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10 Fun Things to Do in Brooklyn

Things to do in Brooklyn is a very common set of five words that clouds the minds of people who come to Brooklyn. As much as we want to wander in Brooklyn, it has so much to offer!

Considered one of the most happening places in New York City, Brooklyn, NY, is the most populous country in New York City. Owing to this massive population, it has fantastic tourist attractions and places to visit and spend quality time.

It stands second in the United States of America in the most populated countries. This was a significant milestone for Brooklyn, NY, as it scripted history for having a good range of everything that it offers.

Have you ever wondered, if you get there, what are the things to do in Brooklyn? This piece will help you find the top 10 awesome things to do in Brooklyn. So get ready to read this work of travel, leisure, and a lot more bonus content!

1. Brooklyn NY

Before we get into the major attractions of this beautiful place, let’s date back to the roots of Brooklyn. Known as Kings Country, Brooklyn, NY, is a destination where people from all over the world come to experience the best moments of their lives.

Lower Manhattan, the Brooklyn located area, is home to green sceneries, blue skies, and more colorful delight. It offers one all the fun and memories that are proven to be cherished for a lifetime.

Things to do in Brooklyn
Photo by Arthur Brognoli on Pexels

The City Skyline of Brooklyn, NY, is the go-to destination of all fun-seekers. Apart from this, the shops, restaurants, and other activities are fun filling and are sure to keep you overblown.

Although it is geographically located on the boundary of Long Island, it is still considered an integral part of New York City and Lower Manhattan! It is a familiar name to all conspiracy theories and possesses an excellent architectural heritage.

2. Things to Do in Brooklyn

Let’s now let go of the history part and get to see, what are the top 10 things to do in Brooklyn.

2.1. Visit the Famous Brooklyn Bridge Park

An 85-acre park facing the East side of the area is the Brooklyn Bridge. This suspension bridge is undoubtedly a significant tourist attraction hub in Brooklyn, NY.

It was constructed and opened on May 24, 1883. It crosses the East River and acts as a long bridge above the seas. What makes it unique is the special hybrid cables used to make the bridge look more attractive.

pexels blue arauz 10112143 scaled
Photo by Blue Arauz from Pexels

Located on this bridge is Brooklyn Bridge Park. This park is known for its renowned photo locations and great atmosphere; this park also has a name for itself because, at night, it turns into a sunset park. From here, you can view the skies turning dark and get all your aesthetic moments right!

2.1.1. Brooklyn Bridge Park

(A) Roller Skating

Roller skating is a top destination that assures you all the fun. The Brooklyn Bridge Park has a specific area designed only for skaters, where they perform and practice.

Sometimes, these skaters also conduct shows if large crowds turn up. For the unversed, roller skating classes also take place in this area. If you want to learn or enhance your skating skills, pack your bags and get here right now!

(B) Basketball

Since this park is an excellent sports attraction, it also offers the onlookers a large basketball arena. Often, players and other game seekers come here to sweat it all out.

(C) Biking

Top-class bikers have practiced their skills in this park area. Brooklyn Bridge Park is home to so many native bikers as it gives them the exposure to work under challenging circumstances and gets going no matter what.

(D) Kayaking
shutterstock 1446108155
Image by PH888 on Shutterstock

Kayaking has been native to Brooklyn Bridge park ever since a long time. The sea under the bridge gives people ample space to do many water sports like kayaking and boating.

You can also see the East River views while doing these watersports. Another fun fact is that Brooklyn Bridge Park also offered a free boathouse tour across the lake. So don’t miss out on that!

(E) Volleyball

In Brooklyn Bridge Park, there is a beach volleyball court. This is a top attraction of the state. Matches take place over here, and crowds come up to cheer their favorite teams. The court is located at Pier 6 and is sure to give you a sporty delight!

Located at Empire Fulton Ferry, Jane’s Carousel is a crowd favorite in Brooklyn Bridge Park. It is open to adults and kids, making it the perfect family entertainment.

