10 Best US Virgin Islands Honeymoon Destinations 10 Best US Virgin Islands Honeymoon Destinations

What Are 10 Best US Virgin Islands Honeymoon Destinations?

US Virgin Islands Honeymoon Destinations are a must-go for all couples! Honeymoons are looked forward to by many couples as they get to enjoy the first phase of their marriage life, so why not celebrate it uniquely?

US Virgin Islands is filled with romantic getaways and other adventurous destinations that will give you all the thrills and chills of extreme fun and frolic. Many couples from countries all over the world visit US Virgin Islands to spend their honeymoon.

If you are looking out for US Virgin Islands Honeymoon Destinations for yourself or anyone else, you are in the right place! Head below to find out the 10 Best US Virgin Islands Honeymoon Destinations that would be perfect for couples.

1. Difference Between US Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands are a series of unorganized Caribbean islands in the Caribbean Sea. They are geographically located in the Leeward Islands and east of Puerto Rico. Apart from the three main islands, St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix, there are nearly 50 other small islands surrounding it.

Coming to the British Virgin Islands, the 4 Main Islands are Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anegada, and Jost Van Dyke, along with other minor islands in their territory. The British Virgin Islands come under Britain’s territory, whereas US Virgin Islands come under the US.

US Virgin Islands Honeymoon
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US Virgin Islands offer so many thrilling activities and other fun-filled things to do. Since the primary source of economy is Tourism and other related activities, couples come here to spend their honeymoon owing to the ambiance that it provides.

The main point of accessibility to this Island is through Cruise Ships. Private yachts and other water sports are also popular around here. With all these facts popping around, it can be understood to be one of the best honeymoon destinations to visit.

2. 10 Best US Virgin Islands Honeymoon Destinations

2.1. Bolongo Bay Beach Resort

All Inclusive Resort in USA | Bolongo Bay St Thomas All Inclusive Resort Tour

It is among the most beautiful resorts the Island has ever seen; Bolongo Bay Beach Resort stays one of the most romantic honeymoon resorts in the Virgin Islands. The resort organizes private dinner or lunch dates to help you and your partner have a romantic meal together.

The resort will surely give you a great overall experience with premium drinks and a renowned cocktail bar. You could also chill at the swimming pool to refresh yourself with the awesome atmosphere around you.

Since it is a beach resort, you can also spend your evenings chilling on the beach. The resort also provides options to sail as there are many sailing deals, such as Sunset Cocktail Sail, St. John Day Sail, and Water Island Day Sail, to name a few.

2.2. Virgin Islands National Park

Preserving more than half of the Saint John land area in the Virgin Islands, the Virgin Islands National Park also joins the list of the US Virgin Islands Honeymoon destinations. It is known to be filled with adventure as there is scuba diving, snorkeling, and a lot of hiking trails present.

1893643 national park on st john scaled
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By the mercy of nature, it is a tropical rainforest which makes it even more interesting to look out for. Cruz Bay is the primary point of entry to the park and the central location, with ferries operating now and then.

Although the place was hit by hurricanes in 2017, causing major damage and threat to humans and property, in December 2017, the park was reopened and called visitor-friendly! If you are seeking unique adventure activities with your partner, this is a go-to US Virgin Islands Honeymoon destination.

2.3. Visit the Bays

The Bays are present almost everywhere in the Virgin Islands. Every Bay is unique in its way and is filled with fun-filled activities and other stuff to do. Some of the popular bays are:

2.3.1. Trunk Bay

Trunk Bay is a water body that is indeed a delight for the eyes. It is a part of the National Park and is known for the beautiful scenery surrounding it. It is widely known for the Leatherback turtles that are locally known as trunks in Trunk Bay.

2.3.2. Caneel Bay

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This Bay is known for the popular Caneel Bay Resort, which is termed one of the most romantic destinations in the United States of America. Although the place is currently not allowed to visit because of a lawsuit issue, you can find pleasure in the surrounding abandoned areas.

2.3.3. Cruz Bay

Cruz Bay is a place that one cannot miss. The main town and a population of just over 2,500, Cruz Bay is the center point of the Virgin Islands. City life is the reason why couples would prefer to come here as a part of the US Virgin Islands Honeymoon Destinations.

2.3.4. Magens Bay

This Bay is widely renowned for Magens Bay Beach, which is very romantic in itself. Situated in the northside region of the Virgin Islands, this beach is very beautiful. You could also click some good pictures to update your Instagram Feed!

You should check out some other awesome bays like Pacquereau Bay, Leinster Bay, Great Bay, and Cinnamon Bay.

2.4. The Westin, St. John Resort Villas


One of the white sand beaches in the Virgin Islands, the John Resort Villas is one of the perfect destinations for honeymoons. Many reviewers called this place a premium and luxurious resort with a romantic and peaceful ambiance.

To make your honeymoon more interesting, you can chill on the soft white sand and enjoy your time looking at the sunset or sunrise. There is also a full-service spa, fitness center, and swimming pool, among others, to name a few amenities.

You could also pick your room and get sights and virtually visit St. John from an authentic and luxuriously styled balcony. Overall, it is an awesome US Virgin Islands Honeymoon Resort that you should consider while planning your honeymoon.

