city you need to discover. The blue seas, crystal-clear beaches, and explosive-filled beaches from the Bight of Mexico make it an ideal destination for a day off.


The inhabitants are tremendously hospitable and are constantly here to help you with your desires.

People enjoy pampering themselves by inspecting spectacular sunsets on beaches or dolphin watching. There are ample choices for outdoor events like yachting, kayaking, and fishing.

10. Groveland

Groveland is a nature lover’s bliss. The breathtaking parklands, plenty of wildlife, and the pretty town life make it an ideal residence. There’s a population rate of 20,398; one of the Sunshine State’s thriving growing cities, Groveland, is an extra safe city option for you.

groveland florida small town community hangout on a saturday

If you desire to live in an inaudible place, absent from the bundle-bustle of city lifetime yet poverty to have an immediacy to the town, then you must surely choose Groveland. Located close to Orlando, this city has a tranquil and peaceful ambiance.

New populaces are continually coming to Groveland, which designates that the city’s importance is rising daily. The real park market of this attractive city is always on the increase. There are decent options for colleges and jobs as well.

11. Key Biscayne

There are other safest places to live in Florida. Key Biscayne is the choice to pick if you are looking for a comfortable place. There’s a population rate of 15,301; making it one of the most safest cities to live near Miami.

Key Biscayne Florida
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It is also recognized as the most famous and best neighborhood in Miami.

This one city is assuredly great for living with your relatives because of its family-friendly culture and easy-profitable vibe. People of this city regularly spend their leisure time biking or staying in the beacon, and there are many marine activities too.


If you have completed reading the write-up, we are sure you now have a clear idea about the places suitable for living in Florida.

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Make sure to keep all the above mentioned points in mind before choosing the place that is right for you.


i) Is It Harmless To Settle In Florida?

Florida is one of the most popular states. A lot of people generally choose this place because of the amazing vibe and ambience that it offers.

Apart from that, all the places in Florida have great facilities like education, medical help, opportunity for business, public and private jobs and so on. People find it very pleasing to settle in a place that is safe and also offers all the necessities.

The crime rate in Florida is extremely low, making it an ideal place for people to stay. Even if someone wants to stay alone in Florida, it won’t be much of a problem.

But in terms of natural catastrophes, Florida is more hazardous than California, as hurricanes and floods are quite recurrent in Florida.

The no-income-tax profit system in Florida also helps a lot of people in saving some money.

ii) What State In Florida Has The Lowermost Crime?

Satellite Beach is the lowest crime percentage and is considered the safest places to live in Florida. It has a 94% lower crime rate than most Florida courts.

iii) What Nation In Florida Has The Uppermost Crime Rate?

Lake City is known to have the highest crime rate among all the other places in Florida. If you are planning to stay in Florida, it is always better to avoid Lake City as we hope you would not like to take any chances regarding your safety.

Even for families, staying in Lake City can be a bit dangerous.

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