It opened in 1922 and has been undergoing huge developments ever since. It is designed as a grand glass pavilion and is considered to have an antique theme.

(G) Fishing
32262622 fishing or photography blind in the potomac river
photo by stockphotofan1 on unlimphotos

If the park is so beautiful, fishing is a must! It is located at Pier 5 of Brooklyn Bridge park. Apart from allowing you to fish, this fishing experience also showcases bait preparation tables and other fishing tips.

You can completely trust the water quality as the NYC Department of Environmental Protection’s Waterbody Advisory checks out the day-to-day happenings of the fishing activity.

(H) Observing the Nature and Wildlife

Besides just fun activities, Brooklyn Bridge Park is home to different variety of flora and fauna. Exotic birds and rare animals can also be seen here.

2.2. Visit the Museums

Museums have been a sought-after attraction not just in Brooklyn but in any corner of the world. Brooklyn is known for its prehistoric preservations in its museums.

pexels charlotte may 5825359 scaled
Photo by Charlotte May from Pexels

2.2.1. Top Museums to Lookout For

(A) Brooklyn Museum

Known for its great pieces of Art, Brooklyn Museum has carved a name for itself to preserve both ancient and modern artwork of many painters across the world. The Brooklyn Museum is located in the Eastern Parkway, a posh neighborhood.

It was created as a sign of respect to the Lenape Nations to uphold their pieces of art and creativity. The mission of the Brooklyn Museum is to expand art and give it the recognition that it deserves. It aims to connect people with art as a shared medium.

In this museum, art workshops, exhibitions, and other seminars are also conducted on a large scale. If you get some spare time on your next visit to Brooklyn, do get yourself enrolled for a fun-filled art workshop at the Brooklyn Museum.

(B) Brooklyn Children’s Museum

Brooklyn Children's Museum - a NYC treasure for kids

Unlike the ancient artworks of the Brooklyn Museum, the Brooklyn Children’s Museum is all about showcasing exhibits that the children will love looking at. Located on Brooklyn Avenue, it is a big museum with hundreds of visitors coming here every day.

The museum organizes play sessions, skating, word hunts, and other fun activities for all the children. If you are a toddler’s parent, then you definitely shouldn’t miss out on this place.

(C) New York Transit Museum

This Museum was opened in 1976 and it has a lot to offer its visitors. It is a museum filled with modern art and exciting exhibits for adults and children.

People spend long hours in the New York Transit past museum and learn about the happenings and pasts of this majestic city. The highlights of the New York Transit museum are the subway and bus revolution picturizations.

Unlike the Brooklyn Museum, it also informs visitors about the rail and metro network across the city. The New York transit museum is your go-to place if you are a history worm.

2.3. Brooklyn Botanic Garden

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is a famous garden filled with greenery and fresh air. It lies in the borough of Brooklyn, New York City. Since it lies very close to the Brooklyn Museum, you could take a walk once you’re done visiting one place.

Inside this vast area, many miniature gardens are specialized in one particular gardening method. Apart from this, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden also has a wide range of flowers, herbs, and other decorations for the environment.

2.3.1. Gardens that You Can Visit Inside Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Though there are many gardens inside Brooklyn Botanic Garden, two gardens stand out amongst the others.

(A) Cranford Rose Garden

It was first opened in 1928 when people would gather in large numbers to see the roses bloom into different colors. This is a popular attraction as it is one of North America’s most extensive rose gardens, with a flower bed.

pexels irina iriser 974871 scaled
Photo by Irina Iriser from Pexels

Visitors blow up here during June and give Brooklyn Botanic Garden a fortune as this is the season when the rosebuds bloom into beautiful flowers, all fresh and fragrant.

