cheap honeymoon destinations in us cheap honeymoon destinations in us

Cheap Honeymoon Destinations in US

Worried about Cheap honeymoon destinations in US? Marriage is a lifelong promise among couples that build on sharing, caring, and trusting each other. To start your marriage at the first starting stage, we want some privacy with our spouse. In those cases, we find some special places where we can spend quality time and understand each other’s feelings.

12 Affordable Honeymoon Destinations (2021 Guide)


Are you worried about your budget? If yes, leave your worries to us because we have researched the wonderful and cheapest places for you where you have a great time with your partner without incurring much cost.

So without wasting more time, let’s move further toward the top 10 cheap honeymoon destinations in US.

Cheap Honeymoon Destinations in US

1. California

cheap honeymoon destinations in us
Image from by Paul

It is one of the most romantic destinations in the United States of America. It gives you beautiful landscapes, sceneries, natural beauty, excellent shopping centers, fantastic beaches, museums, art galleries, casinos, and boating in beautiful lakes.

You can come here at any time as plenty of resorts, villas, restaurants, and hotels are available. There are so many parks in California so if you are an animal lover you can spend your time here as well and the exciting thing is that you don’t have to pay for it.

How To Reach California?

You can use any means of transportation for reaching California the cheap honeymoon destinations in us.

By Flight

You can take the help of a flight to reach this destination. Many flights are available here, like Air India, Qatar Airways, and United Airlines.

You can take the nearest airport according to your choice. You can get down to San Francisco Airport, Los Angeles, which is near your location.

By Train

To reach California, you can take the help of the Amartalk train, and you can get it down to the Sunset Limited, coast starlight.

Which Is the Best Time For California?

If you have selected California as your honeymoon destination, it is good to go in the summers when the temperature is up to 30′ Celcius.

The research shows that the best time is between September and October to visit this place.

Places To Visit With Your Loved Ones In California

There are many cheap honeymoon destinations in us and out of them California stands on 1st position that gives your journey a long-lasting memory forever in your life like hiking trails, wine tasting, pebble beach, and many more.

You can visit the following places with your loved ones:

  • Big Sur
  • Carmel by the sea
  • Lake views
  • Napa Valley
  • Santa Barbara
  • Rusian rivers

Romantic Hotels In California

  • Lake Tahoe Premier
  • Hotel Emblem san Franisco
  • Bahia Resort
  • Moneterey Plaza.

2. Mexico

Cheap honeymoon destinations in us
Image from by averie Woodard

Mexico is where you find great peace and happiness and have an amazing honeymoon with your partner.

You can spend quality time with your partner by visiting quiet beaches, experiencing different sands and colored waters, cruise visits and adventures, art activities, fishing, art galleries, and outdoor adventure.

It is one of the cheap honeymoon destinations in us. Also, you find excellent delicious Food for your hungry stomach. The Food is hygienic and under your cost. You have pleasant weather in Mexico.

How To Reach Mexico?

“Benito Juarez International Airport” is the nearest airport to reach Mexico. Several airlines help you reach here, including American Airlines, Air India, and Canada.

Best Time To Visit Mexico?

The dry season considers one of the best seasons to visit Mexico. You can visit here between April to December.

So happy you have nine months to go there at any time and anywhere else. The temperature reaches 29 degrees Celsius at that time.

Places To Visit In Mexico

All the places in Mexico are beautiful for newly married couples. According to your budget and preferences, you can select any one of the destinations:

  • Tulum
  • Carmen
  • Cozumel
  • Cancun
  • Vallarta
  • Historic center
  • Guanajuato

Hotels In Mexico

  • Playa Grande resort
  • Riviera Maya
  • Carmen hotel
  • Hoyos hotel

3. Arizona

Cheap honeymoon destinations in us
Image from by Timo stern

If you love to watch natural scenery, waterfalls, and stunning beaches, then you should visit these cheap honeymoon destinations in us.

Havasupai waterfall is famous in this place where you get beautiful landscapes and waterfalls.

You can enjoy bathing with your partner. Here you can visit the Sonoran desert, where you can have end number of activities with your spouse like cycling, hiking, and paragliding.

To relax you can also take a massage and spa in the restaurants and do other romantic activities.

How To Reach Arizona?

You can get down to any of the nearest airports in Arizona: Phoenix mesa gateway, Grand canyon west airport, and Sky Harbor international airport.

You can also take the help of public transport like Tucson, flagstaff, phoenix, and Yuma.

If you are traveling from a long distance then it is a good option, or if you are coming nearby then you may take the help of train, bus or you can drive yourself and if you don’t want to drive a long then you can take the help of bus or train as there are end number of buses and trains are available.

