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10 Best Things to Do in Jersey City

There are numerous things to do in Jersey city as it is a popular U.S. state city and is famous for its fascinating historical points. Jersey has many amazing beaches and beautiful valleys, attracting thousands of tourists from different corners of the world.

Also, Jersey city has enough characters, culture, and community to win anyone over. There are several things to do in Jersey city including visiting Jersey Zoo, Plemont Bay, St Ouen’s Bay, Jersey War Tunnels, liberty state park, Hudson River, white eagle hall, and many more.

10 Things to Do in Jersey City

Read along and have a look at things to do in Jersey city with some amazing tourist spots and a lot more for adventures. To make your trip worthwhile, visit 10 fun things to do on Long Island.

1. Visit The Liberty Science Center

The liberty science center is located at 222 Jersey city blvd.NJ 07305. It has 12 exhibition halls to explore the world of science and technology. It also consists nursing room for mothers, a cafe for resting, gift shops, and much more.

Liberty science center official website screenshot

It takes 3 hours to go through the liberty science center because there is a lot to read and learn through the center. The liberty science center is organized to inspire scientists and engineers and excite them with technologies and science. It also has beautiful things to do in Jersey city around it.

The Liberty science center is a 300,000-square-foot learning center that was first opened in 1993 and arranged many science exhibitions for learners to inspire them about inventions of science.

2. Have a Look at The Empty Sky Memorial

The empty sky memorial NJ 9/11 is dedicated to New jersey’s 749 innocent loved ones who were violently and senselessly murdered.

It is located in Liberty State Park in Jersey City and near the historic Central railroad terminal of New Jersey. The memorial’s monuments and statues are to frame the sky space that once held the twin towers of the World Trade Center and is known as one of the perfect places to visit in New Jersey.

Piece of 9 11 twin towers rubble at New Jersey Memorial overlooking New York City with tourists walking through
Photo by Nicholas J Klein from Shutterstock

The empty sky memorial is absolutely beautiful and designed by Jessica Jamroz and Frederic Schwartz. It is made up of twin brushed stainless steel. However, the design was chosen unanimously.

It pays honor and respect to the World trade center bombings that happened on September 11, 2001. Hence, it is one of the perfect things to do in Jersey City.

3. Explore The White Eagle Hall

White eagle hall is a historic theatre in Jersey City which is recently been renovated and restored. The Hall is an 8,000-square-foot located in downtown Jersey City. Good service, the taste of food, nice lighting, live music, and other cool stuff forms the major attraction of the venue.

White Eagle Hall official website screenshot

The White eagle hall opened in 1910 and was by Polish immigrants under the leadership of Father Peter Boleslaus Kwiatkowski. It was also known as the community center. The venue is perfect for good weddings, parties, private events, and receptions.

White eagle hall is a state-of-the-art venue that is also used for many other events such as dance recitals, concerts, and so on. Grove street path plaza is another place that features festival music, unique performances, food, beverages, and others.

4. Walkthrough The Liberty State Park

The Liberty State Park
Photo by Mobilus In Mobili on Flickr

The Liberty Stare park is located at 200 Morris Pesin Drive, Jersey City NJ. It offers unparalleled views of the Manhattan skyline and sweeping views of the Hudson River.

There are many other popular tourist attractions around liberty state park such as the historic central railroad of new jersey terminal, Waves on the ferry to Ellis Island and the statue of liberty, the Hudson River waterfront walkway, and the liberty state park Interpretive Center, and empty sky memorial.

The Liberty state park is about a 1,212-acre park and is close to the empty sky memorial, which is known as the official state of Jersey City. The state-of-the-art Liberty science center is located on the western side of Jersey City.

Facilities and activities at the liberty state park include boat tours, and street art, which makes it one of the most popular tourist attractions in Jersey City.

5. Spend Your Time at Ellis Island Immigration Museum

Ellis island immigration museum is a historic building located at Ellis island bridge, Jersey City NJ. The Museum documents the rich history of American immigration through its collection of heirlooms, historic records, and photographs.

The Ellis Island Museum
Photo by Kamira from Shutterstock

It is under the care of the National Parks Service and served as the nation’s major immigration station from 1892 to 1924.

The Ellis Island immigration museum is one of the top attractions of Jersey city which is known as the part of the statue of liberty National Monument. Museum also tells the stories of why so many people immigrated to America and what happened after they arrived.

