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10 Best Things to Do in Utah

Utah is a state situated in the mountainous region of the Western United States. The state shares its borders with Wyoming in the northeast, Idaho in the north, in the south with Arizona, and Colorado in the east.

When traveling to Utah, there are tons of places to explore and to stroll around; from having a great session of skiing at Salt lake city to checking out stunning stone structures at Arches National Park, Utah never disappoints its travelers.

There are lots of activities one can explore in the state, so here is the article mentioning 10 Things to do in Utah.

1. 10 Best Things to Do in Utah

1.1. Arches National Parks

Beautiful Sunset Image taken at Arches National Park in Utah
Photo by from Depositphotos

Arches National Park situated in the east part of Utah is one of the stunning places in Utah and a must on your list. The place is in the outside area of Moab and is home to a significant scenic location in the state.

Arches National Park has around 2000 formations present at the site for visitors and hikers to hike, and rock climb with some panoramic views, making the place more magnificent. The arches of Arches National Park have been maintained, protected, and preserved since 1929.

The snow-covered La sal mountains present at a distance from the place add to the beauty of the Arches National Park. If you have dedicates your full day to this stunning place then get out of your vehicle and explore the place by walking.

A few well-known hikes in the park are Double arch and delicate park. But if you are someone who enjoys solitude and finding a quiet place to explore then this place has a lot of hidden gems, then hike the Navajo arch having a fairytale-like environment around is something you need. Ring arch is also a less crowded route with astral views.

But if you can only give a few hours from your trip to this place then drive around the Arches scenic drive for a simple and sorted exploring session of the place. You can also admire the views of this scenic place by stopping at one of the spots during your drive.

1.2. Zion National Park

Top Things You NEED To Do In Zion National Park

This National Park is among the most well-known parks in the state, and traveling here should be a must on your things to do in the Utah list. Known for its notable peaks, stunning waterfalls, steep plateaus, and canyons, traveling to Zion national park should be a must in your things to do on the Utah list.

Represented by its 15 miles-long, 3000 feet in-depth Zion canyon, this unique place is admired by many adventure lovers. One of the most famous and well-known routes of the park, Angles landing, provides an unforgettable experience for its travelers. Starting from the Grotto trailhead and going across narrow spaces and adrenaline-pumping lowering. The total distance of the trail is about 5 miles and is not recommended for those who have a fear of heights.

Other famous trails, such as watchman trails with a 3-mile distance and Pa’rus trail with a 3.5-mile distance, are famous and well-known hikes at Zion national park. Zion national park is also famous for its scenic meadows, diversity, and eternal virgin river.

When traveling in a car, drive around the scenic road, from where you can witness the magnificent Angel landings. For the entrance to the park with the car, it costs around $35, and for easy entrance, it is advised to stay near St. George.

Amazing canyoneering experience, activities like rock climbing, camping, and much more, Zion National park never disappoints its visitors.

1.3. Capitol Reef National Park

Capitol Reef
Photo by James Lee: Pexels

Capitol Reef National Park is presented in the southern desert of Utah. It is a haven with magnificent domes, multicolored sandstone cliffs, and monoliths. Previously it was known as “Wayne Wonderland.” Early residents referred to this place as the land of the sleeping rainbow due to its colorful sandstones, riverbanks, and vegetation around, all of it taking place under the blue skies.

The park got its name from the cliffs that were a delivered hindrance for early travelers. This park was assigned as a national monument in 1937. It is open all year round.

The access to the Capitol Reef Park is from the town of Torrey, which is around 8 miles west of the Capitol Reef National park, situated on highway 24.

The Torrey town provides visitors with places to eat and access to the stunning wonders of the park. Torrey town offers the Waterford views. Locations such as Grover, Bicknell, and Loa, the neighboring communities present the west of Capitol Reef National Park, offer stunning views.

Also, nearby attractions, such as Goblin valley state park, and Canyonlands National Park, are a must-visit when visiting Coral Reef National Park. Given Below are a few famous hiking trails in Coral Reef National Park:

1.3.1. Chimney Rock Trail

This hiking trail covers a distance of about 3.5 miles. The trail is famous for providing stunning views of Waterpocket Fold and Chimney Rock.

