fun things to do in the Hamptons fun things to do in the Hamptons

Why Visit The Hamptons? 10 Fun Things To Do

Hamptons can be a perfect place for you to escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. This place is gorgeous, and you can spend your long weekend trip here in the Hamptons.

This place is generally a group of small villages on the east end of Long Island in Suffolk County, New York. It is located just a distance of two hours from New York City. However, you can even reach this place by train or bus while enjoying the scenic beauty.

Exploring Hampton will be best by car since it is a vast area. Also, this article will show the top things to do in the Hamptons to make your trip memorable.

Fun Things to Do in The Hamptons: 10 Incredible Things to Do

Staying in the Hamptons means spending time on the beach. However, besides staying on the beach, there are a lot more exciting things that you can do while you are in Hampton.

You can go for a beach party, explore the beautiful nature, visit the antique shops, and see a windmill. You will find the best beaches in New York City, in the Hamptons. 

1. Cooper’s Beach

Looking for a pristine location in New York City. You can go over to Cooper’s Beach, located just outside Southampton Village.

On this beach, you have a fantastic view of the great Atlantic Ocean which is almost 500 feet stretched shoreline. This is the best place for you to sunbathe over a rolled-out towel.

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Coopers Beach is also known as Billionaires Row since this beach is the elite of the elites. The mansions over here belong to the CEOs and mainly to the celebrities. You will also find beautiful white sand in this place.

On top of all this, there are good spots to grab some good food. You can also use the restroom and showers to clean yourself up. Spending time on Cooper’s beach in Hampton, New York, is undoubtedly something you will never wish to miss. Besides Cooper’s beach, you can check out Atlantic Avenue Beach, Indian Wells Beach, and Wide Sandy Beach.

2. Suffolk Theater

This theatre was originally built in 1933 and had more than 250 seats. Also, this theatre is known as the “Radio City Music Hall of Long Island.”

This theatre is not only a cinema hall, but it also has a performance stage that is often used for traditional and cabaret-style performances.

The Suffolk Theater - Preview

Moreover, it is also known for hosting some of the most popular touring acts in the past few years. It has an excellent interior design with an LED marquee, which lights up the main street in Riverhead.

So, after having your beach party, you can book your seat for a show in this Suffolk Theater.

3. Enjoy Wine Tasting

If you are in Hampton, you should take some time and take advantage of the wine region and the wine cellar of Long Island. Duckwalk Vineyards is located in the Water Mill of Hampton, which can give you an intimate experience of their famous wine collection.

Zorvino Vineyards
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The legendary South Fork also resides in Bridgehampton. At weekends you will find the estate’s wine stand. However, you can find most of the vineyards around Bridgehampton.

The town of East Hampton is a place for beer lovers, which is in the hamlet of Montauk. In addition, the Wölffer Estate Vineyard offers some premium and distinctive wines, ciders, and spirits from the village of Sagaponack.

4. View from The Top of Montauk Lighthouse

Without visiting the Montauk Lighthouse, your trip to Hamptons will be incomplete. So, it will be better not to miss this spot. It was built in 1796 and is the oldest lighthouse in New York. Also, it is located right beside the Montauk point state park and is known to be the first lighthouse to be built in New York State.

You can see all the ships sailing the sea from the top of this lighthouse. The luxury hotel located in Lake Montauk is also a perfect spot for a romantic date night.

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However, while you are climbing the Montauk Point Lighthouse, make sure you wear your most comfortable shoes. It has around 137 steps that you need to climb to reach the top of Montauk Point Lighthouse.

In addition to this, you can even spend your day watching the whales. Surfing and fishing in the Montauk Point State Park is also a great idea to spend time in Montauk. For food, you can visit the local restaurants down the street, which are paved with crushed seashells.

5. Shopping at The Amagansett Farmers Market

This market opens only for a few months every year, and it features almost everything from farm-fresh fruits to vegetables, artisanal baked goods, seafood, plants, and fresh flowers. You will also get excellent quality, honey. Shopping for your daily good in this marketplace is a great idea for you to spend your time in Hamptons.

6. Visit Pollock Krasner House and Study Center

This place is one of Hampton’s unique attractions for both art lovers and other tourists. This National Historic Landmark holds the life of the famous Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner, American painters and paramount personals in the New York City art scene.