(B) Shakespeare Garden

William Shakespeare, in his literature, mentioned so many species of flora in his plays. All these specimens were discovered and eventually bred in Shakespeare’s large-scale garden.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden sees many visitors coming to this garden owing to the large-scale old school lovers worldwide. What makes this garden unique is the naming structure of the species. They have their original names and the names that Shakespeare used.

(C) Sakura Matsuri Festival

Although it is a Japanese festival, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden hosts this festival to signify the cherry blooms of the garden.

It is a sought-after festival in Brooklyn as it commemorates the arrival of Spring. It upholds Japanese traditions and celebrates them in a fun and enthralling way.

2.4. Williamsburg Neighborhood

This neighborhood is one of the posh localities around Brooklyn, NY. It is known for its new-age restaurants and trend-setting benchmarks. In this area, the Manhattan Bridge is a popular attraction.

pexels mario cuadros 2706653 scaled
Photo by Mario Cuadros from Pexels

2.4.1. Williamsburg Neighborhood

(A) Manhattan Bridge

The Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges are similar but offer different activities to all their visitors. The Manhattan Bridge is a popular attraction in this neighborhood.

Nearly 7000 feet long, this bridge was built back in the olden days to help people commute between Manhattan and Brooklyn. This is why it also has a Manhattan Bridge Overpass to help people commute easily.

(B) Williamsburg Hotel

A 5-star hotel situated at the heart of the city, the Williamsburg Hotel of New York provides wholesome entertainment to all its guests. Though the rates are costly, the experience is what you should look for when visiting this prestigious hotel.

Since it is centrally located, the hotel also organizes site visits to various attractions like the zoo, among others, for all its guests. It also provides a great variety of food and has been well appreciated by all its reviewers.

(C) Brooklyn Flea Market New York

Dumbo-Brooklyn Flea Market under the Manhattan Bridge in New York City (July 18,2021)..#133

The Brooklyn Flea Market is an outdoor food market in New York. During this market time, which happens at timely intervals, different materials like vintage subway cars, antique furniture, jewelry, art, and other vintage clothing are sold on a large scale.

Vendors from different parts of the world come here to gain fortunes and make the most out of the large-scale buying that takes place here. It is one of the essential pick-up spots in New York.

(D) Domino Park

Lying along the East River, Domino Park is one of the top locations in Williamsburg as well as Brooklyn. It is a 5-acre building to commemorate the Domino workers of this neighborhood.

It is a historic site that is sought after by many people across the country.

(E) Bedford Avenue

Bedford Avenue is Brooklyn’s longest street, stretching over 11 miles. It is located in downtown Brooklyn and sees soaring visitors every year. Food is very famous here, on Bedford Avenue, as it is home to many eateries, bakeries, and many Brooklyn other refreshment shops.

2.5. Prospect Park

Filled with greenery and unique photo locations, Prospect Park is a prime example of a lovely environmental display. It’s in Brooklyn’s Park Slope district, directly across from the Brooklyn Museum.

Prospect Park is also known for hosting some of the most lavish weddings the world has seen. Apart from its jaw-dropping sceneries, Prospect Park also aims to uphold nature and give it the beauty that it deserves.

Prospect Park in spring
NattyC / Shutterstock

In Prospect Park, you could do bird watching, cycling-to, or chill and dance to the tunes of nature. You could go to the Grand Army Plaza and the available BBQ facility, so if you plan a picnic with your friends, this should be your go-to place!

2.5.1. Prospect Park

(A) Prospect Park Zoo

The Prospect Park Zoo is most sought after by children as there is a wide range of animals and birds, which are a beauty to watch. A 12 Acre zoo in Brooklyn, NY, the Prospect Park Zoo has nearly 180 different animals in them.

The zoo also adds beauty to Prospect Park as visitors do not leave unless they visit the zoo. The tickets are also pretty cheap, ignite your inner Bear Grylls and get into this fantastic location!

(B) Parade Ground

Having historical importance in Brooklyn ever since the late 19th century. If you are a sports person, then check out this place! The Parade Ground of Prospect Park is a 40-acre-long park, where significant sports like football, volleyball, and baseball can be practiced.