Ellis Island is named after its last private owner Samuel Ellis. It is said that Ellis Island was called the Gibblet island in the early 18th century. It also served as a fort during the war of 1812.

Ellis Island is located in the upper bay of the historic Jersey city coast within the shadow of the statue of liberty.

6. Embrace the Beauty of Van Vorst Parks

Van Vorst Park is located at 257-287 Montgomery St, Jersey city NJ. It is a neighbourhood in the historic downtown Jersey city and is known as the picture-perfect park due to its beauty which includes a viewing fountain, gazebo, and playground.

It occupies a two-acre space full of green trees and ample seating. Hence, it is one of the amazing things to do in Jersey city.

Cherry Blossom at Van Vorst Park, Jersey City

Van Vorst Park is also known as the centerpiece of downtown Jersey city and is a famous top attraction to spend quality time.

It has two playgrounds, ample swings, and a sandbox. The green trees and ample seating provides fresh air. It also hosts special live music events and other films in the park event.

The van Vorst park is famous for its Saturday morning farmers market from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm. It offers a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. The park is managed by friends of Van Vorst Park, which is a not-for-profit corp founded in 1991.

7. Enjoy the Natural Beauty of Hamilton Park

Hamilton Park is one of the thriving places in Jersey city NJ. It is 5.4 acres which also has a basketball court, tennis courts, children’s playground, and a gazebo around which many cultural events occur.

Panoramic view of Manhattan's skyline, at sunrise, as seen from Hamilton park, New Jersey
Photo by Awana JF from Shutterstock

It comes in the amazing things to do in Jersey city due to its breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline and fantastic view of New York Harbour.

There are many fun things to do in Jersey city around the Hamilton park, including playing in the playing areas, having sporting fun, organizing events or becoming a part of it.

Many must-visit restaurants are the major attractions of the park such as White star bar, O’ cafe, and Hamilton Inn, which has a wide variety of alcoholic beverages and exquisite-tasting dishes that your whole family would love.

8. Shop at Newport Mall

Newport Mall is located at 30 Mall Dr W, Jersey city NJ. It is one of the premier shopping destinations and a thriving place for your happy hour.

Newport Centre Mall |  Jersey City, NJ | Full Walking Tour | Best Shopping Mall With Food Court

It is conveniently located adjacent to the Holland tunnel and is easily accessible from the Hudson Bergen light rail and the path.

The mall has many indoor stores (one of the top attractions ) such as a gift shop, clothing, shoes, accessories, health and beauty, electronics, toys, sporting, drugs, and restaurants to enjoy a delicious meal.

However, it has many other fun things to do inside for all age groups.

9. Make a Visit to Owen Grundy Park

Owen Grundy park is the park located at Hudson St, Jersey city NJ. It is one of the top attractions of the city and has a spacious pier over the Hudson River.

The blue emergency column on a wooden walkway overlooking downtown Manhattan from Waterfront New Jersey
Photo by Will eye from Shutterstock

Owen Grundy park is a worth visiting park for the view of the New York skyline. Thereby, visiting this park is one of the best things to do in Jersey city.

Along the Hudson River on the east side of the Jersey city, the park offers beautiful views of Manhattan, the Jersey city waterfront, and Liberty state park including a rebuilt seawall and historic-style lightning to delight the surrounding historic Jersey City.

10. Explore The Central Park

Central Park is located at N wood Ave, Roselle, NJ. It is also known as the fifth-largest park in the city which covers 843 acres. It is one of the iconic locations of Jersey city which offers amazing adventures like hiking trails and food tours.

The central park has a wonderful pond and Chepstow bridge which is one of the natural wonders known for its supply of water and offers the best views of midtown from the central park. There are many amazing things to do in Jersey city around central park.

The Central Park Zoo, the Dairy is also known as The Children’s District designed by Calvert Vaux, Chess and checker house is also a part of the Children’s District.

The Carousel is one of the most loving and famous spots of the central park, Sheep Meadow, The Mall, Statue of Balto, Bethesda Archade, The Lake, The Conservatory Water, Alice in Wonderland, and Row Bridge are some famous tourist attractions of the Central Park.

10.1 The Central Park Zoo

The Central Park Zoo
Photo by Kent Wang on Flickr

Central Park Zoo was initiated when New York people started leaving gifts of exotic animals in the park. The Zoo was recognized by The New York State Assembly and made the central park zoo- the second publicly owned zoo in the country.

