10 Options For Best Pizza in Portland Oregon And More

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Wondering about the best pizza in Portland, Oregon? You have reached the right place because this article has much to offer about what you are wondering about.

Pizza is something that everyone craves for. It is one of the best dishes that are popular and liked by almost everyone worldwide out of everything that the Italian food menu offers.

Best Pizza Places In Portland Oregon For You

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Best Pizza in Portland, Oregon? As per the Bloomberg report, it states that Portland is considered one of the cities that is famous for its delicious pizzas across the world.

1. Best Pizza In Portland Oregon – Hammy Pizza

It is a tina pizza that is considered one of the best pizza in portland Oregon with cheese toppings on it. Fat-free Pizza is designed to give quality pizza to its customers according to their needs and taste.

You will get the best Pizza in Portland, delicious, quality Pizza if you go with this one. It is made up of flour from Shepherd Grain, a local company involved in agriculture. The dough of the Pizza is so soft and yummy.

The sauces and Cheese supplied with this Pizza are of good quality and are freshly made. Moreover, organic toppings are used with this Pizza.

In Hammy’s Pizza, the place is conjured, so if you are going with your friends, then the place is not ideal for you, but the staff is very cooperative. If one or two friends are going, it will be ok as there are two chairs at one table.

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Flavors Of Hammy’s Pizza (The Best Pizza In Portland, Oregon)

  • Classical Supreme.
  • Classic Pepperoni.
  • Super Veggie.
  • Chicken Pesto.
  • Gentle Supreme.
  • Cheeseburger Pizza.
  • Hammypolitan.
  • Greek Vegan.


You can easily digest this Pizza with beer, lime soda, and water.

Address and Other Details

2. Best Pizza In Portland Oregon – Pizza Jerk

Best pizza in Portand Oregon
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Pizza jerk is another best pizza in Portland Oregon. The menu includes Cheese, pepperoni, calm jam, veggie super pie, and lovely Linda. If you are fondly looking for a place that serves cheesy pizzas with creative, yummy topings, this is the place for you.

To witness the amazing pizzas that they serve, you can dine in, take away or get it delivered to your home.

3. Where To Get The Best Pizza In Portland Oregon? – Via Chicago Pizza 

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When Pizza in Portland comes to your mind, don’t forget to try Via Chicago Pizza, which serves you with red tomatoes, lots of Cheese on it, pies, classic pepperoni, and a lot more stuff with delicious tomato sauce.

Other than the Pizza, if you want to try something different, you can have garlic bread, goat cheese stuffed peppers and classical pepperoni that cost you around $6. Also, you can have some salads available in large or small sizes. It starts at $2 and ends at $10.

You can take extra sauces, Cheese, roasted red peppers, a side of ranch, your pie, or tomato sauce. To discover their menus, you can also visit their official website – https://viachicagopizza.com/.

To enjoy your Pizza more delicious, you can have some beverages with this. They have many beverages like ginger ale, diet coke, 7-up, etc.

4. Best Pizza In Portland Oregon – Red Sauce Pizza 

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Share Dues founded red sauce pizza in the year 2015, which is situated near sandy blvd. This Pizza is handmade in homes, so you don’t have to compromise on quality. They give you 100% good quality food with chew crust.

You get the red sauce pizzas in portland here on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can choose your table and order from there itself with the help QR Code given on the table no need to visit the counter, and you get your Pizza right away there.

After having Covid-19 red sauce pizzas in Portland are strictly following the guidelines of Covid. So they will not allow you to their cabin until you don’t wear your mask.

They are available in large and small sizes. Moreover, you can have salads, starters, and toppings of your choice.

5. Best Pizza In Portland Oregon – Handsome Pizza

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It has been one of the most popular Pizza since the year 2012. Right now, handsome Pizza has closed its shops, which are not working. They have thin-crust pizzas and york-style pizzas prepared on a wood fire.

6. Best Pizza In Portland Oregon – Ranch Dressing Pizza

Ranch dressing pizza is one of the oldest Pizza in Portland, Oregon, that offers you a buffet, chicken, Pizza, whole pie, classical pepperoni, and Italian food at an affordable rate. Ranch pizza is known for Pizza perfection.

Adrie Groeneweg is the founder of this ranch pizza. The fantastic thing about this restaurant is that Kids can eat here freely, and it is wood-fired oven pizza.

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They can have a buffet that is free of cost. Moreover, your kids can enjoy fun activities here so that adults can eat their Pizza comfortably.