1.3.2. Hickman Bridge Trail

This hiking trail leads to a natural arch called the Hickman Bridge. It is two miles east of Highway 24 and is 300 feet inclined.

1.3.3. Cassidy Arch Trail

This trail covers about a 3.5-mile distance, and hikers must climb around 1000 feet to check the Cassidy Arch.

1.4. Salt Lake City

Things to do in Utah
Ashton Bingham/ Unsplash. Copyright 2016

Famously known as Salt Lake City, the capital of the state of Utah, it is one of the best places to spend your time when in Utah, and this place should be a must on your things to do on the Utah list.

Salt Lake City is a vibrant and youthful city, the residence of various historical, natural, and religious attractions. This place is open and has something for people of all ages.

The city is famous for mountainous activities such as skiing.
When in Salt Lake City, there are tons of things; the following is a list of a few famous and adventurous activities you can do in the city:

1.4.1. Skiing In Salt Lake City (Park City Mountain Resort)

Snowbasin is a prominent place and a perfect place for those who enjoy skiing with no disturbance and fewer people around. It is one of those places which is rarely crowded, and the infrastructure there is amazing.

The 2002 winter Olympics were hosted at the place. When visiting Utah, Skiing at Salt Lake City should be a must on your things to do on the Utah list.

Park City Mountain Resort is situated in Park City, which is around 35 minutes away from Salt Lake City airport and in Park City.

1.4.2. Visit Mormon Temple

Rare look inside secretive Mormon temple

The Mormon temple is a well-known landmark of Salt Lake City. It was designed in a special Mormon structure; this building was started building from 1853 till 1893. The Mormon Temple is mainly entered by Mormons.

At this stunning temple, three towers stand at a 13-foot-high structure of Moroni angel.

1.4.3. National History Museum

The national history museum should be a must on your things to do on the Utah list. Visiting National History Museum is a great idea to spend a day with family and learn about the state’s historical facts and theories. National History Museum is about 40,000 square feet and has about 1.6 million collections of objects.

The national museum’s history includes dinosaur fossils and an indoor canyon. There are about seven collections in the museum Vertebrate Zoology, Entomology, Paleontology, Malacology, Anthropology, Botany, Mineralogy, and Anthropology.

1.5. Canyonlands National Park

things do on Utah
Christoph von Gellhorn/ Unsplash. Copyright 2018

A mind-blowing place, Canyonlands National Park covers a humongous region and has four marvelous segments for you to investigate. Framed over the ages by the breeze and downpour, its radiant plateaus and capturing exhibit of arches curves are a major sight to explore. Horseshoe Canyon is one of its most well-known vacation spots.

While both the Needles and Mazes parts of the recreation area have bunches of adventurous hiking trails for you to hike and trail, Island overhead flaunts a few stunning perspectives over the magnificent cliff. With bunches of incredible pictographs additionally to be seen to a great extent, no big surprise at all Canyonland’s stunning view is incorporated as one of Utah’s Mighty Five.

Canyonlands national park is a place where a visitor can have a peaceful time. The Colorado and Green streams slice through the area and go about as regular dividers between three assigned segments: Island overhead, the Needles, and The Maze.

Island overhead is the most famous among guests as it contains different climbing spots as well as a beautiful driving course with adequate spaces for travelers to have a picnic. The absolute best stops incorporate Mesa Arch and Aztec Butte, as per travelers.

For a more memorable experience, go to the recreation area’s Needles segment employing Route 211, which closes at the Needles Visitor Center. Remember, you can’t drive straightforwardly from Island to the Needles inside the park. This region is saved for further developed explorers and is generally speaking less accessible. In any case, picturesque views of sandstone sections wait for the people who make the journey.

The Maze is the least-visited region of Canyonlands National Park. This segment highlights troublesome streets and exceptionally testing trails; you shouldn’t go there without the proper equipment and the capacity to be self-sustained for something like three days. Canyonlands National Park costs $30 per vehicle to enter; the pass is substantial for seven days.

1.6. Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park landscape, Utah, United States. Nature scene showing beautiful hoodoos, pinnacles and spires rock formations. including Thors Hammer. Summer.
Photo by from Depositphotos

Bryce Canyon National park was discovered in 1928. The capricious Bryce Canyon National Park is situated in the south of Utah and is a great place for people of all ages.