The snow monkeys, red pandas, snow leopards, and more such animals are found in the temperature territory.

You can also find the food tours at the dancing crane café. They offer pizza, fries, chicken, hot dogs, coffee, and a variety of dishes. It is one of the most visited places and has famous things to do in Jersey city.

10.2 The Chess and Checker House

The Chess and Checker house is a part of the children’s district and is a replacement for the Kindrberg. It was refurbished by The central park conservancy in the 1980s and added the shaded area to the house.

The house was built in 1952 and offers visitors of all ages a space to play games, making it one of the most famous things to do in Jersey city.

The Carousel
Photo by jonl1973 on Flickr

The first Carousel was opened in 1873, powered by a horse or mule under the platform. It has 57 horses and plays beautiful calliope music. It runs 7 days a week in the summer and gives the best views of the New York Harbor.

The Carousel is one of the most famous things to do in Jersey city. It features many interactive exhibits and shows.

10.4 Statue of Balto

Statue of Balto
Photo by Cameron Adams on Flickr

The Statue of Balto is located in the centre of Central Park. The statue is donated to the sledge dogs, Alaska in 1925.

The dog’s name was Balto, whose statue was built because of his leadership in the dogsled run that relayed diphtheria antitoxin to the town of Nome, Alaska in 1925 effectively saving the town.

10.5 Sheep Meadow

The Sheep Meadow got its name from the sheep that once grazed here. Tavern on the Green is the famous restaurant at the edge of the sheep meadow which was constructed as the Sheepfold in 1870.

Screenshot 672

It was later turned into a lawn. However, it is popularly known among the New Yorkers as a location to spend happy hour. and could be one of the best things to do in Jersey city if you are looking to spend weekends basking in the sun.

10.6 Alice in Wonderland

The Statue of Alice in wonderland is on the north end of the pond and was denoted by George Delacorte in honour of his wife Margarita Delacorte.

The sculpture was constructed in 1959 by Jose de creeft under the commission of philanthropist George Delacorte. This bronze sculpture of Alice in Wonderland is nine feet tall and is seven years old.

10.7 Bow Bridge

The Bow Bridge is one of the most captured and filmed locations in Central Park. Many movie scenes were filmed here such as Spider-man 3, Night at the Museum, Woody Allen’s Film Manhattan, and many more.

Bow Bridge New Jersey
Photo by Jim Bogosian from Shutterstock

The bridge is made up of cast iron and is used as a pedestrian walkway that spans 87 feet with locally created fine art. Walking on Bow Bridge is one of the famous things to do in Jersey city.

More to Explore in Jersey City

Along with the amazing things to do in Jersey city, the city has a lot more to offer to its visitors. Jersey city is famous for its delicious food and cuisines. Here are the top famous places to eat in Jersey city.

1. Felina (Ridgewood)

The Felina restaurant is located at 54 E Ridgewood Ave New Jersey. The restaurant is famous for its utterly delicious Italian dishes and cuisines. Inspired by the rich culinary tradition and culture of Jersey city, Felina translates menus highlighting seasonality and sustainability.

Felina official website screenshot

Felina is one of the most popular restaurants in Jersey city for private events, parties, and receptions. Due to its popularity, it has many fabulous things to do in Jersey city such as exploring-

  • New Jersey Botanical Garden.
  • Essex County Turtle Back Zoo.
  • Thomas Edison National Historical Park.

2. Rutt’s Hutt, Clifton

The restaurant Rutt’s Hutt is the most affordable restaurant in New Jersey and makes huge savings on finger-licking foods. It is famous for its deep-fried hot dogs, burgers, and fries. The desserts include Chocolate pudding, Jello, ice cream, and many more.

Rutt's Hut official website screenshot

Things to do in Jersey city around the Rutt’s Hutt are visiting Bristol Zoo garden, Victoria rooms, The Lookout Lecturn, and other fascinating places.

3. The Frog & The Peach

The Frog and the Peach is a famous American restaurant in Jersey city located at 29 Dennis St, New Brunswick NJ. It offers high-quality food and excellent service with tasty varieties.

Imaginative New American Cuisine & Cocktails from The Frog & The Peach

The authentic dining at the frog and the peach also serve wine, local beers, and well-crafted cocktails in an energetic, convivial atmosphere. The Frog and the peach is a must-visit restaurant and has many things to do in Jersey city around it.

