best solo trips in the US best solo trips in the US

11 Best Solo Trips In the US

Traveling alone is an adventure on its own; it comes with a lot of benefits, such as getting to know yourself more properly, meeting new people, having a plan of your own, and much more. A place like the US is the best option to give a solo trip a shot.

The US is loaded with breathtaking destinations; a traveler can never get disappointed with the decision of a solo trip to the US. From beautiful landscapes, glaciers from Alaska, California beaches, and much more, here are some of the best solo trips in the US goes on.

Let’s dive into the article sharing information regarding the 11 best solo trips in the US without further delay.

11 Best Solo Trips in the US

Here are some of the best solo trips options for you to explore if you are planning to visit US.

1. North Carolina, Outer Banks

Starting the list of best solo trips in the US from one of the safest places for a solo trip, the Outer Banks, situated in North Carolina.

The outer banks share about 100 miles with the Atlantic Ocean; the land of the Outer Banks is full of small villages and stunning beaches where one can take beautiful images.

Public Beach access on Kure Beach on North Carolina's Atlantic coast.
Photo by Gary C. Tognoni from Shutterstock

A few famous places, such as Nags Head and Cape Hatteras, are situated on the Outer Banks. Hotels, Rentals are easily accessible at this place.

To have some core experience of the place, you can collect beautiful shells by visiting Cape Hatteras National Seashore; not only this, there are a lot of other activities such as strolling around the local market, having local food, and much more.

One of the exciting places to explore on the Outer Banks is the Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge; here, you can have an adventurous kayaking experience, explore lighthouses, and check out the wild horses of Corolla.

2. California

Here are some of the places to travel alone in California.

2.1 San Diego

Best solo trips in US
Hari Nandakumar/ Unsplash. Copyright 2019

San Diego is a great place to travel alone. The city, full of vibrant culture, neighborhoods, and beautiful beaches, never disappoints its travelers.

There are a lot of activities to do when in San Diego. With beautiful parks, outdoor activities, exploring seaside cities, and much more, San Diego gives the experience ways you can have the best solo trips in the US. To have some picturesque views, hike to Point Loma.

Have a peaceful time lying under the sun’s warming rays at Coronado Beach, and take a stroll at Nature Park to capture the sun slide down the Pacific ocean. Don’t forget to visit the outstanding San Diego Zoo located in Balboa Park.

Kayaking is a must when in San Diego; La Jolla is the perfect place to have a kayaking experience. The kayaking tour at La Jolla takes place in a group and is for 1.5 to 2 Hours.

To stroll around nature, explore gardens, museums, and much more, there’s a lot to do at Balboa park.

Don’t forget to explore the famous San Diego Zoo, situated at Balboa park. Check out the rich displays as you meander past uncommon species like pandas, Amur panthers, and Californian condors.

Over 3,700 types of creatures call the zoo home, and there are a lot of zoo activities, such as knowing about zoo education.

Stroll through time as you come across the displays in the USS Midway Museum. The previous maritime vessel is one of the biggest planes carrying warships in the US Navy armada and is an unmistakable token of American history.

Find out about the history of the boat as you investigate the flight deck, the kitchen, and the motor room, and that’s just the beginning. The independent sound visit leads you through intuitive displays that follow the boat’s excursion from 1945 to 1992.

2.2 San Francisco

When talking about a stay in San Francisco, you should spare at least 3-4 days to explore this beautiful city as there are lots of places to visit alone in this beautiful city, and one can have one of the best solo trips in the US to San Francisco.

Visiting Alcatraz Island is one of the most amazing experiences when visiting San Francisco. The ship ride can be cold and wet when you’re gone to Alcatraz Island.

Make sure that you carry your jacket with you when you go on a tour of Alcatraz island. Likewise, ensure that you get a booking as the ship ride is a well-known activity.

In any case, guests who wish to visit the jail and island grounds should get reservations. For more than 10 years, the National Park Service has executed a booking framework, which is vastly different from the manners in which past ages got to Alcatraz Island.

The National Park Service unequivocally suggests making progressed ticket reservations. 

The Golden Gate Bridge is among the most magnificent places in San Francisco. It holds the same vibe for San Francisco people as Eiffel Tower holds for People in Paris.

famous Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco at night, USA
Photo by ventdusud from Shutterstock

The better way to get to the Golden Gate Bridge is by walking. It takes about an hour to cross the Bridge. You can capture some picturesque pictures when strolling around the Golden Gate Bridge.

Pier 39 is one of the great places in San Francisco. Here you can check the sea lions and have some seafood at amazing seafood restaurants.

Not only this, but one can also try out the carousel, have a whale tour, rent a bike, and much more; here, you can experience the best solo trips in the US.