2.5. Gallows Point Resort

Considered one of St. John’s premium resorts, Gallows Point Resort, is another romantic getaway for having the perfect honeymoon you have dreamt of! It provides its visitors with ocean-facing rooms, which are a delight to look at.

Gallows Point Resort
Image from the official website of Gallows Point Resort

The amenities include:

  • A gift and gourmet shop
  • A coffee shop
  • Others inside the premises of the resort

The onsite restaurant Ocean 362 is a place where you can have a delicious meal of grilled sea scallops and enjoy the evening.

The rooms also have access to private terraces where you are sure to have a romantic time together. The views of the surrounding natural beauty will indeed refresh your mind and give you a great travel experience.

2.6. Explore the Annaberg Plantation Path – Sugar Plantation

This is a former sugar plantation path located in St. John. This is one of the historical sites in the US Virgin Islands Honeymoon Destinations, which is sought after by many couples and families, even today.

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The place was home to many enslaved people and workers working in the sugar factory. What was once one of the most happening places in the US Virgin Islands is now an abandoned place attracting people to value its remarkable presence.

You will find old mills and other archeological remains dating back to the 1870s. This is an awesome place to uncover your historical side, so get yourself here, learn new things, and simply get amazed!

2.7. Street Foods in US Virgin Islands

Street food: Fresh coconut water in the Virgin Islands.

No matter how cringe it may sound, street food dates are the best dates, right? You and your partner can eat authentic food and watch it get prepared right in front of your eyes! Food is lip-smacking in almost all bays, including the Reef Bay Trail.

You could enjoy some freshly made Roasted Green Apple Demi or some Pan Seared Crab Cakes. Many reviewers also suggested that the Virgin Islands offer tacos, prawns, Lobster Caesar Salad, and pizzas; it has the most happening food on the Island.

2.8. Beaches in US Virgin Islands

It wouldn’t be good if you got to US Virgin Islands and returned without visiting the famous beaches! So many beaches are located across the Island and in St. Thomas. The spectacular views that these beaches provide are what make them very unique.

The shoreline across the northern coast and east coast is filled with pristine beaches and sandy beaches that are very romantic. If you want to get somewhere private, you can visit some of the non-secluded beaches present here.

Coki Point Beach in St Thomas, US Virgin Island
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Coki Beach is one such honeymoon beach in the Virgin Islands. Beaches and white sand beaches are surely a great way to get romantic while enjoying and chilling together in the soft sand, making it the best honeymoon experience.

2.9. Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas

It is the US Virgin Islands’ capital city, and the visitors center, Charlotte Amalie, is a cruise ship port on the Caribbean Sea. It is sometimes used as a synonym for St. Thomas owing to its mass popularity worldwide.

4036939 sunset over charlotte amalie st thomas scaled
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It was founded in the year 1666 and is currently one of the busiest ports worldwide. It is known to have a Danish origin, giving visitors a sense of uniqueness. There are nearly 2 million cruise ships carrying passengers coming here annually.

It has a population below 20,000; Charlotte Amalie is the most popular city on the Virgin Islands. The place is known for its historical presence, filled with architecture and other important landmarks.

A copy of the Liberty Bell can also be found in Charlotte Amalie. To make your honeymoon more interesting, you can visit and explore the city while having some private space together down the line.

2.10. Ritz Carlton, St. Thomas

A top-class hotel chain worldwide, Ritz Carlton has made a name for itself in St. Thomas as well! Many couples have preferred to stay here for their honeymoon owing to the massive amenities and luxury that the hotel provides.

It is one of the best honeymoon resorts as it has room for open-air dining where you can choose from mouth-watering menu selections and chef specials. One reviewer said that the ideal date night would be a dinner by the beach with a plate of sour duck breast.

So if you have your pockets filled, you could plan your honeymoon at Ritz Carlton and be sure to have an awesome experience in one of the finest US Virgin Islands Honeymoon Places.


3. Frequently Asked Questions

3.1. Is a Passport Required to Enter the US Virgin Islands?

You do not require a passport to visit the US Virgin Islands if you are a citizen of the United States. Nonetheless, you will need to provide a kind of government-issued identification, like a passport card or driver’s license.

3.2. What Kind of Money Are People Using in The US Virgin Islands?

There is no need to exchange money because the US dollar is the official currency of the US Virgin Islands. Major credit cards are generally accepted by establishments.

3.3. When Is the Ideal Season to Travel to The US Virgin Islands?

Between December and April, when the weather is dry and pleasant, is the best time to visit the US Virgin Islands.

4. The Most Happening Honeymoon Destination!

With historical sites like Fort Christian and adventure sports like Ram’s Head Trail in its bag, US Virgin Islands Honeymoon Destinations are now topping the charts worldwide. Couples prefer to visit here in early summer as the climate makes the place more romantic.

You could also play a travel and leisure song in the background and groove along with the swaying palm tree to make memories.

The views of the turquoise waters around Buck Island in St. Croix make it an ideal honeymoon destination for newly-married couples worldwide. The Island is home to comfort and luxury, making it the perfect place for all couples.

Hope this piece got your honeymoon sorted.

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