Bryce Canyon is additionally home to horseshoe-formed amphitheaters cut from the eastern edge of the Plateau, picturesque vistas, and the dim night sky. Guests can anticipate adventurous climbing, setting up camp, perpetual open-air officer exercises, and, surprisingly, a Prairie Dog Festival.

Since the recreation area covers an upward distance of north of 2,000 feet, it exists in three certain climatic zones: tidy or fir woodland, Ponderosa Pine backwoods, and Pinyon Pine or juniper timberland.
Bryce Canyon previously turned into a vacation location in 1916 with Union Pacific.

The Bryce Canyon national park is the smallest of Utah’s 5 national parks. Visitors can explore high cliffs as they plunge into canyons or wander them from above while strolling around. It’s the best place to spend a day and don’t forget to check at sunset point and click beautiful pictures.

If you are a visitor by vehicle, then enter through Rainbow point to have a scenic driving tour and enjoy spectacular views for a 38-mile distance as long as the scenic tour is.

One of the tough hikes at the park is the Fairyland hike with an 8-mile distance. Bryce Canyon National park is open for 24 hours, and it costs around $35 to enter inside.

1.7. Lake Powell

shutterstock 2144948235 scaled
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Lake Powell, a man-made reservoir also a significant holiday destination. The bright blue water of Lake Powell is located at the core of Glen Canyon National park. It is present between Utah and Arizona borders. It crosses along the stunning bright red rock and desert. When considering things to do in Utah, Lake Powell should be a must option.

The water is utilized for swimming as well as water sports, for example, kayaking and paddleboarding. Mechanized water sports, including Jet Skiing and engine sailing, are likewise permitted.

Lake Powell is surrounded by 2,000 miles of coastline; a lot of it is just open on foot or by sporting vehicle. This implies there are climbing trails on its shores, including regions like Davis Gulch and West Canyon.

While there are a few lodgings in the encompassing region which are mostly reviewed by previous visitors, renting a houseboat at Lake Powell is the best way to spend time at this beautiful place.

A considerable lot of these houseboats – which you can book ahead of time from a marina – come furnished with kitchens, barbecues, rooms, and even waterslides, with simple access to the lake. You needn’t bother with a sailing permit to rent a houseboat, yet numerous rental organizations will offer tenants example lessons before they leave on their houseboats.

1.8. St. George

The city is located in the southwestern part of Utah and provides a lot of activities for people of all ages. When going to Utah, visiting St. George should be a must on your list of things to do in Utah.

Mormon Temples, art galleries, and much more, St. George never disappoints its visitors. There are many places such as Children’s museums, a town square, and spots for a great and calm afternoon picnic; due to these activities, St. George is well-known by families.

There is a famous Dinosaur Discovery Site at the Johnson farm; the site consists of fossils. St. George is great for outdoor activities because of its mild to hot weather, which makes it suitable for the traveler to spend a good amount of time at the place.

Visitors can explore Pioneer Park, hiking trails at Snow Canyon State Park, and have swimming sessions at Sand Hollow state park. Visitors are also interested in driving to the Quail creek state park, which is famous for kayaking and climbing.

You can also travel to Zion National park, which is just 40 miles west of St. George.

1.9. Monument Valley

things to do in Utah
Robert Murray/ Unsplash. Copyright 2016

Monument Valley is situated at the Navajo Indian Reservation on Utah- Arizona border. This place is just like a frame from an old film with red rock in the orange desert with individuals riding horses.

Due to the way this location is formed, various commercials and films have been shot as the place is famous for its red tablelands and stone cliffs. When visiting Utah, Monument Valley is a great option.

Inside the park is the famous valley drive, which is a 17-mile distance from Monument valley. The way to valley drive includes a picturesque landscape. Spots present at places during the drive allow travelers to stop and enjoy the stunning view and click pictures. For all those sunset and sky lovers, having a valley drive should be a must on your things to do in Utah.

If you want this trip to be more than a scenic drive, check-in at the visitor center and take the help of the guide to plan a great day. Other than Valley drive, Monument valley also has spots with magnificent views. Monument Valley offers some beautiful views of west America. Monument Valley is basically a flat and forlorn landscape that includes rock formations, sandstones, and layers.