Chinatown is a well-known place in the US. Chinatown is among the best places to visit alone if you want to have some delicious Chinese food or want to know about Chinese culture.

3. Florida Keys

best solo trip in the US
Image by FloridaStock from

The Florida Keys is among the best places to travel alone as it gives solo travelers a bag full of activities and welcomes solo travelers with a free atmosphere where you can wear the most comfortable clothes such as a swimsuit or comfy T-shirt and enjoy the trip.

Talking about key west, it also is one of the great places to visit alone as well as safe for solo female travelers. When at Key West, you can explore the old towns and have a shopping session from small shops situated there or check out the amazing Ernest Hemingway Museum.

Solo travelers can hop onto various islands on their way to key west, like Key Largo and Islamorada.

On islands, you can spend your time by having a shopping session at the local shops and art galleries, deep-sea fishing, making sand castles, watching sunsets, and collecting some sea shells.

One thing to keep in mind, the islands at keys are probably small. If you want to spend time at big, white sand beaches, head towards Sarasota, Miami, and the panhandle.

But the Keys is a great place to calm down and relax with lots of other activities, which gives travelers the experience of the best solo trip in the US.

The Keys is considered an easy and a well- maintained place to go on a solo trip. Here you can stay at great resorts, meet amazing people, go fishing, rent a bike and explore the outdoors, and much more.

It is also considered a great destination for solo female travelers.

4. Salt Lake City

The capital of Utah has a lot to offer to all solo travelers. It provides a lot of activities and has something in store for people of all ages.

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA downtown city skyline at dusk.
Photo by Sean Pavone from Shutterstock

From eateries, theatres, concerts, temple squares, and much more, Salt Lake City is full of stirs. Below listed are a few amazing places and activities to explore when in Salt Lake City.

4.1 Public Library

Here you can have a beautiful experience of both wandering around the magnificent architecture and while going through books and pick your favourite.

The Public library is one of the most calming places to travel alone and dwell on the beauty of the book and the magnificence of the building.

The top of the Salt Lake City public library. Looking at towards the sunset.
Photo by Parker Covieo from Shutterstock

The Public Library is located downtown and consists of an exceptional collection of books. Additionally, the library consists of on-site shops and cafes where you can shop and have a relaxing time with your book with a warm cup of coffee.

4.2 Temple Square

A visit to temple square should be a must on your travel list. Temple Square consists of 20 unique major places of interest.

Salt lake Temple
Photo by Lukas Bischoff Photograph from Shutterstock

At Temple Square, you can check the glorious Salt Lake Temple, where major government bodies’ meetings occur. Also, the assembly hall at Salt lake Temple is majorly known for its historical background.

4.3 Liberty Park

Liberty park is a well-known place in Salt Lake City; here, you can walk around lush green nature and do plenty of activities such as bike along the pond, play volleyball, have a calming picnic session, and much more.

Walkways at the public Liberty Park in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Photo by Chris Curtis from Shutterstock

A few places, such as Library park, are near to the place; you can also stroll around the greenhouse when visiting Liberty park as these places are near, and a solo traveler can have a lot more to do to spend a great day.

5. Nashville

17 Things to do in Nashville, Tennessee

If you’re someone who wants to have one of the best solo trips in the US and a great fan of breaky music and southern drawl, then Nashville is one of the great places to travel alone. Filled with charm, locals there are so welcoming and sweet, and solo travelers can never feel helpless at a place like Nashville.

The famous Music Row (which is home to the RCA Studio B), Nashville Parthenon, and Country Music Hall Of frame is situated in the beautiful city of Nashville. Also, you definitely should not miss the amazing Grand Ole Opry when in Nashville.

A car tour for sightseeing is a must when in Nashville to explore the city properly. The public transport in Nashville, Tennessee, is easily accessible, safe, and well-planned.

6. New York City

Brooklyn Bridge, New York
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

The city a full of restaurants, parks, museums, and a never list of places to visit; New York City is a whole different world in itself.

Majorly it’s recommended not to explore the city at night but at routes like Broadway and fifth it kind of safe to wander at night as there are a lot of other travelers to accompany all in all you’ll not feel alone even in the mid-night when traveling these routes.

When traveling to the city, solo travelers should have a well-planned list because accessing transport in this always working city is a lot harder than you think because of the expenses and the traffic here.

So it’s better to have a planned vacation with major attractions on the top; attractions such as Times Square, Statue of Liberty, Central Park, and Brooklyn Bridge are considered a must-visit when in New York City.

Broadway is one of the great places to travel alone when in New York City. Stroll around, have dinner, and book tickets to a Broadway show are a few options to have a great time on Broadway.

Don’t forget to check the ethnical areas such as Little India and Little Italy and shop at the SOHO. In New York City, you can experience the best solo trips in the US.