They offer you a great pizza with wings, chicken, tenders, beverages, desserts, ranch packs, york style pies with tomato sauce. Overall, this is one of the most exceptional pizzas in the world. Visit their website – https://pizzaranch.com/ to know about their menus and deals.

7. Best Pizza In Portland Oregon – Apizza Scholls

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Important Note About Apizza Scholls

Service fees will be charged for every order and, i.e., 18% by Apizza scholls. Besides the Pizza, you can also have a house salad with vegetables, carrots, olives, mushrooms, and tomatoes that are good for your health. You can take an ice cream sandwich, also.

This is considered a good Pizza in Portland as it is the oldest one in Portland and has been serving the people of Portland for more than 18 years, and they are enjoying this taste.

They have a thin crust with new york style pies, tomato sauce, fresh basil, naturally leavened dough, and green olives.

This is one of the most adorable Apizza Scholl’s pizza places worldwide. It is situated near sandy blvd. Check out their menus – https://apizzascholls.com/.

8. Best Pizza In Portland Oregon – Nova Pizza

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Novo pizza is soft, crunchy, and has lots of stuff. The toppings combination is too good that it brings water to your mouth. Decorated pies, fresh green vegetables, and tomatoes make this Pizza quite interesting.

This place undoubtedly serves the best pizza in Portland Oregon, and you must visit the place when you are in the city; also, check their website for details – http://www.nonavopizza.com/.

9. Best Pizza In Portland Oregon – Nostrana

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It is one of the fantastic best pizza in portland Oregon restaurants near hot tony in Portland, Oregon. They used Italian styles to make this favorite Pizza more delicious and interesting.

As per the report of Bloomberg and New york times, this is considered one of the best Pizza in Portland with thin-crust Pizza. You can have marinara sauce with it and also Cesar salad. Try not to visit this place on Sundays and Mondays as they are usually closed on these days in the week.

10. Best Pizza In Portland Oregon – Pyro Pizza

It is another one of the best pizza in portland Oregon, restaurants for having Pizza and favorite Pizza in Portland with a thin crust near Williams ave street.

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You can bring all types of tastes here, and they will satisfy your hunger and make your stomach full with lots of yummy taste pie pizza.

Customer is the priority for them. They serve their customers with full integrity and diligence. Due to this, they prepare the pizzas as per the health needs. You get classical to adventurous pizzas here.

You can select your base crust, whether you want a regular pizza crust, a gluten-free crust, a cauliflower crust, etc. Which type of sauce do you want, like marinara, olive oil, alfredo, pesto, etc.?

Moreover, you can select Cheese, meats, veggies, and so on as per your comfort and taste; you can order your Pizza.

Speciality Pizzas

  • Denver.
  • Breakfast.
  • Sun and shade.
  • Raging Hawaiian.
  • Buffalo chicken.
  • Spicy sausage.
  • Calm pie.
  • Sizzle pie.
  • Scottie’s pizza parlor.
  • Clam pie pizza.
  • Southwestern, and so on.
  • They served in nine locations.

Other Best Pizza Places In Portland Oregon For You To Explore

Here are some more possible best pizza places in Portland for you to explore. Portland is a pretty big city and there are numerous amazing pizza places that you can see and eat at.

1. Hogan’s Goat Pizza

It is one of the unexceptional best Pizza in portland Oregon that is located in the Hollywood district of Portland, Oregon, with fresh mozzarella, pepperoni slice, calm pie, hot pie, green, Mississippi ave, caramelized onion caesar salad, Margherita pie with caesar salad.

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They are experts in handmade pizzas with tropical fruit flavors and some pine. The customers gave a 4.5 out of 5, which is considered an excellent rating by the customers.

They used local ingredients which as homemade ranch so that their customers get better quality.

The place is very small, so if you are planning in groups to have a pizza in this restaurant then it won’t suit you.

2. Crown Pizza

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As the name indicates, this is the pizza king for all the pizzas. You can have pasta, pizzas, beverages, chips, desserts, party trays, sheet pizzas, and caesar salad with tomato sauce here. For party trays and sheet pizza, it is necessary to give the order one day before; otherwise, it will not take your orders. The pizza ranges start from $11.

3. Scottie’s Pizza Parlor

This best Pizza in portland Oregon is made in Pacific Northwest in Portland, Oregon; it grew wheat before baking in an electric oven to get a crisp, light, and airy Pizza.

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They use the finest quality pizza in Portland. They use green salads, caramelized onion, finest quality cheese so that their customers get the best quality pizzas.