Pollock-Krasner House Studio Tour with Helen A. Harrison

Visiting the Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center is something you can’t afford to miss, especially if you are an art lover. While living in the Hamptons. Visit the studio, where you will find Jackson Pollock; this place even lets you explore his bedroom, personal belongings, and collection of books. The museum also holds a weekly art class outside on Sunday, where you can meet the local artists.

7. Explore Sag Harbor

In the late 18th and early 19’s centuries, Sag Harbor was a major whaling port and the main entry point in the United States. By the 20th century, this place became a haven for wealthy people to escape the city and an enclave for artists.

As you treasure your hunt down Sag Harbor village, the farmhouse-inspired shops over here will draw your attention more. You can explore this gorgeous area and its various gift shops. It has some of the best spots for eating, including the Dockside Bar and Grill.

8. Walking Dunes

You can tag along with some of your mates to hike the Dunes. If you climb the sand hills over here, which are over 80 feet tall, you can see a better view of the nearby Napeague Harbor. You will be stunned to see that a part of Hampton suddenly turned into a desert.

Napeague Harbor Stroll

This place was formed more than 100 years ago, and they are constantly shifting. This is why this place earned the name Walking Dunes. You can stay in massive beach houses over here. Visit some other dunes if you find these interesting. Out of all, the Amagansett National Wildlife Refuge is a must-visit place.

9. Waiting in Gurney’s Montauk Resort

In this report, you can get the benefits of Gurney’s Seawater Spa which will give you access to all the European amenities, a Roman bath, a Russian steam room, a Swiss shower, and a Finnish Rock Sauna.

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In addition, there is an indoor ocean-fed seawater pool that has an aesthetic view of the Atlantic Ocean.

10. Dine-In Finest Restaurant in Hampton

Though Hampton is well known for its long beach, it is also known for its food. You will find a wide range of tasty foods with some panoramic restaurants that will catch your sight. It starts with a dessert house, gourmet dining, and a central beach dining space.

There are also other great dining spaces where you can hop in and enjoy your food. You can opt for Bridgehampton, Nick and Toni’s, East Hampton Grill, and Red Bar in Southhampton.

Other Incredible Things That You Can do in Hampton

There are tons of things that you can do in Hampton.

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  • You can visit the Parrish Art Museum, one of the gorgeous art galleries in Watermill. The Parrish Art Museum not only showcases the works of prominent artists but also focuses on local artists. You will also find some Italian renaissance art and classical Greek and Roman sculptures.

  • Ditch Plains Beach is the best place for surfing in Montauk. It is also an ideal place for you to focus and meditate.

  • If you are in Southhampton, you can try visiting the Shinnecock Nation Cultural Center Museum. You will also get to learn about the hunting and fishing culture of the tribe over here.

  • In East Hampton Main Beach, you will get a chance to meet celebrities. East Hampton Main Beach is a fantastic sea for spending your day.

  • Visit the Quogue wildlife refuge, a wildlife preserve center that remains open throughout the year. Other wildlife is for the native New York animals.

  • To check out sculptures, you can explore the LongHouse Reserve, especially in a warm summer. It is a house inspired by the Shinto shrine in Ise, Japan.

  • Visit Block Island Sound, which features both bayside and ocean-frontline coastlines.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Hamptons Exactly?

The Hamptons are a collection of hamlets and villages on the eastern tip of Long Island, New York. They are renowned for their opulent residences, stunning coastlines, and wealthy citizens.

Beachgoing, shopping, participating in the local art scene, seeing wineries and vineyards, going for a beautiful drive, going fishing, and attending cultural events are just a few of the popular things to do in the Hamptons.

3. How Can I Travel to The Hamptons?

Although there are trains and buses that travel from New York City to the Hamptons, driving is the quickest method to get there. Long Island MacArthur Airport is the closest airport.


Hampton is the place for fun. This place has everything that you will need to spend your weekend. It will offer you many ideas by which you can perfectly enjoy your vacation. Be it with friends, family, or loved ones, Hampton will never disappoint you.

From these 10 fun things to do in the Hamptons, you might have some ideas to spend your time in Hampton.

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