Romantic Hotels In Arizona

  • Arizona hotel and spa
  • America hotel
  • Red feather hotel
  • Yuma
  • Phoenix hotel

4. Thailand

cheap honeymoon destinations in us
Image from by Khamkéo Vilaysing

Thailand is one of the cheapest honeymoon destinations in the US Flight tickets, booking hotels, Food, and everything all are at an affordable rate.

Beautiful islands, night markets, beautiful beaches, discos, and watching dancers are the specialty of this place that gives you natural beauty and pristine beaches. You can have a relaxing honeymoon.

Moreover, if you are religious, you can visit temples and monasteries; there are more than 40,000 temples in this place. Also, the research found that it attracts many visitors worldwide because of its affordability.

How To Reach Thailand?

Bangkok and Phuket are the major airports to reach Thailand as these airports are connected to all the countries.

You can take the help of Malaysia airlines, Singapore airlines, and airways.

The cheapest airport in Bangkok and if you want to travel a long from there, you can take the domestic flights.

Places Where You Can Visit In Thailand

  • Chiang Mai
  • Bangkok
  • Samui
  • Phuket
  • Phi island
  • Koh Lipe

Cheap Hotels In Thailand

  • Akara hotel
  • Marina hotel
  • Casa de mar
  • Six senses hotel

5. Washington

Image from by Toan Chu

Awaiting your Honeymoon in the best place in the United States? If yes, then Washington is another place where you get many beautiful islands that give you beautiful landscapes, natural scenery, and wildlife and it is considered one of the cheap destinations in us.

You will feel more energetic around nature, and you can also have fun in the water activities.

You can take beautiful pictures of birds flying over the islands and can hold each other hand’s and have a romantic talk with your partner while walking on the islands.

How To Reach Washington?

D.C. Washington Dulles International Airport, Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport, and The Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport are the major airports in Washington. But out of them, Ronald Reagan is the nearest airport, which is only 5km away from here.

Hotels In Washington

  • White House Hotel
  • Hyatt place hotel
  • Harington
  • Plaza hotel
  • Homewood suites

6. Nashville

Cheap honeymoon destinations in us
Image from by Ardian

The place is known for its art activities and lives music performances. If you would love to listen to music with your partner, you should visit this place as it gives you the best and cheapest Honeymoon in the United States.

You can spend quality time on the cruise with your partner and have a couple of dances and other loving activities there.

How To Reach Nashville?

Nashville international airport is the nearest airport to reach here if you are travelling on a long journey; otherwise, buses and trains are available.

Buses take USD5 and are available between 9 am to 5 pm; otherwise, if you are coming from the nearest place, you can also take the help of a bus, train, or rent your vehicle.

Hotels In Nashville

  • Marriott Nashville
  • Holston Nashville
  • Bobby
  • Hutton

7. Oahu

cheap honeymoon destinations in us
Image from by drew

If you are a fan of sunset and want a long walk near the beaches, this place is perfect for your cheap honeymoon destinations in us.

You can wake up in the morning with the sunset, have delicious Food with your partner and spend your whole time near the beaches.

If you visit this place, don’t forget to visit “Hawaii” as it is considered one of the wonderful places for you in terms of art and cultural activities.

How To Reach Oahu?

Honolulu is the major airport here as it serves all the parts of the country. Most of the visitors landed here to visit Hawaii.

Romantic Hotels In Oahu

  • Sheraton
  • Waikiki Parc
  • Trump
  • Turtle bay
  • Honolulu
  • Halekulani

8. New York

new york scaled
Image from by sept commercial

Many of you heard that new york is famous for its high price, but it’s not correct as it is quite affordable in terms of staying in hotels, Food, and sightseeing.

This place is wonderful, and you can have so many sights, scenes, watching shows, and waterfalls that completely change your mindset regarding New York City.

So what are you waiting for? Just pack your essentials, roam with your partner in New York, and create a lifelong memory forever.

How To Reach New York?

Reaching New york is the easiest and best way. John K Kennedy is the nearest airport, By train in new jersey, you can take this train, and if you are coming by bus, you can take the help Megabus, bolt bus.

Hotels In New York

  • Central Park hotel
  • Homewood suites
  • Edison
  • Hudson River
  • Timesquare
  • Westhouse
  • Sofitel

9. Puerto Rico

cheap honeymoon destinations in us
Image from by asap rocky

It is another one of the amazing and cheap honeymoon destinations in US where you have lots of palm trees to relax, beautiful natural scenery to enjoy the waterfalls, amazing forts, and so many things.

It has a plethora of beautiful islands, beaches, and national parks. It is considered one of the best places for nature lovers.

Places To Visit In Puerto

You can visit many places and have fun with your partner. The places are:

  • Old San Suan
  • Yunque National Forest
  • Cayo Icacos
  • Caves Park
  • Rincon and Ponce city
  • glacier national park
  • rocky mountain national park

10. Tucson

cheap honeymoon destinations in us
Image from by Dulcey Lima

It is another one of the beautiful destinations in the united states that gives you the feel of dessert.