4. Ken’s Artisan Pizza 

If you are searching for the best pizzas in Portland, your search ends here with Ken’s Artisan Pizza, where you get an end number of tastes with toppings, tomato sauce beers, beverages, and so on.

There are many options available in this shop. You can order pizzas, salads, desserts, beer, and cider. Also, you will get york pies, classical pepperoni, and margarita pizza.

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Right now, this restaurant is not accepting orders in advance. Right now, only take-out orders are taking place in restaurants, and no phone orders are allowed.

This Pizza was awarded by Innovation and sustainability award in 20222. These pizzas are inspired by Italian taste having Italian tomatoes, toppings, olive oils, etc.

5. Tastebuds Pizza

You will get fast delivery with tastebuds pizza. It has been using homemade ingredients which have been used for several years. Pizzas are available in; large, small, and medium sizes.

The cost of small Pizza is $16, a medium is $18, and the large one is $23. You can pick up pepperoni, classical, signature, and gourmet.

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Other than this, you can have specials and combos, wings ad ribs, and dinner slide options. It has all types of tastes, whether spicy, sweet, sour, or bitter. This is the specialty of this pizza place.

If you want some discounts on Pizza, then please proceed to the coupon section where you will find the end number of Pizzas; order that and get the discount on the specific pizzas mentioned there.

New York Style Best Pizza In Portland Oregon

New york style pizza is made with thin crust, bread flour, yeast, sugar, and olive oil. You can have additional toppings like pepperoni, red pepper, garlic powder, mozzarella, mushroom, onion, and so on, giving a delicious taste to the Pizza. You get the homemade stuff here that gives you 100% quality assurance.

Vegan Pizza Options – Best Pizza In Portland Oregon

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This is the absolute best Pizza is gluten-free and prepared in a wood-fired oven. This Pizza doesn’t include animal products; they have sauces, tomatoes, Daiya, vegan crust, Cheese, garlic, naturally vegan sauces, pepperoni, pan pies, vegan pies, Neapolitan Pizza, etc.

It can be said that it is good Pizza for your health because it is loaded with plant-based items. Its base is made of flour and cashew nuts that benefit your health. It is one of the best pizza restaurants in the world.

You can find the best vegan Pizza in the following restaurants: Life of pie pizza, Virtuous Pie, Boxcar pizza, Baby Doll pizza, Margherita pizza, House pickled peppers, Fennel sausage, Meat eater, and Good pie.

Baby Doll Pizza

Baby doll pizza offers you new york style pizza cheesy, soft dough pizza with handmade ingredients at an affordable right. But make sure that if you plan for Friday and Saturday, it will be off for them. Others say they are available from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm.

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They have vegan pie, Cheese, pepperoni nonna pie (i.e., deep dish pizza in Portland), oregono with red sauce, and creamy garlic cheese. Moreover, with baby doll pizza, you can have mushrooms, broccoli, jalapeno, mushroom, date, basil, etc.

You will get a well-decorated pizza with tomatoes, pepperoni, green vegetables, and meat according to your taste preference.

Other than Pizza, you can order wine, beer, pasta, salads, sandwiches, etc. You will get gluten-free Pizza. Also, you can have extra sauce, garlic cream sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepper jack cheese, mushrooms, onions, date, broccoli, black olive, and vegan roast sausage on your Pizza.

They deliver their services to the north to Knott, west to the river, east to 60, and south to Powell. They also have partnered with doordash. Suppose you want services outside this area, then no need to worry. You will get the order with the help of doordash. Ans make sure that 10/5 delivery charges are applicable for you.

Customers Reviews

We came across various customer profiles who have tasted the best pizza restaurants in Oregon, and we can say that people are satisfied with the Pizza in Oregon. They said,” they made the pizzas with supreme quality and many decoration parts available.

Whereas some customers complain that most Portland pizza places are very small. They are not good for big groups. Moreover, You have gluten-free options here which is good thing.

Final Thoughts – Best Pizza In Portland Oregon

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So what do you think about the best pizza in portland Oregon? If you are in Portland, you should try these top-quality pizzas, and do not forget to share your views in the comment section, have a great pizza and make your day.

FAQ – Best Pizza In Portland Oregon

Q: Can Portland, Oregon, provide you with the best Pizza worldwide?

Ans: Yes, they will give you the best top-quality Pizza and good food city in the world, as per the New York Times and Bloomberg report.

Q: In which city do we get the extremely delicious Pizza?

Ans: Ohio is considered one of the top cities where you find your delicious Pizza with supreme quality.


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