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What Are 10 Fun Things to Do in Pennsylvania?

Things to do in Pennsylvania
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Things to do in Pennsylvania are aplenty. Pennsylvania is the hub of art, food, and adventure. It is a city rich in culture and diversity, which is why it attracts so many tourists every year.

Pennsylvania is one of the wealthiest nations globally, with a good population. Imagine how many awesome things you can do there if the city is so beautiful!

If you are stuck or clueless about what to do in Pennsylvania, this piece is all you need. You will find 10 fun and unique things to do in this marvelous city! Check it out!

5 Fun Things to do in Pennsylvania

About Pennsylvania

A popular name during the American Revolutionary War, Pennsylvania was one among 13 colonies that were waiting to be invaded. It was founded by William Penn and has been in existence ever since.

The Pennsylvania colonies were rich in agriculture and farming. It was still a mixture of mountains, plateaus, and plains. People would develop framing methods because the soil was fertile and strong to withhold weather conditions.

Things to do in Pennsylvania
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It was first settled in 1607 and has been making changes in the historic timeline ever since. Many nicknames like “The Coal State” and “The Chocolate State” were given.

Today, it is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States of America, with tourists flooding in every day. It also offers a variety of fun things to do to make your stay in Pennsylvania a memorable one.

Things to Do in Pennsylvania

Wondering what are the things to do in Pennsylvania? Head below to find out 10 cool things you can do.

1. Visit the Museums

Since Pennsylvania traces a long history, there are many museums that one can visit to get an insight into the happenings of the city.

1.1. Philadelphia Museum of Art

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is the most sought-after place of visit in Pennsylvania. Completed in 1928, the Philadelphia Museum of Art has been giving art the much-needed recognition that it deserves.

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It has time and again proven to be one of the largest art museums in the world. As modern art is now seeing a revolution, the Philadelphia Museum of Art is also now specializing in commemorating digital art.

Many people from across the world visit here to view the work displayed at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The proceeds received through this are sometimes used as fundraisers, which is why it is a dedicated art museum around the world.

If you are someone who loves tracing history, the Philadelphia Museum of Art should be your go-to place.

1.2. National Civil War Museum

Statue in front of National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg, PA
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Located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the National Civil War Museum is a non-profit museum that has attracted the public for its beautiful displays of work. It is located in Reservoir Park and is used to commemorate the warriors who lost their lives during the American civil war.

The National Civil War Museum has been home to people who love reading about history and learning new things. It aims at giving the warriors equality and justice to uphold their spirit during the American civil war.

The National Civil War Museum is also home to ancient artifacts, paintings, and battle relics of the American civil war.

1.3. Railroad Museum

This is a national museum portraying rail work and is located in Strasburg. Ranging from old railway models to the latest technology, the Railroad Museum is a must-visit for all tourists. It is a beautiful visiting location for all age groups. Unlike the Andy Warhol Museum, this is a fun-filled museum with many things to do in Pennsylvania.

1.4. Andy Warhol Museum

Andy Warhol Museum
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Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the Andy Warhol Museum is the largest museum that belongs to a single artist in the United States of America, Andy Warhol. It is a seven-floor large building filled with the work of the great artist Andy Warhol.

The Andy Warhol Museum was initially built as a mill distribution center but was later converted into this great museum. The museum aims at bringing up the legacy left behind by the late artist.

The Andy Warhol Museum is filled with both contemporary and modern artwork. A perfect model to define the words “creativity” and “thinking out of the box” would be the Andy Warhol Museum of Pennsylvania.

It is a part of the Carnegie Museum, a set of four museums together. You could also sell and donate artwork to the Andy Warhol Museum and Carnegie Museum, as it is always open to receiving art pieces.

1.5. Susquehanna Art Museum

The Susquehanna Art Museum is located at Harrisburg in Lancaster County. It has a mixture of modern and ancient art, with art exhibitions happening almost every week. You could also shop, dine, and have many things to do here.

1.6. Mercer Museum

Explore Henry Chapman Mercer’s Mercer Museum & Fonthill Castle - You Oughta Know (2022)

The Mercer Museum and the Font hill Castle are art museums where modern art is patronized. It is also a state museum that attracts many people every year. Unlike the Carnegie Museum, you can have an excellent time here by exploring the castle and the Mercer Museum.

The other famous museums are the Park Museum, Brandywine River Museum, and State Museum, to name a few. You could also check out Frank Lloyd Wright and his works in museums to get an idea about the history of the USA.

2. Have a Look at The Eastern State Penitentiary

In Pennsylvania, a former prison, the Eastern State Penitentiary was once one of the world’s most expensive prisons with top-notch security and cells. It is known for vigorously upholding discipline for all its convicts.

26358414 eastern state penitentiary philadelphia
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Today, the cells stand like historic buildings where people can watch the empty unguarded cells and imagine the lives of all convicts. It is also believed that convicts are tortured and made to regret the hard times they faced in the wrong manner.