Here there are plenty of outdoor games available for honeymoon couples. If you cannot afford a luxury hotel, you can even take the pass of the pool and stay there. It saves your money and makes your day and night romantic as well.

Places To Visit

Desert museum: You can visit the museum where you will find an end number of animals and more than 1300 local plant species. But whole the distance you have to cover by walking only.

Mount By the way: If you love to watch or climb mountains, this would be the best place for you. Here you can have a 60-mile round trip away with your partner, and you can take romantic photos around the mountains.

Gaslight Theatre: If you want to entertain your partner or make their mood funny, you can visit the gaslight theatre, where some shows are organized that give you a funny mood and your whole day become awesome.

It is one of the cheap honeymoon destinations in us. You can start your day by visiting this theatre. Also, in theatres, you are served delicious fast foods like pizza, popcorn, etc.

Why You Should Prefer the United States For Your Honeymoon?

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Photo by Author oneinchpunch from depositphotos

There are plenty of reasons to select this place, and they are:

  1. Under your budget: Budget is the most important priority for newly married couples. They always prefer to enjoy their Honeymoon under budget so it won’t affect their future finances.
  2. Transportation facility: If you are not coming by your own vehicle then no need to worry as we have public transportations at an affordable cost that helps you to reach your destination in the fastest and easiest way.
  3. Friendly environment: The environment of the United States of America is quite friendly. People are helpful and support you in an emergency.
  4. A plethora of places: There are many places in Us. So if you are planning your honeymoon for more than one month there are lots of beautiful places where you can spend your quality time and you will not be bored.

If you are also searching for cheap destinations in us, then you should go for the above places that we have mentioned earlier in this article.

Some Important Tips For Cheap Honeymoon Destinations In Us

We are sharing with you the most important tips for a honeymoon that are mentioned below:

You can follow our tips and tricks before going to the honeymoon destinations that will surely make out your day.


It is good to book your tickets in advance because there are so many flights that offer you many discounts and offer from time to time. So to avoid expensive flights it is better to do all the preparations to get excellent discounts.


This Honeymoon is for both of you. So it is good to have discussions with your partners so that he or they can feel comfortable and enjoy every moment with you.

Tell them your likes and dislikes and ask theirs also. It will help in creating a mutual understanding between both of you.

Research Well

If you are going to a very different place unknown to both of us, it is good to have proper research on them. Collect necessary information through the internet, friends, and family to avoid more expenses.


While going on the flight, we need a visa and other documents like your id proof, etc. be ready so that you won’t waste time researching those documents.


Before the concerning space, it is better to take the confirmation for flight tickets, hotel stays, and food facilities so that you won’t face any problems when you go there.

First-aid Kit

Take some necessary medicines with you like headache, vomiting, and fever medicines so that you can take out your medicine at the proper time if you face any problem.


Selecting cheap honeymoon destinations in us is not enough. Make a clear and concise talk with your partner that how much you can incur for your Honeymoon.

You can avoid expensive by booking a normal hotel that luxury it saves your money, and this money you can utilize for your partner to do other activities that makes them a very special feeling.


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Rather than spending some on beaches, walking, and having candlelight dinners, make alone peace for yourself; it will help you to come closer and understand each other love and feelings.

Pack Properly

Make smart and light packing that includes cameras, your visa, necessary documents, charger, earphones, essential clothes, and undergarments.

Traveller’s Reviews

It is always said that “If you use your own experience, it will take a life for you to learn, but if you learn from others’ experiences, it will help you out in many ways.”

Before visiting any place, it is good to check the user’s reviews of that place so that you get an idea of transportation costs, places to visit, and many other things from others’ experiences.

We have checked the traveller’s reviews and found that they are extremely delighted with these places.

They said ” They are affordable and under our budget” We have collected so many good memories from our honeymoon and enjoyed a lot on beaches, forests, etc.

Are Honeymoon Packages Helpful?

Before going on your Honeymoon, it is good to have a honeymoon package because it saves your money a lot after visiting the specific place.

There are many advantages of booking honeymoon packages. First, it saves your money; secondly, you get the idea of which places you have to visit on specific days. It also helps in selecting the cheap honeymoon destinations in us.

Moreover, the honeymoon packages offer you some extra circular activities that you normally won’t get and if you don’t take them you will miss some interesting things.

Final Words

Cheap honeymoon destinations in us? At last, we would like to say that going to a wonderful and romantic place is the dream of every woman, so if you want to make her special under your budget, then you can select any of the places for your special days mentioned above.

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We are sure that you will have an unforgettable honeymoon trip. All are beautiful places to visit where you can understand your partner’s feelings and express love for yourself.

Meanwhile, you can ask us in the comment section at any time if you have any queries. We are eagerly waiting for your reply.

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