4. Saddle River Inn

The restaurant Saddle River Inn is located at 2 Barnstable Ct, Saddle River, NJ. It is the most romantic restaurant in Jersey city and offers fine dining with the best French-American cuisines.

Saddle restaurant official website screenshot

The famous dishes at the restaurant include dry-aged beef, sustainable seafood, and dry-aged bone-in sirloin.

Places to Stay in Jersey City

Are you worried about where to stay for the holidays in New Jersey? Here is the list of some famous and most relaxing accommodations in new jersey to make your holidays more fun and memorable.

1. Hyatt House Jersey City

The Hotel Hyatt House is located at 1 Exchange PI, Jersey city. With spacious and modern suites, this place gives homely vibes which also includes contemporary decor, 42” flat panel Tv, dedicated workspace with free wi-fi.

Hyatt House Jersey City

It also provides access and opportunity to disabled individuals and gives a fascinating view of New York City from its terrace Lounge or Rooftop. Hyatt House offers a selection of premium quality cocktails, beer, and wine along with mouth-watering food options.

The Hotel is pet-friendly which makes sure that no family member is left behind. However, there are some weight limits for the pets, dogs weighing 50 pounds and under are only permitted.

One can download their application for pre-booking, early or late check-ins, and extra services.

2. La Haule Manor

The Hotel La Haule Manor is located at La Neuve Route, Jersey JE3 8B, Jersey. This hotel was set in a mansion dating from 1796 and is about 4 miles from fort regent and 16th-century, Elizabeth Castle.

The popular amenities at the restaurant include a hot tub swimming pool, free breakfast, free Wi-Fi, and parking.

La Haul restaurant official website screenshot

For their well-appointed rooms, the La Haule Manor has been awarded as 5-star guest accommodation.

Different types of rooms are the major attraction of this hotel including an Ocean view, a Bridal suite, non-smoking rooms, and others. It has the best things to do in Jersey city around it.

3. Saltwater Inn

This fabulous hotel is located at 300 10th Ave, Belmar, NJ. The Hotel Saltwater is 2 blocks from Belmar Beach and an 11-minute walk from the new jersey central railroad. The amenities include free Wi-Fi, free parking, Spa, air conditioning, and other facilities.

Saltwater Inn Award Winning Bed & Breakfast Belmar New Jersey

The Saltwater Inn is a couple-friendly hotel and makes sure you have a wonderful stay at their accommodation

4. Hilton Garden Inn Camden Waterfront Philadelphia

With some amazing facilities like an indoor swimming pool, fitness centre & restaurant this 5-star rated hotel is located at 1 Penn St, Camden, NJ.

Room Tour Hilton Garden Inn Camden Waterfront Philadelphia - 2 Queen Beds, Waterfront View

Along the Delaware River, the Hilton Garden Inn is a 7-minute walk from the adventure aquarium and a 14-minute walk from the City home of the train station. The amenities at the restaurant include free Wi-Fi, breakfast, and parking.

5. The Bernards Inn

The hotel Bernards Inn is an absolutely elegant historic boutique hotel that offers world-class dining for a distinctly memorable experience. It is located at 27 Mine Brook Road Bernardsville, NJ.

Bernards Inn official website screenshot

The accommodation is enhanced by the finest service and is suitable for grant parties, wedding receptions, intimate meetings, and other events.

A Final Note

As an iconic city, this place has a lot to offer to residents of all age groups and backgrounds. There are seven neighborhoods within the Jersey city- Bergen-Lafayette, The Heights, Downtown, Greenville, Country village, journal square, and west side.

The Panoramic views of the Manhattan skies and the statue of liberty & Ellis island are the major attractions of the Jersey city and are the famous things to do in Jersey city.

New Jersey
Photo by Mihai_Andritoiu from Shutterstock

The Jersey city institution, Van Wagenen House, also known as apple tree house, science museums, governors island, and waterfront restaurants, is all that makes Jersey city a famous tourist attraction and are included in the list of some best things to do in Jersey city.

Jersey is one of the most culturally diverse cities due to its vibrant art and cultural scene. It has the best charm and is so much more than just one of New York’s neighboring cities. Hope, this article on things to do in Jersey City will make your trip easy and convenient.

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