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10 Charming Places to Visit in Maryland

Maryland is one of the most charming states in the United States. The foremost reason to enjoy this beauty is the Maryland blue crabs; you will find many captivating places to visit in Maryland.

Maryland is the birthplace of the charming Chesapeake Bay. Some of the best wineries can be found in Maryland. It is also a major historic port and is the baseball power state of America.

Maryland may not be New York but you will find the taste of America in every corner. You will enjoy the Rocky Mountains along the Appalachians and the lovely sandy beaches on the Eastern Shore.

The article will give you a wonderful idea of the 10 charming places to visit in Maryland. From the rolling hills to the flat farmlands, Maryland is the place to enjoy and appreciate your love for nature and leisure.

1. 10 Charming Places to Visit in Maryland

5 Charming Places in Maryland

1.1. Ocean City

Right on the banks of the North Atlantic Ocean, you will find a premier town known as Ocean City. With its sandy beaches and miles of vast coastline, it has become one of the most popular summer spots.

If you are looking for a perfect destination to spend a weekend getaway that is stress-free and fun-filled then you must head to one of the best places to visit in Maryland, “Ocean City”.

Places to visit in Maryland
Photo by Kat Keeling on Unsplash

1.1.1. Best Places to Visit in Ocean City

Ocean city offers its visitors some of the best beach destinations for spending a wonderful day on the soft sand and enjoying some of the fun waterfront attractions.

Have a great time at the amusement park, watch a live show at a theatre, or enjoy live music. A great place for families to indulge in water sports activities such as jet-skiing, surfing, paddleboarding, kayaking, and canoeing. Some of the best places to visit in Ocean City are:

(a) Ocean City Beach

If you love the beach, then Ocean City Beach is the place for sun, sand, and surfing. The southern end of Ocean City Beach is great for people-watching and seafront dining. The north past Ocean City boardwalk offers a quiet and family-friendly stretch that does not come with any hustle and bustle of the beach.

Places to visit in Maryland
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(b) Ocean City Boardwalk

One of the best places here in Ocean City would be the Ocean City Boardwalk. It is a pedestrian route that is a 3-mile stretch and is flanked by the Atlantic ocean on one side and a lovely row of hotels, restaurants, and shops selling souvenirs, bars, and amusement park rides on the other.

Other famous tourist attractions here would be Ripley’s, Ocean City Lifesaving Station Museum, and Trimper’s Rides and Amusements.

Places to Visit in Maryland
Photo by Jeff McLain on Unsplash
(c) Assateague Island National Seashore

A day trip to a delightful 37-mile-long island, Assateague Island National Seashore would leave its visitors awestruck by its splendid beauty and spectacular surroundings. A wonderful location in Ocean City that begins at the south of the resort area and on to Virginia is famous for its wild horses.

Another impressive location to view the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and the Sinepuxent Bay, Assateague island national seashore is a place that is rarely missed by visitors to Ocean City.

(d) Jolly Roger Amusement Park

A great location to be in if you come to Ocean City on a family trip. The Jolly Roger Amusement Park is divided into theme park rides and a water park

The theme park rides include traditional and modern thriller rides such as the carousel, bumper cars, Ferris Wheel, and rollers coasters. The water park also has mini-golf courses, Speedworld, and go-karts.

1.2. Baltimore

One of the largest cities in Maryland, Baltimore has some of the most impressive places to see and wonderful things to enjoy and do. Being a populous destination, the city of Baltimore has plenty of activities for everyone.

It is said native Americans lived here nearly thousands of years ago before the arrival of European settlers in the 17th century.

Visitors to Baltimore would love its diverse neighborhoods, lovely harbors, and delightful food. If you are wondering about the beautiful places to visit in Maryland, then Baltimore is the first place to experience Maryland in all of its charm and beauty.

Places to visit in Maryland
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1.2.1. Interesting Places to Visit in Baltimore

(a) The Maryland Zoo

One of the best activities in Baltimore would be to visit the Maryland Zoo. As one of the lovely tourist attractions of the city, Maryland Zoo has over a thousand varieties of animals.

As a fun family activity, a visit to the Maryland Zoo will enthrall you with phenomenal animals that are kept in their natural habitat.