1.10. Cedar Breaks National Monument

Exploring Cedar Breaks National Monument

The very powers of nature that formed Bryce Canyon were working in Cedar Breaks, making a more modest but similarly unique-looking amphitheater. Overwhelmed by bright hoodoos, the amphitheater is more than 2,000 feet down and three miles in measurement.

There are a lot of things to do in Utah; visiting Cedar Breaks’ national monument should be a must as it’s a major attraction in Utah. Situated at a height of 10,000 feet, the recreation area sees full-on winter conditions, with snow covering the landmark from fall until spring. Cedar Breaks is open all year; however, the picturesque drive through the recreation area is shut from roughly mid-November to late May or June.

All that picturesque views should be visible from Rim Drive. Various short climbs along the edge and through the snow-capped meadow and lush green woodlands offer great perspectives on the gorge and provide entrance to a couple of bristlecone pines.

The Spectra Point and Ramparts Overlook Trail is a famous four-mile course along the edge of the level that prompts a viewpoint of the spectacular Cedar Breaks Amphitheater.

Less staggering, yet fascinating in any case, is the Alpine Pond Trail, a round, two-mile climb to a subalpine woodland and a lake toward the end of the hiking trail.

The landmark is located 23 miles in the east region of Cedar City and is situated three miles to the south region of Brian Head Resort. Cedar Breaks National Monument is unrestricted and is accessible by travelers from the months of May to October. Guests are told to come and stay by the guest place, open from the months of June to mid-September, and figure out the ways to visit the landmark with the least effect on the delicate desert climate.

Because of the weighty snow, administrators, and streets are normally shut down for the colder time of year. Highway 148 the road joining Cedar Breaks with Brian Heads, gets closed for a brief time, but that doesn’t result that Cedar Breaks National Monument being shut.

As a result of the great height, summer daytime temperatures are comparatively cool, 15.5-21 degrees Celsius and 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit. Above given is the list of things to do in Utah and well-known attractions, but before visiting this state, there are a few tips one can keep in mind to make the vacation more smooth. Following is the list of directions one can go through:

1.10.1. Check the Weather Forecast Beforehand

Weather forecast
Photo by from Shutterstock

When visiting in the fall, one should cover their backpack with a layer of clothes, and when visiting in the summer, be ready for the sweaty days and pack light clothes so that you can travel and explore more comfortably.

Checking the weather beforehand can help a lot while planning for a smooth trip to Utah.

1.10.2. Buy Passes to the National Parks

As Utah is famous for its national parks, having access to the parks beforehand is a better option than having uncertainty in mind. One can access a national park pass which is accessible for 4 parks which are Canyonlands Park, Capitol reef park, Zion national park, and Bryce National Park.

1.10.3. Keep Altitude in Mind

National parks in Utah are well-known for their higher altitudes. Salt Lake City’s altitude is high in places like Arches National Park, and people with a fear of heights are advised not to take hiking sessions. Hikers and climbers with no fear of heights are advised to cover the hiking trails.

2. Frequently Asked Questions

2.1. When Is the Ideal Time to Visit Utah?

The ideal times to visit Utah are in April, May, and June as well as in August, September, and October when the weather is milder and the landscape is either in bloom or changing to a stunning shade of orange, red, or brown.

2.2. Is Utah Affordable?

Utah is one of the most expensive states in the nation to live in, according to the U.S. News & World Report’s rankings of states’ affordability. The rankings take into account the average amount of money that most households in each state have in relation to the average cost of living.

2.3. Is Utah Cold?

Except for Dixie, the usual wintertime temperature is just below zero. When Salt Lake City experiences highs in July of 90 °F (32 °C) or higher, overnight temperatures typically range from the mid-50s towards the mid-60s F (i.e.,13 to 18 °C).


Utah, the state with scenic beauty, red stones, and adventurous hiking trails never disappoints its visitors. Snow activities in Salt Lake City, Valley rides for scenic views, Utah got it all. The article provides information regarding the major 10 Things to do in Utah and a few tips one can go through before traveling to the state of Utah for a better and smoother vacation.

To know about the best places to visit in Utah, click here.

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