7. Austin

The capital of Texas, Austin, is one of the great places to travel alone, and here you can have to experience the best solo trips in the US. The capital is full of festivals and events. If you are someone who is obsessed with music, then Austin should be a must-visit.

In Austin, it is clearly impossible to travel without listening to music tunes. A city is a lively place filled with positivity. Austin has about 250 music outlets to host and enjoy the magic of music.

Austin Texas Travel Guide 4K

Besides this, Austin also offers many activities to its solo travelers. Zilker Park is a well-known place in Austin where you can have a swimming session and beat the heat.

You can also have a calming session of paddle boarding at Lady Bird lake in the morning; the lake is situated at the core of the downtown capital.

Don’t miss the Schoal Creek trail, which is a 4.4-mile long trail that will take you around various parks. At Austin, you can sign yourself into various tours to check major attractions and get to know the beautiful capital more closely.

8. New Orleans

solo trip in US
Aya Salman/ Unsplash. Copyright 2020

New Orleans, situated in Louisiana, is a most sociable and one of the great places to travel alone.

It is among the most amazing jazz clubs on famous Bourbon Street is situated here. Here you can enjoy a great jazz music session, also stroll around, and know about the historical culture of New Orleans.

The best way to better know the city is to sign up for a city tour where you can know about the culture, explore ancient Victorian homes, architecture, and much more.

You must visit the famous French Quarter; here, you can shop at boutiques and enjoy New Orleans food. Overall in New Orleans, you can experience the best solo trips in the US.

9. Door County

Door County located in Wisconsin is one of the best places to travel alone and it is considered best because solo travelers will not feel here. Locals here are so friendly and supportive as if you knew them your whole life.

The well-known Midwestern Peninsula is located in Door County, it is known as one of the great places for solo travelers to visit.

Village of Ephraim harbour view in Door County of Wisconsin
Photo by Nejdet Duzen from Shutterstock

Door County is covered by Green Bay and Lake Michigan for about 300 miles, one of the main reasons, Door County is counted as a great option for solo traveling.

Sturgeon Bay, Ephraim, and Sister Bay are a few places where you can stay and have facilities such as breakfasts and beds.

There are a few other activities such as hiking in the Peninsula State park, Kayaking near the Limestone Bluffs, and tasting the amazing Apples, and cherries from orchards.

If you wish to visit beautiful lavender farms then take a ferry from Death’s Door to Washington Island, also you can check out Schoolhouse beach which is made from only rocks.

10. Portland

Image by Mohan Nannapaneni from Pixabay

Portland is a place situated in Oregon and is known as one of the most solo travel-friendly. The community there is very supportive, friendly, and helpful.

In Portland, you can engage in many activities, such as strolling around one of the largest and independent bookstores in the US, none other than Powell’s City of Books. Hiking at the Forest park, a large natural area in Portland.

Also, you can wander around shops and art galleries to shop and meet artists to get to know about their creative ideas. You can have a biking strolling session at International Rose Test Garden.

Transportation in Portland is easily accessible. Walking and exploring in Portland is better, but if someone wants to have access to transport, they can take a Portland Streetcar to roam around.

Local cafes and doughnuts in Portland are a must-visit, so when planning, you must keep local cafes on top of your visit.

At Portland, you can have experience of the best solo trips in the US.

11. Moab

Moab, a place known for fresh air and stunning views, is situated in Utah. Moab is best known for hiking, Biking, and camping.

You can explore amazing architecture at Moab, check out stunning rock formations, and enjoy the beautiful night sky. Moab is a perfect place for solo travelers who want to add some outdoor places to their travel list.

Canyonland National Park and Arches National Park are two famous national parks situated in Moab. To capture some spectacular landscapes visit Dead Horse Point State Park, where you can take beautiful photographs; the place is located 2000 feet above the Colorado River.

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You can have the amazing experience and best solo trips in the US when in Moab.


At some point in life, travelling alone without any constraints and restrictions is something that we all desire.

So if you are planning a solo trip to the US, then this article is for you to refer and take notes from it. Make sure you have a proper plan before you dive into travelling alone.

Scenic autumn sunrise, Bear Rocks, West Virginia
Photo by anthony heflin from Shutterstock

Sounds exciting right? Pack your bags now, and start your adventure will you travel solo in and around US. US is home to many safe and stunning places which will help you enjoy and have fun in abundance while you are exploring.


1. Is it safe to travel alone in the USA?

Yes, the US is one of the safest and best places to travel alone as it is home to several national parks, historical sites, museums, oceans, etc.

2. When should I travel to the USA, if I have a low budget?

February happens to be a pocket friendly month for travelling in USA.

3. Is New York ideal for a solo trip in USA?

New York has several places that you can explore, and you will be surprised to meet many other solo travelers while you are at it.

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