10 Fun Things to Do in Staten Island

10 fun things to di in Staten Island
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Things to do in Staten Island are beyond words. It is a land filled with exciting things for different age groups. Staten Island is full of historical monuments, structures, green spaces, and museums to mark its presence.

It is well known for being among the best places to visit in New York City as it is home to many activities, cool places, and some of the best restaurants in the world. The borough is one of the prettiest in New York City.

Here you will find 10 fun things to do in Staten Island along with the top attractions, and we are sure to keep you spellbound. 

Things to do in Staten Island
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Staten Island

One of New York City’s 5 Boroughs, Staten Island, is the southernmost borough of them all. It is also connected to lower Manhattan and runs across the New York Harbor. It is co-extensive with Richmond County in the United States of America.

It is home to many architectural sights and has greenery almost everywhere. People also say that this is one of the most beautiful boroughs and the greenest borough in the world as it refreshes the minds of people and brings peace into their lives.

It has a population of almost 500,000 people and is not very popular among the people. Until the year 1975, the name of this place was Richmond County, but it was later renamed by the City Council to uphold its Dutch roots.

Things to Do in Staten Island

1. Visit the Staten Island Ferry Terminal

One of the most popular attractions of Staten Island, the Staten Island Ferry, is something that many visitors and tourists love. It works 24×7, with rides coming at regular time gaps. It is one of the most historic yet popular attractions on Staten Island.

The Staten Island Ferry is one of the only non-vehicular transportation systems between the cities of Manhattan and Staten Island. The ferry ride lasts for around 25 minutes and is filled with sights of the New York Harbor and the Manhattan skyline.

St. George Ferry Terminal is a terminal inside the Staten Island Ferry. You can rest assured that the ferries are cleaned and refueled on a timely basis to ensure a smooth flow of rides. Annually, more than 40,000 trips are made back and forth.

St. George Ferry Terminal or George Terminal marks its presence as it was transformed from a dirty area into one of the prettiest Transportation Gateways the world has seen. Overall, the Staten Island Ferry Terminal is one of the best things to do in Staten Island.

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2. Visit the Staten Island Museums

As Staten Island is a land filled with historical remarks, undoubtedly Museums play a major role in showcasing the history of the state.

2.1. Staten Island Children’s Museum

Staten Island Children’s Museum is a famous museum for kids located in Central Staten Island. It is known for exhibiting objects with a very interactive approach. It is situated on Sailor’s Snug Harbor Cultural Center grounds and is loved by both kids and adults who visit here.

2.2. Staten Island Museum

One of the museums which are very unique to Staten Island is the Staten Island Museum. The Staten Island Museum has been in existence for over 140 years. It is known for its creativity and captivating method of exhibiting.

In this museum, you will find specimens of Natural Science and other Archival Records. If you are a history buff, then Staten Island Museum is your go-to place when you get here.

2.3. National Lighthouse Museum

Opened in the year 2015, the National Lighthouse Museum is located in St. George in Staten Island. It is dedicated to the historic lighthouse point along with the lighthouse keepers. It aimed at empowering old as well as nearby lighthouses, which are new.

2.4. Jacques Marchais Museum

The Jacques Marchais Museum is a museum dedicated to Tibetan Art. It is also constructed with Tibetan Architecture alongside a hill. It also resembles a monastery. If you are a Tibetan Culture Fan, this is one of the best things to do in Staten Island.

2.5. Historic Richmond Town

Historic Richmond Town is an ancient museum located in a Farm and Town Complex in Richmond Town. It is indeed loved by many and is one of the best things to do in Staten Island as architecture, and other historical demonstrations come alive.

3. Head to the Staten Island Zoo

This is one of the destinations that are loved by all age groups. Since the year 1988, it has been accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. In an 8-acre large zoo, you will find all varieties of animals along with exotic species of birds as well.

Long-tailed lemur in the Staten Island ZOO
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Along with the zoo’s ambiance, there are workshops and other summer camps during seasonal times of the year. The prices are also averagely rated at $10 for adults, $7 for senior citizens, $6 for kids, and free for those below the age of 2.

Head to the Staten Island Zoo if you are an animal, bird, or nature lover. The zoo is accessible via bus routes, which adds to the adventure. One of the other nature parks is Seaside Wildlife Nature Park.

4. Explore the Stonewall National Monument

The Stonewall National Monument is a part of the US National Park Service. It is one of the parks in Staten Island, New York. It is situated on the premises of Christopher Park and is among the greatest monument to visit on Staten Island.

It is a 7.7 large acre monument in Staten Island, NY. It has remained a milestone for Pride and LGBTQ+ activists. June is the best time to visit this monument, as the celebrations carry forward in great swing owing to Pride Month.

One of the aspects that make this one of the fun places in Staten Island, NY, is that on completion of specific activities and tasks, you can get a Junior Ranger Badge! Interesting right?