If you are an investigative type of person, check this place out!

3. Visit the Parks of Pennsylvania

Apart from the things they offer, there are so many parks around Pennsylvania, each with a different approach to attracting people. Here are some of the parks in Pennsylvania that you must check out.

3.1. Gettysburg National Military Park

The Gettysburg National Military Park is a top attraction in Pennsylvania which has been seeing growing visitors every day. This park captures the landscape during the American Civil War and lets visitors relive the moment.

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The National Park Service of Pennsylvania manages the Gettysburg National Military Park, which has worked tirelessly to develop this area. Here, you can explore the actual battlefield with the help of maps and have a joyous experience in Gettysburg National Military Park.

The Gettysburg National Military Park also lets its visitors get a full tour of the place. You can also see the actual cannons used during the Civil War. So, if you’re looking forward to this, Gettysburg National Military Park is awaiting your arrival!

3.2. Presque Isle State Park

Nearly 3,200 acres large, the Presque Isle State Park spreads into Lake Erie and forms a great sandy peninsula. It is located in coastal Pennsylvania, with close to 12 beaches on the coastline!

In the Presque Isle State Park, you can swim, surf, or hang out for a mini picnic with your family and friends. The park provides an ambiance for all activities suitable for all age groups. It is also an excellent bird-watching spot that allows visitors to view exotic birds worldwide.

Head over to the Presque Isle State Park, which is more like a leisure park if you are a fan of adventure!

3.3. Independence National Historical Park

931126 independence national historical park
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A protected sight in Philadelphia, the Independence National Historical Park is a historic park known for its great ambiance in providing visitors with the best experience.

Many indigenous structures have been preserved in Independence National Park and their name is in this historic park. It has the Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell on its premises. It is considered to be a great historic park as well as a national historical park in Pennsylvania.

3.4. Lake Tobias Wildlife Park

Listen up, all animal lovers! Lake Tobias Wildlife Park offers visitors many activities for all children, adults, and others. It stands out for its famous Safari ride, which is the top attraction at this spot.

There are numerous species of reptiles, animals, and birds. You can also feed these creatures by undertaking all safety measures. Get going here to not miss out on a fantastic nature delight.

3.5. Amusement Parks

Pennsylvania has many theme parks (also called leisure parks), which have also been one of the top tourist attractions for all tourists. They offer safe and merry sources of enjoyment by upholding all preventive methods for the safety of people.

 Hershey, Pennsylvania.
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One popular amusement park is Hershey park, a mixture of water rides and others, including bumper cars and other hiking trails. Kennywood is also a famous amusement park, which will give you many things to do in Pennsylvania.

4. Botanical Gardens

Visiting Botanical Gardens is a popular attraction in Pennsylvania. It relieves the mind when one experiences greenery and stays in a pollution-free environment.

4.1. Longwood Gardens

Longwood Gardens is an excellent location for all photo lovers as you can shoot as many pictures here and never get bored of the background! In this garden, you can see displays of different horticultural activities that are very engaging.

Longwood Gardens is spread across nearly 2,000 acres of land, with fresh produce every day. You can take a stroll to enhance your mood here for all nature lovers.

4.2. Merion Botanical Gardens

One of the botanical gardens, which is more like a children’s garden, the Merion Botanical Garden, is known for giving entry to visitors for free to enjoy the beauty of nature.

5. Take a Look at The Historic Places

Pennsylvania is a place rich in historical sites. It has many places scripted in history, making this place a beautiful one.

5.1. Steamtown National Historic Site

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Spread over 62 acres in southwestern Pennsylvania, the Steamtown National Historic Site is known for its natural history of the railway and its developments. It also has a heritage railroad which attracts people even today.

It is a National Historic Site in Pennsylvania with thousands of people coming here every day. Here you can see the old locomotives and steam engines are still prevalent. If you are an adventure seeker, you can take a train ride and explore the site.

5.2. National Historic Landmark

The National Historic Landmark consists of all sites which co-exist with natural history. The Fort Necessity Battlefield is one such national historic site that has been in extensive talks with the people of Pennsylvania.

13709632 national memorial arch in morning light
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The National Memorial Arch is also a famous historic landmark that has been a great source of information for all history seekers. Apart from this, the Steel National Heritage Area is also a famous historical landmark.

6. Valley Forge National Historical Museum

Demonstrating the natural history, Valley Forge National Historical Park is a historic landmark. Here you can find the battlefield and other essential elements of American History.

The Valley Forge National Park was the site of the third encampment of the Continental Army during the American War. History traces George Washington occupying this place for a long time, which led to this ultimate revolt.

The National Memorial Arch is present here, and it is looked forward to by many people who come here. If you are a fan of nature, the Valley Forge National Park should be your top destination as there are a lot of meadows that will help you have a hearty time.

22579930 cabins at valley forge
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Looking for fun and knowledge? Visit Valley Forge National Historic Park!