It will not only be a day of fun for the entire family but will be a day you understand natural beauty and nature all at the same time.

(b) Maryland Science Center

Maryland Science Center

Maryland Science Center is for everyone. Whether you are a tiny tot or a grownup, it is never too late to learn and explore your imaginative mind.

Maryland Science Center at the inner harbor is designed to have as much fun as it is to feed your brain with the information that an inquisitive person in you is craving to learn.

If it is the mystery of the dinosaur you seek then head to Dinosaur Mysteries on the ground floor or if you wish to be enthralled by the stellar IMAX film featuring 3D nature documentaries, then do so at the museum’s five-story screen.

The Kids’ room features a play area dedicated to little scientists who wish to enjoy and be as creative as possible. Other interesting interactive exhibits are the Newton Alley, The Shed, The Scilab, Davis Planetarium, and Crosby Ramsey Memorial Observatory.

(c) National Aquarium

If you are mesmerized by the amazing creatures of the sea, then you should pay a visit to the National Aquarium in Baltimore.

The National Aquarium of Baltimore is one of the top three aquariums in the country. The exhibits at the National Aquarium will surely take you to the enchanted sea without ever having to leave dry land.

It will inspire you with its colorful aquatic animals such as Sharks, dolphins, and many exotic varieties of fishes. There are a diverse collection of plants and animals such as crocodile, birds, and reptiles as well.

(d) Fort McHenry

Fort McHenry is one of the most famous historical sites in the United States of America. It is well known as a fort ave that stood the test of time during its successful defense of the city during the famous Battle of Baltimore.

The battle inspired Francis Scott Key to write “The Star-Spangled Banner”, the country’s national anthem. You must pay a visit to the Star-Spangled Banner Flag House to know more about the United States Flag that flew over the fort during the 1812 war.

Places to visit in Maryland
Photo by Jared Kinyua on Unsplash

All new flags of the United States are first brought here to be flown and only then taken to other parts of the country. As it is one of a few places to visit in Maryland that is free, you would love to know that there is a path for walking, running, and biking here.

Many events such as “Living History Programs”, and the fife and drum camps are conducted here at Fort McHenry.

1.3. Museums in Maryland

Maryland has always had a warm place for those looking to celebrate the history of American culture. Some of the best places to visit in Maryland would be its museums that preserve most of the art and artifacts. Do read on to know more about the Museums in Maryland.

1.3.1. Best Museums to Visit

(a) American Visionary Art Museum

As a well-regarded Baltimore landmark, the American visionary art museum is an important location to visit to enhance your perception of modern museums. It is an interesting place to visit in Maryland that is solely dedicated to fresh thought, humour, and creativity.

You will find amazing work done by artists who have self-taught art through personal challenges and creative intuition. Artwork done by unsung heroes such as farmers, mathematicians, prison inmates, and mentally ill patients is showcased here.

With a modern and “outsider” take on art, visitors to the American Visionary Art Museum will know the real reason one becomes an artist.

(b) Baltimore Museum

Established over 100 years ago, the Baltimore Museum of Art gives an artistic insight into different ideas of art that is integral to a vibrant community.

You will find some of the most important collections of 18th, 19th, and 20th-century art belonging to the United States of America. If you love to watch Picasso or Matisse up close and personal, you can do so at the Baltimore Museum of Art.

Entrance to the Baltimore museum is free but you will have to purchase a ticket to some of their exclusive and specific exhibits and art galleries.

places to visit in Maryland
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(c) Annapolis Maritime Museum

The Annapolis Maritime Museum will help one and all to explore and be enriched with the rich history of Maritime Heritage. Visitors to the Annapolis Maritime Museum will learn the ecology of Chesapeake Bay through programs, art exhibits, and community gatherings.

Through a monumental tie-up with Skipjack Tours, the museum aims to construct a healthy connection between the public and the environment. They have popular attractions such as recreational activities that help build a solid foundation for sustainable environmental causes.

(d) Chesapeake Beach Railway Museum

One of the most important historic sites in Maryland would be the Chesapeake Beach Railway Museum. It is a historic railway station that has two one-story sections. One part of the railway station is open to passengers and the other is a railroad museum.

It features in the list of the National Register of Historic places in 1980. The small museum is open daily between 1 pm to 4 pm.