5. Snug Harbor Cultural Center

The Snug Harbor Cultural Center is synonymous with adding to the greenery of the already green borough. Earlier called Sailors Snug Harbor, it is presently a botanical garden that has instilled freshness in the air of Staten Island and its surrounding area.

It is one of the only botanical gardens that has appealed to all age groups by helping them enjoy and breathe in the fresh air. It is nearly 83 acres large and is filled with historical evidence of Staten Island, NY.

Here you will find buildings of the 19th century in the garden state. Although it was first built as a home for retired sailors at present, it is one of the largest reuse sites in America. It has invited people from all over the world to come and get the sight of this beautiful area of land.

This site is also home to theatre, visual art, music, and other entertainment factors. Viewing the 9 botanical gardens and 23 historical buildings is indeed one of the top-most things to do in Staten Island.

6. Visit the Chinese Scholar’s Garden

Inside the premises of the Snug Harbor Cultural Center, you will find the New York Chinese Scholar’s garden. It is one such popular Botanical Garden that is filled with greenery and brings the feel of Chinese takeaways.

Chinese Scholar's Garden
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It was opened in June 1999 and has been a fun and frolic source for Staten Island people ever since. It is said more than 40 artisans and artists from Suzhou were responsible for the construction of this garden. It is designed in a very traditional way with the views being very appealing. This is why this garden is one of the best things to do in Staten Island, New York, and Snug Harbor.

7. Get Yourself to the Houseboat Studio

The Houseboat Studio is a place where you will find a collection of ancient and noble maritime artifacts. John Adams is known to have left his impressions here, which is why many people visit this place every day.

The fact that the museum sits on a houseboat is something that many people look up to and come here to experience the same.

8. Having a Look at Fort Wadsworth

One of Staten Island’s most ancient localities, Fort Wadsworth, is a former military installation of the United States of America which divided New York Bay into the Upper and Lower Halves of Manhattan.

At present, Fort Wadsworth is a part of the Gateway National Recreation Area of Staten Island. You can indeed have a great time as the place is taken care of by the National Park Service, USA.

Here, you will find historic houses that were blockhouses during the time of war. It also had a remarkable presence during the American Revolutionary War and the Civil Wars. Today, Fort Wadsworth stands strong while inviting people from all over the world to get a sight of this beautiful place.

9. Visit the Alice Austen House

To commemorate the work of famous photographer Alice Austen, this museum which was earlier her house now stands as a great attraction on Staten Island. The Alice Austen House is also known as Clear Comfort and offers some of the best things to do in Staten Island.

Her work is known to be very creative and revolves around personal expressions and self-growth. Alice Austen was born in the year 1866 and was popular for her amazing photographs of American history.

The museum is only open for ticketed tours, so don’t forget to book your tickets well in advance! Although it looks more like an abandoned property, the work is all set to amaze you once you step in. So don’t miss this place as it is one of the Nationally Recognized Historic Sites on Staten Island.

10. Take a Look at Verrazano Narrows Bridge

If you ever get to Staten Island and get back without visiting the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, it would be very bad! This bridge is one of the top attractions of Staten Island, New York, with many tourists coming here every day to see the epic views.

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This bridge acts as a link that connects the boroughs of Brooklyn and Staten Island, New York. It acts as a link between New York Bay. This suspension bridge is a remarkable landmark in Staten Island that you cannot miss.

Other Things to Do in Staten Island

Staten Island is home to so many other things apart from what is mentioned above. You could also travel and take a look at the neighboring island, Ellis Island. The land is almost like a National Historic Landmark, owing to its historic presence.

You can also check out Alexander Hamilton’s Family Home or roam around the Conference House as Lady Liberty in New York City would be happy to see you around. You can also take a look at another neighboring island, Governors Island, and explore.

You should also visit Lower Manhattan and look at how peacefully the Hudson River flows. The sights of the North Shore are also beautiful. These are some of the other exciting things to do on Staten Island.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where in Staten Island Can I Shop?

The Staten Island Mall, the Empire Outlets, as well as the Hylan Plaza Shopping Complex are all great places to shop in Staten Island.

2. What Are Some Things to Do in Staten Island that Are Family-Friendly?

The Staten Island Fun Park, Staten Island Children’s Museum, the Staten Island Go-Kart Track, and the Staten Island Mini Golf Course are just a few of the family-friendly activities available on Staten Island. Further information on these activities is available above.

3. What Are Some Things to Do in Staten Island that Are Cultural?

The cultural landscape on Staten Island is vibrant, with many museums and entertainment venues. The St. George Theatre, the Staten Island Museum, and the Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art are a few well-known cultural attractions.

Got Yourself Sorted?

Owing to the greenery, the entire area of Staten Island looks like Central Park, right? You can roam around this forgotten borough as many times as you wish because we are sure you will never get tired of the epic surrounding views.

So the next time, if you are wondering what are the things to do in Staten Island, this piece of work is all yours! Have a great time!

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