7. Liberty Bell Center

The place where the famous Liberty Bell is present, this visitor center, though initially located in the Independence National Park along with the Independence Hall, is a renowned state museum in Pennsylvania.

The Liberty Bell signifies freedom and the need for civil rights for all citizens. Every year, the Liberty Bell sees people coming in large numbers as there is no entry fee or ticket to enter inside.

Since the Liberty Bell has an iconic presence in the visitor center, this is one of the most amazing things to do in Pennsylvania.

8. Terminal Market

Reading Terminal Market Philadelphia - Why You Should Visit!

Located in Philadelphia and considered one of the largest and oldest markets globally, the Terminal Market is an indoor farmer’s market dealing with everyday produce at reasonable prices.

It is also known as Reading Terminal Market and is open from 8 am to 6 pm every day. It has not functioned for more than 125 years, showing excellence in providing essentials for everyday usage.

Apart from just shopping, you can also find great eateries in the Terminal Market, as it is one of the finest active government buildings in Pennsylvania. If you are looking for an in-one store, head to the terminal market to get all your needs sorted.

9. Head to the Halls of Pennsylvania

Attention all travel fans! The halls of Pennsylvania are all set to give you a thorough delight by setting up large-scale exhibits in these halls.

9.1. Independence Hall

13622762 independence hall philadelphia
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The Independence Hall is a beautiful center used for official purposes. It is a civic building with the features of the American forefathers. It has adopted a style of American Architecture which is why it is sought after by many people.

9.2. Old City Hall

The Old City Hall is located in the Independence Hall complex, where hundreds of people come every day. It is a historical landmark that was once the hub of the United States Supreme Court. It had the mayor’s office and was used only for government purposes.

9.3. Congress Hall

A walkable distance from the Liberty Bell, the Congress Hall has been serving as the seat of the United States Congress for quite some time now. It was used for passing judgments and had a great architectural look.

10. Indian Echo Caverns

Indian Echo Caverns | The Whole Tour Experience | Hershey Pennsylvania

The Indian Echo Caverns is a show cave where limestone caves are present for the general public to visit. It is done through a guided tour where guides take you inside the caves and help you to explore deep into the caves.

The Indian Echo Caverns are open 7 days a week for all age groups. You could do excellent activities like mining, exploring, and hunting inside the mines. The mines are also open to hosting events like weddings and birthday parties. So, if your birthday is around the corner, make sure to host your party here!

The Echo Dell also has a separate gift shop where you can buy some souvenirs and other cute stuff for your buddies. The gift shop has an extensive collection of different types of accessories, toys, and other lovely things. There is also an eclectic collection of many different ancient works, which are a delight to see.

Bonus Content!

Apart from these 10 cool things to do in Pennsylvania, here is some bonus content!

1. Christian Theater Company

It is a performing arts center where the shows are of high class and are wholesome. It has existed for a long time and has been impressing the audience ever since. The reviews have been great, so it is one of the top tourist attractions. So, if you are a fan of theater, check this place out!

2. Tropical Forest Conservatory

Starting in the year 2006, this conservatory is one of the tourist attractions in Pennsylvania which promotes greenery and forest conservation. It is known for its glasshouse design which has been highly looked upon by many designers.

3. Mütter Museum

Mutter Museum Documentary

The perfect location for a medical student, the Mütter Museum, is known for its impressive displays of the human body. Unlike the Mercer Museum, this museum is convenient and focuses on highlighting the importance of the human body and diagnosis.

4. Bicycle Heaven

Bicycle Heaven Museum is a fun-filled museum and is the largest transportation museum for bicycles globally. Different types of bicycles can be found here, so do check this place out for some live entertainment.

5. Read the National Register

The National Register is a formal document where all historical sites are covered. Do check those out before you head for traveling.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Pennsylvania Activities Are Suitable for Families?

A few fun things to do with the family in Pennsylvania are to visit theme parks like Hersheypark, Dorney Park, and Kennywood, explore museums like the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia and go to zoos like the Philadelphia Zoo as well as the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium.

2. What Are the Wintertime Activities in Pennsylvania?

There are many winter sports & activities to enjoy in Pennsylvania, making it a fantastic area to travel to during the colder months. The Seven Springs Mountain Resort, Pocono Mountains & Camelback Mountain Resort are a few well-liked winter vacation spots. Snowmobiling, tubing, ice skating, skiing, and snowboarding are all available to visitors.

Figured out The Things to Do in Pennsylvania?

The city full of live entertainment is something that you should check out! If you were clueless about what things to do in Pennsylvania, we are sure that reading this helped you out!

Check out the street African Art wherever you go because that’s something that you wouldn’t want to miss. From Bumper Cars and the gift shop to the money that George Washington spent to make this place look beautiful, Pennsylvania is an utmost delight.

Not exactly a world heritage site, but Pennsylvania is no less than one! For all its qualities, the historical place is all that we can call it. We hope you have a great time in Pennsylvania!


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