Places to visit in Maryland
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(e) Washington County Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum is free and open to all and features a permanent collection that is nationally recognized and has a vast rotating schedule of exhibitions, musical concerts, films, and art classes throughout the year.

Children would love to participate in some of the special events held during the year.

(f) Port Discovery Children’s Museum

A non-profit organization, Port Discovery Children’s Museum is a premier children’s museum in the mid-Atlantic. Your kids will love to be educated through inspirational exhibits and real-life experiences. Children will love to play and learn at this top Museum in the US.

If you are keen to be found in one of the knowledgeable places to visit in Maryland, then Port Discovery Children’s Museum would be the best destinations

(f) The National Museum of Civil War Medicine

In the heart, of the historic town of downtown Frederick, you will find the National Museum of Civil War Medicine where visitors will learn the impact of the innovation of Civil War Medicine in the present day.

(g) Walters Art Museum

Walters art museum is a public art museum founded in the year 1934. There are art galleries with collections from the mid-19th century. The Museum amasses collections belonging to William Thomson Walters and Henry Walters.

Their rich collection of art is now open to the public and is even available online through the Creative Common License. Those who enjoy works belonging to ancient Egypt, the Greek, and the Roman empire, would want to step into these wonderful places to visit in Maryland.

1.4. State Parks in Maryland

53 diverse state parks in Maryland cover 97000 acres. If you are looking for exceptional outdoor recreational activities then you must visit some of the best state parks in Maryland. They are easily accessible and are quite stunning and unique.

Places to visit in Maryland
Photo by Kyle Vena on Unsplash

(a) Swallow Falls State Park

This lovely park is located on the west bank of the Youghiogheny River and is just a 20-minute drive from the Deep Creek lake hotel.

Swallow Falls State Park has alluring waterfalls and attracts plenty of visitors. Many love to visit the state park to enjoy some great hiking, fishing, and cross-country skiing.

(b) Patapsco Valley State Park

There is so much to do at the Patapsco Valley State Park and it is one of the best places to visit in Maryland on a bright summer’s day. The park is nearly 32 miles from the Patapsco River and covers a distance of 16043 acres. It has close to eight developed recreational places.

It is a great place to hike, fish, camp, canoe, and go on horseback riding and mountain bike trails. Otherwise, you can simply come here for a quiet picnic with your family.

(c) Calvert Cliffs State Park

If you are wondering about the origin of the name Calvert cliffs state park then, you will be surprised to know that it was named after the large orange-ish dirt cliffs that line the Calvert County section of Chesapeake bay.

State Park Spotlight - Calvert Cliffs State Park

The Calvert Cliffs Beach is known to have pre-historic sharks’ teeth and fossils embedded in the cliffs. It is said to have formed over 10 to 20 million years ago around prehistoric animals, birds that are the size of big drones.

Many come to Calvert cliffs state park to do some awesome shark tooth hunting. Other activities would be hiking, the beach, and swimming. The most famous hiking trail would be Red Trail.

1.5. Annapolis

Among the many Maryland destinations, Annapolis can be termed a great place to visit. It also happens to be Maryland’s capital city and is right on the Chesapeake Bay.

As a historic district, it is home to 18th-century brick houses and the 1700 Maryland State House. You would love the Church circle here at Annapolis as well. The famous Romanesque-style St Anne’s Episcopal Church can be found in Annapolis.

If you are looking for beaux-arts architecture, monuments, and naval history, then please visit the sprawling waterfront grounds of the United states naval academy. Annapolis is also termed “America’s Sailing capital” as it hosts a variety of boat shows every year.

1.6. The Chesapeake Bay

The Chesapeake Bay is located in beautiful coastal Virginia and is known for its natural landscape and surroundings. It has over 22 miles of waterways, canals, lakes, and rivers. There are many parks and recreational areas for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding.

You would love to visit its art galleries, and museums and also enjoy participating in indoor activities such as ice skating. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes here at the Chesapeake Bay, both for casual and fine dining.

places to visit in Maryland
Image by Lenny Rogers from Pixabay

1.6.1. Amazing Things to Do in The Chesapeake Bay

(a) Have a Fabulous Time at the Chesapeake Beach Water Park

If you and your kids love to slide down a giant water slide then you must head to Chesapeake Beach Water Park. It is an exceptional place for families that has nearly 7 water slides, a lagoon, a kid’s pool, and lovely places to eat some great food.