2.6. Coney Island

Coney Island is one of the most popular destinations in Brooklyn. You would transform yourself into a whole new person if you visited here for a couple of days and never got bored!

21634360 playground equipment on beach of coney island with blue sky scaled
Photo by ahavelaar on UnlimPhotos

2.6.1. Coney Island

(A) Coney Island Beach

A 3-mile sandy beach filled with visitors every day, the Coney Island beach is a must when visiting Brooklyn.

You can play with sand toys on this beach, munch on some yummy food, or simply just enjoy the breeze. The beach also offers you amusement rides for fun purposes. It is open 24 hours, so you could be rest assured to spend any minute of the day here.

(B) Coney Island Boardwalk

Although initially known as the “Riegelmann Boardwalk,” the Coney Island Boardwalk is a popular destination in Coney Island. Situated nearly 3 miles away from Coney Island Beach, the boardwalk offers a pedestrian walkway where top-class facilities are available.

It is often compared to Central Park for its excellence in providing great ambiance to its people.

(C) Coney Island Museum

Defunctland: The History of Coney Island

Started as a non-profit organizational museum, and it continues to be one even today. The Coney Island Museum is somewhat like the Brooklyn Museum. Here, different types of art and paintings are exhibited.

It wished to commemorate the cultural and economic revitalization of the past. Located in the famous Coney Island, the zip code of the museum is 112244.

(D) Luna Park

Luna Park is a famous amusement park in Brooklyn, NY. There are rides for both adults and children in Luna Park, making it a great location to visit.

Luna Park also organizes birthday celebrations. So, if your birthday is coming up, you could have a lavish bash right here!

2.7. Troutman Street

New York City - Walking on Troutman St, Wyckoff Ave, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY

Troutman Street is one of the weird but pretty streets of Brooklyn. There are mysterious trees of different types, each having its own conspiracy story.

Many stuffed toys, Barbie dolls, and other toys hang on the trees as a sign to signify their uniqueness. If you are an adventure seeker, do check out this place!

2.8. Visit the Other Famous Neighborhoods of Brooklyn

Apart from Williamsburg Neighborhood, there are other popular neighborhoods with many exciting things to offer you.

(A) Park Slope

Park Slope is one of Brooklyn’s oldest and posh neighborhoods of Brooklyn. It is one of New York City’s highly populated streets. It is filled with commercial streets and shopping centers.

Unlike Brooklyn Heights, it has many historic buildings and eateries. Also, visit the Green Wood Cemetery; it is undoubtedly a treasure.

(B) Brooklyn Heights
3255329 brooklyn heights scaled
Photo by Stocksnapper on UnlimPhotos

A residential neighborhood in downtown Brooklyn in New York, Brooklyn Heights is the heart of the city by being easily accessible by Brooklyn Bridge, East River, and downtown Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Heights has a lot of brownstone row houses which makes it very attractive. It is also easily accessible by Brooklyn Arts Gallery, which makes the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood a unique one.

The WNYC Transmitter Park is also famous out here. The minor league baseball team, Brooklyn Dodgers, had their clubhouse here and used to practice here for all games.

(C) Brighton Beach

Very dissimilar to Brooklyn Heights, Brighton Beach is an old neighborhood founded in 1868. It is known for having high-rise residential towers and the ethnic style of restaurants.

Since many Russian Communities live here, a beach, sunset park, and pedestrian walkway are also present here, which helps people enjoy themselves in the Russian style.

(D) Marine Park

The Marine Park lies in East Brooklyn and is home to many people and communities. It is Brooklyn’s most extensive park, spread across 530 acres of grassland. From this park, you can slightly view the New York City skyline and the Manhattan Skyline.