Chesapeake Beach Water Park truly is one of the best places to visit in Maryland as you can reserve it for group and corporate outings, birthday parties, and other events.

(b) Step Into History at The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal

You can call Chesapeake and Ohio Canal one of the historic sites in Maryland. Having completed in the year 1850, this was a crucial water route for coal being transported to the DC area.

The operation ceased to exist in 1924 and then President of the United States, Dwight D Eisenhower had the canal national historical park constructed to protect the site.

As of today the canal is nearly 184.5 miles and serves as a bicycle trail. Some of the other wonderful activities offered along the river are biking, running, boating, hiking, fishing, and rock climbing.

1.7. National Harbor

The National Harbor is considered a convention center hub with a busy outlet mall shopping a casino. With lovely views of Woodrow Wilson Bridge over the Potomac River and a vibrant historic carousel.

places to visit in Maryland
Image by Bruce Emmerling from Pixabay

If you wish to attend live music at the MGM National Harbor Hotel or to catch a glimpse at the unique sculpture just opposite the waterfront, this is one of the few Maryland destinations that will please any visitor.

1.8. Muddy Creek Falls

Muddy Creek Falls is found in Robyn County and can be considered an easily accessible destination. This is termed as one of the best public waterfalls in Maryland that is great for an outdoor adventure.

You would love to know that Muddy creek falls is over 100 feet high and there is a maximum boost of power during the rainy season. Muddy creek falls is a famous destination among the public as it is also called the Little Estatoah falls.

1.9. Downtown Frederick

Driving Downtown - Frederick City 4K - Maryland Visit

A small town in Maryland, Downtown Frederick is home to just over 70000 residents. This lovely western Maryland location is in total contrast to the overpopulated DC area.

There are many wonderful and delightful things to do in Downtown Frederick. Some of the cool places to have a great time are:

  1. Catoctin Mountains – Have a spectacular time watching the wildlife and wildflowers. If you are a sporty type, you can go on hiking trails with your family.

  2. Take your kids to the Rose Hill Manor Park and Children’s Museum.

  3. Enjoy a day of swimming, hiking, or fishing at the Cunnigham Falls State Park.

  4. Go around Downtown Frederick to explore its 200 retail stores, art galleries, and restaurants.

  5. Go on Frederick Wine Trail.

1.10. Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge

A wildlife sanctuary established in 1933, Blackwater national wildlife refuge offers sanctuary to migrating birds along the critical migration highway, the Atlantic Flyway.

Black-crowned night heron (Nycticorax nycticorax). Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge. Maryland. USA
By: Vikvad/Depositphotos

As the local rivers are darkened by the tannin picked up as water drains through peal soil in the marshes, the refuge was named “Blackwater”. Here are a few things to know before you plan a visit to Blackwater national wildlife refuge:

  1. Waterfowl populations usually are available during late October, November, and December.

  2. Large Snow Geese populations can be seen only when the weather is extremely cold.

  3. Bald Eagles are found nesting from January through July.

2. Frequently Asked Questions

2.1. What Outdoor Activities Are Available in Maryland?

Maryland offers a wide range of outdoor pursuits, including hiking in the Appalachian Mountains or on the C&O Canal, fishing in the Chesapeake Bay and Deep Creek Lake, canoeing, kayaking on the Potomac River, and picnicking, swimming, and camping at one of the numerous state parks.

2.2. When Is Maryland at Its Most Beautiful?

Generally speaking, the spring and fall seasons—April through June and September through November—have milder weather and fewer visitors. The hot and muggy summer months (June through August) are ideal for beach activities. Although the winter months (December to February) can be chilly and snowy, they also give you good chances for winter sports like skiing.

The Footnote

Maryland is called America in Miniature and rightly so, as it has a varied landscape and cultural diversity that can be found throughout the United States. While the fact remains that it is a tiny state, you must understand the radiating shorelines, bustling cities, and historic sites are worthy enough to go on a vacation to Maryland.

So, for your next getaway, do make sure that the above-mentioned places to visit in Maryland are a top priority as it is destined to become a perfect travel destination for you and your family.

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