(E) Washington Street

⁴ᴷ⁶⁰ Brooklyn Bridge Park to Washington Street Brooklyn NYC | New York City Walking Tour 2020

Washington Street is spread across a long way. It spreads in the north-south direction up to downtown Brooklyn. It is named after Former USA president George Washington.

Washington Street is currently at the World Trade Center site and remains a popular place of attraction for many visitors.

2.9. Stroll Through the Other Heritage Centers

Brooklyn has several heritage and knowledge sites that attract many people. No, we are not talking about the New York transit museum!

2.9.1. Heritage and Knowledge Site, Brooklyn New York

(A) Brooklyn Navy Yard

An industrial complex in Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Navy Yard Center is a shipyard that crosses Manhattan. It spans over 30 acres and is the center of manufacturing and industrialization.

(B) Brooklyn Academy of Music

The Brooklyn Academy, along with the Brooklyn Academy of Music, is a well-known site for the production and training of music. It is a performing arts venue where live shows are performed progressively. Over the years, the Brooklyn Academy of Music has been able to bring a revolution in terms of music and arts.

(C) Brooklyn Brewery

The Brooklyn Brewery is the center where the best brews and drinks are prepared. Known for its great Tasting Rooms, the Brooklyn Brewery is working towards making the best beer in the world.

Located near prime locations like Prospect Park and East River, the Brooklyn Brewery blends the perfect type of drinks that the world would love. If you are a fan of drinks, check out the Brooklyn Brewery.

(D) Dekalb Market Hall

DeKalb Market Is NYC's Largest Food Hall || Fork Yeah

The Dekalb Market Hall is a center where more than 45 food vendors are providing different types of food and cuisines. The Dekalb Market Hall is the largest food hall in Brooklyn.

(E) Brooklyn Art Library

This art library is known for its contemporary art and street art in its library. One of New York City’s finest art libraries has carved a name for itself in designing modern art.

(F) Bam Harvey Theater

Bam Harvey Theater is an old theater dating back to 1904. It has showcased plays and productions of classical art and its sub-topics. The Bam Harvey Theater was first known as Majestic Theater.

(G) Barclays Center

Barclays Center is an indoor arena where Basketball is primarily practiced. Other than that, Barclays Center is also home to hosting concerts, shows, and other tournaments.

2.10. Get Your Souvenirs from Empire Stores

Empire Stores in Brooklyn
Kate Scott / Shutterstock

Empire Stores is the ultimate shopping hub in Brooklyn and New York City. Here you can buy many accessories, clothes, and food. If you want to take back some souvenirs for your friends, this is also a perfect gift shop to get yourself sorted.

It is native to hosting a food stall and will give you so many things to do in Brooklyn while you’re there! You can be assured that prices are low and you spend little pennies and still be satisfied.

3. Frequently Asked Questions

3.1. What Are Some of The Best Restaurants in Brooklyn?

Di Fara Pizza, Smorgasburg which is a weekend food market, Peter Luger Steak House, Junior’s Cheesecake, and Roberta’s Pizza are all excellent places to eat.

3.2. What Are a Few Free Activities in Brooklyn?

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, visiting the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, exploring Prospect Park, and checking out the street art throughout Bushwick are all free things to do in Brooklyn.

3.3. What Are Several Off-The-Beaten-Path Brooklyn Activities?

This includes going to the Morbid Anatomy Museum, going on exploring the Brooklyn Navy Yard, a graffiti tour in Bushwick, and watching a live taping of any show at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

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Got Your Top 10 Brooklyn Sightseeing Bucket List?

I’m sure this piece gave you so many ideas on the things to do in Brooklyn. There is a lot more to Brooklyn than just the New York City Skyline, Park Slope, and Troutman Street.

If you are looking for adventure, head to New York Harbor or the East River State Park. They’re sure to give you a lot of thrills. If you are heading to Brooklyn and have no idea what to do, make sure you read through this and get yourself sorted.

Hope you have an excellent Brooklyn Experience!

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5 Fun Things to do in Brooklyn

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